The Best Age to Get Married

The Best Age to Get Married

To get married, research has shown that a particular age bracket is great for the single male and another for the single female. I learnt it’s mid 20’s for the female and late 20’s for the male -how great that is! It is such a great idea if you get to that age as a single and the next thought is the plan for honey moon.

But, is that really the best yardstick to measure when to get married? Of course not. And to me the best age to get married is the age of Readiness. When I say readiness, I mean the stage when you have all it takes to get married, unlike being of marriageable age but half-baked emotionally, financially, morally, spiritually…

If you let readiness judge the time you venture into marriage, you’ll do yourself a great deal than allowing yourself to be blinded with the age factor. A defeat of *the-best-age-to-marry* philosophy is the fact that so many only invest in counting their ages and leaving so many other important factors unattended to.

Factual enough, it is still valid that age is just a number, which is true to a certain degree as far as marriage is concerned. See this Scenario with me: a man comes to you with an invitation card that has his picture on it.

This man is in his 30’s. He has no formal or informal education and then he is not well-mannered. What would you ask him? If I were you, I’ll ask, “Sir, who is getting married” In getting married, age is not and shouldn’t be the determining factor. Don’t let anyone bamboozle you with that. If I may ask, Why the Pressure? Why worry about age when you’re to worry about self-empowerment!

Of course, it’s empowerment that measure you up for marriage. It’s how much of it you have that will tell if you are ready for marriage or not. How well can you handle misunderstanding? How well can you handle mood swing?

Do you know how to curb your partner if they decide to go the wrong way? How much of home management do you know? How can you support him or her when help is needed? What can you do when the finance of the home is going down? Have you learnt how well to relate with your in-laws? What would you do if challenges and problems arise? What is your Character meter reading?

If any of these has no genuine answer, I’m sorry, don’t venture into marriage. Take your time and invest in your life. Learn wide in the area of marriage and above it all… Start the learning process now! See: Songs of Solomon 8:4.

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