What to Do Before You Call it Quit

Everybody likes to be a millionaire and so everybody wants to take part in “Who wants to be a millionaire” game show. Everybody knows the rule of the game and yet just few have gotten the whole sum by answering all the questions.
To those who stopped at a point there are reasons. When you start the game you’re told you have three lifelines: phone a friend, fifty-fifty and ask the audience. Then as you go on answering the questions, you get to a point where you’re stuck.
You ask the audience, you use fifty-fifty and even phone a friend but all those couldn’t help. Now a point comes where all available lifelines are gone and the only visible help is your shadow. You look at the presenter, knowing he’s with the answer and you wish he could just give you the hint but no help from Him.
Then the feeling of it’s either I stop here or I try starts to usher itself in. If you try it’s still fifty-fifty thing and if you walk away, you get some guarantee. You look down and up and the presenter asks, ‘What’s your answer?’ and you say “I walk away.” Sometimes that’s the best option. And the best option sometimes in life.
From that relationship that do not work well and you’ve tried all your best to fix it… Walk away. From the feeling of hurt and pain friends and loved ones have inflicted upon you… Walk away.