2024 Sorry Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

As humans, we are bound to err. Unfortunately, sometimes, our loved ones are at the receiving end of this.

The good news is, a simple heart touching message can reverse the effect of our wrongdoing and give us a happy ending if only, we are wise enough to use the tool of a “romantic apologetic message”.

Just in case you are a lady, lucky you then!

Here are 100 striking “sorry letters” for hurting your boyfriend. It happens! Whether it was a case of a slippery tongue, deliberate or not, we got you covered over here.

Make your choice and thank me later!

Apology Letter to My Boyfriend for Hurting Him

When “I’m sorry” can still make amends, you need these: Apology letters to my boyfriend for hurting him. The best of apology letters to your boyfriend for hurting him. Sweet I’m sorry letters to boyfriend for hurting him.

1. I Was Wrong to Have Hurt You
To err is human and to forgive they say is divine. I’m wrong to have hurt you the way I did so I humbly ask for your forgiveness. If I could turn back the hands of time I would rewrite history. However, the deed has been done and what’s left is to move on with the life lesson. If not anything I now know better and my character has been strengthened. I’m truly sorry my love! I ask that you let this incidence strengthen our relationship the more through mutual love and understanding.

2. I Never Intended to Hurt You, Dear
Seeing how bad I hurt you have hurt me in plenty of ways you can never know. As the clock ticks, the more I realize how important it is for me to pen down my heartfelt apology to you. For sure my humanness would permit me to err severally, but nevertheless, my intentions would never be to hurt you even if seems otherwise anyways. Please be kind to me and let’s put this behind us. Let’s grow together, laugh together, storm this weather and many more coming, together. As long as we remain strong and united, nothing on earth can separate our love. I ask that you forgive me, my love. I do love you, completely!

3. How Can I Say Sorry Better?
Truly, I wouldn’t know how to tell you how sorry I am for breaking your heart. It’s so hard to explain! And even harder for me to live with the fact that I had hurt a man like you. Find it in your heart to forgive me, my boo. I would do anything to have your trust again, I’ll give anything to hear you say “I love you” I’ll say anything to hear you say “I forgive you”. I want your heart mended, and I want us to move on and focus on the future cause there lies the hope of our togetherness forever. Sweetie, I love you!

4. I Hurt Myself for Hurting You
I did myself a greater disservice for hurting you! It pricked my conscience and denied me sleep and appetite for days. I grew weak cause I knew I had hurt my love. I desperately want to earn your forgiveness, so I write this letter to you believing in the strength of our love and in the purity of your heart. Baby, in all modesty I ask that you forgive my offence not cause I’m worthy of it but because you choose to. May it gladden your heart to forgive me. I love you, truly.

5. Please, Forgive Me, My Love
If wishes were horses beggars would ride! I have wished to wake up to your kisses and your warm embrace as if you ain’t mad at me. I prayed to right all my wrongs, however, my wishes and prayers would not come true, if I hadn’t your forgiveness. Your forgiveness is my joy, it is my peace and my freedom. Thus, I ask that you bestow such luxury of kindness upon me. I wanna show you just how sorry I am, I wanna let you know that I’m ready to do right by you. I’m sorry for hurting you! I regret it, my love. Pls, forgive me!

6. I’m So Sorry for Hurting You
I’ve cried myself to sleep, wet my pillows with tears while thinking about how sad our situation has become, no thanks to me of course. My love, kindly look past my faults and help me find peace in my heart. Generously, adorn me with the beauty of forgiveness. I’m sorry for hurting you. I can’t guarantee to never fall short of character however, I promise to endeavour to protect your heart and put our wellbeing as an utmost priority while making any decisions as regards us. I love you endlessly!

7. I Feel Lost Without Your Love
I’m so far away from home, I feel lost without the shelter of your love. I carry upon me the weighty burden of guilt and regret. I stare into space hoping you’d walk through the door with an outstretched arm. I look forward to your forgiveness. Purge me clean with your love, surround me with peace that surpasses all understanding. I ask for your forgiveness, pls forgive me, my love. I love you, however, my actions failed me so, once again I ask for your forgiveness. I await your kind response

8. I Feel So Alone Without You
It’s unbelievable how I’m alone, out the door waiting for my love to come welcome me in. Kindly save me from the coldness of loneliness and the storm of guilt. Let it please you to show me mercy. Overcoming today’s trouble can only guarantee future victories. Let us allow this shortcoming of mine foster our understanding of each other. Let us not let this storm consume us nor tear us apart, we can learn to walk on water focusing on each other’s strength and genuineness. Kindly forgive me, my only one. Yours in love!

9. I Accept the Blame!
I did go astray, I did things I shouldn’t have done, worst of all I hurt you! I’m deeply sorry for letting you down. I’m accountable for what I did, thus I promise to guide my actions with an utmost sense of responsibility. True love covers a multitude of sin they say, therefore I hope that the passion we share and the love you feel for me in your heart never gives up on this princess in distress. Tamper justice with mercy. I’m truly sorry, my love. Apologies can’t undo it, but I can always do better if given the ,chance. I hope I get it.

10. Please, Have Mercy on Me
To err is human and to forgive lies in the strength of our character. You are the strongest man I know, therefore, I can hope that this letter of apology is read with a glimpse of empathy and sympathy. Teary eyes won’t permit me to express to you, how my heart feels. Weakened bones won’t afford me to bore you with this text of mine. Yes, I’m teary, I’m weakened because I hurt my love. I let our love aside and I hurt you, I let selfishness guide my utterances and actions. I simply wanna ask for your forgiveness. Will you forgive me, my love? I promise never to take it for granted, neither throw your love to your face. Since I now know better, I’ll always do better. I love you!

11. My zeal for life has been drastically reduced by the pain I caused you. I hurt you, even though it was never my intention. Glory to that, I’ve learnt a hard lesson which reads “think before you talk, always think it through before doing it.” My love, maturity comes with certain experiences, it’s no wonder why I’m so ready to be a better girlfriend to you. Give me the grace, and I’ll honour it with my faithfulness, kindness, responsibility and respect. I love you, so I ask for your forgiveness.

