2024 Samples of Prayer for Financial Help From God

Life is full of challenges; no one is exempted – poor or rich, powerful, influential or common folks. Financial needs are one of the critical human needs because money answereth all things.

Very few can survive without money and what money can buy or acquire. Money is essential for basic needs like feeding, accommodation, utility bills, health care, education, recreation and a host of others. The need for money and financial independence cannot be overemphasized as the pursuit of money with its comfort, is why we work.

Lack of finances causes anxieties, worries and fears. This, in turn, leads to high blood pressure, hypertension, heart problems and other sicknesses. Hunger, lack, failure and poverty are plagues that God can deliver us from.

Are you in need? Do you have a money problem? Are you staggering under a load of financial burdens too heavy for you to bear? Do you need help, but there’s no one to render it? Are you at the end of the road, because of debts, bills, and other needs? Are you overwhelmed by your responsibilities? Do you have dreams you’ve buried for lack of finances? Are you being plagued by despair and being tormented by suicidal thought?

Hey! Stop it right there! There’s hope for you. When you call upon God and hand over your concerns to Him; He’ll do what no man can do and perform wonders that will blow your minds. The “hows” are entirely in His Hands. All you have to do is to cry out to Him as Jabez did. He’ll help you.

Are you ready for God’s touch? If you hungry for a change, buckle up. It’s time to pray. Here are enough prayer for financial help samples you can choose from, to set you on your way to recovery or a complete miracle. Here we go:

Prayers for Finances

Th best of prayers for finances fro financial help from God.

1. Dear Father, I’m desperately in need of your help. I am in dire financial distress, please help me, God. If I don’t get this bank loan, I’ll forfeit this contract. Losing this contract is a disaster that must be averted by your special power. I have done my best to no avail, grant me a favour at the bank or send a last-minute financial helper to me. Thank you, gracious God, for the answers to this prayer. In Jesus’ powerful name I pray. Amen.

2. I appreciate you, blessed Redeemer because your word is faithful and true. The children you have given me are my heritage from you; therefore, Lord I ask for your provisions concerning their school fees. It’s long overdue. The school authority is threatening to send them home. Jehovah Jireh, touch every heart that is owing me today, to pay me. Let them have no rest until I’m paid in full, and I have more than enough to meet my children’s needs. In Jesus awesome name I pray.

3. My heart is steadfast, O Lord. I am confident you will come to my rescue, as you have done without fail in the past. My school fees have become bothersome. All my personal hustling hardly took care of other school expenses. I am an orphan, Lord; and you are the Father of the fatherless. I don’t want to be a drop out; urgently send help to me. The deadline is tomorrow. You are always just in time; thank you for showing up for me, my God. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

4. In Jesus’ name, O God of heaven and the earth; you are the Lord whose throne is exalted above the cherubim. I’m weary and distressed. Help, Lord! My beloved is in the hospital, I don’t have sufficient fund for the required treatment and operation. Father, I do not want to lose my precious one for lack of money. Bless me with all I need to take care of hospital bills and other medical expenses. Thank you because you’ll not fail. I praise your name forever.

5. The help of man is futile, but your help is divine and praiseworthy, O God. Rend the heavens open, and send financial help to me. My bills are overwhelmingly enormous, and my debts are piling up at an alarming rate. I am choked with needs that refuse to go away and I’m completely at your mercy. Bless me, O God; rain financial blessings on me. Let me not be put to shame, in Jesus’ name.

6. I am scared, Lord. I have no one to turn to, but you. Unless you bless me hugely, I stand to lose all I’ve toiled and sweated for. For the sake of your name and the workers whose source of income depends solely on me; bless me, Lord. My business needs urgent financial infusion without which the government will revoke my operating license. Lord Jesus, raise the necessary capital for me or simply show me the way out. Thank you for the answers to my humble prayer.

