Praying for My Boyfriend Prayer Quotes

2023 Praying for My Boyfriend Prayer Quotes

It won’t take very long for you to realize that enough sweet words may not be enough to sustain your relationship. Good tidings will!

Why not show your boyfriend how much his success and establishment mean to you by using the following prayer messages.


Prayer Points for Praying for Your Boyfriend

The best collection of prayer points to be praying for your cute boyfriend for him to have victory on all sides.

1. All through the year and forever, the Lord shall continue to show you the way forward at every point in your journey and you shall never depart from God’s agenda for your life.

2. You shall continue to experience the hand of the God of speed in every area of your life. You will not only experience this speed but its goodness and mightiness will also begin to work in your favour

3. God is turning your mourning into dancing this year and for life. Where you have been ridiculed and mocked before, you will be called back for upliftment and celebrated as everyone will rejoice with and for you.

4. Whatever has kept you at the “beautiful gate” living a pitiable life is finally over, you now begin to walk as the beautiful person that the Lord has made you to be and no longer wait on people to do things.

5. You shall no more be a subject of pity among men, but all men shall continue to envy the good hand of God upon your life when they begin to see how your pitiable situations receive the visit of the Almighty.

6. What others sweat to get, will come to you as the dream of the night and stay with you through it all because you’re a chosen one and a royal priesthood. You now begin to walk in the reality of the son of God which is Christ in you, the hope of glory!

7. Supernatural breakthroughs, the kind eyes have not seen, nor ears heard shall be the order of the day in your life now and always. This shall also be extended to your family and friends and everyone that surrounds your home.

8. The little blessings you might have seen so far are simply signs of the beginning of great, unimaginable and measureless blessings of God that have come to stay eternally with you, your family and well-wishers.

9. You will no longer have a reason to fear or tremble at people’s feet because God is taking you from the valley you are now to the place that’s greater than your imagination

10. May every terror and works of the wicked roaring and scaring you and your family receive the hand of God and be quiet forever because the Almighty God is your shield and your great defender

11. May Every day of your life be spiced with joy unspeakable and laced with happiness. More reasons to smile babe!

12. May the favour and blessing of God be your closest companion as you set out to do great things.

13. You will not just hear about God’s goodness this year, you’ll experience it with fervour.

14. Hope you’re savvy enough to know that God is blessing you in this season and faith inclined enough to believe you’re one of the people he’s set to bless. God bless you on this day and beyond.

15. God’s favour is elucidating. It brings clarity and purpose.
I wish you nothing but God’s favour this year.

16. I have many wishes for you but none supersedes the thought of God for you which is to have an expected end. May you have just that darling!

17. Whatever God is doing in this season, I wish that he never does without you. May ultimate blessing follow you now and forever.

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18. May God decorate your life with blessings and may your life begin to glitter with pleasant surprises, I love you, dear.

19. May this new year be an expression of God’s grace and splendour for you and yours.

20. The words in my heart can not really accentuate how well I wish you right now, just take this simple wish of God’s blessing and enjoy in the cause of the new year

21. I think you’re very blessed and have been a blessing to all. May the blessings of God never relapse in your life.

22. May your life continue to feel brand new with each passing day.

23. May you be surrounded with a double dose of blessing and wrapped with joy unspeakable!

24. You’re deserving of a life that constantly experiences good tidings, I pray you get all you deserve!

25. Because you’ve given me nothing short of happiness, I pray that you have what it takes to live in this light and never retire from experiencing utmost peace.

26. As you go about the daily routine, may you outlast every challenge and overcome every terror.

27. You’re going from glory to glory, demotion has no chair at your table.

28. I ask for God’s safety upon you and yours. May you not have to question God’s promises of protection upon your life.

29. Beyond being physically protected from danger, may you experience health security!

30. You have all it takes to get promoted at work, go and get what you deserve.

31. You will not have to agitate for employment Darling, you’ll have it at your Beck

32. May the best God has in mind for you begin to come to fruition.

33. May your understanding be continually flooded with light and clarity.

34. No more delay! May you get establishment where you so much desire.

35. May the miracle of this season rob on you and deliver you from all shackles of death and debt.

36. Too much of ugly things have happened to you, may good tidings find you and rest in your bosom

37. May you begin to experience God’s extravagant love so much that it begins to reflect in the events of your life.

38. I have not been able to completely grab your idea of success. But whatever it is, I hope you get it soon!

39. May you come apace to a stage where meetings are kept on hold because they await your arrival.

40. This season is yours to get promoted and live as comfortably as you would want to.

41. May God’s blessings locate your abode and never leave.

42. You’ll begin to experience God’s ultimate protection and have no reason to fear.

43. May God’s favour take you out of the place that constantly torments you.

44. You will be a force to reckon with wherever you’re seen and hope to the hopeless.

45. The promotion that has lingered and teased you at the edge will now be yours.

46. You’ll lose your shame and death to gain fame and long life!

47. You have all it takes to breakthrough, receive the strength to do so!

48. May the success that you’ve ultimately covet come to you with speed.

49. You’ll not only be a boyfriend but a father, boss and a world influencer.

50. The amazing dreams you have had and thought would never be possible will start coming to fruition.

51. May your heart experience a lifting that’s born out of blessing overdose

52. May your life begin to experience the goodness that will make you feel closer to God than ever.

53. As you continue being you, there shall be shouts for joy and reasons to testify in your life

54. May you be wrapped in God’s love and dipped in his mercy.

55. I pray that your decisions today will be a harbinger for greater successes tomorrow.

56. Love, my wishes for you are nothing short of joy and happiness, may my wishes about you come to fruition apace.

57. My king, as many doors will be opening this new day, may the doors that will open for you be of great opportunities and joy

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58. You have been the number one source of my smile, may your smile never vanish.