12. The veil of my heart was torn apart because I broke my love’s heart. However, I ask that you tell me “it is finished” to holding on to grudges and past offences, and it’s a beginning of a new life together with me. I wish I can atone for my sins with the blood my heart bleeds. I wish you’d forgive me and let us go on in each other’s arms. My love, I do love and care deeply for you. Please, do not consider my faults anymore, do not over think it nor over analyse it, because there lies the temptation of unforgiveness. Simply bless me with your loving kindness. I’m truly sorry and this I ask in humility.

13. I hurt you not because I didn’t love you, I hurt you not because I didn’t care. I broke your heart because I was human. And now I feel guilty and ashamed for being such a human. I’m sorry, yes, you can put the blame on me. Please forgive me to quench this thirst, your forgiveness would satisfy my hunger and end my mourning. I long for your love once again and the words “I love you..” I love you too much to ever let this end us!

14. I won’t lie, it’s understandable if you do not consider me worthy of your forgiveness cause I did break your heart and hurt you truly, however, I’d rather have your kisses and warm embrace once again as the one you choose to call your girlfriend so I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I will remain grateful to you if you gave me a second chance, my love. I’m sorry, my boo. Do not let me feel the anger of a king cause that you are to me and so, by a proclamation, I could stop breathing if you let this put an end to us. I love you, pls forgive me cause I’m sorry and repentant.

15. The pain of hurting a loved one is like being guilty of murder. My love, I’m sorry cause I let you down, I’m sorry cause I’m the reason for your pain. Do forgive me, please! I strongly feel that what we’ll walk into overcoming this would be worth leaving our past behind for. I adore you, so, do not let this situation confuse you on how I feel for you. Pls, forgive me once again!

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16. The wicked they say runs when no man pursues. I was wicked to have hurt you the way I did, nevertheless, I find it hard to run away from your love so I genuinely ask for your forgiveness, my sweetheart. It’s been the longest and darkest hours of my life because of an action perpetrated in a moment of anger. Your words mean the world to me now and forever. My guilt would not let me ask if you still love me, however, my heart desperately longs to hear you say those words. I love you!

17. Tears upon tears, upon tears! I wail every day and night hoping I have your goodnight messages to turn my darkness into light and my tears into rejoicing. My heart screams for your love sadly, you can’t hear it. I plead that you tune down the noise of my shortcoming and let the love we share lead. I’m sorry to have hurt you. I can only try my best to be more sensitive next time. I’m so blessed amongst all women to be loved by you hence, I don’t wanna throw this away! I’m not worthy but I want you to love me still. I ain’t perfect but I wanna be for you, my love. Cause I love you!

18. Love of my life! That’s what you are to me. I hurt you truly but I seek your forgiveness to go on living my life with you of course by my side. I don’t want us to fade away, I don’t want our love to die untimely cause an undying love is what we dreamed to share! Tell me, how can I turn back the hands of time? How can I redeem myself? Salvation is near unto those who long and demand for it! Save me, my love, forgive me and help me find peace and love again. It’s you or no one else. I’m truly sorry! Let your words caress me, let your forgiveness deliver me.

19. Even if it takes forever for you to give ears to my plea, I’ll be outstanding even under the stormy weather, waiting for you. However, I ask that you promise me an eternity full of your love and smile, a world where we can both love and grow gold together. My darling, weigh not the gravity of my offence but the degree of the love you have for me, cause I believe in it to overcome this trial. This, I know is a test of our love and at the same time a stepping stone to a greater union. I love you, my boo. I wanna show you just how much if you’d let me.

20. No matter how hard this might be for me, I humbly ask for your forgiveness, knowing I hurt you takes away my joy. You have nothing to fear to take me back, you have everything to gain from giving me a second chance. Cause I pledge to be a good citizen and a patriot to your heart, to put you first and let this love lead us till forever.

21. Let’s talk things out. I was so dumb I must admit. I wanna be near you, to pour out my heart to you. I’m deeply sorry to have caused you so much pain, I ask that you pardon me. Please, get this behind you like it never happened. I don’t wanna live a second with you mad at me, I miss you so much. Communication is the key to understanding, that I’ve learnt the hard way. I love you! Pls, come back to me.

22. The doctor has advised that I take my medication religiously, amongst which, you happen to fall on the list. In other words, you hold the key to my healing. I hurt you, but in my heart lies the wound. I hope that you are capable of forgiving me. I hope you calm the storm in our kingdom. Let there be a reign of love. Let it rain fire and brimstone, my love will rain cat and dog on you. Come what may, I still wanna be the one you fight for, care for and long, to be with. I’m sorry for all the wrong I did you, I wanna live to hear you say, “I’ve forgiven you, my love.” Only then, can peace reign in this heart of mine.

23. Moments like this are meant to bring us closer, think deeply and discover new things about each other. But in all of these, I hope you still make the decision to not just call me your love but the one you choose to be with. I wasn’t fair to you, so I ask that you forgive me. Locked up in my lips are many words I can’t say to you. And in my heart is the yoke of padlocking my love confession to you. Ease me of these burdens, my love! No matter how much your heart aches, I want you to know that I carry the yoke of guilt inside of me. Your forgiveness is all I look forward to, so I can rejoice like a freed prisoner. I love you, I hope that you can feel it too.

24. So many times I wanna pick up the phone to tell you just how much I love you and how I’m truly sorry for letting you down, but the shame of hurting you wouldn’t let me. The moment of anger is gone, now is the time we speak kind words to each other, console each other with the truth and move on with time. We can’t stop, we gotta dig deep and fight it through. In my heart, I still feel a great intensity of love for you! I wanna know if you still feel the same for me. Heaven rejoices for our love and waits for you to pardon me. I pray for strength for you to move on from the hurt I caused you, I pray for wisdom so you’d handle this adequately. I’m sorry, my love. I’m truly sorry.

25. To forgive is the highest most beautiful form of love! I hope our love measures to that height. If you love me enough to demonstrate it through forgiveness, I hope you do forget the past as well. I’ll do anything to have you pardon me even though I could never earn it. I’m sorry to have hurt you, sure you don’t deserve it. I can’t take your pain away but however, I can make you feel better. Let’s spend the next sunset staring into each other’s eyes while grinning from ear to ear. My love, I’m sorry! A second chance is all I ask for.

