2024 Sweet Words for My Best Friend from the Heart

Friends are like roses, beautiful and radiant, with pleasant perfumes. You only spice them when you do the right things and make yourself available in needy times. I have watched many friendships blossom and along the line, crash because little things as saying thank you were not considered. How forcible are right words.

Do you know how powerful words are? Have you discovered the beauty and power of right words? Well, I have. There are times when we offend our best friends to the point of disaffiliation that we decide to go our separate ways.

Yet, we come back together again when we go the long way of sending a text. Not just a message but a message rich with amazing words of love and fragrance. That’s how powerful words can go deep to mend broken heart.

Have you found yourself in such situation before, where you want to impress your friend and show how much you love them and don’t know how? Its okay. You don’t need to worry anymore. These sweet words for best Friends below can help you. Don’t forget to like and comment in the comment section below. We want to know you enjoyed it.

Cute Words to Say to Your Best Friends

Enjoying the best of a special friend isn’t enough. You need to make them feel special for the gift of their kindness rolled into friendship by sending these sweet words for my best friend to him or her.

1. I saw a beautiful lady walk past my office today. And when she spoke I remembered you. And those words of yours that meant a life to me. Thought to check on you dear.

2. Hey! You up for tonights hangout at my place. Im throwing a big party and my best friend cannot afford to absent. You know I love you too much to do it in your absence.

3. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in all my years dear. You taught me the definition of true friendship. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Have a beautiful anniversary dear and I hope you love my gift.

4. You know, I couldn’t have understood that course without your assistance. You’re a good teacher and you will make a good wifey when you marry. Thanks, dearie for today.

5. Always the perfect person to call when Im confused. How do you manage to become a good counselor? I’m glad I found a friend in you, Betty. You rock.

6. How can I begin to say sorry for that shit I commited this evening. It was an error on my part sweerie and Im sorry sweet friend. You know I would never intentionally hurt you. Please, honey!

7. You deserve better than this lady. I admire your courage and wisdom in all things. You just can’t afford to lose this contract. Go, baby, I’ve got your back.

8. An exceptional young woman would be a definition of your personality. When the world turns their back, I will be right here to push you. Go baby I know you can do it. Cheers.

9. We never run out of inspiration when the closest persons to us are always there. I trust you and I believe in you. Go and kill that presentation. Show them what you are made of. High five!

10. In all our years of friendship, you taught me patience, love and giving. Now I’m near perfection. Happy friendship anniversary dear. Cheers and toast to lasting years.

11. Whenever I think of you, I just can’t appreciate God enough for bringing you into my life. Today I’m a woman with much passion to live and achieve greatness. I love you, friend.

12. Love is teachable. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is everything good. I see you and I’ve seen love personified. Make sure you stop by to say Hi this evening. Cheers.

13. Who can a friend as loving and caring as you Ben? Do me a favour anyway. Stop eating too much, otherwise, you’ll blow up someday.

14. I remember the nights we climbed those mountains from home, the rivers we crossed together, and the songs of hope and laughter we chanted all the way. I miss you dearly.

15. You know I was thinking about the good old times when we just by ourselves without responsibilities. I miss the good olds days babe. How about you come visiting some time. I promise to take you to your favourite spot.

16. I love you, dear, I love you beyond cohesive words. You’ve imparted my life with your friendship. I wish you safe trip back.

17. You smell like roses. Your eyes bearing the eyes of an angel. No wonder every guy always turned towards you and leave me in the lurk. All the same, I love you bitch like my life. cheers.

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18. Come! Keep shinning. Never stop. I may not be around, but the strong knit of our friendship will always give me signal. So well baby girl. Cheers.

19. You’ve spiced my life like the fragrance of a soul. Now I cannot do without you. Happy anniversary sweet friend.

20. We are were we are today as a result of our doggedness, love and compassion we had on one another. Today, we live to tell the tale of an happy ending. Toast to deeper friendship dear.

21. I got a life once but you gave me two lives. I live in you now, a twin now because we are inseparable. I love you, sweet friend.

22. When I say you mean the whole world to me, believe it because I’m sincere about it.

23. You have touched my life beyond describing words.
How are you faring dear?

24. Hope the pain in the leg has subsided. Thought to check on you. Please heal fast, you mean a lot to me.

25. When they said true friends are scarce they weren’t lying. But I’m one of the lucky ones to have friends like you. I love you, troublemaker.

26. All the time I got tired along the way, you were with me and encouraged me to move on. Now I’m where I am because of you. Best friends for life.

27. You are a definition of courage and doggedness. You this fish! And you had to do it all for me? I love you, friend.

28. I realize that the people you get close to influence you good or bad. Thanks, Bet for standing by me all through those time.

29. You are an amazing friend if you still doubt that. I love you from the abyss of my heart. You are irreplaceable.

30. Life has been unfair on your end but I can see greatness lying ahead. Don’t stop beautiful. You can do it. I love you.

