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2024 Nice Words to Say to a Friend You Cherish

When you have that one friend you cherish like the air you breathe, you try to let them know just how important they are to you.

It is a good thing to do because they have played their role so well and it’s only right that you show your appreciation by saying nice things to them.

So, are you short of the right words to aptly convey your deepest sense of appreciation to a friend dear to your heart? That isn’t a problem anymore, cause all you need do is look through these 2024 Nice Words to Say to a Friend You Cherish.

What’s next? Make a choice, copy and send to your dearest friend. And go put a smile on their face as you have them wish to be your friend forever.

Sweet Words to Say to a Best Friend

Beautiful words to say to my best friend.

1. You’re the bright star that never goes into hiding. For I see you whenever I look around. Be my friend forever.

2. A friend like you is my pride. Your loyalty is never to be traded.

3. I’ll love you with every breath of my body. I’ll protect you because you’re a friend to me.

4. Beauty lies beyond your physique but goes into the depth of your heart. A friend like you, I’ll keep till the end.

5. Your smiles make worries go away. Your words are more enchanting than a beautiful fire.

6. You’re dear to me and so is every member of your family. Because through friendship, we’re one big family.

7. Every day is enough to say, thank you to a friend. Whilst every second is appropriate to say, I love you. Thank you and I love you, my dear.

8. I don’t need new hands to hold. For yours are familiar and genuine.

9. True friends are like gold which the wind cannot drive away. I’m deeply glad you stayed through the storm, my dear.

10. Our bond is stronger than the one shared by the morning and the sun. Heavens keep my friend, I pray.

11. I exist just to be your friend. For all your tears I will wipe. I love you, bestie.

12. I feel like I can be anything when we’re together. Heavens keep my friend with me.

13. If anyone asks me whom I love as much as I do myself, I’d be quick to call your name, my friend.

14. Gifts come in different packages. I’m glad mine came as a great friend. I love you, dearie.

15. Your voice sends peace into my soul and confidence into my heart.

16. What I cherish most in the world are the arms of a good friend. I’m glad I got yours, my dearest.

17. Your dreams are like mine. So, I’ll do everything to make them true, bestie.

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18. When you’re tired and need to rest, call upon me to do the work, dear friend.

19. If we fight a thousand times, I’ll be willing to make up a million times with you. For you’re the treasure I seek.

20. Egos apart, pride thrown to the side; I love my friend with all my heart and I’ll do anything for her.

21. The thought of seeing you brings energy into my spirit. I love you, bestie.

22. Because we can talk about anything, I feel like I can do anything to keep our bond just as strong as it is.

23. My dream is to see all our dreams come true someday, my dear.

24. Your enemies are mine. For I know you to be an angel.

25. With a smile, I answer my name when you call. For your voice is like a melody I wait to hear forever.

26. Good friends are family. You’re family to me, bestie.

27. When we laugh together, I feel like there’s no one else in this world save you and I.

28. Your companionship is my peace. And your laughter; my joy.

29. Even if it’s for a short while, I’ll rather be with you than with my favorite celeb. Because with you, I can say anything and be just me.

30. When we go around the malls together, I dream of the times we’d travel the world in the luxury of love and wealth.

31. You made me a better person because you’re wise and loving. So, in your company, I desire to be.

32. I hope this friendship lasts; this is my wish every day and night.

33. On my left is my lover, whilst on my right is my best friend. I feel so on top of the world, bestie.

34. If you say to me, jump, I’d jump. For your heart I know to be pure and true like the waters of the spring.

35. Every special day, I remember you. For you’re special to me, dearie.

36. Heaven has blessed me with an object of affection. Hence, upon you, I’ll shower my love and attention.

37. The further we go, the more I realise, you’re a friend to die for.

38. Thanks for loving me and proving to my delicate heart that true friends exist.

39. I know a friend who matters the most. I’ll swim the widest ocean for her. And climb the highest mountain to feel her warmth.

40. I know true love to be the bond that keeps two friends together. I see it in your eyes when you defend me and feel it in my heart when I behold you.

41. I just want you to know that you’re beautiful, you’re kind and you’re wanted most especially by me.

42. Everything about you is fabulous. Even the way you stare for a while.

43. You’re special but double special in my world. You’re fly but superfly in my eyes.

44. You’re never alone. Cause in my heart, your thoughts are with me.

45. I love your wide smile. For it is like the beauty the blue sea exudes when the sun comes upon it.

46. Sometimes, I think you’re the love of my life. For I’ll do anything for a friend like you.

47. Even in your shortcomings, you never fail to make a perfect friend. I wonder how you do it, bestie!

48. Only a few things are better than my favorite snack. And that is you, bestie.

49. You’re beautiful. Do not listen to anything otherwise, bestie.

50. You’ll live long, my dear. For angels like you keep the world sane and safe.

51. When I say a prayer, I never forget to ask for heaven’s protection over you.

52. I’ll express love to you in the smallest things and never forget to show you what friendship means in the most critical hour.

53. Friends are beautiful but best friends are precious. You’re precious to me, bestie.

54. If I must get to my destination, I must get there with you. So, be my friend forever.

55. When it’s time to say our good nights, I say mine and then go dream of a friend all night long. Cause it is what a good night means to my heart.

