New Week Blessings

2023 Trending New Week Blessings for Someone Special

It’s a new week. Or a new week is about to start. And you’re looking for the best way to express the great blessings you have for someone that’s special to you.

Your search has come to an end because this page has over a hundred customized texts to be sent to your friends, family and people dear to you. Like you, we think blessing others should be a trending thing.

Copy and paste, or edit the ones you want to, and bless a week for someone today.

Happy New Week Quotes for Myself

If you deserve a welcome into the new week by yourself, these new week blessings quotes are all that you need. Check the table of contents or scroll down for new week blessings for people you care about.

1. I am special to myself and the world, and, this week, I will enjoy all the benefits of being special. Happy new week to myself.

2. The blessing of God that makes rich and adds no sorrow is all I’ll enjoy throughout this week and for the rest of my life. Happy new week to me.

3. This week, I’ll have a lot to thank God for. I’ll enjoy blessings so much that I’ll give them out too. Happy new week to my beautiful self.

4. This week will not drag me back. Instead, it will be filled with a lot of things I need to make progress. Happy new week to me.

5. This week, I’ll run into things that will contribute to my having a great time on earth. May my week be blessed.

6. Let me say a prayer for me: may blessings find in me a magnet too irresistible. Happy week to me.

7. All I need to progress this week is in me. This week, no one that is not me will drag myself backward. Happy week to myself.

8. I have the awesome mind of Christ, and it will help me to do great things this week that I enter into. I wish myself a great week.

9. I can’t wait for anyone to determine how my week will be. I know that it is going to be a great one. A great week ahead is mine.

10. This will be seven days of love and life. Everyday comes with its share of joy. And every hour brings a blessing I can talk about. Amen. Happy week to me.

11. May I be a good trendsetter this week and may nothing I do contribute to causing me failure. Happy new week to me.

12. I know that my week will be filled with joy and happiness, and this is me reminding myself. Happy new week to me.

13. I wish myself a happy new week and bless myself for favour and happiness this week. This week will treat me well.

14. No one will take my place this week and I will use my place for the betterment of all of humanity, to the glory of God. I will have a joyful week.

15. This week will be productive. Even my mistakes in the week will bless me very much. I will have a great week.

16. No week will leave me out of the goodies it brings for us. And this week won’t be different. Happy new week to me.

17. Every step I take this week leads me in the right direction and I pray I don’t get the things I crave for that will ruin me. Happy blessed week to me.

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18. This week will be so blessed that anyone who sees me at the end of it will call me blessed. Amen. Happy new week.

19. All that I desire from this week is that I get all I need to pay my debts. And I know I will get my desire. A blessed new week to me.

20. These seven days will pour more blessings than I can handle on me. Amen. A great week lies ahead for me.

Happy New Week Quotes for Friends

When your friend looks back at the end of the week, they should feel glad that your words were instrumental to how well the week went. These happy new week quotes for friends will make that happen.

21. May your week be as beautiful as your awesome friendship has been. Enjoy the days of the week. Happy new week.

22. Your week will bring you much joy and many favours, and you’ll end it with satisfaction. Happy new week to you, my friend.

23. May you not suffer losses this week, and every day in this week will leave you feeling really blessed. Amen. Have a great week.

24. How else can you run through this week without having reasons to smile every day? Enjoy yourself this week.

25. This year has been great for you, so far, and this week will not destroy the progress you’ve made. Have an awesome week.

26. Great things will follow you this week and you’ll be blessed beyond your knowledge. Have a full week of gladness, my dear friend.

27. If you’ve been mad at how you’ve performed at your business this month, then it’s changing this week, my friend. Have a nice week.

28. I pray for you, that your awesomeness will begin to work wonders for you this week, and that the results will be seen by you as proof. Have a great week.

29. The week ahead of you is a beautiful one. May you enjoy all the beauty it has for you, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Remain blessed throughout the week and beyond. Happy week, friend.

30. Blessings are already following you, but you’ll get a blessing this week that will change your life in a very beautiful way. Happy new week, my friend.

31. Happy new week to you, my friend. May the week give you more than last week gave you, and may it leave you a better person.

32. Happy new week to you, buddy. May people pray for your good too.

33. These days will see you rise to great heights or start an unending journey to great heights. Happy new week, friend.

34. May no one ever control your happiness and may you never stop having reasons to celebrate. Happy new week, my friend.

