100+ Cute Prayers for My Boyfriend in 2024

Love does not blossom like a flower just with a daily dose of kisses, good night pecks and early morning breakfasts in bed. Prayer completes the circle of love.

It sends the message of love to the heart of the one loved than the most helplessly romantic love message ever written in the history of man.

If you’re still in doubt, send to your boyfriend, any of these cute prayers and see for yourself the wonders of a prayer on the one we love.

Get ready to testify of the efficacy of these prayers in his life.

Now, go ahead and pick the best and suitable prayer from this arsenal. And if you love them, kindly help share and we will pray with you.

Best Prayers for Him for Everyday Life

The best of prayers for your boyfriend for him to have the very best of his everyday life.

1. Heavenly Father, I ask that you grant my boyfriend his dream job. Endow him with the grace to succeed in life. No matter his mistakes and failures in the past, let his future be great. Take him to a new level in life. Let him overtake the people ahead of him. Grant him a great speed to recover and overtake. His efforts shall yield great result. Every power of darkness lurking around his breakthrough is overpowered by the light of the Holy Ghost. It is well with him, now and forever more. For I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

2. Oh God in heaven! Let this bright day be favourable for the love of my heart. Let him blossom like a flower planted by the river’s side. Bless him with prosperity; make him a great giver. He shall swim in the pool of abundance; excess blessings shall follow him for the rest of his life. Whatever he lays his hands on, shall yield great dividends. He shall get new results today; the old things are passed away. Thank you, Jesus, for the answered prayer.

3. Lord, you said when I ask it will be given unto me. Father, I ask for the sake of my boyfriend, that every health issue in his life shall submit to the power of the Holy Ghost. Henceforth, he shall begin to enjoy good health. Peace of mind will come upon him. He shall experience new joy in his body and health. The devil shall not succeed with his health again. His body is renewed. He’s now a new creature. He shall not die, but live to fulfill his destiny. It is well with him in Jesus name. Amen.

4. Dearest Father, give my boyfriend a clear vision and purpose. Let him begin to follow your will for his life. Father, order his steps. He shall not make the wrong move. Help him to build his life according to your plans. Let your thoughts for him be established. The devil shall never have the last laugh over his life. Give him the grace and the willingness to follow your path. The spirit of obedience shall be upon him; he will learn to follow your instruction in Jesus name. He shall hear your voice. He shall not fall a prey for the devil. Thank you, Lord, for the life of my boyfriend.

5. Oh God, let every spirit of fear, confusion, fret, anxiety, and anger in the life of my boyfriend be cast out in Jesus name. Let the gentle spirit of a dove come upon him. Father, help him build a positive character. Every negative energy around him shall be overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Make him a man after your own heart. Make him upright and let him serve you for the rest of his life. Every voice of the devil speaking negativity into his heart is rebuked. Only the voice of God will he listen to in Jesus name.

6. For you my lovely boyfriend, I pray; may the stars guide your steps. May the sun be kind to your skin. May you be surrounded by the stars of favour and love. May all that you do prosper. For as long as you live, may you find many reasons to give thanks. May your needs be met by the good Lord. May you not regret your stay here on earth. I pray that your heavenly Father settles, perfects, strengthens and establish you now and forever more. I love you!

7. For your love for me and all the good you’ve done. I pray that you find peace and joy in your ways. As you go in search of your daily bread, may you not encounter the evil and wickedness of man. The oil in your lamp shall not run dry. The grace of the Lord shall abide forevermore with you. May the Holy Spirit inspire you for breakthrough and prosperity. May your health flourish as the rising sun. Happiness shall never elude you. You shall be all that you dream of and so much more in Jesus name, I pray.

8. It is my joy to say these prayers for you. May your going out and coming in be blessed. May disappointment never be your portion. May the Lord energize you to succeed. May you not be discouraged in times of trials. May you find the face of the Lord when you seek Him. May your hard work be rewarded with success. May the testimony of the Lord be sure upon your life. May that which befits you not be given to another. Favour shall surround you, love shall be your portion. The peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep and guide your heart. May you never grow weary in good doing. It is well with your soul, I pray.