26. Hello, love! First off, I’m truly sorry for all the pain I caused you. I regret ever breaking your heart, I hope you do not regret loving me in return. Your forgiveness is all I ask for, cause I heard, forgiveness may not change the past but it does enlarge the future. Do not let the dark shades of today dash the hope of the beautiful rainbow in the sky. End this sorrow of mine, I’m desperate for your love, do not cast me out of your heart like the dark angel was cast down from the heavens. Consider all the beautiful memories we’ve made. This is a tough one, nevertheless, I believe our love is tougher than any obstacles. Our future is great if we looked past our faults every day. I’m sorry, boo. I want you back!

27. Some things are better left unimagined, I shudder to think, you’ll rather have me out of your heart. While I was in the shower, the memories of you shielding me from the coldness of been at a lonesome crossed my fragile heart. I hate to go on that path again. I want your forgiveness first and then your love. Pls, don’t keep me waiting. I love you, and I don’t wanna be ashamed of saying it. I want you to look into my eyes while I tell you just how much. My world is full of darkness without you in it, so I stumble upon sadness knowing I can’t see clearly. Bring back my light and let me walk in the path of your love. Forgive me, pls cause I love you, still.

28. Top of the morning to you, my love. I write because It doesn’t feel right stuck in this cage of guilt and unforgiveness. So, I tender my sincere apology to you hoping it be met with your kindness and understanding. I dream to trade my sorrow with your forgiveness, I hope I can trade my pain with the joy of your love. Give me another chance to express to you just how I feel. Do not let this, break our soul ties, do not let anger lead you astray as it did lead me. Show me how I can always be a better person with the beauty of your love. I’m truly sorry once again. I love you, always!

29. I wanna say more than I love you, instead, I wanna ask for your forgiveness. I wish the love I feel for you can take away my human weakness hence the grace not to err, not to hurt or to destroy. Nevertheless, hope isn’t lost for humanity should forgiveness exist. Love isn’t a facade as long as faith is the icing on its cake. Pls, believe in the genuineness of my intentions for you, I hate that I wronged you but I truly can make amends if you’d let me. An eye for an eye they say leaves everyone blind, however, love I know is blind without the violence of vengeance. Do not choose to pay me back in my own coin, look beyond my fault, I ask in humility. I love you, dearie. Please take heart!

30. You fed me with love, with care and with joy out of the beauty of your heart but I made an ungrateful mistake of biting the hand that fed me. So, I ask for your forgiveness cause I’m honestly sorry, my love. It’s true, the teeth and the tongue would always be friends, however, the teeth might bite the latter once in a while, not because they ain’t friends anymore but because it’s a true concept of unity. Unity isn’t the absence of wrong doings but the ability to move past it. Kindly, take a lesson from this and let it apply to our love life. I’m sorry, boo. I promise to be more cautious next time, cause, I sure know how it hurts when the teeth bite the tongue.

31. All things work together for the good of those who love each other. Therefore, this pain could birth understanding, faithfulness, strength if we let it! My love, I do not wish to cover my wrong, for I take the blame for it, not to mention, that’s the responsibility of love, it covers a multitude of wrongdoings. Pls, forgive me, my love. I still dream of sharing my tomorrow with you, I still want this heart to be yours. Kindly take me back. I need you in my life.

32. My sincere apology to you, sweetheart. I failed you that I know and I did hurt you by so doing. I ask for your sincere forgiveness. If you want us to talk over this, sure I’m available. All I want right now is your understanding and forgiveness. Pls, let this go. I’m so stressed out knowing how much I messed up. However, knowing all hope isn’t lost with a kind heart as yours is a great consolation to me. I do not intend to abuse your large heart or attitude of kindness, rather I want to be a better person for you, henceforth. I love you, baby!

33. I overreacted hence my outburst. It wasn’t justified therefore, I say a big sorry. This ugly incidence has humbled the impulsiveness in me. I want you to know that such would not repeat itself again. I hope in the love we share, I hope in the beauty of your heart, I hope in the rainbow of love cause I was told, true hope fails not, thus I believe I’ll be right in your strong arms again. I’ll be smiling at your cute face again, I’ll be dining and winning with the man who treats me like a queen cause he’s a king himself. I love you, sweetie. Sometimes we mean the best, however, our weaknesses just let us down, as it did me. I’m weakened by guilt, kindly pull me out of this pit with your loving arms. I wait on you cause I love you!

34. These past few days have been depressing cause I know an angel is mad at me! What would become of me? I pondered! Would I get served cause I chased an angel away? Would the heavens be mad at me, so I suffer the consequences? Something whispered in my ears and say ” you can always ask for forgiveness.” My angel, I’m here to tell you how sorry I am cause I know I shouldn’t have gone the path I took, I should have never yelled at an angel. I’m so blessed amongst many to be destined to fall in love with a superhuman who loves me in return. I hate to say “who loved me in return” cause that would be sad. I love you, boo. Can you pls forgive me! It’s been days without laughter, days of regrets, days of wishing. I’ve had to be by my lonesome. I worry that your heart aches, I worry about how you doing! Pls let me take good care of you, let me in pls, love. I wanna be back to share in your joy and in your world.

35. My prayers every day has been “Lord please soften the heart of my love towards me”. I wonder if the heavens heard me! Oh, how sorry I am! For who would have thought I’ll be the reason for your pain, me who professed an unending love for you! That goes to show that, to err is human and to forgive is divine. My dear, let’s put an end to this suffering, cause we letting the devil have the upper hand here, let’s say no to further hurt and pain. It’s a new day I choose to be happy with you! I hope you choose the same with me. Let’s move past this. It’s all for our own good, I believe. I’ve learnt and I’ve grown. I grew even faster with this! I’m a better girlfriend now(I hope I still hold that title with you.) Love you always!

36. Tears and tears, wishes and wishes, regrets and regrets make up the pain I’ve had to endure for hurting you. I wanna save me, but in your heart lies my salvation. Do well to forgive your girl, my love. This I plead, should birth a story of love and forgiveness. The strength of love lies in forgiveness. If our love must go on we must not be weakened by offences and grudges we must hold on to the anchor of forgiveness. Let it bind us together till forever. Love is a beautiful thing, I’ve learnt not to tint it with selfishness cause it never works that way. I want to walk the street holding your hands again, I wanna listen to such beautiful rhythms with you by my side, it all makes sense that way. Forgive me, for I’m only human. I wouldn’t want to hurt you for anything! I love you till the end of the world.

