2024 Best Messages to a Good Friend from the Heart

A good friend is a rare treasure that deserves special treatment; it starts with heartfelt appreciative messages or some beautiful breathtaking lines of accolades.

Thus, some well-crafted Messages to a Good Friend have been aptly written for that special friend of yours. They are yours to pick and send to your friends who fall within such category.

2024 will surely feel great and more memorable as long as your great friend swirls around you like a precious fragrance.

Don’t overlook this small, but priceless act of gratitude for anything else, as it will surely tighten your bond than blood and bequeath loyalty in the heart of your best friend.

Sweet Friendship Text Messages for Special Friends

Cute friendship sms for my precious friend from the heart. Lovely friendship text messages for him or her (male or female).

1. A friend like you is like a silver lining in the cloud, a hope to hinge on in time of despair. I love your outstretched arms of friendship which never get weary of waiting for me. Friendship with you is priceless; golds and ruby cannot buy the kind of loyalty you give to me. I wish to be your friend in every season of life just as you’ve been to me. When it’s raining, I’ll be your shield and when it’s dry, I’ll be your spring. Never you forget that I’m right beside you when you need someone to hold onto.

2. I love you, my friend. It feels so natural to have your love in my heart. Your silly jokes make me laugh out loud uncontrollably. Your wisdom has become a light to my path, hence I love to borrow your thought on every issue. You’re the pearl in the heart of my sea. Ever faithful in time of need and happy in time of joy. Nothing more brings mirth to my heart than your wide smile that bequeaths love and innocence. Forever, we’ll sail this boat of friendship together, until we see each other at the great beyond.

3. I had the pleasure of having a good taste of friendship when I drank from your cup. Nothing beats having you as a friend. From sun dawn to sun dust, you can be sure to find me by your side. Look into my eyes when you’re lost and you’ll find your way through life. My heart desire is to see you at the top of success. Your happiness is mine, so also is your sadness. Hence, I’ll do anything to put a smile on your beautiful face. Let’s keep this flame of love and friendship burning passionately between us. Ours is meant to last a lifetime.

4. Such a lucky day I found a friend in you. You’re the cherub of friendship, clothed with the regalia of loyalty and honour. Heavenly angels take pride in you, cause you make them genuinely proud. The newness of your heart makes you purer than a diamond. The crown of glory befits no friend than you. For as long as I live, I’ll cherish what we have with my whole heart. Many friends hide their true nature, but you’re a transparent soul devoid of betrayal. Hence, I trust you from the depth of my heart.

5. You’re the star in the sky that never falls. You’ve become a moon that follows me around. I’ll never leave you by your lonesome. Kiss me warmly like a friend and I’ll hug you like a sister. You’re like a fine wine that never ages and the sun that is never saddened. I’ve seen heaven because I’ve seen you. You’re a gift from God to me. I’m forever indebted to you, for I’m a recipient of your blessings. No matter where I go, you’ll always be in my heart, cause that’s the best place you belong. May we grow together in love and fondness.

6. Even as transient as life may be, a good friend is one to hold on to forever. For she makes a way in the dark and lights a smile in the tunnel. I don’t want to ever let go of you, cause your warm hug has brought sweet peace into my heart. And your kisses on my cheek leaves good memories in my heart. I’ll make it rain for you, I’ll make the oceans dry, so you’d pass. For you’re more than a friend to me. Like an angel you’ve saved a mortal me. I love you, my friend. And words cannot describe just how much.

7. Friends are good gifts from the Lord. For I ran into one and it meant peace, partnership and love. I’ll never mistake your smile for another. Neither your laughter to a passer’s by. Life is worth living because you scent like roses and give energy like the sun. Your beauty will not dim in my eyes, for you were born honourably and angelic. Actions don’t lie, hence, I’ll commit my days to loving you. Be my friend forever, bestie.

8. I don’t need a goddess to pass through the waters, nor an angel to get to the promised land. All I need is a friend to hold my hand and all I want is you. I love you, dear friend. And in your days, I’ll make you proud. With a smile, I’ll call your name. Cause you make my heart beat with love. A friend like you is a friend to die for. So, I won’t let you go even if it gets thickly darker. To the moon and back, I’ll shout your praises cause you have won my heart more than a thousand times. Again, I love you, dear friend.