35. I see that you’ll so love this week that you’ll name it after your wife. Enjoy the week, fam.

36. You’re special, to me, and you’ll get a blessing you consider special this week. Amen. Happy new week.

37. May trouble run from you this week and may you not walk into it either. Happy new week, dear.

38. No prize set for anyone that harms you will be won, and this is not just for this week. Happy new week, paddy.

39. Everyone around you will see to it that you have a lovely week. Happy new week, friend.

40. In one day, you’ll achieve what takes others weeks to achieve. And you’ll do this everyday this week. Happy new week to you.

Happy New Week Quotes for Him or Her

A simple and working way to have a greater push for the new week is to engage the habit of using Quotes whether for yourself or someone else. With these new week blessings and new week quotes, your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, colleagues and family members can sure do more. You can also get some for yourself – check the table of contents for more details.

41. May the week give you more display of love from me, because you’ll love it. Enjoy your week, my love.

42. This week will be your turn to experience the best of earth, trust me. Happy new week, baby.

43. I can’t say more than I know and I know that life will treat you kindly this week. Happy new week, love.

44. I want to say a prayer for me, but I know I’ll enjoy all you have, so I pray you get all we need this week. Happy week to you, darling.

45. I know that you’re set up for something amazing this week. And I pray you don’t miss it, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Enjoy every day in the week, dear.

46. Without stressing more than you should, you’ll get more out of this week than you deserve. Happy new week to you, honey.

47. Happy new week to you, my heart. May your hours be blessed in visible ways. Enjoy.

48. My sweetheart, I cannot say you’ve not made me smile. May you smile, this week, more than you’ve ever smiled in a week in the past. Happy week to you.

49. Dearest, may I give you more of what I have that you need this week. Funny, but I’m for real. Happy new week.

50. My honey, may this week taste like honey in your mouth. May the memories of this week bring fulfillment to you. Amen. Happy new week.

51. Dearie, I don’t see who else will be more blessed than you in this new week. Enjoy every bit of it.

52. My sweetheart, when I think of this week, I see you being more loved than you’ve ever been. Happy week to you.

53. If I ever tell you something negative about this week, remember to remind me that this week has only good for you. Enjoy the week, babe.

54. How else can God show how much he loves you than by making this week memorable for you? Happy great week to you, love.

55. May the blessings of the world find you and bless you in a way you’ll like this week. Amen. Happy new week, my heart.

56. Your productivity this week will amaze you. I say you’ll enjoy a new week, yeah? Love you, babe.

57. The truth about this week is that you’ll not be able to run from the blessings that will be sent to you. They must get to you. Happy new week, love.

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58. A lot of goodies will become part of our house from this week till forever. Amen. Happy new week, darling.

59. This week will be so kind to you that you’ll find it almost impossible to forget. Happy new week, honey.

60. Babe, I’ve never met a girl like you. So, this week, may you meet a blessing like what you’ve never met before. Happy week to you.

Happy New Week Quotes for Family Members

These happy new week quotes and blessings for your family members can surely make their days if you wouldn’t hesitate to send one or a few.

61. May our family see better days this week and may we not lose anything good. Happy new week to you, and us.

62. Hello, bro. I love to announce to you that everything will favour you this week. Amen. Enjoy the new week, fam.

63. I understand how hard things are these days, but I know you’ll enjoy this week. Happy new week, sister.

64. How hard can it be for men to bless you this week? How hard? Enjoy the blessings, dear. Happy new week.

65. Every day, terrible things happen. But the opposite of that will be your week. Happy new week, dear.

66. Truth is that you’ll laugh throughout this week. And I mean it. Enjoy. Happy new week to you.

67. Hello, fam. Our days will be filled with love and our nights with peace. Our week will be more than these. Happy new week, dear.

68. Hey, dear. This week told me that you’re its favourite person. All I ask is that you remember me while it blesses you. Happy new week.

69. Because you’re part of my family, I bless you with joy and love this week. I’ll wait for your testimonies. Happy new week, fam.