37. This shouldn’t end us, this must not end us! I rhyme every night before I go to sleep. I wish you’d make my dreams come true like you always do. I want to give you all of me cause you mean the world to me. This, I realized ever since we’ve been apart. It’s hard but I wanna keep on going just to feel your breath on my skin when you whisper to me “I love you.” Pls, forgive me, my love. I’m truly sorry. In you lies my peace.

38. Words would fail me to tender my apology just as much as my heart breaks to see you hurting because of me. My head aches from the stress I’ve caused you. My stomach cramps from the guilt of hurting you. I was wrong, I long figured that out. I’m sorry! I want your redemption, I ask that you remember me in your paradise. Come what may, my heart still longs for you and only you. I want us back. True love never gives up, I’ll be here waiting on you. True hope fails not, I know we’ll be back together into each other’s arms. I love you, I’m sorry and I insist on your forgiveness!

39. As a ravenous bird longs for a meal so does my soul pant after you. A while away from you feels like aeon years apart. What doesn’t seem right is the fact that I hurt you, what doesn’t feel right is the distance between us. Every night, from the depth of my heart, I’m asking that you be led by the stars right into my arms again. I need you, and I badly need your forgiveness. What gets me tired is you ignoring my calls, turning a blind eye to my texts. I’m strengthened by the memory we share. I hope that you give this a chance and by implication, you give me a chance. I love you. I hope that means the world to you. I’m sorry, my love. I’m truly sorry!

40. I can’t believe how we both survive
living apart, but I do believe we’ve got the energy to conquer our past. I miss the expression on your face when you narrate me a story, I miss the way you lightened up my mood when I feel down. It’s been you, so far, so good. Hence, I wonder how things could go wrong between us, I do not want this to be the end of us. No, it can’t cause with the desire comes the effort. I hope we both have that in common. I’m sorry, my love. I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Yours in love!

41. Where do we go from here? How depressing it is to see the beautiful rainbow change it’s magnificent colours to all grey in the sky. The sad artwork obviously done by a lover girl who threw cautions into the wind. I’m pleading for your mercy, my love. How can I explain how I feel to you? The nightmare of this separation is better left unimagined. I want you back, darling. You didn’t deserve any of that, pls, forgive me. To you, I tender my heartfelt apology. I hope there is light at the end of this tunnel, cause I love you, hopelessly!

42. It’s not a good morning, it’s an awful morning, one of the worst ever! Because, today I woke up without even hearing your voice before I went to bed, even sadder, we are yet to tell each other “I love you”. I don’t want this to be a sad new beginning for us growing apart, I don’t want the beautiful journey of days, months, cut away by the reckless mistake of a moment. This is all on me, I’m sorry, my love. If it were possible, I’ll do anything for love. However, we are here now, we need do the needful. Which is moving on past this mistake, my mistake! cause in our future lies the promise of a sweet forever more. Come rain, come shine! To every dark cloud is a silver lining. Forgive me, my love. That’s the only way to go.

43. I’ve drained my glass of wine while shaking my head in the disbelief of a liable breakup. My soul desperately needs your salvation and more so, your forgiveness. I do not want to let you go, nor come to the reality of how much I’ve hurt you, my love. Pls, find a place in your heart to forgive me. It hurts to think about us this way, it hurts to consider the joy of our relationship as a thing of the past. There’s always a way out if we have the will. Can you pls, forgive me? Once again I ask! I love you! I wanna hear you say likewise to me, maybe with a little bit of a romantic adjective.

44. Everything can wait cause there’s nothing more terribly urgent here but your forgiveness and love! I’m highly agitated, restless, and unable to concentrate knowing I hurt you. I want the peace of your affection and the warmth of your love, only those are my saving grace. I’m exhausted with guesses and doubts, regrets and sorrows of the past. Pls, do not spare a second to say “bygone for bygone, cause I love you, still.” Once again, I admit my wrongdoing and I apologise to you sincerely. I’m sorry, my love. All of these, break my heart, only you can end this phase. But I know it doesn’t have to last any longer. What do you think?

45. Everything reminds me of the ugly past, seems like all the movies I watched these past few days had us as the storyline. I’m sorry, my love. I think it’s important that I asked for your forgiveness. It’s even more imperative to be surrounded by your warm embrace. It’s a hard world feeling all alone. Your companionship matters a lot to me, do not be fooled by the ugly incidence. That was a reaction guided by anger. I hope to right my wrong, but I have no power of my own without your forgiveness. I’m sorry, darling. I’m truly sorry!

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46. I just want you to know, I’ve never stopped thinking about you, neither I’ve I stopped feeling guilty. It’s shameful that I hurt you the way I did. But I ask that your loving kindness, guide you to a place of forgiveness, let it remind you that I was weak and had to learn just to do better in the future. I believe this is a stepping stone for greater things if we let it be. I hope we can hit the road and laugh, once again, I hope we can visit all the places we wanted to, I hope this is the beginning of us. I hope, I hope and I hope cause true hope fails not!

47. I don’t need to be told I have offended the angel of love. No wonder, my heart shreds in pain. I don’t want our love story to be an impressive yet depressing one. I want you back, I mean, the decision lies in your hand but I can’t help but fight for you still. You are everything to me. If we ended like this, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself cause I know I let our love pass away. Pls, forgive me! We gotta fight for us so we conquer the world together as we’ve always done before. It’s me and you against the world, remember? I’m not an enemy, I was just a lover who got carried away but I’m back now, all for you, my love.

48. I don’t know how else to write this to you than being very direct and truthful. I find it so hard to pour out my heart, cause I feel, my actions were unjustified. I hurt you in the process of my wrongdoing. All I ask for is your forgiveness. If you want me back pls, forgive me, if you don’t still, forgive me pls, but I shudder to think that you don’t. I want peace, I want you, I want your love.

49. I guess this is another chapter of love we are yet to fully unravel. There is time for everything I know! There is time to love and be loved. Time to laugh and to mourn. I think that was the time to be offended and now is the time to be forgiven. We are hurting way too much than we should. Let’s move on already. Thus, I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I won’t stop until I earn it! no matter what it takes because you didn’t deserve that. Neither should we throw this love away. I’m sorry, my dear. I can always do better and be better for me and for you!