9. When you are blessed with a good friend, your frowns are turned into smiles and your troubles into victories. Like an ocean, so will your joy flow. And like the sun, your smiles shall blossom every day. A friend like you is like gold in a dry land. So, I’ll protect my treasure with all my heart. Let us sail to forever. Let our bond never be broken by the impurities of this world. I’m committed to being your friend. So, be mine forevermore, my dearest.

10. Every day is friendship day, cause you have taught me to love unconditionally, and smile like life is without worries. I don’t care who else comes by in our world, only your heart will I nurture with love and your shoulders will I give my head to. I have nothing to fear as long as I’ve got you. And you can close your eyes cause I’ll protect you. You deserve the best. And my best you will have. Until we fly into the great beyond, I’ll appreciate your kindness and reciprocate your love without refrain. I love you, bestie.

11. You’re the diamond in my sky sparkling beautifully, so that I may shine. I love you, dear friend.

12. A friend that lifts another up is who you are. I’ll forever be indebted to you.

13. Never have I seen a friendship devoid of jealousy and hidden hatred, until I met you. Thank you for giving me that privilege.

14. Heaven bless the day I came across you. Ever since I’ve never lost my way in life.

15. A friend like you makes me happier than a puppy sucking from her mother’s bosom.

16. For all you’ve done for me, I promise to bear your cross upon my shoulders as though, it were mine.

17. I love you, dear friend, cause you loved me first. This will never change.

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18. You remind me of an angel. You’re more than a friend to me, you’re the spring of my joy.

19. The true meaning of friendship is what you constantly demonstrate. I’ll keep learning that from you.

20. I love how you shield me from harm and how my secrets are safe in your heart.

21. Dear friend, I’ll remain your best friend even in the great beyond.

22. Words fail to capture your worth. Nonetheless, I’ll still call you a rare gem.

23. Good friends are hard to find. Lucky for me, I got you and you, me.

24. Having a misunderstanding with you doesn’t create a gap between us, rather we come back stronger and better.

25. The best memory I have in life is with you, my best friend.

26. I loved you from the very first day you spoke to me. Life will never come in between us.

27. No matter what, our bond will remain unbroken just as our loyalty to each other.

28. When I seek for comfort, I fall in between your arms and when I seek for hope, I look into your eyes devoid of despair. I love you, my friend.

29. I call you my best friend because you’re my confidante and will always be.

30. You and I are inseparable and so shall it remain till we cross beyond the cloud.

31. My wings will always be there for you to fly. You’ll never fall.

32. My best friend is the best thing life ever gave to me.

33. You’re the family I never had, though you came in form of a friend.

34. You do not only share in my joy, but also take my fall. There’ll be no better friend for me out there, beside there.

35. Your friendly smile is a reflection of the type of friend that you are.

36. If I lost you, then I’ve lost my everything, cause without you, my friend, I’ll be incomplete.

37. I count myself lucky, cause I got more than what I wanted in a friend.

38. No matter where you are, I’ll always run to you. No matter the circumstances, I’ll always be beside you.

39. The sound of your laughter heals my sorrow faster than happiness.

40. The best choice I ever made in my life is choosing you as my best friend.

41. We’ll live to keep on blessing the day that we met by fluke.

42. The most wonderful gift from God to me is you, my friend.

43. Be it far from us, that we curse the day that we met, for you’re a blessing to me.

44. If I ever lose anything, I do not pray to lose a friend.

45. You’ve built your love in my heart and you’ve secured it with your loyalty.

46. You do not mind telling me the truth, indeed you’re a good friend.

47. I trust you with my life, that’s why I can call you my best friend.

48. Because you make me happy when others seek for my sadness, then I call you my best friend.

49. My smile looks just like yours, cause you’ve infected me with it.

50. Dear bestie, you make my life beautiful at all time. You’ve built a paradise in my world.

51. With you, there’s no doubt, I’ll successfully run the race of my life feeling accomplished, cause you’re my inspiration.

52. I call you my best friend, cause everything within me trust you completely.

53. The way you believe in me and fight for my dreams – you must be my best friend.

54. Being your friend feels good and blessed than anything else.

55. I’ll never leave you behind, cause your place is always by my side, bestie.

56. You want nothing, but the best for me, so it’s only right that I call you my friend.

57. Only you make me feel loved in a special kind of way. You’re indeed worthy to be called a friend.

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58. A good friend is always there in the absence of family.

