2024 Samples of Morning Prayer for My Boyfriend

It’s yet another morning with its undiluted challenges and temptations and limitless possibilities. These good morning prayer messages for your man will ensure that your guy wakes up with the right thoughts on his mind and with his head filled with much love for you. Good Morning Prayers for Your Love will do him great things which will benefit you, once he’s happy, you will surely be happy.

Good Morning Blessings for My Boyfriend

Best of morning prayers for your boyfriend to wake up to.

1. As you begin your day’s journey today. May the almighty abide with you wherever you go. May you find the everlasting peace and I pray that grace will never elude you all the days of your life.

2. Everything you touch today will speak the glory of God. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be blessed and may everyone be touched by the special glory that radiates all over you. Good morning!

3. God will never forsake or leave you. You will be the head and not the tail, may your name never be smeared. Happy Morning to you dearie.

4. The Lord will surprise you even with what you least expected, he will bless your going out and your coming in. May the Lord grant all your heart desires. Good morning love!

5. Whatever you lay your hands on today shall prosper. Whatever you think to do in your heart will succeed, may you never be a regret to your parent or the world. You shall always ooze out joy and happiness. Good morning beau!

6. May this morning be a magical one, where all you want is at your reach! I pray that the Almighty will bless all that you lay your hands on and that they will prosper. Good morning baby.

7. You are precious and special because God created you to be such a person and I pray that may you continue to be the special being to me and to the world at large! May you acquire all that you are set out to

8. It’s a new day, all I need you to do is to step out graciously into your day of glory. Walk like the king that is, you are cut for greatness and may you fulfil purpose. Good morning to you dear.

9. As you step out this morning, all that you wish for will come your way and I pray that God will give you the happiness that will remain with you every time. As I say good morning, may the day be good to you.

10. This day God will look at you and bless you abundantly, he will shower you with so much love. May the Lord surrounds you with angels that will protect and guide you. Good morning and have a great day!

11. God will take away everything that will lead to your failure and place you in a high position. You will rise to the place of glory and may sweetness never end in your life. Good morning dear.

12. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, any problem awaiting you will be battled. Remember it’s not of him that runneth or willeth but it’s of God who shows mercy. That mercy will speak for you now and forever. Good morning!

13. For the glory of God is on you and it radiates your heart and my prayer for you is that the protection of the lord follows you everywhere you go. May your ways not be entangled but always be straight. Happy new day to you.

14. The Lord is mighty and he will bless you in mighty ways. Just because I serve a living God, he will shower you with living testimonies. Good morning sweetheart.

15. May the happiness of God always abide with you, may his joy never cease from your heart. May you always have peace and love in all areas. Good morning, have a pleasant day ahead.

16. The Lord will be your protector and your refuge. He will protect you from all forces of evil and death. Your living will be a blessing to people far and near, may joy never elude you. Good morning love!

17. Arise and shine, for your light has come. The glory of God is risen upon you today and you will be victorious in whatever you do, therefore go forth and do new things. Good morning.

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18. The favour of the Almighty will find you and support your dreams to make it a reality. You will never lack anything good in your life, may you be lifted above your enemies and be loved all over. Good morning baby.

19. God will fight your battle for you, he will be your protector and defender. The Lord will provide for every of your need, you shall never lack anything good. Best day ahead.

20. May this day bring so much joy and happiness, such that will always make others happy and joyous. Have a pleasant day and be sure to make other people happy. Good morning to you darling.

21. Good morning beau, as you wake up today, I pray that the mercy of the lord will encompass you and as you start today’s work, may you succeed and be of good health.

22. Just like the tree planted beside the river, may you grow well in all wisdom and understanding? May you be in sound health and I pray that you will not suffer any lack. Good morning to you dearie.

23. Your well of greatness will never run dry, it will always spring up whether in season or out of season. May all work well for your good and may they result as you desire. Good morning dearest.

24. Good morning, I pray that as you set your eyes on this text message that happiness will be your portion. May you always have reasons to be happy, and I pray that you will never lack anything good. Good morning, go forth and do exploits.

25. In the presence of God, there is fullness of Joy and I pray that may you always abide before the lord so much that you will be joyous all the time. May the Lord bless you with many blessings untold. Morning to you dear.

26. This morning, I pray that you will be blessed, your blessings will not be blocked by any force. May the hand of the Lord rest upon you as you move around today. Be glad and be cheerful because indeed God is faithful, today is full of great surprises for you.

27. As you step out today, may the protection of the lord be sure in your life. The blood of Jesus will cover you so much that no evil will befall you as you move around today. The Lord will reward you with good health and good success and your ways will always be straight and not crooked. Good morning!

28. Good morning dear, may you always be the head and not the tail. May your dreams become reality and may you live a life full of love and greatness. May all your goals be achieved and may the protection of the most high envelop you. May today bless you with the best of all things.

29. Your days of living will always be amazing and be blessed. I am sure that your heart desires will come to fulfilment, you will always be wherever you want. May your name never be wiped away from the world’s record. Good morning to you.

