2024 Best Good Morning Wishes for Friends to Wake Up To

Friends are treasures one should place a great value on. And since treasures are always held dear in the heart, so must our friendship relationship.

For someone blessed with a good friend, Starting the day with thoughts for your friends is not just enough, blessing their day with some good morning wishes is a better way to kick start the day.

Below are wonderful good morning messages for your friends.

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Good Morning Wishes Quotes for Best of Friends

The best good morning wishes and good morning quotes to send to your sweetest and best of friends.

1. It is always a good morning whenever I woke up with the thought of having you as a friend. Have a great day dear.

2. It’s a new day and another golden chance to do something extraordinary. I know you’ll make the day count as you always do. Good morning.

3. Embrace the day with a heart full of praise and thanksgiving. I know it’s going to be a great day for you and yours. Good morning friend.

4. The breaking of a new day reminds us of how much God has been good to us. Enjoy your day today friend. Good morning.

5. Each morning gives me the chance to be grateful for all the good things in my life, you are without doubt top on that list. Good morning dear friend.

6. Yesterday is gone, and we can only dream of the morrow, today is an awesome gift for you, make it count. Good morning.

7. As you start a new day, I pray your day is as bright as much as you brighten up my life. Good morning friend.

8. You are always part of my morning. Though we are far apart, my morning is incomplete without a thought of you. Have a great day dear.

9. There may be some point in the day that you are discouraged and overwhelmed. But I will be there to remind you how awesome you are. Have a great day today friend.

10. It’s another day for the world to enjoy something extraordinary from an extraordinary being like you. It’s a good day already, Good morning.

11. Its a great day already, because I will see you again after a while. Good morning friend, I can’t wait.

12. There is no better time to remind you how wonderful you have been as a friend. Do have a great day today. Good morning.

13. The thought of being your friend is always awesome. Have a great day ahead.

15. Though there were some disappointments yesterday, be sure today is bringing something special. Brace up, friend. Good morning.

16. It’s morning already, wake up and start chasing your dreams, have a productive day friend.

17. Today is another opportunity to live above the challenges of life. I know you are up to the task. Good morning.

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18. Here is wishing you the very best today and always. May your day be beautiful and flavoured with grace. Good morning.

19. As you start this new day, may it spark a wave of something big in your life. Good morning dear.

20. Each day is special in its own way, may yours be truly special, just as you are to me. Good morning.

21. No way would I start the day without wishing you a very beautiful day ahead. Good morning dear friend.

22. May every ray of light bring you blessing from above. Today is a good day. Good morning,

23. I am grateful each day for being your friend. Each moment with you is ever worth it. Good morning.

24. Friend, may this new day leave you with sweet memories of all the good things it’ll bring. Good morning.

25. As you set out today, may all your goals be met and your heart desires granted. Good morning.

26. As you wake up today, I want you to know that you are special to me in ways I can’t describe. Good morning friend.

27. We may be miles apart, but you are always in my heart. You know I love you, and I am glad I have you as a friend. Good morning.

28. You are an amazing friend in all ramifications, no wonder you are so much sought after by all. I am blessed to be your friend. Good morning.

29. No matter how much I have benefited from you as a friend, you have a way of doing better each day. That’s why I will cherish you. Good morning.

30. As you start another day, be rest assured that I will be there for you today and always. Have an awesome day ahead.

31. I cannot trade you for any other friend. You have a place in my heart that nobody can take. Good morning dear.

32, Each morning flashes memories of all the good time we had. I am glad to be your friend, Good morning.

33. Morning by morning, I look forward to enjoying your awesomeness. Good morning dear.

34. Good morning friend may today bring you blessings from all side.

35. Having a friend like you is enough to guarantee a great day ahead. I know that’s what we gonna have. Good morning dear.

36. I pray today will be a day you’ll always remember for something good. May the good Lord bless you today and always. Good morning.

37. Morning bliss to you from this part of the world, I know you’ll make the best outta the day. Good morning.

38. As you set out today, I pray the Lord will bless your hustle and reward all your labours. Good morning friend.

39. Hey friend, time to take on the challenge of a new day, you know it’s what we do. Good morning.

40. You are a gift to my world, and I am grateful to be associated with you. You are a special friend indeed. Good morning dear.

