2024 Trending Samples of Prayer for Strength and Healing for a Friend

Prayers are the words that save a sinking and dying spirit and avail much for the one who believes.

As believers, we’re not left for ruin or destruction of any kind as the Lord has provided an escape route for us through prayers.

So, it is time to restore back what was lost to sickness and a time for a beloved friend to rise through the efficacy of your prayers.

Renew someone’s strength today through these fervent prayers and save a soul as you pick from this armoury of wonderful prayers of healing and strength.

There you go;

Strength and Healing Prayer Points for Friends

Prayer points for strength and healing for a special friend.

1. Father, I pray that you restore my friend’s good health. Let there be total healing and deliverance taking place in her body as I pray.

2. Heavenly father, you’re the giver of strength. Energize his inner spirit.

3. Oh Lord in heaven, pronounce healing upon your child. This sickness must not be his end.

4. Father, let my friend know peace in her body. Let the peace of God cover her body and calm the storm of infirmity and diseases tormenting her.

5. Oh Lord, I pray for my friend, let him begin to find strength in his body. Let him stand up to work again.

6. God in heaven, do not leave my friend to die prematurely. Father, see to her healing this very moment.

7. I pray for instant healing for my sick friend. An end has come to that sickness which has him bedridden. He will rise up and walk on this day.

8. Divine healer, come to the rescue of my friend. Where medicine and the doctors have failed, let your divine healing succeed.

9. Father, I pray that my friend will witness your power and testify of your glory concerning her health. She will not succumb to untimely death.

10. God, I ask that you do a repair in the body of my friend tonight. Father, bring to order everything in disarray in his body.

11. Oh Lord, my friend shall prosper in good health. She shall not live her life in pain, distress and dismay. Cause her to know peace once again in her body.

12. Father, bring to an abrupt end the health challenge that my friend is experiencing. He shall overcome this tribulation because Jesus Christ overcame it before now.

13. Father, heal my friend by the stripes of Jesus Christ. Let every discomfort be gone out of her body.

14. Every sickness is a stranger. I enjoin every sickness and infirmity to leave the body of my dear friend. Your time is up to you stranger of sickness and infirmity.

15. I command the source of this pain and sickness in the life of my dear friend to dry up at this moment.

16. I cancel every death threat over the life of my friend due to this sickness in his body. My friend will never be on your death row.

17. Father, renew the strength of my friend each passing day. Let each day come with greater strength to make him whole.

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18. Let your mercy save the life of my friend. Let your grace be enough for her to survive. Grant her divine healing and restoration.

19. Father, your plan for us are good: nullify every decree and ordinance of the devil to torment my friend in his body. Let your healing stand in his dear life.

20. The strength to overcome this illness and to stand to glorify God, let it come upon my friend. Let revival take place in his body.

21. Father, with a loud voice I call out every spirit of infirmity, sickness and disease that is tormenting the life of my friend. You shall run out and never look back.

22. You sickness in the body of my friend, you shall not escape the power of the Holy Ghost. Get out of her body right now. You are rendered powerless.

23. Father, my friend shall not lose this battle to the death. You shall save her from the claws of death. She will live to testify.

24. Oh God! Bring an end to the days and nights of pain in the body of my friend. Let her begin to enjoy the peace and joy of the Holy Ghost.

25. Father, save a soul and save a life today: let my friend experience your faithfulness. This illness shall not be the doom of my friend. She is saved!

26. The Lord is your fortitude in times of trouble. Healing is your inheritance in Christ.

27. When you’re weak then, you’re strong by his grace.

28. By his stripes, you’re healed and made whole. Your body is not a temple for infirmities, I decree.

29. A friend like you deserves to prosper in health. I pray for divine healing for your spirit, soul and body.

30. I confess that this is your hour of grace and healing. Therefore, you shall rise and not stumble when you walk.

31. No matter what the case may be, in the days of adversity, you shall be strong, courageous and shall do exploit.

32. Anything working against your peace of mind and health comes to an abrupt end today in the name that is above every other name.

33. Whatever is responsible for your mental and physical weakness is uprooted today in the name of the one who has heaven and earth’s authority.

34. Your predicament shall be a testimony and a ray of hope for the sick to believe and be healed.

35. Even if your strength fails you, your heavenly Father shall come through for you in this hour.

36. Not anymore will you exhaust your resources on this sickness and disease? Time up by fire.

37. Your organs, your systems, your blood, and your fluids shall work together for your good. Nothing in your body shall malfunction from now on.

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38. No weapon of sickness formed against you shall prosper and any tongue that rises against your wellness, I thoroughly condemn.

39. May the grace of God raise you up from the bed of infirmity this second, I pray.

40. You shall be strong and shall do exploits by His grace.

41. I render powerless every principality and power working against the wellbeing and balance of your body and soul.

42. Your strength is of the Lord. Therefore, no sickness shall deprive you of the grace of sound health in Christ, I decree.

43. For you my friend, I pray against infirmity of any kind inhabiting in your body. You shall function according to the will of your Father whose desire for you is peace.

44. By the precious blood of Jesus Christ, I boost your immune system against any sort of sicknesses, diseases and allergies.

45. Whatever is draining you of your strength and resources dies this very minute.

46. You’re healed of every type of sickness. And you’re vaccinated against any disease by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

47. On your body is the mark of the Lord, therefore let no infirmity trouble you.

48. May the anointing that breaks the yoke of sicknesses and diseases fall upon you right now.

49. I connect you to the grace of God from which you shall draw your strength and joy daily in Jesus name.

50. You shall not die but live to declare God’s goodness in the land of the living. You’re healed, my friend.

Having put on the armour of prayers, your worries are over. Hence, your victory is sure pertaining to the life of your dear friend.

Go in peace!

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