56. I’ll forgive my friend of any sin. For she’s a friend that carried my cross with me.

57. All I need is a friend. For all I need is you.

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58. I’m never sad, neither I’m I depressed. For I have you to light up my world.

59. You make sunrise more pleasant. For you’re my muse and my brightness.

60. When the night gets darker, it teaches me a thing; to keep my friends closer. I’ll keep you closer as the day goes by, dearie.

61. Make your smile as beautiful as the sea’s wave gliding gracefully on its surface.

62. Your name reminds me of something more beautiful than paradise – it’s the beauty of your face.

63. With your hand of friendship, you arched a more colourful rainbow in my sky. I love you more than I did before now. This, I must let you know, dear friend.

64. I’ll be the friend that picks you up when you’re down and the one that lifts you higher when you’re low.

65. I cherish you more than the whole world and the glory therein. You make my life worth living.

66. A single spark of your lovely smile is more precious than the rich sky. On this day, bless me with your smile.

67. I love how you make everything seem alright. It makes you look better than an angel.

68. I’ll keep on asking for a friend like you no matter how surrounded I am by a stream of friends.

69. When you’re not in the room, it feels so empty and too cold for the soul.

70. Let’s laugh together as we always do. It makes our bond even tighter.

71. I look forward to sharing special moments with you, cause with you, it will be worth it.

72. The gate of heaven is opened to me, cause you’re the angel that makes me look good.

73. Nothing heals faster than the good words of a friend. Many times have you healed me without medicine.

74. I know you’re my best friend because you understand me better than the rest of the world.

75. On the wings of friendship, we’ll fly until we get to a blissful land of no return.

76. Love and friendship are the best companion ever. I’m glad we share that.

77. Your ways are pure like a flawless diamond and beautiful as heaven’s road.

78. You’re the friend that makes my heart care deeply for another.

79. You’re the friend that makes me want to give more and more, cause you deserve the world’s best gifts and treasures.

80. You warm everyone’s heart with your widest smile and sparky presence.

81. A friend is a true treasure of inestimable value. You’re that and more to me.

82. You’re simply an epitome of a best friend. Your virtues match that of the angels, but your appearance is that of a good friend.

83. You make me want to be the best that I could ever be. Your relentless spirit challenges me.

84. Meeting you has changed my life for good. You’ve become my muse.

85. You tell me the right things to do even when I don’t want to hear it. Indeed, you’re a friend to be kept.

86. When I’m in your company, my worries disappear like a wreathed smoke and happiness comes upon me like an avalanche of snow.

87. Heaven is in you, cause your heart is so kind and pure, unlike anything else in the world.

88. I’ll give you a friendly kiss as much as you give me a friendly hug.

89. A friend that brings peace is who you are. For once my eyes meet yours, my heart falls into a deep rest.

90. We were meant to be friends, cause we suit each other like a perfect duet.

91. The thought of you makes me smile when I’m alone. Our memories together will I cherish forever.

92. Softly, you’ve made my heart yours, for I can’t bear to see my friend in trouble.

93. My hands will always be the anchor you can hold on to. I’m here for you like never before, my dearie.

94. If you ever need my help, don’t feel ashamed to ask. For your pain is mine and my gain is yours, as well.

95. I don’t want to say my last prayers, cause I’ve found a friend to keep me company on this earth.

96. I’m here to make your day amazingly unforgettable.

97. Having a good time in your company makes everything extraordinary.

98. My feelings for you will always be like the one for my family. Over the years, you’ve been more than a friend to me.

99. A friend that is behind one’s smile must be placed before everyone else. You’re that friend, my dear.

100. You look good every time you put on that smile like a royal diadem gorgeously fixed on your head.

101. You redefined friendship to mean family because you’ve been more loyal than a friend.

102. What we have between us is heavenly, cause even when we fight and argue our friendship lives on.

103. Everything you say and do makes me want to be like you, but then you’re so uniquely special.

104. This bond between us will never be broken, cause it’s the strongest force under the sun.

105. There’s nothing too much for me to give to you. Your happiness is my ultimate satisfaction, best friend.

106. I pray you’ll always live in good health, eat good food and make beautiful memories that will make your life worth living.

107. There’s more to life than having all the wealth in the world. A good friend makes one’s life complete.

108. We’ll always be there for each other like the stars for the night and the sun for the day.

109. I’m so sure of one thing and it is my undying love for you.

110. My loyalty will always be with you, cause my love is for you, dear friend.

111. Loving a friend feels so great, strong and overwhelming. I know so because I love you.

112. You’re the type of friend I’ll love to be. You’re such a good influence.

113. Give me a hug, for it feels so warm like a home filled with love.

114. Your fight is my battle. I’ll never let you face the world alone.

115. You’re the reason I’m confident to tell the world that I have a best friend.

116. I look forward to each day there is in my life because your presence makes it worthwhile.

117. I’ll always be there to take away your anger and give you reasons to smile.

118. My heart belongs to a true friend that has earned my trust. You’re the friend I must be talking about.

119. A true friend is a gift. I know so because I never prayed to have you, yet I got you.

120. You’re the type of friend my heart and soul have been yearning for over the years.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from making a great friend feel special.
So, go ahead and say what needs to be said.

Not so fast; kindly drop your comment on this and do not be hesitant to share, cause, it is necessary for every friend to feel special.

Thank you!


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