41, I wish we could hook up again today, but distance is such a barrier. But no matter what, be sure you are special to me always. Good morning.

41. Your impact on me is one of the reasons I look forward to each day. As you wake up, I pray God will make the whole day a blessing for you. Good morning.

42. Embrace today with joy, because it’s going be great. Good morning.

43. I know you’ll work hard today as you’ve always done. Good morning friend.

43, I woke up this morning thinking about you. Memories of all the beautiful time we spent together flashed before my eyes. I look forward to seeing you-you soon. Good morning.

44. Good friends are blessings from above. But having the best friend in the world is something special. Good morning love.

45. I pray a great door of opportunity will open to you today as you start your day, may the day be special, just as you are to me. Good morning friend.

46. Each day brings along with it its blessing and favour. May you be the first to be blessed today. Good morning.

47. I am glad for another opportunity to tap from your wisdom. Can’t really wait to see you, friend. Good morning.

48. Today is the day we get to see after a very long time. I am assured of a fun-filled day already. Good morning,

49. Dare to dream today, dare to attempt the impossible. Never doubt the power within you. Good morning.

50. Today, focus on all the good things life has in stock for you. Go in this your might friend. Good morning.

51. Opportunities are for those who are prepared for it, I am sure you’ll make the best out of today. Good morning.

52. If I have to choose just one friend over all others, my choice is simple. You are more than I deserve in a friend. Good morning.

53. Today is another opportunity to be alive, be thankful and embrace the day with joy. Have a great day dear. Good morning.

54. Being your friend over the years has been one of the best things in my life. And each day we spent being friends was a huge blessing. Good morning sweet.

55. No one can take your place in my heart. You are a special friend and I am grateful to have you. Good morning.

56. May the day be rewarding for you like never before. May you have a truly blessed day. Good morning.

57, May each hour of today bring a lingering smile to your face. Do have an amazing day ahead friend. Good morning.

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58. What people will see this morning is the new day, but as for me, I see the new things you bring to our friendship every day. Good morning dear.

59. Hello, wishing you the very best today, may your day be as productive as you hoped for. Good morning.

60. God designed a special gift for you in today just as you have been a special friend to me. Good morning friend.

61. A lot of time I tend to trivialize what you mean to me, but each of my days is nothing without your impact. You’ve been a blessing to me. Good morning friend,

62. Good morning from me to you. Let’s go have fun today.

63. Morning bliss for a dear friend, you are more than what I asked for in a friend, may you have a truly rewarding day ahead. Good morning.

64. It’s always a privilege to be alive each day. Now that you are so privileged, I know you’ll make a meaningful use of the day. Good morning.

65. As you wake up this beautiful morning, bear in mind that I will always be there for you anytime. Good morning.

67. Each day gives us a golden chance to appreciate the beautiful things in our lives. And guess what, you are top on the list. Good morning friend.

68. Nobody can say with certainty what each day has in stock, but for you, I know you’ll make it a great day today. Good morning.

69. Hey big head, time to get up from bed lazy bones.

70. Get up this morning with a belief to achieve something special. Good morning.

71. Now that I know you’ve read my message, I won’t have to ask for a good day anymore. Good morning friend.

72. Troubles may come and go, people may come into your life and leave, but our friendship will never come to an end. Good morning.

73. At the breaking of each day, I celebrate all the good things in my life. Nothing compares to you on that list. Good morning dear.

74. There are many uncertainties in life. But one thing I am certain of is that I will always be there for you. Good morning dear.

75. Wishing the best friend in the world a wonderful day ahead. Good morning.

76. I am wishing you the very best today. And I expect a thank you message from you in the evening. Good morning.

77. There are many easy things I can imagine for a day, but losing your friendship is the one unimaginable thing on my list. Good morning dear.

78. I am grateful for two major things this morning. 1, for another day to live, and 2, for the friend you have been to me. Good morning.

79. If you are reading this message this morning, an awesomely incredible day awaits you. Good morning pal.

80. Whenever I sent you a message as simple as ‘good morning’, never take it for granted because it’s coming from a heart that truly cares. Good morning.

81. You may have received other good morning wishes today, but here is the best coming your from your true friend. Have an awesome day ahead.

82. If you just read this, it simply means you are one of the few in my prayers this morning. You can say amen already. Good morning friend.