30. Good morning to you dear, my prayer for you today is that may people regard you and place at the top. You will be placed high wherever you go to, may you not suffer any dangers. Have an amazing day ahead!

31. May you enjoy the abundance of love, joy, happiness and peace. The glory of the Lord will continue to radiate over your life.

32. See and admire the new day with its great opportunities, make good use of the opportunities and I pray that it will amount to a great result.

33. Wakey!!! wakey!!! It is a new day and I pray that the new day will come with blessings and happiness. May you be blessed beyond measures and I pray that you will not step out when the road will be bloody and the love of the Lord will shield you.

34. I prophesy into your life today, that as you step out into the world, all that you wish for will come your way. I pray that you will not be found wanting as long as you live. Good morning love!

35. From today henceforth, people will begin to look for you for success and greatness in you. You will be a force to reckon with far and near. Good morning dear!

36. The enemies of your life shall fall down flat like the walls of Jericho today. You will be the head and not the tail. Gracious morning to you dear.

37. Your morning will be good, your day will be filled with lots of enjoyment. God will be with you and bless you. You will never encounter any accident. Have a great day my love.

38. I declare increase in all ramifications today. God will be with you in everything you do, and you will prosper in all your ways. Good morning love.

39. The blessings of God will overflow like that of the river, you will never be stagnant. Good health I pray for you this day, may you Ave reasons to thank God. Good morning dearie.

40. Because you are the son of the most high, you must shine. As the glory of God is radiating in your life, your living is glorious. You shall be the head and not the tail. Happy Morning from this side honey.

41. I woke up today with this prayer in my heart, that men will rever you. May you never be referred to as thrash, the hand of the Lord shall be your cover. Good morning and how was your night.

42. Your morning will be good, your afternoon will be filled with lots of enjoyment and your night will be peaceful. Have such a fulfilling day, morning to you!

43. This morning, I pray for you that
God will take perfect care of you and he will take perfect control of all that you will do. May you have a bright day!

44. My prayer for you is that you will remain as beautiful and special as ever and that men will hearken to your voice. Good morning, have a splendid day.

45. I am asking God to continue to bless and protect you for me and that you continue to be a source of joy to me. I love you darling, have a nice day.

46. You are the first thing, I think of in the morning and my morning prayer for you is that God should take away whatever will cause pain or sorrow. Good morning baby, have a great day.

47. God Almighty will surprise you and do things that are beyond your expectations. He will bless you abundantly and it will be visible. Good morning sweetheart.

48. I pray that as you wake up today, you wake to love and not to hate, to live and not to just exist and to have the best the day has in fold. Good morning dear.

49. May God take away all your challenges, trouble, tiredness as you wake up today. May he wipe away your tears and give you so much joy in all healthiness. Good morning love!

50. May God give you the peace to embrace all that comes your way whether good or bad, may you always be able to testify of his goodness because all things will work out for your good. Morning darling, have a nice day.

51. May God give you grace to overcome challenges and temptations, may you be able to grow higher than your adversary. Good morning my love, live today to the uttermost.

52. The joy of the lord will flow through you, and fill you with so much hope, love and faith. Your tomorrow has already been sorted out by the grace of God. You are the head and not the tail. Good morning sweetie, enjoy your day.

53. The Lord will grant you a gift right from the heavens today, may you find the peace that surpasses all understanding and may grace work for you like never before. Good morning dearest!

54. You are a star which can’t be hidden underneath, may you shine on and on as you wake. I pray that you will have so much to testify for in Jesus name. Good morning darling.

55. You will live and revel in the goodness of God today and forever, may you never be stagnant for once. The Lord shall bless your going out and your coming in. You are blessed indeed, good morning to you darling.

56. Good morning sweetie, today I pray that the grace of God will shine on you and overshadow you. You will achieve all that you have set out to achieve. Have a great day ahead.

57. As long as you live, many will bless you and many will rever you. May you always have reasons to be happy all the days of your life. Good morning sweetheart, have a great day ahead.

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58. Whatever you lay your hands upon today shall prosper and yield good results. Graced you are, happy you are. Good morning to you baby, you’ve got a nice day ahead.

59. All the things that you do today will bring special results and may God bless you in a very special way because you are very special. Good morning my special person, have a lovely day. Good morning baby!

60. I prophesy into your life today, that as you step out into the world, all that you wish for will come to fulfilment. All that you want is done for you in Jesus name. Good morning darling.

61. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, your life shall always be one to be grateful for. Live today to the best and enjoy it to the fullest. Good morning dear.

62. You will become a champion that people will see as a role model, you are blessed to bless people. Good morning honey.

63. As you step out today, may peace and grace accompany you. May Grace go before you and may the favour of the Lord speak for you. Good morning dear.

64. Good morning darling, Get out of bed and walk into the hope and favour embedded in this day for you.

65. In Jesus name, I pray that today will be as wonderful as you are, may the day be filled with all your wishes as long as you wish.