7. He that marries a wife, has done a good thing and shall obtain favour from God: I thank you for your word, I ask for financial favour towards the preparation of my wedding. Every arrangement for the ceremony that needs your special touch financially, meet and surpass those needs, in Jesus’ mighty name. Thank you awesome God for the way you choose to glorify yourself by being our financial help.

8. I am completely broke, Lord. My finances are in a huge mess; only you can bail me out. Help, Lord!

9. My heart is heavy, my soul is downcast and my spirit is in distress. Those I’ve trusted have betrayed me and those that promised to help have failed me totally. None of them is picking their calls. So, I turn to you, blessed provider; your network is never clogged and you’ll never cast me away. I need money, provide for me, my God. Let shame be far from me.
In Jesus’ gracious name I pray.

10. Dear Father, I have stayed too long on this mountain. Help me to take my journey to the next level. Poverty, lack and wretched aren’t my portion. My needs are too numerous to be mentioned; I do need your financial help…

11. I am at my wit’s end, O God; come quickly to my rescue. You are awesome in your ways, Lord; you are unstoppable. You gave me the vision to relocate, and I ran with it. You helped me all through the process and now, I’ve obtained the visa. I’ve also exhausted my purse; I have no money for my travelling and resettling expenses. I look up to you, my helper. You that began a good work is able to accomplish it. My finances your touch, help me O Lord, in Jesus’ mighty name.

12. Dear Father, there’s one indisputable fact about you. It’s tested and trusted over time: when you give a vision, you provide a sufficient provision. The project before me isn’t my doing and it’s totally beyond my capability, but I believe it’ll be executed to perfection without begging for means. Each time I take a step of faith in each stage of the process, honour my faith with sufficient financial provision to complete each phase. Perfect your help till the project is complete. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for answering my prayers.

13. Ancient of days, I worship you. I am that I am, adore you. You are always good to me, so I know you will respond speedily to my cry for help in my finances. I have an urgent need, with no means whatsoever to meet it. Help me, Lord! I haven’t been wasteful, lazy, or greedy; neither am I a tithe-eater. Today, I rest upon your unchanging grace to provide for me. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping me.

14. I need money Lord, help me. I have so much pressing needs but I can’t handle them. My business and finances have been going downhill for some time now. I tried my best to salvage the situation but it spiralled out of control. Disaster is looming, Father; only you can avert it by coming to my aid. Wrestle my business and finances from hands of evil forces bent on destroying me. Shame the devil by turning my situation around for good, with buoyancy. Thank you, Lord, for answering me.

15. Dear Lord, you are all I’m left with. You are more than able to help me. The company I work for is in financial distress; we are being owed months in arrears, years even. Every need and bill needs your urgent attention and help. Money is very scarce, help Lord!

16. My hope is in you, O God. Bless my parents’ businesses and prosper the work of their hands. Empower them once more, to be able to meet their financial obligations over me and my siblings. I know they are responsible and willing, but they are currently helpless. Father in heaven, my family needs lots of money right now for school bills, house rent, utility bills, and a host of others. Feeding is even a struggle. Help, Lord; in Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

17. Dear God, our house rent will soon be due; I thank you in advance, for the provisions you’ve already made to pay it. You’ve proved yourself in the past; you will not fail, even now. You promised to be there for me, till the financial storms subside and give way to your blessing. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for daily loading me with benefits.

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18. Heavenly Father, king of glory; please, come to my rescue. My father is terribly sick and in the hospital. He needs urgent care and attention. All eyes are on me, but I I have nothing as I’m jobless and searching. Honour my search with a great job, but send financial help to meet my pressing needs. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

19. Mighty Redeemer, please save me from this persistent financial crises. Every day, things get worse and my financial empire has crumbled like a house of cards. Deliver me from ruin and turn things around for me, for good. Thank you, Jesus, my helper.

20. Jehovah Shamma, please be with me, for your banner over me is love. Cover me with your mighty hand; till this financial storm is over. Supply my needs from the abundance of your storehouses. I shall praise your faithfulness forever, in Jesus’ name.

