100+ Powerful Night Prayers for Protection in 2024

Prayers can quench the cauldron of darkness in a split of second.

The principalities that challenge the night can also be overcome with diligent prayers.

We all need the light of God to guide us through the night whether as a nocturnal worker or traveller. On the other hand, we also need the protection of God as we sleep.

This is only possible through prayers. With these prayers, you’ll have a splendid night with no chaos at all.

Be the first to try these prayers out; you’ll surely have testimonies.

Night Time Prayers for Protection for Everyone

The best of good night prayers for protection against every evil.

1. Father, I pray for your sound protection over me and my loved ones. We shall behold another beautiful dawn; we shall not go with the night. Your guardian angels shall protect me from all harms. They shall deliver me from all evil. Your presence will be my covering and shield. Throughout the night, I shall not encounter any crisis. Your peace shall swirl around me. I’ll have reasons to glorify you when I wake up. Thank you, Lord, because your protection is sure for me and my family tonight.

2. Dear lord, I thank you for today was a beautiful day. I thank you for bringing me home safely. I pray tonight shall be a good one, that’s filled with tranquillity and good sleep. I nullify every force of nightmares. I’ll only have good dreams and great visions. I’ll not be put in fear tonight. Darkness shall not threaten me. I shall be bold and courageous even when the night is at its peak. I pray to wake up filling hopeful, beautiful and agile. Thank you, Lord, because you shall bless me with a sound sleep tonight. I shall wake up with the joy of the Lord.

3. In Jesus name, every plan by the devil to cause confusion and damages in my life and around my environment tonight is nullified. I shall dwell in an atmosphere of peace. The evil ones shall not locate my doorstep. I forbid every nocturnal casualty in Jesus name. I’ll not be a victim of the powers of darkness. The glory of God shall shine around me tonight. I’m fully under the protection of the Holy Spirit. Every burden I’m taking to bed shall not rise up with me when the morning comes. It is well with my soul. I shall wake up to see another beautiful day.

4. Tonight, I confess in Jesus name, that all powers of darkness working in my life is thwarted by the power of the Holy Spirit. I rebuke every storm and confusion that occur in the night. My territory is covered with the blood of Jesus. My dream shall not be tampered with by the forces of darkness. The evil manipulators shall not temper with my destiny over the night; it is protected by the power of Jesus. I shall wake up safe with a new song in my heart and mouth. I also confess that I shall wake up agile and strong. I shall not fall sick over the night. The protection of God is sufficient for me.

5. Dear Father, as you protect your children in the days of old, so shall you protect me tonight; be my source of light and my pillar of fire in darkness. I’m protected by your mighty hands. I shall not be suffocated by the devil as I sleep. I rebuke every sickness and misfortune formed against me tonight; every arrow of darkness will go back to the sender. I shall know peace like a river. My surroundings are protected. I shall not suffer any unfortunate incidence this night. I’ll sleep like a baby and wake up fine. I’m covered with the blood of Jesus. It is well with me. I shall not be afflicted over the night. Thank you, Lord, for tonight.

6. As you go to bed tonight, may the good Lord be your guidance and keeper. May He make your dreams sweet and divine. May His angels surround your dwelling and keep your household safe till dawn. The arrows of the night shall not pierce you through, neither will its evil find a way in your abode. You shall rest upon the pillows of divine tranquillity. Your bed shall be laid with love and your duvets shall cover you as the Lord’s mercy. Above all things, you shall wake up to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

7. No matter how long the night may be, you shall see the joy of the morning. The Lord shall grant you smiles even at night and laughter as you dream. The stars in the sky shall watch over you. The moon shall shine its glory upon your abode. You shall rest like one with a royal blood and the Lord shall keep your heart and mind at peace through Christ Jesus. The forces of nightmares shall not find their way into your dreams, neither shall the demons of hell appear to you as you sleep. You are free from all night frights in Jesus name. You shall remember tonight for peace, sound sleep, joy and all of God’s blessings.

8. As you sleep tonight, may the angels go to war for your sake. May you wake up to a basket full of victories and a store of many testimonies. All evils against you shall be averted before the moon goes to rest. Every long trial shall be no more as the night turns to light. His angels shall be your shield, under their wings shall you rest. For your sake, tonight shall be beautifully colored with peace and grace. The gate of hell shall not prevail over you, neither will the evil of men come against you. Your families are protected and so are your loved ones.

9. As I lay on my bed tonight, I shall have no cause to wake up in fright. Depression shall not take over my mind, I shall sleep a good sleep. Mourning shall not occur in the time of the night. The angels of God shall be all over me. Under their wings shall I dwell. The peace of God shall be my portion and His warmth shall be my company. The love of my heavenly Father will sustain me as the evils of the night go by. I’ll wake up with a smile, I’ll wake up a victor. The Lord shall attend to all of my needs as I rest in His secret place tonight.