59. When you give incessantly with utmost cheer, you’re entitled to greater blessings. May you get all the blessing you deserve my sunshine

60. May your hands be lifted for exploit and your feet moved for greatness this year and beyond.

61. Whatever is giving you joy is staying with you permanently! May you never lose it.

62. May you stand before the mighty and blessed and have them mesmerized. You’re unlimited!

63. May you experience God’s goodness with fervour as you step out today. Go and prosper!

64. I love you truly and wish that you never have to beg before you’re granted opportunities that will gear you towards success.

65. May every good thing you’ve ever desired locate you speedily and never leave.

66. Every cause for tears in your life will be erased completely and turned to a reason for celebration!

67. May your joy be so great that it begins to affect anyone that comes close to you and may your testimony abound.

68. May you be delivered completely from every abnormal family pattern and saved from every snare.

69. Your hands shall finish every good thing you have laid it upon and be ready to receive the profit.

70. May your advancement be continual and unstoppable even in the face of challenges.

71. May your organs be so blessed that they only get to experience all the good things of life and graciously escape its terror!

72. May every yoke of backwardness be broken today and replaced with greater feats!

73. May your life be an expression of God’s goodness and favour.

74. I wish and pray that you begin to bask in all the goodness you’re due for.

75. Forever and always, you’ll have a reason to smile and count your blessings.

76. The gift that the Lord has in store for you will meet you speedily and make you happy

77. May all the things you lay your hands on begin to experience utmost prosperity.

78. May the universe and everything around expose your life to greatness.

79. You will not have a cause to weep or mourn anymore because your days of joy have come.

80. May the promotion you’ve intensely desired manifest and continue.

81. May you be delivered from every mouth of mockers by a great miracle.

82. Your life will now be a great example to others and a source of inspiration to many.

83. May you have the joy you so deserve and desire now and always.

84. All of your dreams will come to fruition and give birth to a better tomorrow.

85. May every plan of the wicked be nullified over you and yours. Your future is bright and your success is assured.

86. May doors of opportunities be opened unto you unexpectedly for greatness.

87. May God’s ultimate blessing locate you at your lowest and pronounce you.

88. May you move from glory to glory and strength to strength as you continue the journey of life.

89. Everything that’s supposed to come together for your prosperity will begin to speed up

90. My love, you will experience a turn around in your business for good!

91. May the heart that decides to bless you be blessed and the one that decides to curse you be cursed.

92. May you be a priority in God’s list and a force to reckon with as from this moment.

93. All that surrounds you will now begin to shine and glitter because you are bright and beautiful!

94. May you be sensitive enough to pick on God’s instructions that will gear you into greatness.

95. You will now move from the valley where you have been to the mountain where God awaits you with your blessings

96. All forms of hindrances to your breakthrough are broken into pieces forever.

97. May the plans and thoughts of God concerning you begin to manifest

98. May the blessings of God locate and change you in a way that is beyond human comprehension.

99. May the love and mercy of God that supersede all sins be active in your life.

100. All you need to fulfil God’s purpose for your life will come to you easily.

101. May all things begin to happen and work out for your good

102. All lines as from this moment will begin to fall in place for your sake.

103. May you outlast every form of hindrance thrown on your way to success

104. You’re more than a conqueror! Hence, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.

105. May the good Lord have mercy upon you and rid you of your sins.

106. The blessings God has prepared for you will not elude you no matter the situation.

107. You will no longer look up to people for food, you will now be a blessing to others.

108. May the grace of God be sufficient for you and yours so that you never have to worry about tomorrow

109. May your days be bright and beautiful and your ways be laced with honey.

110. For all those times you’ve thought about God’s goodness and shown gratitude, may the good things of your life be doubled.

111. May you be freed totally from every judgement of the wicked and brought into God’s grace.

112. May the love of God hold you close in the days of trouble and care for your needs.

113. Your tomorrow will not suffer and your land will not be barren because the lord of host is your fortress.

114. May you be at the top in the land of success and never be banned from happiness villa

115. You deserve a place that makes you happy. May you find and dwell there!

116. God will not only tell of his goodness to you but he will show you in all ways.

117. The experience that will make you jump for joy and testify will happen to you speedily

118. May the arms of God lift you up for all eyes to see your shine and testify on your behalf.

119. All the days of your life, you will not be a burden to your peers but, a blessing!

120. May the good tidings that the Lord has begun in your life continue fervently

The above words of prayer will assure your boyfriend of your love for him, don’t shy away from them!

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