50. Sometimes, I do wonder why it had to happen this way. But I admit, it was all my fault and perhaps for a good reason yet, unknown. What I’ve been through would deter me from letting this reoccur for the second time, I assure you. Truly, we gonna make new mistakes, cause we are writing our own story and going on a journey that we haven’t before. So I employ us to love unconditionally through forgiveness and faithfulness. I love you, but it’s sad that the reality is, lovers ain’t exempted from hurting each other. So, pls forgive me. I don’t know what else to say, cause my whole point is, I need to be forgiven, I need your forgiveness.

51. If only I could atone for my sin, I would without even thinking about it. I’m ashamed thinking about what I did to you. I find solace in your loving kindness, that you would find it in your heart to forgive me and welcome me back into your heart. Saying sorry isn’t enough, buying roses isn’t either, your forgiveness is where my peace lies. The memory of the past keeps flashing back, making me guilty all over again. I’ve been greatly humbled by my wrongdoing to you and I sincerely hope you would look upon me with those lovely eyes and flash me some of your forgiveness. I’m sure your golden heart won’t permit you to sentence me out of your life, you would rather discharge and acquit me from these offences I brought upon my self. Sweety, please forgive me from the bottom of your heart.

52. Oh my! My tears could make a waterfall, seeing how many of them have freely rolled down my cheeks. The only time I can think about myself is after you must have told me in you calm, soothing voice that I’m forgiven. I take back every word I said to you, they were solely born out of anger. Oh! How blindfolding anger can be? I can’t justify myself and my action, only your forgiveness can justify me at this point. Your heart is kind, in you, patience lies otherwise, you must have cut me off by now, but, your patience has been my saviour. I plead that I don’t exhaust it. Don’t make this the end of the road between us, rather, let it born a fresh beginning. I know where I was wrong and I won’t be foolish to repeat it or make it a habit. I love you, you are my peace.

53. Every morning, I wake up I dread to think that we’ve come to the end of the road. I sleep with my guilt, wake up with the pain of knowing I offended a loving soul. My heart keeps breaking in the middle of a smile, you’re the only one to give me back my smile, laughter and a vibrant spirit again. I stepped on your toes, I plead that you see my offence from loving eyes. I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I’m more than sorry, I’m repentant. The only beautiful part of this mess is that I get to realize how your heart melts quickly, how your eyes are always endearing, and your arms are warm and outstretched but my guilt can’t let me look you in the eyes, I hope you take away this shame that is killing me inside away by forgiving me. I’m ready to wait, I’m ready to be patient until you grow to forgive me. I love you.

54. It used to be your hands around my waist but now I’m only surrounded by guilt. It used to be your presence however, this tensed atmosphere has replaced your beautiful aura. How can I breathe again? Will I ever take those refreshing breathe again? I don’t wanna move on from you, my place is by your side. You are my world. My soul thirst for your forgiveness, like an infant thirst for the breast milk. I hope you remember those lovely memories we had, I hope they surpass the bad ones. I’m sorry, sweety. I’m sorry, my darling. I know your worth and I want you to know that you’re appreciated. I send you my cold kisses, I hope you don’t refuse them. I await your forgiveness more than anything. I’m sorry.

55. I’m here on earth, but it feels like my soul is burning in hell. Please, send me back to the paradise you created for me, let your forgiveness welcome me back to heaven on earth. I love you and seeing you hurt, hurts me more than anything. I did not only hurt you, I also hurt myself in the process cause, pain is the only thing left in my heart. A drop of water they say cannot make an ocean but sweety, each tear in my eyes are gradually making an ocean. Please, save me, don’t let this ship sink. I’ve always known you to be my captain. It’s your girl, your sweet girl. I’m waiting for you, my homeboy. Let me exchange my gift of repentance with your gift of forgiveness. You mean everything to me, dear.

56. I’m trying to recall your last sweet words to me. I hope you answer my prayer for forgiveness. It’s lonely to be wrapped in guilt when your strong arms could be cuddling me instead. Kindly, accept my outstretched arm. My love, words ain’t just enough to tell you how much I regret my actions, indeed, regret is the greatest sorrow. Forgive me, save me from this. My man, my love, my everyday crush, my everything. My king, kindly, stretch out your golden sceptre and let me humbly reach out for it. In you I find favour.

57. You stood by me and I stood tall, right now, not having you by my side makes me feel small. We flew together, you were like my wings, now, that you are afar off how can I take flight? My love, let your love be strong for me. I was wrong and I know it, I can’t hesitate to admit this, so I can swiftly run back into your arms. So far, being without you, it’s like being in the tunnel, without a flash of light at sight. Forgive me, please. Let me know joy again, let me know what it feels like to touch you again, I want to breathe again. I wanna tell you that I love you but before then, please forgive me.

58. My love, don’t let the breeze of anger turn off the lit of our love. I took it too far and I know it but I sincerely hope that your love and tenderness would draw me near. Can I hear your small voice telling me the storm is over? I’ve been having nightmares about our break up I hope it doesn’t materialize. Be strong for me even though my irrationality has weakened our bond. Please don’t let me go.

59. I hope you don’t hate me right now. I hope you can still remember my face and smile again. I hurt you as though I pierced you with a sharp knife. Forgive me, in short. Please don’t let this day end without giving me your final verdict. Kindly, rule in my favour. I don’t need a good lawyer to justify my action, all I need is your good heart to free me of all charges. My love, if wishes were horses beggars would ride, but I say if forgiveness was cheap, a sorry girlfriend would afford it. My dear, I can’t buy your forgiveness but I can plead for it, I’m sorry beyond words. Forgive me, don’t let this darkness cloud me forever. I love you truly.

60. I don’t wanna lose my mind and even more, I don’t wanna lose you. Take it from me, I feel so small right now, guilt has taken the better part of me. Forgiveness is my only saving grace and you are the source of the forgiveness I desperately long for. I sit here in silence, waiting for your call. Please, don’t let me wake up tomorrow from the wrong side of the bed. Indeed, It’s so easy to destroy but very hard to build, however, I’m willing to build this again, just for you, just to salvage this relationship. I can’t afford to lose you so therefore, I’ve learnt what it takes to keep you. Give me the room to show you my heart again.