59. We’ve been together in all weather of life. It’s only fair, that I see you as a family.

60. You’re the friend that draws a rainbow in my sky when it looks cloudy.

61. I don’t need wings to fly, I only need friends like you. I love you, dearie.

62. I’ll be your friend forever even when the going gets tough, my darling.

63. We’ll hug out every fight and laugh away every sorrow. I love you, bestie.

64. Good friends do not come easy, so, I bless the legs that walked you into my world.

65. You’re a treasure, cause with you, I can call myself, blessed.

66. Do not hesitate to tell me your needs, for I am your friend indeed as you are to me.

67. I don’t mind falling, cause into the hands of a friend, I’d slip. Such a great friend you’ve been to me.

68. The stars remind me of you, cause you bring light into my world when it’s dark.

69. You’re like a special sun in my world, you never cease to shine even at night.

70. Before I go to sleep, I say sound prayers for you. Cause you’ve been more than a friend to me.

71. You won’t lose me, cause I’m here to stay forever. Friends forever we shall be.

72. There’s something I love more than my favorite snack, it is a friendly smile in times of need. Thank you for giving me that.

73. Unconditional love is what I feel for a friend like you. Unbreakable trust is what I have in my heart for you.

74. You’ve been a good friend to me, now I want to be more than a friend to you.

75. There is peace in my heart as long as I see your shadows beside me.

76. It takes only your cheers to lead me on. For I trust the smiles you give and the support you bless me with.

77. I imagine what a future we’d have if we remain friends forever. Make my dream come true, my dear.

78. When life throws us a great challenge, heavens bless us with a great friend. I’m glad I have you.

79. I think of you in the morning when I wake up, not because you’re my lover but, because you’re a friend whose smile and frowns matter to me the most.

80. Our friendship isn’t like the rest, cause your heart is purer than the waters of the spring.

81. I love you, my dear friend. It is what my heart wishes to say even when we fight.

82. I’ll be your support no matter who you’re up against, bestie.

83. Sleep well at night knowing that your friend said a good prayer for you.

84. When I count my blessings, I count you too, dear friend.

85. It is never easy to come by a friend like you. Cause your smile is rare and your advise is wise.

86. I’ll make a promise to the sun, never to make you cry no matter what, my friend.

87. I wish you all that you desire because you’re a friend who has labored for another.

88. I don’t need to be afraid of the world. Cause with your support, I’m always good to go.

89. I am not in sorrow, because my friendship with you is a happy one.

90. I pray long life for you. For your hands I want to hold till the end.

91. I trust you as much as I do myself. I love you, dear friend.

92. My heart is divided into two halves, one beats for me and the other for you.

93. I need a friend like you to spend my better days with, I hope, you’d be there.

94. I don’t mind trying my hands on comedy as long as it makes a friend like you giggle.

95. Friendship is an asset. That I know, because you never drain out of me.

96. I’ll wake up to see the sun because I’m hoping to see a friend. I love you, dear friend.

97. Blessed is the one who spends the rest of their life with you. For you have a great heart, dearest friend.

98. I want you to be there in the special moments of my life. So, I pray every night and day that, you live long.

99. You’re like the rainbow, you give color to my world and hope to my heart.

100. Many a times have I fallen but, I have risen from the effectiveness of your words, dear friend.

101. A friend like you is irreplaceable. And I love you more than I could hope to describe.

102. A good friend is worth a thousand angel. You’re my idol, my friend.

103. Life has got its good part. And you’re that part for me, my friend.

104. I want to be the friend you can call any time of the day or night, for I love you that much.

105. No lover can treat you badly, for I’ll always be there to defend you.

106. Stay away from troubles, cause your breath matters to me than life.

107. In a thousand ways, I’ll demonstrate my unwavering love to you, dearest friend.

108. You don’t need to be accepted by the world. For you’re accepted and loved by me, bestie.

109. In each step of the way, I pray we laugh louder and smile broader. I love you, bestie.

110. A good friend is a lucky charm. This I know, because you’ve brought good luck to me.

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