2023 Trending Weekend Prayers for a Weekend of Bliss

If there’s one thing we need as an individual, it is prayers. Prayers are in different dimensions and it goes a long way in accomplishing so many things.

One might think we just need prayers only for important things but even in the things that do not matter prayer functions. We all have burning desires at the end of every week either to wrap up the week or to begin a new one.

Just a word of prayer would do and make someone’s weekend fabulous and full of hope. Why not send some fantastic prayers to your loved ones, friends and families for the weekend.

Here are some thoughtful weekend prayers and quotes.

Awesome Prayers for the Weekend

Powerful Weekend Prayers for the Weekend you Desire for yourself and your loved ones.

1. This week has been full of so much to think about but I pray this weekend keeps your body, soul and spirit refreshed and free from worries.

2. Horrible things happen during the week to make one lose a happy weekend. Do not lose taste. Enjoy the weekend.

3. I pray this weekend gives you all your success visions and ways to accomplish them. Happy weekend.

4. For so many reasons, others fail to utilize and have a peaceful weekend but I pray you enjoy peace in full essence this weekend.

5. As you run your weekend with lots of joy and belief for a new thing, I pray you experience it truly.

6. May all your failures go with this past week. Have a joyous weekend.

7. I pray this weekend gives you a better opportunity to achieve great things.

8. So many things give you fear and anxiety. The Lord will settle it this weekend. Have a swell time.

9. I hope you have a weekend full of Grace.

10. More than every other weekend, may this one lead you to accomplish purpose.

11. May all your weakness elapse and your sorrow fade. I wish you a fantastic weekend.

12. May all that surrounds you bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams this weekend. Happy weekend.

13. I may not have the time but on this special weekend, I just want to say. May your grace increase. Have a fun-filled weekend.

14. Do let the fun swell away your peaceful day. Have a great weekend.

15. I pray the Lord perfects all your plans and timing this weekend. Enjoy!

16. Explore, Enjoy and Experience the most wonderful weekend.

17. May God help you to be fulfilled this weekend. Have a sweet weekend.

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18. I pray all the efforts you put in for the weekend yields bountifully. Have a lovely time.

19. This weekend, may you get a specular favour from God. Have fun.

20. May this weekend fill you with blessings on every side. All the best.

21. As you set out this weekend to rest, may you rest in good health and peace.

22. Unexpected things happen during weekends but I pray yours would be unexpected miracles.

23. Don’t forget to sit back this weekend and recount all of God’s blessings. Have a nice time.

24. It’s quite amazing despite how short the weekend is, it brings confusion. I pray you get it right now and always. Cheers.

25. May this weekend not bring you tears, rather, fill you with positive surprises.

26. May this weekend not be the end of your victory. Enjoy this weekend.

27. You’ll surely taste of the Lord’s goodness this weekend. Have a lovely time.

28. When you rise to a new day and you see it’s weekend, it will be a meaningful one for you. Have a great time.

29. May God abide with you and cause His face to shine on you. Happy weekend.

30. When your steps start to fail and your happiness seems to fade, God will spice up your soul with beautiful songs. Have a blessed weekend.