9. Dear boyfriend, I pray that your steps today shall be ordered by the Lord. You shall experience unexpected breakthroughs and successes. Your name shall be praised on higher grounds. May your heart be continually filled with peace and love. May your lips never be void of worship. May your mind be a home of serenity. May the Lord supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory. Your secret plans shall not go to waste and your silent prayers shall be answered. Nothing shall cut short your life. It is in good health you shall live your many days on earth in Jesus name. Amen!

10. I’d pray for the one I love, so, I’ll pray for you, my darling. May you live to declare the deeds of the Lord. In the land of the living, you shall witness your prosperity. In this season and time, you shall find that which your heart desires. May your name not be found missing in the book of life. I pray the spirit of excellence and wisdom upon your life, to succeed where men fail, to be preferred over the others. May the Lord take pleasure in your prosperity. May men find it joyful to bless you. Your possessions shall be many and so will the peace of your heart also flourish. May your heart be filled with faith instead of doubt. May the Lord bless you with a sound mind, power, and love. You shall have many reasons to praise the Lord in Jesus name, I pray!

11. Dear Lord, I ask that you make my boyfriend whole again. By the power of the Holy Ghost, he shall refrain himself from committing iniquity. Wash his sins away and make him worthy to come into your presence. Give unto him the right spirit.

12. Lord, bestow on my boyfriend the attitude of gratitude. Let him cultivate the habit of thanking you for what you have blessed him with. He will never murmur over what he’s yet to have. Let the act of thanksgiving birth abundance for him, in Jesus name.

13. Lord, I pray, make my boyfriend the best man I have ever come across. Grant him great attributes. Let him be a source of joy and happiness for me. Give him a kind heart and a free spirit. At all time, may he be at peace with me and his creator.

14. Dear God, calm every storm in the business of my boyfriend. Grant him peace of mind concerning his endeavour. The devil shall not succeed in rendering his hard work useless. Every year of drought that he has experienced shall be followed by the season of abundance.

15. Lord, bless the academic life of my boyfriend. Let him top his class. Let him find favour in all aspects. He shall be the head. The spirit of excellence as it was upon Daniel shall be upon him, in Jesus name.

16. Every battle that my boyfriend is fighting, make him overcome and grant him victory. Oh Lord, grant him peace of mind. Let him hold unto you like his anchor. He shall be victorious at the end in Jesus name.

17. Lord, vindicate my boyfriend. Grant him justice in this battle. Let him find favour from the judge. He shall not be incarcerated. Send divine helpers to help him win this case. The devil shall not succeed with his destiny in Jesus name.

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18. I decree prosperity on my boyfriend. Let there be abundance. He shall have surplus at all time. He will not feed from hand to mouth, rather he’ll feed many nations. With the joy of the Lord, he will help and impact the world.

19. As my boyfriend embarks on this journey, grant him safety. Protect him from the evil ones. He shall not encounter accident. Direct his path. Be a lamp to his feet and light to his path. He’ll go safely and come back in peace.

20. Every nightmare disturbing the tranquillity of my boyfriend shall be brought to an end at this moment and forevermore. He shall begin to sleep in peace and wake up in joy. When he sleeps, he shall be surrounded by the angels of the living God.

21. I declare, my boyfriend shall get this job. This interview shall favour him. The power and the light of God shall single him out for breakthrough. He shall return home rejoicing and with a thankful heart. He’ll be given this job at the end.

22. Dear God, let my sweetheart find favour today. He shall win a great business contract that shall meet all his needs and beyond. Let him begin to sour higher. He will not suffer disappointment in Jesus name.

23. Dear Lord, do not forsake the love of my life at this time of his life. Be there for him. Wipe away his many tears. Perfect him and make him truly happy again. Put an end to the reason behind his pain and suffering. I pray in Jesus name.

