How to Know if Your Relationship Will Lead to Marriage

How to Know if Your Relationship Will Lead to Marriage

In life, one of the best journeys is a transit from a relationship to marriage. Everyone wants to take a single route to this without any stop overs – or detours. Everyone – except for anyone who’s not sane – wants to start a relationship and wake up one day to see that the long-awaited honeymoon is just some hours away.

The focal point of such is: if every lady could assess how realizable this longing is at the start of every relationship, heartbreaks would be minimal. I’m sure you’re asking if this is possible and I’ll answer the question.

The first thing you need to add to your beliefs’ database today is the fact that there are still good guys. When I say good guys, I mean guys that are potential husbands. Guys that will love you enough to sacrifice anything to marry you. Guys that will give life to your dream.

Another question is: how do I find such guys? They are everywhere if you know what they look like.

It is great, and can be overwhelming if you have such a guy that takes you through the stage of courtship, paying all the sacrifices and giving you all you ever wanted in the process. Wouldn’t that be great indeed? Of course, it will.

But as exciting as that appears, it could, strange enough, fizzle out if you find yourself in the hand of such that’ll tell you one day, ‘lady, sorry, we have to end this thing called relationship!’ That’s heartbreak!

Now, how do you figure out if your relationship is leading to marriage?
One thing to consider is how you met him, and even where.
Don’t expect a guy you met on the street to have such a great idea of marrying you. This is just as though you found some money on the ground and because it meets your need at the moment, you start building a life around it. What a folly!
Guys you meet on the street, in the club, in joints and beer parlours are not exception to that. Most of them are hit and run heartbreakers.

I’ll agree with you if you say there are exceptions. Yes, there are. But you cannot be so sure if yours would be an exception, so quit psyching yourself up.

Another major thing to think of is his investments in you: what is he buying for you? What are his plans for you? Is he such that wants you to be happy today and there is no ‘visible’ sign that tomorrow would be great? He takes you to party but He has no goal for the future. He invests nothing into your life other than perishables(clothes, shoes, bags, wristwatches and the list goes on)

Every guy could do that until they get all they want from you. Once you open your legs and over and over again you satisfy them on bed, that could mark the beginning of the end of the bliss.

To be factual, a real guy and a potential husband would invest in your future. He would find ways you’re not better and help you fix it. He’ll help you in achieving much in the area of academics, career, and all other areas. He would do much more than the ordinary.

Have you found such a guy? That’s a blessing!

But just before I tell you congratulations, let’s take this assessment further. Does he have the heart of God? Is the relationship pioneered by the one who instituted marriage? If not, you might have to find an answer to that before you continue. This is at the risk of sounding spiritual, but just like a friend’s dad submits, ‘an average unbeliever is a criminal; he can be used of the devil, anytime.

But if you have none for now, you’re just handed a privilege to have God direct you. That sounds better.

My friend, trial and error relationship doesn’t work! If you’re doubting this, just ask around.

If we learn not to deceive ourselves, not many people would be able to deceive us.

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