31. The day they told me you were going on that trip I couldn’t believe it. Now I know you’ve changed a whole lot honey and it is for the best. Cheers Darling.

32. For every situation, just know I’ve got your back before anyone else. Friendships are not to be traded for anything else.

33. No matter what crosses our path or seem to divide us, nothing can change the power of true friendship. I still love you all the same.

34. You know sometime I always thought and wish I had many lives, to die and come back again. But now, enough of the wishes, I have you here.

35. There is a line in the middle of the tunnel and between the dark path, it is the line of friendship telling you what to and how to overcome it. Cheers friend.

36. You are the candle that lights my path I have come to realize. You know why, every time I attempt to do something and get confuse, your words echo in my ears.

37. If I should count my blessings and name them, your friendship is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

38. Besides husband and family, you become number one in my life. cheers to new life baby.

39. True friends come into your life and light up the sphere. You never remain the same on that journey again. I love you dearly Emily.

40. You are the brightest light so far I have seen. Your words holds the light to dark oaths. Thank you for being such a sweet friend dearie.

41. True friendship has become rather the best relationship you can be in. No wonder they said marry your best friend. Happy anniversary, I didn’t forget it.

42. True friends stand true to the end. They are the reasons you keep pushing in life. Cheers to many better days dear.

43. Friendship is about being there for each other, harnessing growth opportunities and grow together. Cheers to our friendship dear.

44. I got jealous one day when I had to think you were ahead of me. But I found the true meaning of love and friendship when you gave me a place. Thank you, sweetheart.

45. Our friendship will keep blossoming till it we leave this world. Even in marriage, you still mean the world to me. Happy anniversary to you love.

46. My love for you know no bound Betty. You are two men in one woman. Always knowing what to do. Thank you for being my friend.

47. In rain and sunshine, I will walk the mile to come to your rescue when you need me. What are friends for.

48. On this day I want to wish you well on your graduation. Thank God you made it. Now sour high dear.

49. Roses and petals describes the beauty of your heart. I can never take it for granted. Cheers to our friendship love.

50. I wish we would never be separated by love or work, and marriage. But it is always inevitable. All the same, friends stay true forever.

51. I always count my blessings everytime I have to remember I have someone like you to lean on. Cheers hunnay.

52. A beautiful heart is fitting for a beautiful friend. Thank you for coming into my life. Cheers to better days.

53. God grants mercy to sinners, love to the obedient and success to those who value friendship. I adore you dear, safe trip back home.

54. Every moment with you reminded me of the bond we share; a bond of an everlasting friendship. Thank you for coming around.

55. You truly are a woman of excellence and worth. Thank you for being in my life.

56. An irreplaceable person is what you’ve become to me. I cannot trade you for another. Cheers to better days Sonia.

57. Today you might be wondering why I came visiting. But I told you I’m not giving up on you. Our friendship knows no bound and you should get that straight.

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58. Words adorable, vision mighty and the future bright. Happy birthday to you dear friend. I’d never forget dear friend.

59. You remember the day I met you and that moment that soaked our friendship. I still see you that way, dear. You always will remain my best friend.

60. True character, motivational and inspiring speaker is who you are. I’ve told you times without number to go into the media. Cheers bae.

61. My wit and smart end. Bringer of ideas. My guiding light. Thank you for always being there.

62. Over dependence on people they say is bad. But I’m most certain I won’t be able to leave on without you. Cheers bae.

63. With you, I’ve got the best friend I can ever wish for. Keep shining and we will all get there.

64. You know I can be very troublesome. But if I don’t disturb you who else will? Cheers my good friend.

65. Friendship is a gift from above. When it is gently cared for you enjoy its loveliness. Cheers to better light dear. Love to see you blossom.

66. You are some tasty pie I have tasted and never want to let go. But others and the world need to taste too. To this end, our friendship will still remain. Now go out there and conquer.

67. My greatest fear was losing you. But then I realised you need to be somewhere. I wish you success all the way dear, and my love goes with you.

68. Wherever you will be darling just know this light and years of friendship will keep burning.

69. Only sadist do not really have friend because they don’t. But I have you as my sweetest and loving friend.

70. Celebrate success. I’m happy for you dear and I hope this victory turns into something juicy. Congratulations friend.

71. Make me beds of roses that I might lie on. This has always been your dreams since the day I met you. I’m glad you found that person who will shower with lots of them. Cheers friend.

72. Happy married life. And toast to never ending friendship with me.

73. Who can I communicate my worst fears to if not you. I really can’t talk to anyone else but you. I value you my friend dear.

74. It is the encouragements you get from friends that keeps you going. Family abandons you but true friendship picks you up and gives you hope.

75. I never thought I could live on when life caught up with me until I found you. Thank you fro being the best friend I have ever known.

76. You don’t need to have the world before you become happy. Just have one good friend and the rest shall come. I love you, dear.

77. I thought I couldn’t deal with the heartbreak when he left. I found you and I found true friendship and meaning. Thank you, dear.