66. In everything that you lay your hands on today and for the rest of your life, may you always find reasons to testify to the faithfulness of God? Good morning to you love.

67. You will be blessed beyond measure as much as the sea sand, may you receive favour from the lord. All that concerns you receive life. Good morning baby beau, how was your night?

68. May you triumph over challenges and troubles, the grace of God over your life will not run dry. Be fruitful in all that you do today. Good morning dearie!

69. I dedicate my good morning to you darling, I wish you will have a pleasant day today. My prayer for you is for you to be prosperous and happy and be of sound health.

70. This morning, I pray that your name has become most favoured,God really cares for you so he will really bless you abundantly. Good morning love!

71. I know God cares for me because he brought you to me. Stay safe today and have a wonderful day. God will surprise you with great achievement today. Good morning love!

72. I declare that today shall be the day that you progress toward all of your dreams. Live long in peace and love. Good morning dear.

73. As you leave your home today, may peace of the Lord abide with you all through the day. I pray that all your dreams will come true. Good morning darling and have a fulfilled day.

74. Good morning, my dear. May you always find blessings and goodness from above. You are protected from the evil ones. Have a lovely day!

75. Throughout today and every day,
May you walk with God today and always and may his presence never elude you. Good morning darling.

76. Every day with you has been such a blessing and I pray that you will continue to be a blessing to all men. I pray that we will live a long life so that we can enjoy in good health. Good morning dear!

77. May God bless your going out and your coming in. May you always be strong to do the necessary things today. Good morning darling, have a great day ahead.

78. Beyond your wildest dreams and request, God has given you everything that you will ever need. May you sing his praises throughout the day. Good morning baby!

79. May every word you speak today be seasoned with Grace, so much that your words are blessed and will bless others. I pray that you will be enabled to do the necessary things today. Good morning dear.

80. The Lord is your shepherd and you shall not want as you live. You are his responsibility, therefore all will go well with you. Good morning darling!

81. You shall not lack any good thing today, because the Lord is your shepherd and he has promised that you will not lack anything. May you be in sound and never be weak. Good morning darling.

82. Every good thing you have lost in the space of one week will start to find their ways back to you today. All that is recorded to be lost will be found in Jesus name, go and do great exploit today

83. As you wake up from sleep Hale and hearty today, the blood of Jesus shall cover you from head to toe today. Nothing shall by any means harm you. May you not have reason to cry. Morning darling.

84. As you wake up with all happiness, I pray that you will possess your possessions because the Lord is your God and he’s a father. All that you want is provided for you.

85. The Lord is a father, therefore, what is difficult for others shall be made easy for you. And when others say there is casting down, you will say there is a lifting up! Good morning love.

86. The words of God will never return to Him void because he doesn’t speak on the basis of emotion, he has said he will be your refuge and fortress and that is just sure. Good morning darling.

87. In the presence of God, there is an assurance that there is abundant Joy. May you never talk about not having his job, may joy never seize from your life. Good morning to you honey.

88. My prayer for you as you wake up today is that you shall be like the tree planted by the riverside that brings forth fruits at the due time and out of season, may you never cease from being fruitful.

89. The Lord is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can think or ask, all I’m asking the Lord for you today is that you will be fruitful in what you do in Jesus name. Have a fruitful day Honey.

90. Favour will locate you when you wish for it, therefore before you leave for work, pray to God for anything you want this day. My prayer for you today is that every good thing on earth will not elude you and every bad thing shall elude you. Good morning to you.

91. I declare a better day than yesterday for you as you go out today. May you never walk when it is not safe, I decree the protection of the Lord upon your life. Good morning darling.

92. The Lord has blessed today just because of you, when you remember today, you’ll bless and praise God without any limit. So be glad and be assured that everything will work well for your good.

93. As you set out today, may God give you the strength and courage and grace to overcome all challenges that may come your way today. You are blessed beyond measure. I wish you a great morning dear.

94. Today by God’s grace, God in his infinite mercies shall grant unto you all your aspirations, beyond your imagination. Go and do great exploits as you move out today!

95. Good morning sweetheart, let everything answer to your favour and your happiness in Jesus name! You shall testify when you return home today! Happy new day darling.

96. As from this morning, your lack shall turn to abundance in Jesus name. You’ll have plenty and never lack any good thing. Have a wonderful day!

97. Be still today and know that the Lord is here and he’s ready to do as much as you ask. I pray that God will bless you abundantly and may you use the blessing in peace and good health. Good morning my man!

98. As you arise this morning, you will know no shame! You are saved from all evils. May the Lord bless you mightily and may you continue to prosper in all that you do.

99. Every day with you has been a blessing, may you never turn to sorrow. May everything that’s related to you be blessings to people. Good morning baby beau.

100. It’s a new day that the Lord has made for you to see great achievement. May happiness never cease from your heart, many will be happy because of you. Good morning sweetheart, have a great day ahead.

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