21. Dear Father, I’m broke and at a dead end. There’s nowhere to run to, but you. You are my financial rock and refuge; you know the depth of my trouble, please redeem me from this tight situation. Help, Lord!

22. You are the strength of the weak and the hope of the hopeless; O God, help me in this time of need. The wind of incessant financial storm is shaking me, strengthen me, my Rock. Send help to me and give me a respite. Thank you for never failing me.

23. I am utterly confused and frustrated, Lord. Calm the storm of financial upheaval raging relentlessly against me, O God. Every idea and process that has worked in my business in the past seems determined to fail woefully now. I come to you gracious Father, I surrender my finances and money concern to you. Come quickly to my aid, in Jesus’ name.

24. Dear Lord, your blessing makes rich without adding sorrow to it. With unwavering confidence in your unfailing love, care and faithfulness, I ask for divine help in our finances. You gave us this baby, who will be due for delivery very soon; whereas, my husband has lost his job and we’ve exhausted all our savings. My meagre income is hardly sufficient to feed us; please, provide money for procuring baby things, hospital list requirements and bills. Do this miraculously before my EDD, and let my bundle of joy comes with the news of a new appointment for my husband. Thank you, Jesus, for the gracious answer to my humble plea.

25. Dear Lord, I confess my anxiety pangs, fears and worries about money to you. Speak your peace that passeth all understanding to my heart and give me faith. Help me to sort out the mess and woes in my finances; I can’t handle it all by myself. In fact, I’m helpless in this matter. Help me to pay all my debts and other financial obligations. Infuse and direct a fresh flow of money making ideas into my business. Holy Spirit, you are my senior partner; take absolute control in Jesus’ awesome name.

26. I have made a mess of my financial affair; I’m personally responsible for my present predicament. Dear God, you are absolutely vindicated in this matter, but I pray for your mercy and intervention. I need a fresh start, O Lord; please provide funds, solid counsels, sound business practice and grace, to me. You are a God of second chances, please dug me out of this poverty/lack hole. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming to my aid

27. Father, I ask for your help in my finances. What I earn isn’t enough to meet my obligations. My needs are simple, but my earnings are meagre. I’ve tried many avenues to augment my income but failed woefully. So, I come to you for better lucrative ideas, higher earning employment and your blessings. Cheating, compromise and underhand dealings aren’t options for me, so I come to you. Help, Lord!

28. Dear God, I surrender my money matters and anxiety to you. I’ve repeatedly tried to help myself but all my effort has been abysmally woeful. I surrender my skill, professional expertise and technical know how to you. My needs are more than the hairs on my head, but your abundant resources are inexhaustible. This is a cry for help, Lord!

29. I exonerate you, Lord in my financial challenges. I am completely to be blamed, forgive me. Compulsive buying, uncontrolled shopping spree, greed, pride and obsessive need to prove my worth.. brought me to this sorry state. Forgive, Lord and shower your mercy upon me. I’ve been humbled by your loving chastisement. Show me a way out and help me to be financially sound again. This time, godliness, contentment and integrity will be my watchword. Thank you for answering me, in Jesus’ name.

30. Dear Father, I come to seek your face. I’m broke and totally needy. My children are hungry and I have no means of feeding my family. I am not a lazy man, you know I’m willing to work. Please, provide money to meet our needs today. Also, provide the means of being a provider as the head of this family. You said I shall be the head, not the tail. Let me not become a useless father or a laughing stock. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

31. Heavenly Father, I come before your throne of grace this morning, to ask for your blessings upon my finances. I need an improvement only you can achieve. Cost of living is high; though I work hard, I’m struggling to feed myself. My parents are old and needy; it’s time for me to care for them. I’m not asking for money for excesses or extravagant things; I need money for basic comfort for survival. Hear my cry and come to my help, in Jesus’ name.