83. May each ray of the sun bring you favour and blessings from above. Today is gonna be great for you and yours. Good morning.

84. My prayer for you this morning is that you find happiness in all you do and be blessed beyond measure. Good morning,

85. Morning bliss from this part of the world. We may be miles apart, but your place in my heart is always and well guarded. Good morning friend.

86. Good morning friend. Let’s have a fun-filled day together today.

87. The gift of life is a great gift worth celebrating each day. Having such to be grateful for with a friend like you is something special. Good morning friend.

88. I am grateful for so many things today. The fact that you are reading this is one of the things I will live to celebrate today. Good morning.

89. Every moment we share as friends are wonderful treasures to me. I am already over the moon for today’s opportunity to feel ecstatic with you again. Good morning friend.

90. No need to watch out for the weather forecast for today. The day is a good one already. And the fact that you are reading this morning is the evidence you need. Good morning.

91. This morning, all your hopes and aspirations are getting delivered at your very doorstep.

92. Morning blessings are for those who open their hearts for the positives in the day. Being an ever positive minded fellow, I know you’ll be saturated with all the blessings you can think of. Good morning friend.

93. I am so delighted for a new day. Look no further for the reason, waking up as one of your friends is chief of them. Good morning.

94. For all you are to me, I have every reason to be grateful every day. Good morning friend. May your path shine as the sun.

95. This morning, I challenge the saying that ‘change is the only constant thing in life’. As for me, having you in my heart is a constant too. Good morning, I wish you a day full of blessings.

96. It is not a coincidence that I end my day with your thoughts and wake up with it. You are more than a friend to me, you are truly special. Good morning. May you have a truly special day.

97. If you plan to take coffee this morning, do not bother adding sugar. A sweet day is guaranteed for you already. Good morning.

98. Having a thought of you in the morning is always a guarantee for having a good day ahead. Good morning friend, may your day be truly rewarding.

99. If you have a bad day yesterday, relax, it’s all gone. Today is a good day specially designed for you. Good morning.

100. My good morning message is not a routine, it’s more than wishes, it’s a prayer from the bottom of my heart. God is set to surprise you today. Good morning friend.

101. I know you’ll check your phone to read this message before you leave home. Good morning friend. Expect some good news today.

102. Good morning to the world’s best friend. This is a new beginning for good for you and yours.

103. Grace and Favour will locate you as you go into the new day. Good morning friend.

104. Good morning friend, I have something to tell you. You are amazingly awesome being. That’s why I wish you an awesome day ahead.

105. No one truly knows all that the day can bring. But you can always expect that I will be here for you anytime any day. Good morning. All type best for the day.

106. Sometimes, I ask why you are always in my thought, but I realise you have an indelible print on my heart. Good morning, may today leave a good mark on your life.

107. One of the best feelings I have each day is that you’ll read me a message before going out every morning. Have a nice day ahead friend.

108. Feelings do fade, but the bond we share won’t. Our friendship is an essential part of my daily living. I part we will scale heights together.

109. I have met several people in the past, many of whom later became friends. But, no one is ever comparable to you. Good morning.

110, No day is ever complete without thinking about you. You mean so much to me friend. And I pray an answer to all your prayers. Good morning,

111. There are friends, and there is a friend. I know you know where you belong in the two classes. Good morning dear, may you find joy in all you for today.

112. I hope you’ll read this message on time. I want to be the first person to say good morning to you. Do have a great day.

113. No matter what you encounter in your day, never loose sought of the big dream in your heart. Good morning friend.

114. Be ready to have a truly amazing day. You can put aside all your worries and anxieties. You are gonna have a big day. Good morning.

115. The future may look uncertain and tons of doubts cloud your heart, but a new day is an opportunity to see something new in your life. Good morning friend.

116. As you read this, just know that you have a friend who truly cares about you. Good morning dear. May Good fortune find you in all you do today.

117. I am super excited that I will be seeing you today after so long. Maybe not so long but, one week seems like forever. Good morning, anticipate some fun dear.

118. The fact that our bond has survived many ups and downs is a clear indication that our friendship is divine. Good morning looking forward to achieving .ore with you.