61. I’m so sorry for my actions. Baby, let’s make the beautiful from the good, bad and ugly. Take it from, nothing can replace you, neither can anything be greater than the affection, love and attention you’ve showered me over time. I’m so sorry for putting you through this ordeal of love, cause I know you must be hurting too as well. Let’s make some lemonade from this lemon experience. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have done things to melt your heart and not to break your heart. In all of this, I know my man is strong, I know you will come out of this pain. Give me a second chance to do better. I love you more than my mistakes, more than my actions and more than I can demonstrate.

62. Sweety, I wish this was a romantic message, I wish I was sending you roses for a good dinner, I wish we were going to the cinema together, I wish this was not the case. I’ve decided to be strong enough to admit my wrongdoing and apologize duly. Kindly, forgive me. Emotions can be tricky, I let my emotions trick me and in the process let you down. Forgive me, my one in a million. Baby, can you open the door of your heart to me once again, let me come right in and show you love at its finest. If rains could wash away the pains of yesterday, I would have prayed for a thunderstorm, if winds could blow away the hurt, I would have wished for a whirlwind. Please, let your soft heart treat me tenderly, let it not hurt me the way I did you. I’m wailing in regret. It hurt this much cause you are special to me. My love, I hope I will be forgiven.

63. I pick my phone, trying to message you how my day went but alas, I can’t cause I’ve created a bridge between us. I wish I never let my anger built this bridge. Suffering in silence is a torture to the soul, nevertheless, this has been my reward for all I did. It’s only your love pill that can heal me from this. Don’t let your baby hold just the memory of you, let me feel you again. Don’t torture me with the guesses of how you’re doing. Kindly, invite me into your heart once again. I love you, my darling.

64. If I told you I was sorry, I wish it would not only draw your heart closer to me but change the past. Things would have been different if I had listened more and acted slowly. Lessons learnt, an ugly history like this, won’t make a future between us again. Can we start afresh? Am I worth a second chance? I’m sorry and it’s the least I could say. Please forgive me, your girl wanna come back to you. Don’t let this be our undoing, let this challenge draw us closer and deeper.

65. If I were to tell my story at the moment. I will paint a lonely girl, seated on the ocean sands, watching the blue sky, listening to the sound of the ocean, watching sailors as they sail past, she picked up a bottle, wrote a letter, threw it inside the bottle then, threw it on the ocean, asking the ocean to take the bottle to you, so you could read it and come save her from her lonesome. Sweety, I’ve hurt you, but I know I can still make you feel good once again. So, would you let me in? I’m getting sick from being locked outside, I’m tired of being beaten by the rain of loneliness, would you be my umbrella? I’m shivering in the mess I created, please, don’t watch me die slowly.

66. Please, don’t let this nightmare on for too long. Wake me up with the kisses of forgiveness, give me the warmth of grace. Life has stood still ever since our relationship took a hiatus. This isn’t my desire, this wasn’t my intention. I do everything for love, but love can be irrational at times, and this is one of those times. It’s my dream to call you in the morning, send you romantic messages rather than apologizes. Life is in a dry state right now, let your heart rain forgiveness on me. Sweety, don’t let me fall.

67. They say what goes up must come down but I wish this relationship does not fall down from the beautiful height it was. Let’s shoot for the sky together, let’s hope for a better tomorrow together and together let’s make a beautiful future. It feels like I’m at war searching for my love, don’t let me die on this battlefield. Be my saviour. I love you, each second I spend away from you matter to me. Help me put an end to this bitter experience. You’ll always be my love.

68. Oh! I wish we were playing together at the moment, fooling around, making each other happy. Please save me from this. I’m sure your heart must be telling you the state of my heart right now as it is, mine is doing same. Love is meant for us, hate isn’t what we came together for. I plead your mercy right now. See those beautiful memories we made together, please don’t let anger becloud your mercy. I’m sorry in words and I’m truly sorry in action. I’m only one call away, my love.

69. Please, don’t send me to hell, your heart is where heaven lies. I’m sorry for being impossible. I’m sorry for being too blind to act right. Right now, painful tears have blinded my sight, tears of regret. I’m sorry, only your soft touch can weep those tears away. I hope we storm this weather together. Don’t let me wait endlessly. I’m homesick, your heart is my home and I long to be there again. Can you give me the key back to your heart? I wish you would hold me like I never said those hurtful things, let love lead you back to me. I’m sorry for the hurt, for the pain I must have caused. I await your forgiveness more than anything else. My love.

70. Don’t treat me like a chaff, don’t blow me away. You’re my priceless jewel, I can’t treat you less and I hope you treat me like the queen you called me to be in your world. I hope you don’t dethrone me. I don’t wanna play the second fiddle in your heart, can we go back to how we were? I promise to treat you better. Please, make a room for forgiveness. Can I get a welcome party like the prodigal son? I’m searching for the possibility of a homecoming. Forgive me, my love. Treat me kind. I love you more than I acted.

71. Can I summon your heart for a discussion? Will you believe me if I told you, words fail to express my regret about my actions? Darling, I don’t wanna lose you because of a misunderstanding. If I could bribe your heart with a kiss just so you could forgive me I will. I hate this distance, it feels like a million of oceans are between us. Let love be our common ground, let it bring us together. I’m sorry for everything that went wrong. Taking the blame, may not change the situation but forgiveness would work wonders. I love you truly.

72. Don’t forget how we started, don’t forget how I fell for you both hopelessly and helplessly. The only rain I want right now is the rain of love. Don’t let it rain cat and dog between us, for we’re a soulmate. Bring me peace, love and grace. All I want is you by my side, all I want is for us to run this race together. My heartthrob, I love you. Life is in stages, can you see this as a stage that we must overcome? I don’t wanna lose my sanity to the anger I feel towards myself. Please, come be my saviour. I love you sincerely.

73. Baby, all I need is an assurance of your love for me again. I don’t wanna sink like a ship neither, do I wanna crash like a plane. I hope I’m still your one and only. I was wrong. Can you set my heart on fire again with your love? I need you to bring me back closer than before, put me in a safe place where I won’t err again. All I desire is a blissful forever journey for us. I hope this doesn’t mar us but rather make us a better couple. I love you. I hope you believe me again.