10. I pray tonight in Jesus name; as I go to bed, my arms shall not grow weak, the peace of my body shall not be disturbed, my eyes shall not cease to see and my organs shall function properly. I shall wake up healthy, strong and better than ever. Around me shall the angels of protection dwell. No robber shall rob me of my peace and possessions. The good Lord shall fence my abode against intruders and murderers. I shall not end with the night. I shall wake up with the song of praise in my lips. And indeed, I shall wake up with an attitude of gratitude.

11. The Lord will watch over me tonight. I am covered by His grace.

12. I rebuke the spirit of death tonight. It shall never find solace in my household. We are covered with the blood of Jesus.

13. Everything that I cannot oversee nor protect by myself tonight, the eyes of God will protect them for me in Jesus name.

14. I pray for you tonight, no weapon fashioned against you shall succeed. You’re under his watch in Jesus name.

15. No evil shall be heard from your dwelling tonight. The Lord will protect you with His outstretched arms.

16. Where my name is being mentioned for death tonight is scattered in Jesus name.

17. You shall not die, but live to see another beautiful and glorious day. The Lord will prove His faithfulness to you as you sleep tonight in Jesus name.

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18. Every evil hand planning to cause my downfall tonight is cut off. I shall live to witness many nights in Jesus name.

19. You shall not die in your sleep. The Lord will be your watchman tonight. You’re highly protected under the shadows of the wings of the Almighty God.

20. God will surely secure you from all evil tonight. You shall overcome whatever may come your way in Jesus name.

21. I stand against every cloud of darkness over me as I sleep. You’re destroyed in Jesus name. I am covered by the shield of the Almighty God.

22. I will not answer the call of the evil ones at night. I’ll only recognise the voice of God, cause He is my Shepherd and I am His sheep.

23. No matter the numbers of people that go with the night, I and my loved ones shall wake up to see another beautiful day. We shall not die untimely.

24. The night shall not see your end, it shall be the other way round. You shall wake up victorious in Jesus name.

25. No matter where you go, or where you may be tonight, the presence of God will go with you and protect you till the morning comes.

26. The Lord will give you a sound mind as you sleep. You shall not wake up disorganized and traumatized. Your sleep is protected from the manipulations of the evil ones.

27. May the mercy and goodness of God follow you tonight. May the eyes of God guide and protect you, my love.

28. Though a thousand and ten thousand may fall by my left and right, I and my loved ones shall not perish nor be destroyed by the works of the devil. We are safe.

29. Your safety and security is guaranteed tonight by the power of the Holy Ghost. You shall wake up stronger than you were the previous night.

30. The devil will not succeed with his evil plans over your life tonight. You’re safe in Jesus name.

31. The devil cannot snatch my life away. I am protected by the covering of the Lord. It is well with my soul as a child of God.

32. I’m protected from physical and spiritual pains tonight. I shall enjoy good health in Jesus name.

33. No matter the craftiness of the devil tonight, he shall never have his way in my life. I am fully protected by the hand of God.

34. The angels of God shall direct evil away from my dwelling. I am protected in all sides in Jesus name.

35. My body and destiny shall not receive any evil arrow as I sleep. My entire body is protected by the blood of Jesus.

36. You shall not suffer insomnia; you shall enjoy a sound and deep sleep tonight. You’re safe in Jesus name.

37. Every evil voice calling forth your name tonight is ceased completely in Jesus name.

38. The evildoers will not have reasons to rejoice over you nor your family tonight in Jesus name.

39. You shall be guided by the spirit of God; The Lord will order your steps tonight.

40. Every satanic agenda for your life tonight is erased by the blood of Jesus.

41. You shall not fall in the dark. As you work tonight, you shall not encounter any misfortune. You’re covered by the blood of Jesus.

42. You’re protected by the angels of God in all directions of the world. The Lord will not forsake you tonight. He will secure you.

43. As you go out to work this night, you’re protected from any mishap. No little nor big accident will happen to you in Jesus name.

44. Because, He is the God of the day and night, your going out tonight is protected. You shall go safely to your destination.

45. The shadows of the Almighty God shall cover you tonight. The devil will not steal your sleep and peace of mind tonight.

46. You demons of the night, you shall not know my place. I am not under your watch in Jesus name.

47. The anointing of protection is upon my head. Evil shall escape me and everything that has to do with me in Jesus name.

48. My belongings and possessions are all secured by the eyes of the Lord tonight in Jesus name.

49. The Lord will see me through tonight’s journey. I shall arrive safely at my destination.

50. The mercy of God shall form protection over me. I shall not be by myself tonight, for He has promised to be with me till the end of the world.

51. I pray for a very peaceful sleep. I shall not fight any battle tonight. The Lord will fight them for me and I’ll hold my peace as I sleep.

52. The angels of the living God shall surround my dwelling in Jesus name.

53. I nullify every decree of calamity for my sake tonight in Jesus name.

54. I am adequately protected and surrounded by the fire of the Holy Ghost. I shall wake up undefeated in Jesus name.

55. Every part of my body is protected tonight. I shall not wake up paralyzed nor sick in Jesus name.

56. Tonight shall be your best night so far. You shall arise in the morning and shine. May God’s protection be upon you.

57. The night is for rest, may your eyes not deny you a good sleep and may your body function well in your favour.

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58. Any evil prepared against you and your household at night shall be of no effect. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

59. Do not be afraid, for the angels of the Lord encompasses around the ones who fear Him. You are surrounded by His angels.