24. Father, grant my boyfriend the ability to maximize his time. He shall not be a time waster. The devil will not delay him in the wilderness of life. He shall constantly move forward by the grace of God.

25. Father in heaven, visit the financial life of my lover. Revive his finances. The devil shall not succeed in ruining his business. He shall begin to testify concerning his finances, in Jesus name.

26. Lord, help my boyfriend to discover his gift and talent. Let his gift pave way for him to succeed. He shall begin to use every good gift deposited in him by God.

27. Let your light shine greatly on my sweetheart. His destiny shall be celebrated. He will make it before all eyes. The devil shall not stop him. Father, take control of his life in Jesus name.

28. Lord, I pray for the family of my boyfriend. The devil shall not come in between them. They shall perpetually love and respect each other. Oneness and unity shall be their portion. They shall always be united in Jesus name.

29. Lord, it’s high time you brought the dreams and ambitions of my boyfriend to pass. Let his dream begin to come to fruition. Make his future bright. He shall fulfill his destiny by the grace of God.

30. Dear God, the love of my life shall never lose his loved ones. His family and friends are all covered with the blood of Jesus. He shall only hear about the goodness of God in their life.

31. Heavenly Father, use my boyfriend to serve your purpose. He shall not ignore the voice of God over his life. Let him be your faithful servant till the end. No one will take his crown of glory.

32. Dear God, take my boyfriend to the next level; he shall not linger in this point forever. I loose him from every grip of stagnancy. Let him begin to break through and break forth in Jesus name.

33. I ask in Jesus name, may I hear good news from the camp of my love. Disappointment shall not be his portion. Father meet him at the very point of his need. He shall testify of your faithfulness.

34. Lord, prove your power and mightiness in the situation surrounding my boyfriend. Father, show up for him; do not desert him. Let the world testify of your hand in his life.

35. Father, build the confidence of my boyfriend. Let your love be abundant in his life, so he can love me in the right way. Teach him how to love me the way that you want him to.

36. Dear Lord, I ask, that you make my boyfriend succeed in his academic examinations. He shall not fail. Let him come out with flying colours. Lord, cause him to rejoice endlessly when the result of his examination is out.

37. As my boyfriend steps out today, he will not move with the wrong crowd. The world shall not corrupt him. He shall have a sound mind at all time.

38. Every addiction in which, my boyfriend is suffering from shall be thwarted tonight by the power of the Holy Spirit.

39. Lord, silent the mockers that exist in the life of my love.

40. Lord, lift my sweetheart high. Make him untouchable by the devil.

41. The evil ones will never succeed in killing the dreams of my boyfriend. His expectations shall not be cut short in Jesus name.

42. Father, I ask for good health for my boyfriend. Make him full of the energy and vigour. He shall not be bedridden again.

43. Let your love surround my boyfriend. Make him a beneficiary of your undying love at all time, in Jesus name.

44. Father, grant my boyfriend the Holy Spirit. Make him shun away from iniquities. Forgive him all of his shortcomings in Jesus name.

45. Father, let the spirit of contentment be upon my boyfriend. He shall live an exemplary life. The grace to touch and impact lives shall fall upon him.

46. Dear God, bless the work of my man. Beautify his craft. Let his work announce him and bring people to favour him.

47. Dear Lord, every challenge my boyfriend is facing at the moment shall be turned into a testimony in Jesus name.

48. Heavenly Father, let the impossible be made possible in the life of my boyfriend. Grant him victory from all sides.

49. Oh God, silence every evil ordinance and decree of the devil in the life of my boyfriend. Father, your word alone shall come true in his life.

50. Heavenly father, grant my boyfriend the patience he needs to wait for his miracle. He shall not be in a haste to succeed. By your grace, he shall wait on you to turn his life around in Jesus name.

51. Oh God, every spirit of rejection trailing my boyfriend’s life, I put an end to it in Jesus name. He will be loved and favoured by all.