119. I never truly understand how much a friend can mean to me until I met you. Thanks for everything. Good morning, may you have reasons to smile always

120. I am glad I have you, your friendship is a blessing to me in many ways. Good morning, may your day be saturated with good the good things you prayed for.

121. I hope you’ll find time to read this before setting out for today’s work. And all I want to say is a good morning, may you be led from above today and always.

122. The rain may fall and the sun may shine, none of them will wipe your dreams away. I am certain that success awaits you. Good morning.

123. In this world full of deception and lie. I can boldly say you stand out to be a true friend all the time. I pray you’ll find happiness in all you do every day. Good morning.

124. I am sending you this morning to tell you that good tiding is coming in your direction. Good morning.

125. Good morning friend, may your prayers be answered today and always.

126. Morning greetings from this part of the world. Do have a great day ahead. Good morning.

127. Morning is always the best part of the day, that’s when we draw the plan for the day. Since you are always in my plans, I will start by saying good morning, may all your hard work pay off.

128. Yesterday is gone, today is the new gift we have in our hands, I know you’ll make the best of yours. Good morning.

129. Here is wishing you all the good things today has in stock for you. Do have a blessed day. Good morning,

130. It’s a fresh day, and a fresh opportunity to start something fresh. Good morning dear friend. Achieve something new today.

131, As you go into the new day, just stay as humble as you are and open your heart up for something fresh from above. Good morning,

132. There can’t be any time better than a morning to say this, you are awesome in many ways. Good morning. And may your awesomeness bring you the reward it deserves.

133. Each morning don’t just birth a new day, but an opportunity to get closer to your dreams. Good morning, may your dreams come true.

134. Wishing you a whole day full of smile and love. Good morning.

135. Here is a dose of your daily morning digest. It’s a wonderful day already. Good morning friend.

136. No one will beat me to saying good morning to you. Not when I am certain you’ll be waiting to read my message. Good morning, you’ll surely smile today.

137. Morning is beautiful for many reasons. And one of those reasons is you. May your day be as beautiful as you could ever imagine.

138. I want to welcome you to another beautiful day. May the day leave you better than it met you. Good morning.

139. My morning wishes for you this morning is that you walk into a world of unending happiness and joy fortified with all the goodies of life. Good morning.

140. Since there’s never a dull moment with a friend like you, want to wish you a day full of fun and sweet memories. Good morning,

141. In as much as I have you as a friend, I will always have reasons to wake up happy. Good morning dear, remember to choose to be happy today.

142. There are many good things to look out for in a day. For me, you are more than all the reasons I can ever think of. Good morning friend may good things come to you today and always.

143. This day, I pray no evil shall find you. And may you prosper in all you do. Good morning.

144. Good morning my dear friend, may you have reasons to smile today and always.

145. If there is an item that I would rather have on my list every day, it’ll be to spend quality time with a friend like you. Good morning, have a great day ahead.

146. Good morning my dear friend, I am looking forward to having fun with you today. Can’t just wait.

147. If you are looking for a motivation for your day, look no further, I have already prayed for you that you’ll have found one from within. Good morning.

148. As you know that I have made it a habit of checking up on you, the reason for this is that you mean more than you know to me, and you are always in my daily prayer. Good morning.

149. Discard every bad and negative thought this morning, it’s a brand new day. Embrace it with positively. Good morning.

150. No matter the level of disappointments in your life before now, never let it affect what this new day brings your way. Good morning.

151. God’s gift is always perfect, and every new day is a gift from Him, enjoy it to the fullest. Good morning.

152. Whenever I am down, you are always available to lift me. Your kind words and encouragement are golden in its true sense. You a friend like no other. May you find help whenever you need it. Good morning.

153. God be praised for a gift of a new day. It’s particularly beautiful that I will be sharing the day with you. Good morning friend, can’t wait to see you.

154. Every gift is a treasure, but the gift of a new day is more than a treasure. Since we are waking up to another new day, let’s have a great one. Good morning.

155. All that is left of yesterday, are memories, but today being a real gift, there is an opportunity to rewrite every wrong of the past. Good morning friend.

156. Put your gift and talent to use today and fuel your dreams. It’s gonna be a great day. Good morning friend.

157. Smile and laugh out so loud today, enjoy the day to the fullest because there is not going to be another day like it. Good morning.