70. I love you, mom. And you’ll only see good this week. Happy new week to you.

71. Hey, dad. Your efforts at work this week will bring amazing results. Happy new week to you.

72. You’ll realise how blessed you are this week. Amen. Enjoy the week.

73. Happy new week, brother boy. Enjoy the week and the very best of the week.

74. You’ll eat all the good from this week, both the bread and the crumbs. Enjoy the new week, fam.

75. Blessings will be partial this week because they will always look out for you first. Happy new week to you.

76. Everything that comes to you and leaves you this week does so for your good. Enjoy every part of the week, dear.

77. I want to bless you this new week, but I’m thinking of what to bless you with because all the blessings I can think of are already yours this week. Happy new week, darling.

78. Tell me why you’re so blessed, reveal the secret. I’m looking out to see the results of the blessings you’ll enjoy this week. Happy new week, dear.

79. I just know two things. That God loves you and that he won’t make you forget this week in a hurry with the way he’ll make you enjoy it. Happy new week, dear.

80. There are truths and lies. One of my favourite truths is how blessed you are this week. Enjoy the week, love.

81. You won’t enjoy what’s trending, but what’s best for you. Enjoy the best of the week.

82. I cannot bless you beyond how God can. So God bless you. Happy new week to you, dear.

83. You’ll rock so much this week that actual rocks will be intimidated. Have a great and blessed week.

84. This year has been awesome, but this week will be a super week for you. Enjoy the best of the week.

85. Great things will fight to take a place in your life. Just share them with me. You know I love you, right? Happy new week to you, fam.

86. Hey, dear. This week will be so awesome to you that you’ll talk about it for a long while. Happy new week to you.

87. Your mistakes will not stop you from getting to the place you want to get to. Amen. Happy new week to you.

88. Happy new week to you, dear. Everyday will leave you with smiles.

89. I want to hear from you this week and I want to hear of beautiful things only. Happy new week to you, dear.

90. This week will be a “special kind of miracle” to you. Happy new week, bro.

91. Everything you will experience this week will only bring good to you. Enjoy your week, dear.

92. You won’t be able to explain how blessed you are by the end of the week. Happy new week to you, dear.

93. The week will be more than amazing to you, and you’ll love it. Happy new week.

94. If this week doesn’t go awesomely for you, then the world would have been worse. Happy new week to you, dear.

95. Happy new week to you. The week will be a really happy and blessed one for you.

96. Happy new week to you, dearie. You’ll be so blessed this week that you’ll leave jaws dropping.

97. Everyone that will know what happened to you this week will wonder how awesome your life was in it. And it can only get better for you. Happy new week.

98. Every day, beautiful things happen, but the days in your week will beat them all. Happy new week.

99. The best of the earth is yours for this week and beyond. Enjoy the week, my dear.

100. You’re freer, stronger and more efficient this week. Happy new week.

101. This week, you’ll do all you have to do. Happy new week to you.

102. May every effort you put this week into getting something good not be wasted. Enjoy the best of the week.

103. You’ll definitely get more than you ask of this week. Enjoy. Happy new week to you, dear.

104. This will truly be “your week”. Enjoy the week.

105. “What do we say to the god of failure?” “Not this week.” Happy new week to you.

106. The story of your week will be one others will want to have of their weeks. Happy new week to you.

107. I bless you with all good things this week. Enjoy every part of it.

108. I can tell you about your week. It will be a very beautiful one. Enjoy the week.

109. You did not go through many years only to have a bad week this week. Enjoy your week.

110. You’ll get at least one of the blessings you consider special this week. Amen. Enjoy the new week.

111. Someone like you deserves the best from the week, and you won’t get any less than you deserve. Happy week to you.

112. For you, this week will be one filled with testimonies. Happy new week to you and your family.

113. I don’t know how much you expect of this week, but I know you’ll get more than you expect. Happy new week to you, fam.

114. May your joy not take a break this week. Amen. Happy new week to you.

115. I love everything about how your week will be because I love good things. Happy new week to you, friend.

116. At the end of this week, we’ll hear that your faith got stronger and that you got better. Happy new week to you, friend.

117. May peace not leave you even Gordon a minute this week. In Jesus’ name Amen. Enjoy your week.

118. Your week will be a sign to the world that God still blesses his children explicitly. Happy new week to you, dear.

119. I love how your week will be. Filled with love and kindness to and from you. Happy new week.

120. Someone you look out for will get better this week. Happy new week, buddy.

There you have it. Our Trending New Week Blessings for Someone Special. We are sure you love this collection. We would love it if you share it with people you love. Would you?


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