32. Dear God, I thank you for the privilege to call you my father. Mighty God, please show up for me today. I am tired of lack, hunger, unmet needs and failed expectations. Give me rest from financial failure and shame. So much living expenses are vying for the little I gather. Worry has aged me and turn my hairs into grey. I ask for just enough money to sustain my basic needs. If you bless me more, I will surely be a blessing to others without wasting your resources on vain things. Thank you for your love and sure help; in Jesus’ name, I pray.

33. Poverty, lack and financial woes have taught me a lesson I’ll never forget in a hurry. Dear Lord, bless me with money to relieve my financial troubles and ease the accompanying stress. Bless me with even more, and I will be a channel of blessing, distributing your resources to the struggling, needy and poor. Thank you gracious Redeemer, for coming to my help.

34. Dear Father, your word says you shall provide all my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus. Thank you for making this limitless riches available to me. I ask for your help in meeting all my financial obligations in this season. I humbly tender them all before you; let me not be put to shame, in Jesus’ name.

35. Lord Jesus, your word says in Ephesians 3:20 that you are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I have asked or imagined, according to your power that is at work within us. Dear Father, put your power to work in my life to bring unprecedented financial blessings to me. My needs are many, but you are able. Thank you, Father, for supplying all my needs.

36. O God, you have been my sure help in time past; come to my aid today. I have so many unattended needs that are pressing for attention. I seek financial refuge and asylum in you; please, send a season of refreshing and abundance to me. Let today mark a turnaround in my finances, because of your divine intervention. Thank you, Lord.

37. O God of heaven, I decree that the heavens above me shall open and pour its showers of blessings upon me. Save me from my financial distress, O Lord. Disaster is looming, only your help can avert it to your glory. I wait on you today, I know you will perform wonders in my life. Thank you, Lord, my helper.

38. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want (Psalm 23:1). From today, I chase lack and poverty from my life. Provide for my needs and use me as a reference point of God’s awesome power to deliver from wretchedness. Bless me so that I can also be a blessing to others, in Jesus’ name.

39. O God, you are the one who fed the Israelites with manna, in the wilderness. They lacked for nothing in the midst of nothing. I’m in a deep financial wilderness right now. My needs are staring me boldly in the face; be my provider and sustainer. Till my financial trial is over, let me and my family lack for nothing, in Jesus’ name.

40. Dear Lord, I am your servant; I served in your vineyard, solely dependent on you. I have obeyed you in all matters, and you said a labourer deserves his wage. I have put your kingdom needs above mine; it’s time for you to provide for my family. If we lack, it’ll be no glory to your name. It’s time for you to show up for me, according to Matthew 6:33. Let your blessings follow me from today, in Jesus’ name.

41. With you God, nothing shall be impossible. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I access God’s unlimited finances today. As I go about my daily work and business, I command heaven’s resources to be channelled to my depleted purse in Jesus’ name.

42. Today, I shed away and shred into tiny pieces, the garments of doubt and unbelief. I believe Lord, therefore, I confess that the Lord my God will help me. My finances will receive your divine touch and rises from the ashes of depletion, lack, debts and shame; into the realms of sufficiency and abundance. Thank you, Lord, you are my helper and the lifter up of my head.

43. Father, I have been brought down to nothing; yet, I choose not to eat this last seed. I choose to sow it as Jacob did in the time of famine. He reaped a hundredfold and continued to be rich until he became wealthy. Be with me, O Lord, in my financial famine. Bless my seed and make me great again. Let me not be swallowed up by my present distress. My life and my time are in your hands, help me, Lord.

44. I commit my business into your hands today, O Lord. Remove every evil veil and barriers to patronage. Bring an end to financial draught in my life. Let your great name not be mocked because of me. Direct great people willing to pay, to my business from today. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me a new song.

45. There’s no glory for you in shame and dishonour; I come to you, Father, for help. I shut the door of poverty and I turn off the flow of misfortune from my life. From today, write a new song for me. I am the apple if your eyes, let the world knows you are able to take care of your children without compromise or wrongdoing. Thank you, Lord.