52. Oh God of life, I rebuke accident in the life of my boyfriend. He’s going out and coming in is safe. He’s under the protection of your right hand, in Jesus name

53. Every investment that my boyfriend has made into his business shall yield a bountiful harvest. Father, bless the work of his hands abundantly.

54. On this day, happiness and joy shall live in the heart of my love. He will rejoice and never shed painful tears. In Jesus name, I pray.

55. Father, grant my boyfriend wisdom and understanding to handle every issue in his life. He will not make the wrong decisions in any area of his life in Jesus name.

56. I pray that the spirit of the Lord rests upon you to make the right choices, take the right steps and live a righteous life of a good believer.

57. May the heavenly Father command angels to bless you. May He position men to meet your needs. May testimonies be your portion today and the rest of your life.

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58. For you, my love, I pray; from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet shall you experience the peace of God. Nothing shall hinder your shine, nor stop your breakthrough in Jesus name.

59. As you go around today, may the songs of praise never depart from your lips. Your eyes shall see good, your ears shall hear good news. Sadness and depression shall not rest upon your shoulders. You shall live happily in Jesus name.

60. I pray for you, my darling. May new doors of prosperity open unto you. May kind acts betide you. May God’s mercy speak for you and His divine favour locate you. Nothing shall hinder your success, I pray.

61. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and any tongue that rises against you in judgement, I condemn in Jesus name. You shall soar high as the eagle and shine brightly as the sun. You shall be a blessing and you shall be blessed by your creator in return. I love you!

62. From your abode shall the songs of joy be heard. From your lips shall testimonies flow. Your life shall be an expression of God’s grace. You shall not be overlooked. May the mercy of the Lord speak for you in places where you’re considered inadequate. May you bask in the goodness of the Lord now and forever.

63. May your hope not be dashed by men. May you not perish for lack of knowledge. May the ones you love be always by your side. May the things you love not escape out of your reach. May the good Lord be your strength and shield. These I pray in Jesus name.

64. To my darling; may the cool breezes of peace soothe your skin all night long. May the angel of good news visit your home tonight. May the colors of the rainbow never fade away in your sky. You shall share your rags to riches story one day, I pray.

65. May the Lord answer your prayers. The grace to stand in times of trials shall the Lord bestow upon you. May the will of God be perfected over your life. Today is your day, my love.

66. The Lord shall fight your battle and you shall hold your peace. May the prince of peace find a place in your heart. The Lion of the tribe of Judah shall bring in your victories. Jehovah Jireh shall provide all your needs. And so shall it be in Jesus name.

67. May your joy be full and your river of passion never run dry. The spirit of contentment shall rest upon your shoulders. You shall have every reason to praise the Lord as soon as the day breaks. I love you, dearie.

68. Before you, shall every mountain be made plain. May the Lord solve the puzzles of your life and give you wisdom to live. The purpose of your life shall be celebrated and your calling shall be appreciated. May your peace lasts you till eternity. These I pray for you, my love.

69. Hello, my love. May the Lord grant you retentive memory as you study for your exams. May you not fail that which you know. May the peace of the Lord direct you. You shall come out with flying colors.

70. Wherever lack may be thriving in your business and career, may the Lord put an end to it. May you find plenty in time of famine and enough when there is scarcity in the land.

71. May the works of your hands be blessed and fruitful. May you be promoted and celebrated in your work. May your light shine so bright before all men.

72. May the Lord protect you from all evil and guide your steps from misfortune and bless the works of your hands in due season. You shall dwell under the shadow of the most high. Your days shall not be cut short. So, shall it be in Jesus name. Amen.

73. For you, my love, I pray; you shall be an epitome of God’s grace and love. May the good Lord always show up in matters that concern you. You shall flourish on earth and inherit the heavens. No evil shall happen to you.

74. Your health shall blossom and your peace shall be like a river. Nothing shall get in the way of your happiness from now till forevermore.

75. May the Lord keep your family. And bless you with the desires of your heart. Distance and other earthly things shall not separate you from the ones you love. It is well with your soul in Jesus name.