60. Rest in God’s love tonight. Sleep in His mightiness. You’re covered by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

61. The night shall not seem long to you. Because in peace, you shall lay on your bed. And in victory, you shall arise in the morning.

62. And it shall come to pass tonight that, you shall overcome your enemies and you shall amass into your bosom a multitude of victories.

63. Your body shall not get weak at night. You shall wake up stronger than you were in the past. Every form of infirmity in your body is cleansed by the precious blood of the Lamb.

64. May God take absolute control of your dreams tonight. A sound sleep is what you shall have.

65. I pray against every curse of nightmares perpetrated by dark powers in my life. I am protected against the manipulations of the night in Jesus name.

66. The cloud upon me shall be bright. No evil cloud shall rest above my abode as I close my eyes tonight in Jesus name.

67. Whether the devil likes it or not, the Lord gives sleep to His beloved. I am His beloved, hence, I shall sleep well tonight.

68. The Lord shall be my watchman tonight. He shall be my guide. I shall bask in His favour and love even in the depth of my sleep in Jesus name.

69. Evil prophecies being spoken against my life tonight are nullified by the precious blood of the Lamb. I am blessed beyond the curse.

70. Nothing shall separate you from God’s protection because you are precious in His eyes. You shall sleep and wake up in Jesus name.

71. Your family shall not wake up to your bad news. Neither shall your ears hear evil concerning the safety of your family tonight.

72. Whatever you may have eaten and drunk before you go to sleep shall not become poison in your body at night. You’re protected in Jesus name.

73. The devil shall not take over my body, my home, my family and my friends as I sleep tonight. The Holy Spirit shall take charge of us. And the angels of the living God shall be our guide.

74. Whatever is stealing my peace at night is destroyed by the precious blood of Jesus.

75. May tonight not be my last. May I never be found unworthy of a new dawn in Jesus name. I shall live long and shall live well.

76. I shall not sweat for sleep. The devil shall not deny me the joy of a good night rest in Jesus name.

77. Evil men shall not find their way into your house. Like the Israelites, your home shall be passed over by any evil in Jesus name.

78. The devourers shall not devour my possessions, nor my harvest as I take to sleep tonight. I shall wake up to the increase and yield of the works of my hands in Jesus name.

79. May the spirit of the Lord abide with me and inside of me as I sleep tonight. I am protected and I am favored in Jesus name.

80. No matter the terror of the night, I shall not be a partaker, neither shall I be a victim in any way in Jesus name.

81. The devil shall not take time to deal with me, nor my family in the silence of tonight in Jesus name. We are covered by the precious blood of the Lamb.

82. As you stay awake tonight, your efforts shall not be in vain and you shall not be a victim of the night.

83. I render powerless the power of the devil to kill, steal and to destroy over my life and my family’s tonight in Jesus name.

84. Upon my house shall the mark of the Lord be seen and reverence tonight in Jesus name.

85. I shall not eat nor drink from the table of the adversary as I get some sleep in Jesus name.

86. Whatever evil targets of the wicked against my life tonight shall be brought to nought in Jesus name.

87. I come against any power of strangulation as I sleep tonight in Jesus name. I shall arise and shine like the sun.

88. The darkness of the night shall not cause me to stumble or fall in any way in Jesus name.

89. As you travel tonight, no evil shall find you, neither shall you be a victim of any kind of accident in Jesus name.

90. The moon shall give you light as you go about your business tonight. Nothing shall be against you.

91. The Lord shall take likeness in my protection and rest tonight. No demon, nor principality and power shall triumph over me in Jesus name.

92. My brains shall find peace and comfort tonight. All my vital organs shall function appropriately. I shall be a victor.

93. The cold of the night shall not harm me, the heat it evolves shall not burn me, neither shall the breezes of the night be against my wellbeing in Jesus name.

94. Whoever wants me dead tonight, shall wake up to see me share the testimonies of the Lord’s goodness in my life.

95. The Lord shall have mercy on you and grant you sweet sleep tonight. The demons shall not mess with your sleep in Jesus name.

96. Even as you sleep, you shall win. You will remain a winner no matter the time and day.

97. The devil shall not take advantage of your going out tonight. With ease, you shall go and come back in peace.

98. May the Lord protect you from any kind of bites and sufferings from any creature tonight in Jesus name. May the blood of the Lamb cover you.

99. Disaster shall not break out in your abode tonight. You shall sleep under the guide of the armies of heaven in Jesus name.

100. Your name shall be written amongst those who shall wake up in good health and by the mercy of the Lord in Jesus name.

You’ll definitely be having a very pleasant night after praying or sending any of these powerful prayers to your loved ones.

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