74. I need to feel the touch of your fingers in my hair. I need to see you and get the kind of happiness only you bring me. My lovebird, fly back to me and let this loneliness depart from me. I wish I could buy patient, I would have been more patient. Oh my! I don’t wanna run away from this, I’ll fight for us. I only had dreams of loving you, not dreams of hurting you. I wish I could blur those ugly memories from your heart. My love, kindly do me a favour, draw me closer to you. Don’t stop your heart from loving me. I’m right here, your forgiveness will keep me waiting. I love you.

75. Your heart is as pure as a spring water. Don’t let your anger towards my action tint it black. I know you to be lovey-dovey please, don’t act cold towards me. Your warmth is all I need, your cold shoulder will make me feel feverish. My sweetheart, I look back and I’m ashamed of how I let us down. Please, bring me up with your forgiveness, let your sweetness, wash this bitter atmosphere away. Love is the only thing we can share, not anger towards each other. I’m sorry for everything. I need you to usher me into your world once again. Let our love be sweet again like at first sight. Your soul is beautiful, it’s true.

76. I take it to be true that I did mess up. But the better truth is that I have a compassionate lover. Slowly, I stayed afar but swiftly, I wanna walk back into our love garden, where our heart lies. I’m searching for the possibilities of forgiveness, I hope you can show me some. I’ve wronged you, kindly, set a beautiful standard by looking upon me with love rather than reproach. I’m counting on those beautiful moments you told me that you will love me forever, I hope your words won’t let me down. I’m so sorry, for reacting the way I did. I love you, little wonder why I want you back the way you gave yourself to me. I love you hopelessly.

77. Can I get a second chance? I wronged you and I’m deeply regretful about it. Let love speak, kindly, silent the voice of anger. Sweety, don’t be like a butterfly that flew away, I need you to perch on my skin softly as you do. Your forgiveness will make me the happiest person. If tears could wash my wrongdoing, I guess my black book will be empty by now. However, your forgiveness is what can wash my sins away. I’m sorry, my love. I love you truly.

78. I wish saying sorry would ease this pain I caused you, I wish being repentant could take the memory away. I’ve stopped wishing, I only ask for a love that conquers all, let the love you feel for me take over and flood every offence of mine away. The distance between us is killing me and I can sense you feel the same way too. I pray you, to forgive and bridge this isolating gap with love, save me from this, save us from this. I won’t mess up again, patience will become my virtue. I love you just too much to give up so easily on us.

79. Baby, I’ve been in the dark ever since I hurt you. It doesn’t feel good here, I need to let it out that I’m sorry. The strain of controlling my tears is wearing me down, let your hands be the one to clean these tears away. I’m sorry for hurting you, I don’t want our loving days to be over. I need back my confidante, I want you to give me the sort of charming smile only you can. The only way I can let loose a deep satisfying sigh is when you’ll whisper to me that it’s over, the hurt is over, the tears are over and a new dawn has come. I love you, honey, let’s start with a clean slate.

80. I can’t resign myself to the likelihood of a nasty breakup, that’s my worst nightmare. Sweety, let’s try love all over again. I’m sorry for hurting your kind feelings towards me, I’m sorry for taking you for granted. My intentions were right, but my actions were wrong. Baby, I need your love to justify me and put me in your good heart, once again. I’ve waited for an eternity just to see you walk through the door and tell me you can’t be angry with me for too long. Baby, time is passed but I’m yet to feel your angelic presence. I don’t wanna feel like a fallen angel, please, bring me back to your sweetheart, that’s where I belong, I’ve always belonged there. I love you, baby, I hope the feeling is still mutual.

81. Here, feels so strange, cause it’s just me by myself with no one to hold me tight. Baby, I’m officially saying I’m sorry for all this time we spent apart, for the time we were divided, I’m so sorry. I love you still, can’t love you less. I gave myself to several moments of prayers just to see your face, to read your text that you can’t be angry at me, I don’t wanna believe my prayers went down the drain. Save me! I plea for forgiveness in your heart, I hope I have the right to that. Kindly, look at your girl, writhing in pain, suffering from a heartache. You own the healing hands that can heal me, right now. Forgive me, sweety. I won’t hurt you like that again. I love to love you. I hate to hate you.

82. Your love came into my heart without me searching for it, but for some time now, all I do is searching for my lost love. Boo, I want to lounge peacefully on the sofa in your heart, I hate this pain I’m feeling here in my heart, it’s killing me. I’m sorry, I’m humbled, I can’t explain how it feels to be wrong, to be the one hurting the one you love and who loves you. I hope you find it in your heart to bring me back to you. I love you daily.

83. What had begun innocently as a true love has turned into a forsaken love? Baby, don’t leave me hanging, catch me from this height, don’t let me fall. I don’t want this to become a matter of pride, let it be of forgiveness, cause I believe in you lies a forgiving spirit. Baby, I’m sorry like a child who was stupid, I’m sorry like an adult who acted too wise. Please forgive me. I need you to stand one more time by me, lighten my day with your kisses, brighten my world with your undying love and bring me back blamelessly. I love you even though, you seem far away.

84. Darling, don’t freeze your heart, don’t stiffen your body, do show me that I still make your heart skip, still tell me that your body still shake when it feels my touch. Please, don’t look away, it’s a bad sign, let our eyes catch each other as before. If I couldn’t tell you I was sorry before now, guilt had sealed my lips with silence but now I’m breaking out of that shell, all I wanna say to you is I’m sorry. I did you wrong when you always do me right. Bring me back to you. My coat of many colours, I don’t wanna lose you to anger. I wanna wear you proudly once again. I love you even though anger took the best of me, but now I know better. Can I hear you say you still love and want me back?

85. All I dreamt of, was to give you a gleeful satisfaction of joy and love. Never was it my intention to cause havoc in your tender heart. I’m sorry for breaking your heart unknowingly. Give me the chance to mend them together like a porter mends his broken pot. Do not just listen to my plead but do well to bring me back. I want you back I hope you still feel same for me. I’m counting on your forgiveness to get a second chance. I’m so sorry. Let it not end here, my love.