78. Let this be your Motivation every day. You wake up to know someone would be there standing and protecting your back anytime. Sleep sound dear bestie.

79. God knows I had left this world until you crossed my path and gave it meaning. Thank you for being my friend.

80. Thank you for being the best friend in the whole world . you still mean the much to me even after your marriage.

81. Just know one thing, nothing will break the cords of our friendship. Nothing changes even after I leave alright? Cheers. I love you.

82. Your friendship is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you dearly since the day you came into my life and changed it.

83. You are amazing just the way you. I’m happy to have a friend like you. Don’t let what other people say about you matter.

84. What matters to me most is that you are happy and learn to be confident dear. Because you are a smart ass girl. Ride on dear. Cheers.

85. I want to buy you all the flowers I can buy you but I can’t. Tell your husband to do so. Lol. Happy married life darling.

86. My life couldn’t have been more perfect without you.
Thank you for already being there for me. I love you bitch.

87. You know I’m kinda counting my blessing and I realize you are my gold. Thank you dear best friend.

88. Hey! How are you? Just thought of you today and you how you’ve become everything to me. Toast to beautiful friendship.

89. The way you are determined to rise to the top amazes and inspire me. Always get me posted of opportunities o. Let’s do this together.

90. Make sure to not forget that someone’s here watching your back. Please go and win us trophies. Success and congratulations baby.

91. You look amazing every time you wear those clothes, but don’t put on yesterday’s own again or I’ll sue you. Only friends can tell each other the truth. Cheers.

92. Oh, dear don’t stop. You can do this. Just remember that I’m always here for you. Go and be the best you can be.

93. If I don’t tell you who else will I tell. You Alone understand my fears, my beliefs, my weaknesses and strength. You are forever a good friend.

94. I saw that post and i decided to share it. Come back to thank me later.

95. So many people say I talk to much but I know you think differently. As long as my friend trusts me I’ll do and can do anything.

96. You remember the days we used to wear all the fancy clothes and shoes that we wanted to wear. Now we know there’s more to life and we’re living it. Friends forever. Cheers.

97. Don’t pressure Dennis when you see him. The dude is worked up. Give him time dear. Thank me later. What are friends for.

98. I’m a disciple ma don’t take me for granted. I know you won’t. I know I can always rely on my friends for the best ideas and advice. Cheers.

99. I think I kind of miss you dear. Please be fast and come down. That will do well for me.

100. I have been waiting for this moment. I’ll see you in the afternoon. Make time for me and I’ll be there.

101. My classes will be ending by five today. We can do it together. I’ll tell you the how to. See you in a minute and thank me after the outing.

102. I’ve got your backs always as a friend will. Best friends for ever darling. Cheers.

103. You obviously can’t make it to the meeting today. Hope all went well. Get well soon dear.

104. Go out with your best friend, talk often, visit often even on different occasions. Say thank you above all. And appreciate friendship.

105. Friendship is one lifetime commitment to each other. A commitment to help grow the other, to be there when you need it most. I’ll always be here for you dear.

106. How can I go for a shopping without my friend with the best taste. You know you almost have answers to all things. Thanks for accepting.

107. Hey, I thought we could both go to the mall today, can you come w? I’ll buy you your favorite ice cream. Just say yes.

108. You’ve made my existence worthwhile. I love you above all. Thank you for coming into my life in the first place. Cheers to friendship forever.

109. A lot of persons have friends, but do they really have the very essence of it? Here, my life is complete and whole because I have a friend like you. I love you, dear.

110. I can remember the first time you bought me those dresses to go out with Ken. “You are adorable” those were your words. Now take things, easy dear, I’m here now for you.

111. I will shout at the top of my voice, I will scream until the whole world listens, I want to tell them how amazing and wonderful you’ve been as a friend. Thanks, darling.

112. Sometimes, when the struggle becomes too burdensome, you’ve got to pick up the phone and put a call through. You will feel much better when your friends are there with you.

113. Don’t give up when you know you have hands to help. That’s why friends are always there. You get all the motivations you can get within. I’m sure to stand by you always.

114. I’m not sure about this now but I know you mean the world to me. Even when I’m too lazy to do things, you fire up my energy, when I’m too blind to see, your light’s always on.

115. You are five combined together in one. You always bring me reasons to smile. Cheers friend, and know I will never take you for granted.

116. At last, I wrote the last pages of my book. All these came out because of you. Thank you. And as you please, hit me for being stubborn all these years. I love you.

117. You have succeeded in making me whole again. You just have the right words every time to keep me in line. Thank you dearly for being you all the time with me.

118. My wish and prayers for you dearly are for dreams come true. Let me know when you around so we can celebrate of later. Congrats bestie.

119. With you, I realize the how much of myself I missed. No cup cakes today and you will be fine, that’s what you always said. Cheers bestie.

120. Thank you for being there always, Thank you for scolding, thanks for your many opinion and ideas. You truly are an asset.


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