158. As you set out today, I pray you’ll be favoured in all you do and find fulfilment in all your undertaking. Good morning friend,

159. Go into the day with the belief that you’ll make a difference in it. Refuse to accept that it is just an ordinary day. Good morning.

160. I pray for you today that your day will be blessed beyond measure and that you’ll find happiness in all you do. Good morning friend.

161. Sending you to love from this part of the world. Brace up to a new day full of hope and plenty goodies. Good morning.

162. Fresh day, fresh hope and opportunity. Grab them all and make the best of them. Do have a great day ahead. Good morning.

163. Happy day awaits those who start off their day in happy moods. Never let anything rob you of your happiness today. Good morning.

164. Good morning to the world’s best friend. I am so blessed to have you, and I am thankful for all you represent in my life. Emzy your day be blessed.

165. There always something good about the morning, but the best of mornings are the ones I spent thinking about you. Have a good day ahead

166. You may have reasons to worry today, but why not concentrate all your thoughts on the positives of life. That is a better way to spend your day, good morning.

167. I bring you good tidings today, it’s going to be a great day. Good morning friend.

168. It’s a new day, gather your strength together and focus all your energy on winning and attaining new heights. Good morning friend.

169. Regardless of what the weather forecast predicts, the real forecast is that your day is going to be wonderful, good morning.

170. May the new day bring you all the new things you desire and make your dreams come true. Good morning.

171. Hello friend, forget all your sorrows and embrace the good things in your life. You only have one shot at today, make it count. Good morning.

172. I pray you to have a day as beautiful as our friendship and a lifetime of happiness. Good morning.

173. Good morning pal, trust your night was awesome, here is wishing you a more beautiful day ahead.

174. Hey bestie, I pray the day brings pleasant surprises your way just as you never stop bringing them to me. Good morning.

175. Nothing else matters in this world if friends like you don’t exist. You make my world go round. Have a stress free day ahead.

176. As you set out today, I pray you to receive the courage to make the right choices and strength to do enough for the day. Good morning.

177. Bestie, its a new day, I pray you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work today and that you find the day a rewarding one. Good morning.

178. No matter what you’ve achieved in the past, something greater is on your way today. Good morning friend.

179. I am sending you this message to express to you how much I care about you. May today be a great day for you. Good morning best.

180. Your work is blessed today and you are a blessing to your world. Good morning.

181. One thing that will make a huge difference for you today is your attitude. I know you won’t lose it. Good morning friend.

182. Good morning dear friend, let’s push again today like we always do. We are closer than we think. Have a rewarding day ahead.

183. I want to be the first person to tell you good morning, I hope you’ll do me the honour by reading my message first. Have a beautiful day today.

184. People meet for different reasons. But for us, it was for the purpose of blessing each other. May you be blessed today

185. If I can’t find a way to get around my day, a thought of you will do the magic for me. That’s how amazing you are. Good morning friend.

186. Be the best you can be today friend. It’s a day loaded with the best for you. Good morning.

187. Don’t be a lazy friend, it’s time for the hustle of the day. Good morning

188. Wake up, wake up, it’s a shining day already. God has a lot for you. Go grab them. Good morning.

189. A special friend deserves a special day, and that’s what you’ll have today. Good morning.

190. Having a wonderful friend like you is enough to have a good day. Good morning friend, do have an amazing day.

191. Good morning dear friend, I look forward to seeing you today.

192. A great day is guaranteed for those who start their day with the right thoughts. Think and act right today and always, Good morning dear.

193. Good morning dear friend, I believe you had a peaceful night. Determine to maximize the opportunity that comes your way today. Have a great day ahead.

194. This message is to remind you to always put on your smile today. Have a great day ahead dear.

195. Bestie, you have a special place in my heart, that’s why you are always in my thought and prayer every morning. Good morning.

196. Good morning friend, be grateful for the gift of a new day and be sure you do all your best to make a good use of the day.

197. It’s a brand new day and another opportunity for us to take another step to get closer to the goal. Let’s give it our best. Good morning.

198. I have just a few words to say to you this morning – stay focused. Good morning dear,

199. Do not feel comfortable with the achievements of the past, be thankful though, but be more determined to achieve even more. Good morning.

200. As the daybreak, welcome it with a smile and a heart of thanksgiving. Good morning my friend.

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