86. I can’t act unfazed when within me I’m torn into pieces cause, I know someone is hurting as a result of my action. I can’t hold my tears seeing you hurt. Baby, I’m sorry. Don’t send me far away, I wanna act better and be better for us. Giving me a second chance is giving love a second chance to stay, to be more blissful and more lasting. I can’t forsake you, my heart is yours. I love you beyond faults, bring me back to you.

87. My stomach is churning, I can’t be strong anymore, how can I survive when I could barely eat nor drink? My love, don’t let your anger persist towards me, let your love be strong for us, let it be blameless for me. I did wrong and I’m in the know of this, so, therefore, I tender my humble apology. Baby, I want to say ‘ loving you is so easy for me’, don’t throw me out of your life, otherwise, life will become hard on me. I’m sorry, it shouldn’t have been me.

88. I’ll be so thrilled if I could see you at my doorstep. I miss you badly, but what could be more humiliating than hurting the one who loves me. I won’t downplay my action, it was poor of me. I’m optimistic about a settlement between us, as I know that my love can’t stay angry with me for too long. Baby, I’m sorry I can’t turn back the hands of time but I can guarantee not to repeat my action again. Kindly, believe me when I say that. I love you truly, catch my kiss.

89. Don’t leave me without a word, you know I hold every word of yours to me dear to my heart. Please don’t forbid me from your heart, I was once your dream, don’t let that dream die. Baby, I’m truly ashamed for all I did, please forgive me. I’m desperate for you, I’m desperate for a reconciliation, don’t make this harder for me. You are appreciated, don’t think otherwise. I love you from the moon and back.

90. You and I have gotten our share of damages due to my painful action. However, I don’t want us to stay like this forever, let my apology heal your pain, let it bring ease to your spirit and heart. I hope it’s not too late to apologize, love doesn’t give up easily. I hope someday, we can look back and laugh about this. Let our love for each other build us back together, anger shouldn’t disintegrate us. My love, my everything. I await your coming.

91. I’m not ready to go neither, am I ready to leave you behind. I don’t wanna lose something precious to my stupidity. I’ve been left by my lonesome, I’m an inch far from bitterness, please, bring the joy back to me. My love, I love you and I hope this message, proves my love for you in a more spectacular fashion. I am sorry, I hope we don’t hit the rock. I hope you look at the beautiful sky and remember me as a star in it, I hope you look at the beautiful cloud and remember me as a steaming water vapour don’t forget me, bring me back to you. Love is the greatest, I hope you don’t forget that.

92. Lessons learnt! I’ve written a ten commandment on my wall and top on the list is ” thou shall not offend your heartthrob”. My love, if I broke every other commandment, I would never dare to break the first one. You can be sure that your heart is now safe with me. I’m officially saying “I’m sorry for all my actions”. Baby, don’t leave me here alone, please be my guide. Don’t let my wrongdoing break us up. I love you though, I’m still human and I didn’t fail to err but I hope you can forgive me.

93. When I ponder over my action, I can’t help but feel disdain. My prayer is that you look beyond it and show me the true meaning of love. I’m so sorry for my actions and for hurting you the way I did. A history like that, won’t repeat itself. Please, forgive me, show me kindness. I can’t force myself on you but I hope you can freely walk back into my life and ride it and make it fun like the Disney world. Baby, I wanna be with you again. I’ll be here waiting.

94. Can I have this dance? I’m tired of dancing alone in the dark. I found a love for myself, I hope I won’t blame myself for losing him. Please, don’t let this be the end of us. I’m so confused that I’m losing my mind. This is my cry “forgive me and bring me back to you” I hurt you and I’m sinking so deep in regret, set me free and let this storm be over. This is my plead.

95. I’m searching for the grace to be with you again, to melt your heart like I did when we were still sweethearts. Oh! We share something so rare, I hope you’ll forgive me, so we don’t lose this. This is the worst pain I ever had, cause I broke your heart and you seem to be slowly breaking down. Please, be strong. I’m saying sorry from the truest part of my heart, the place where my love for you lies. Kindly, forgive me, I’m ready to give you my world.

96. I wish we could make a romantic story without pain and hurt! Maybe love would have been much easier for humanity! But what is love if it’s not forgiving? What is love if it isn’t faithful and kind! What is love if it doesn’t conquer? I humbly ask for your forgiveness cause I know I had hurt you! My heart testifies to it, my eyes know it cause they’ve been teary all day long, my pillow can attest to it cause it is soaked with tears. How else do you want me to cry? How else do you want me to hurt? Just so I hear you say, you’ve forgiven me! I’m returning to you in repentance if you’ll open your arms to me. I’m still in love that’s because I’ll always love you!

97. I’m hungry but I can’t eat. I’m thirsty but I don’t want water. Because I know you’re hurting for my sake. I don’t know if I’m worthy of your forgiveness, I don’t know if I’m worthy of your love but the truth is my heart still longs for them. My world was created to be lighted up by you! How has darkness filled its face cause you ain’t here anymore. How void has it been cause you left without looking back! I don’t want you hurting anymore, I don’t wanna grow hungry and thirsty anymore, so kindly forgive me. Pls, do!

98. Love songs ain’t as melodious as they used to me cause it just reminds me of how bad we have turned out to be. I get jealous listening to them. I wish we could go back to rocking those romantic songs over a good dinner. We used to be so in love until I messed it all up. But I think there’s hope for a tree that if it were cut down it should sprout again. Do not let our forest of love be deserted. We can always rekindle this romance through forgiveness. I love you still, it still feels the same, the only difference is the pain of hurting you! Pls, forgive me!

99. I’m so confused that I’m losing my mind, it gonna take your forgiveness to heal me. I need you to help me feel better, with your love and forgiveness. This I cry to you! Do not overlook my genuine request for your mercy, do not overlook this pain I’m feeling right now. This yoke is way heavier than I can bear, pls help me lift it off of me. I need my heart to sing again, I need my head to concentrate again and not spin. I’m sorry for hurting you, please forgive me. A new day has come. I believe!

100. It’s too much to hold this in, I hope your heart listens to my plead. I can’t leave life when you seem to be angry and hurt because of me. I hope we can still play our favourite song together, I hope we can still have a dance together, I hope we can talk it over again. Forgive me and make me smile again. I wanna sleep tonight with the satisfaction that we are lovey-dovey once again. I love you still and can’t love you less even if you remained angry at me. I hope you’ll think this through.

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