46. Jehovah Jireh, you are my awesome provider. I believe in your unquestionable ability to do the impossible and provide for all my needs. I pray for financial help and provisions today, please come to my rescue. My needs are staggering, help me Lord.47. O God, you are my ever-present help in trouble. I seek your face today. My company needs your help. You said we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem; my working place is my own Jerusalem. A new government policy is spelling disaster for the firm; we need a huge infusion of capital to enable us to continue business. Father, bring capable investors into the fold; those with like minds that will expand the business. Thank you, Lord, for coming to our aid. We wait on you in Jesus’ name.

48. O God of heaven and the earth, you are the creator, distributor and custodian of wealth. You give men the ability to create wealth and help the needy ones. You are the changer of levels, please change my financial level from zero to abundance. Change my financial obligations from below expectation to above expectations performance level. Only you can change my story. Please, take charge from today. Let me not be an object of mockery or ridicule, anymore. Control my narratives to bring you glory in Jesus’ awesome name.

49. Dear Lord, let poverty become the old things that shall pass away from me and my posterity, from today. Let new things of abundance, and riches begin to spring forth. Show forth for me Lord, my needs are great; but you are greater in every way. Thank you, Jesus, your help.

50. From the ashes of my past shame and frustration, let the beauty of your unprecedented blessings and provisions arise for me, my God. My eyes are firmly on you, Jesus. Now is the time you promised to help.

51. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I destroy the spirits of poverty, failure and futility hovering over my destiny. Lose me now, and let me go, in Jesus’ name. From today, I decree riches paid for, in full, on the cross of Calvary to begin to manifest. Before I call upon you, concerning any need, answer me, O Lord. As soon as I make my financial requests known to you, respond immediately, my God. For those who put trust in you will never lack any good thing. Thank you, Lord.

52. Dear Lord, I am tired of carrying my financial burden all by myself. The load is bigger than my ability, I’m unable to bear it. Help me, Lord! I need rest, a time of refreshing, financial breakthrough and every help you alone can render to me. Thank you for your unfailing love, Jesus, my helper.

53. Lack of money is evil, Lord. Failure without relief is a plague from the pits of hell. Today, I align my faith with your word; let your blessing make me rich, without adding sorrow to me. Remove the sorrow of lack from my life. Obliterate the bitterness of poverty from my lineage. My needs are now your burden from today on, Lord. Bless me with plenteous, in Jesus name.

54. I have cried myself into exhaustion. I’m weary and fainthearted, help me, Lord. Revive my spirit with fresh hope in you. Bless me today in an unusual way. Use something uncommon to solve my financial woes. Father, take away my money grief and give me a much-needed relief. Help, Lord!

55. The just shall live by faith. My hope in you is steadfast, let me not be put to shame. My wedding day is fast approaching, I’m yet to buy a single item in preparation. No help seems in sight, everywhere is just dry. It’s like there’s a grand conspiracy to make my wedding “The wedding that wasn’t”; but, I serve a great God. The day has been fixed. The details and all arrangement are firmly in your hands. It’s a Royal wedding; the King of kings will sponsor it. Thank you, Lord.

56. Eternal Rock of ages, I thank you for your constant help and love. You have done what no man can do. I am definitely a small girl with a big God. You aren’t just big, you are good and awesome. You’ve brought me this far; settling my ambition to study overseas with full scholarship and visa. Please, perfect the rest with speed. I need money for shopping for essentials; ticket and pocket money. I know you’ve made ample provisions already thank you, Jesus, for the manifestation from this moment.

57. Sickness and treatment have drained my finances and robbed me of my livelihood. I thank you for perfecting my healing, Lord. You’re absolutely wonderful. Jehovah Raphael is Jehovah Jireh; please, provide for my needs as I regain my strength. Help me to recover all I have lost: robust health, income and surplus money. Thank you, Lord.