31. May all that surrounds you be full of excellence. A blissful weekend.

32. This weekend, I pray your strength do not fail and your smile replenishes.

33. Every step you take, may it lead you to greater heights. Enjoy your weekend.

34. When a person is fully relaxed with zero worries, he can plan ahead. Have a bright weekend.

35. As you lay good examples for others to follow, may your weekend experience goodness.

36. I pray that heaven shines on you and your family this weekend.

37. Hurray! It’s weekend. Ease yourself of the week’s stress. Remain blessed.

38. May God grant you increased knowledge and wisdom to have a fantastic weekend.

39. May you experience good success this weekend and always.

40. As you put so much effort to have a blessed life, may you reap it in abundance? Wish you a blessed weekend.

41. You shall be celebrated this weekend.

42. May your weekend be filled with all shades of blessedness and awesomeness. Happy weekend.

43. May God convert all your sufferings to earnings and take you above. Enjoy the weekend.

44. As you start this weekend, start with the blessings of God.

45. May God keep you and your family together forever as one. Experience an awesome weekend.

46. May you not be disappointed this weekend. Enjoy in peace.

47. As you give in your best this weekend, may the Lord remember you and your family.

48. Weekends are usually unique. May you improve in all sides of life.

49. As the weekend gets activated, may all your troubles expire and problems solved. Have the best weekend.

50. Let all that happened in the week die with the week. Have a merry weekend.

51. May this weekend be great for you, be sweet for you and a memorable one for you. Enjoy.

52. Weekends are great aspirations. May you remain blessed. Have fun.

53. May the weekend all your worries and anxieties. Have a fantastic weekend.

54. I pray God gives you all that makes weekends interesting. Have a great time.

55. Even though it’s weekend, may you always be the head and be above. Have a swell time.

56. I pray no evil stands in your way. May God help you to always conquer. Happy weekend.

57. I pray that you have less stress and much wealth. Enjoy the weekend.

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58. May you have a proud weekend.

59. May every victory you obtain, lead you to a blessed future. Have a lovely weekend.

60. May the Lord open your book of remembrance and give you a promotion. Have a joyous weekend.

61. May God crown you with so much happiness that would affect the life of others. Happy weekend.

62. May the Lord establish you and make you stand out in all things. Happy weekend.

63. May the Lord replace your shame with fame and give you joy. Have a lovely weekend.

64. It’s an amazing weekend. Enjoy all of God’s beauties. God be with you.

65. I know this weekend would be full of so many possibilities. My God sustains you. Happy weekend.

66. Just have faith, this weekend will rain down a spectacular gift for you.

67. The Lord will make your weekend free from challenges.

68. May this weekend make way for your breakthrough. Have a nice time.

69. May all you wish for finding a way of locating you this weekend.

70. May this weekend be the most amazing you’ll ever experience

71. May your weekend end well. Happy weekend.

72. As you aspire to enjoy the weekend. May it be so. Enjoy.

73. May your happiness with your family expand this weekend.

74. All your eyes shall see this weekend shall be blessed. Have a swell time.

75. I pray this weekend makes your future more graceful. Happy weekend.

76. As you and your family take time to hang out, may all your tears be wiped away. Happy weekend.

77. May your joy flow endlessly this weekend. Enjoy it.

78. I pray this time you spend this weekend yields fruitfully. Wish you a lovely weekend.

79. May all you wish for this weekend come true. Have a blessed weekend.

80. May you always be surrounded with real happiness even this weekend and always. Happy weekend.

81. I pray you to find every reason to enjoy this weekend. Wish you a sweet weekend.

82. Sweet memories are all I pray you to experience this weekend. Have fun.

83. All I pray for you this weekend is that God favours you in all ways. Happy weekend.

84. As you set out your weekend goals, may all your expectations be met. Have a fruitful weekend.

85. May all your thoughts flourish positively. Happy weekend.

86. I pray this weekend treats you well and keeps your family together. Have a wonderful weekend.

87. All that you desire, may they come your way. Happy weekend.

88. I wish you have a pleasant weekend free from troubles.

89. Everything you do this weekend, may it yield true success. Happy weekend.

90. May your songs of joy begin this weekend. Have the most awesome weekend.

91. I pray the Lord fills you with songs of praise and make your weekend a great one.

92. I pray God opens a new chapter that will transcend you to greater heights. Happy weekend.

93. I pray all that’ll feature in your weekend will open doors for you. Have a funfilled weekend.

94. As you pray, may the Lord answer and give you peace. Happy weekend.

95. I pray the Lord gives you a true assurance that will land you on a glorious path. Have a fabulous weekend.

96. May your health be perfect. The Lord keep you strong. Happy weekend.

97. May God Himself pray for you and your family this weekend. Enjoy the weekend.

98. I pray that wonderful things never exit your home. Have a flourishing weekend.

99. May the protection of the Lord overshadow you and your family and clear your pathways. Have a blissful weekend.

100. All that you shall say, touch, use and plan shall go accordingly. Have a splendid weekend.

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