76. I pray for you, my love; your projects shall be successful. And your proposals shall be approved. You shall be blessed on this day with divine helpers to support your dreams and take you into the promised land. May the peace of God flood your heart.

77. May the Lord show forth for your case. May He grant you justice in your cause. May every battle be won in your favor. You shall sing the songs of victory in Jesus name.

78. May the blood of Jesus wipe away your sins. May he sanctify your tongue and heart. May your prayers rise unto him as a sweet scent. Nothing shall separate you from the love of Christ, I pray. Amen!

79. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, disturbance and evil shall not reside in your body. May you be a vessel unto honour and praise in Jesus name.

80. You shall never have to beg for bread nor water to drink. May the Lord supply your needs according to his riches in glory. I love you!

81. May the Spirit of the Lord be with you to shield you from all evils and bless you with the will and strength to overcome all temptations. May the Lord inhabit your praise in Jesus name.

82. I pray that the God of the heavens and the earth deliver you from all cycles of set back and regression. You shall move forward. You shall be the head and not the tail in Jesus name.

83. May the Lord bless you with the power to forgive. May your days be beautiful and untainted with the scars of pain and betrayals. May you find the righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Ghost. I love you!

84. May good things happen to you. May the Lord chase away evil from your sight. May the King of kings take control of your life, your actions and your thoughts today, I pray.

85. I pray for you, my love; self-pity shall not be your portion. You shall know who you’re in Christ. You shall sing the songs of victory and shout for joy in the field. You shall walk in love today, I pray.

86. May the Lord protect your ways from evil friends and wicked men. Your enemies shall be at peace with you. Your days shall not be wasted by cankerworms and parasites, I pray.

87. Because you have been given the key to the kingdom of God, whatsoever you loose here on earth shall be loosed in heaven. That which you bind shall remain bound in Jesus name. Amen!

88. Evil utterances against your life shall be brought to nought and the expectations of the wicked shall perish. The devices of the wicked shall be of none effect upon your life and destiny in Jesus name. Amen.

89. I pray that you enjoy the grace to arrive safely at your destination. Your planned journey of life shall not result in pain and disappointment. You shall prosper in your ways. I love you, dearie.

90. May the covenant of life be upon you. May your journey be safe and stress-free. You shall arrive home in peace and in whole. At the end, you shall have every reason to praise the Lord.

91. For you, my love, I pray; may the Lord reveal to you secrets of prosperity. May He endows you with the power to get wealth in Jesus name. You’re blessed.

92. May your life be filled with signs and wonders. May all ears hear your testimony and every eye see what the Lord has done for you. I love you, sweetie!

93. I’ll cry this to the heavens every day and night; you’re blessed beyond measures. You’re free from all guilt. You have an abundant life in Christ. It is well with your soul. Amen!

94. No bad dreams shall come to pass in your life. From now on, you shall enjoy your night sleep. Your eyes shall not wander at night. May the Lord attend to your needs, I pray. Amen!

95. I pray the Lord blesses you with divine speed as He did, Elijah. May you not rotate on a spot. You shall move higher and go from glory to glory in Jesus name.

96. May the anointing that breaks the yoke fall upon you. May the giver of life turn your mourning into joy. Upon your head shall your crown flourish, I pray.

97. The devil shall not steal, kill nor destroy your joy in Jesus name. May you enjoy the abundant life of Christ till the end of time. I love you, sweetie.

98. May you bring your harvest with you whilst rejoicing. May your tears be wiped away by the good Lord. You shall eat the fruits of your labor. You shall be strong and shall do exploits. May your desires come to pass.

99. May your life not be in disarray. May the Prince of peace bring orderliness into your life as each day comes anew. May the good Lord be the ruler over your life, I pray.

100. For your trouble, you shall have double, and for confusion, the Lord shall bless you with wisdom for prosperity. May the Lord gift you with all heavenly and spiritual blessings. I love you!

These prayers will surely set his heart ablaze with a yearning for Christ and as well, for you, his prayerful girlfriend.

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