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58. I am returning to school soon, Father. I have been hustling here and there to pay my school fees. I need you to come in for me: I need money for accommodation, handouts, feeding and other expenses. Please, raise up help for me. It’s only by your help that I’ll be able to graduate. Thank you, Jesus, for sponsoring my education.

59. Dear God, my Father is no more and I am the one shouldering the responsibility of my ailing mother and siblings. It is a burden to big for me to carry, help me, Lord. Bless me, so that my family will no beyond reasonable doubt that you indeed are the father of the fatherless and the help of the helpless. Thank you, Jesus, for your love.

60. I have tried my best, Lord. All my efforts yielded absolutely nothing..zilch. I’ve reached an unyielding and impenetrable wall. The barrier between me and financial freedom seems insurmountable, while my needs and bills pile up like Kilimanjaro mountain. Help, Lord! Level the mountain of opposition, failure and poverty. Tear down the wall of impossibility. Rend the heaven open, fly on the cherub, come to my rescue. Bless me in a special way today, in Jesus’ powerful name.

61. Dear God, bestow upon me wisdom beyond human comprehension, supernatural grace, divine favour, blessings without limit; and all that I need to paddle through this ocean of financial needs. Thank you for your timely help, Jesus.

62. My heart is troubled. My eyes are done with crying. Self-pity party is over, Lord. The Lord must win this supremacy battle in my finances. You alone have the final say. From now on, I refuse to be defined by my inadequacy, background, gaping needs, overburdened and gasping limited resources. You call the shots to the realm of sufficiency and abundance, henceforth. Lord, help me.

63. Thank you, Father, for being my untiring source; from which my river of needs gets replenished uninterrupted. From me to you, needs communicated with confidence and thanksgiving. From you to me; resources flow without fail, with supervising angels in attendance. I commit my present needs to you, Lord Jesus; please, help me. You are able!

64. If I were to hire all the strands in my hair to praise you for all that you’ve done for me; they wouldn’t be enough to do any appreciable justice. I can’t thank you enough, gracious God. You are amazing, awesome, loving, generous, kind, trustworthy and faithful. Thank you for your past provisions and help.
I hand over my current financial needs to you; please Lord, help me. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

65. I have stayed too long in this mountain of unemployment; it’s time to take my journey into self-employment and empowerment, till you settle my employment status. I need your help, Lord. I want to start a business and I’m not afraid of starting small. Please, give me the startup capital and operational expenses I need to float the business. Bless my ideas and hustles in Jesus’ name.

66. Dear Lord, thank you for the word encounter (Rhema) I had today. Your word says you are able.
It means you are able to help me. You are able to finance my project, complete and prosper it. You are able to pay my bills, settle my debts and enlarge my coast. You are able to move me from the hunger level to satisfaction/satiation level. You are able to move me from being a financial parasite to a financial giant.
I believe, Lord. As I confess, so shall you establish the desires of my heart in Jesus’ name.

67. Heavenly Father, my current financial situation is unbearable. Loans, debts and needs are choking me. Every way out I know of has been tried with an abysmal result. Then, like the prodigal daughter, I came to my senses and remembered that Jesus is the way out of all life’s predicaments.
Lord Jesus, help me out.

68. Dear Lord, please remove me from the valley of the dead, dry bones and dryness. Transplant me solidly in a rich and fertile soil, watered by the river of your abundance. Change my story, Lord Jesus. My finances need your revival and sustaining grace.

69. There’s no vision without a provision. A vision without a provision or action is just an empty dream…like chasing after the wind. I have a vision that you’ve firmly planted in my heart and expanded. I am ready to act on it; honour my steps of faith with all necessary financial provisions and other help. Thank you, Jesus, for your blessings.

70. We are homeless, scattered and penniless; because things fell apart when the whirlwind of financial storm hits my family. Help, Lord. Let’s not become another statics of a wrecked family. Bless us with the unimaginable, bring us together and restore us, unscathed.
Mighty restorer, we are completely at your mercy, for there’s no amount of money too much for you to provide. Help, my saviour.

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