2023 Best Ever Exam Wishes for Friends

Success into the next phase of our lives is the sole reason for every examination.

Whether tests, exams in school, interviews, and many others, it is of kindness, heedfulness and most of all, of love to wish for success and most importantly to send a very inspirational and the best ever exam wishes to those lovely friends of yours in this year, 2023.

Therefore search through this beautiful and motivational list of the 2023 best ever exam wishes for friends. A trial will definitely bring you back for more!

The engine is on….. let’s ride on!


Exam Success Wishes and Prayers for Friends

Amazing Examination Wishes and Prayers for My Lovely Friend. Awesome Exam Prayers for My Friend.

1. May all your efforts be crowned with favour and excellence in this examination. You shall come out successfully. Wishing you the best of luck!

2. Everything shall work in your favour in this examination. Nothing shall be of hindrance to you in any form. Success all the way!

3. May you be blessed with wisdom and retentiveness to succeed in this examination. Distinctions shall be your testimony. Success!

4. The results of your examination shall make you burst into rejoicing and you shall never be depressed at the sight of your results. Best wishes, friend.

5. Endeavour to put in your best in this examination. May the mercy of God go with you and cause favour to follow all your papers to bring them all back with distinctions. Success galore!

6. May all your writings and answers be exactly what is needed for the best of results. All your papers shall be successful. Remain blessed dearest friend.

7. Try not to accommodate fear and anxiety but stay calm, study hard and remain focused. Good success shall be yours. Best wishes!

8. Hey, friend, study to show yourself approved by the examiners. Ensure to go through each question vividly. May you come out with distinctions all through.

9. May you be blessed with wisdom that will make you conquer every mountain of difficult questions successfully. Go with this assurance, dearie.

10. Exams are meant to test a person’s ability and competence. May this examination find you prepared and capable enough. Best of luck!

11. Failure shall not find expression in you and through you. Success and excellence shall be yours all through.

12. Ensure not to be nervous neither allow fear overcome you. This exam shall be to you as A B C.

13. May all your hard work and effort be paid off with great excellence and success. Happy examination, great results!

14. May this examination be to you as the sweetness of chocolate and the breaking of a bone. Grace to succeed shall be granted to you.

15. Goodness and mercy shall go with you in these exams and you shall be termed successful.

16. May all your papers find favour in the sight of your examiners. You shall be graced distinctively.

17. As you go into the exam hall, not a bit of all you read shall be forgotten but you shall pen down all that is needed to be written. Wishing a superb result at the end.

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18. Hello dear, none of your subjects neither questions is above the intellect God has deposited in you. Go dear and bring back joyful celebration!

19. May you find all questions easy for you to attempt even when only asked to answer a specified number of questions. You shall come out with flying beautiful colours.

20. Make sure you read every instruction vividly and at least twice. And try not to be so hasty in answering your questions. I wish you all the best.

21. As you go for this interview, may you find favour and kindness in the sight of your examiners. Your credentials shall be pleased with and all questions asked shall be correctly answered. Wishing you all the best.

22. By the reason of this examination, you shall be uplifted to the next level of your life. Your brilliancy shall be termed as off the hook. Best of luck!

23. Relax friend, those questions are just a tip of an iceberg for you. May you pass all remarkably well.

24. As you are about going in for your interview, relax, take off every anxiousness and believe all is well. For you shall come out a winner. The job is yours already.

25. May the mercy of God follow you to your exam hall, bring to your remembrance all you have read and also give you success in all your papers.

26. Nothing shall stand against your success. You shall be termed a victorious person. My best wishes!

27. May these exams bring you nothing short of distinctions and excellence. Make sure you read well.

28. Hello brilliant, I believe in God that you will not just answer those questions but you will deal mercilessly with them. May the mercy of God cause you to come out excellently.

29. Grace to explore, strength to perform remarkably well in all your exams and mercy to rejoice at the end of this examination, all your these shall be granted to you in abundance.

30. May the Spirit of God bring to your remembrance all you have read and grant you speed in writing all that is required. Success galore!

31. Hello friend, I wish you all the best in this examination. May you be moved to a greater height by the reason of this examination. I love you, friend.

32. My friend, I know you are brilliant. May you find this exam very easy for you. May God grant you a remarkable success.

33. As you are about starting your exams, failure shall not be your portion but good success shall be known of you.

34. May you be highly favoured as you go for this examination. You shall write what is expected to be written for excellent scores.

35. Hello friend, I wish that all of your writing materials shall not be of problem to you but all shall work out for your success. Amen.

36. Dearest friend, hope you had a great night? I hope you read well? May all you read be the points questions will be set from. Success shall be yours!

37. May the goodness of the Lord be as a shield for your life and success shall be certain for you.

38. I pray that examiners shall be happily confused with what score to give you for you shall perform distinctively.

39. The Lord shall give you the wisdom that will tackle every question in accordance with the right understanding. Excellence is yours!

40. May you be questioned in all the areas you are very well prepared for. The favour of God shall be with you.

41. My very best wishes for you and the very best of the best in this examination of yours. You shall find among the first of the best.

42. May you find favour in the sight of God and your examination markers. Write well, cute friend.

43. The light of God shall lighten upon you. May you perform very well and above expectations for good in this examination. Best of luck, darling friend.

44. This examination shall be to you a stepping stone into greater height for you, dearest friend. Happy writing.

45. Read well, study hard and play a little. Go, do your best, leave the rest and God shall crown you with the best of results.

46. This is just of faith, I am already celebrating that your result is outstanding, friend. Love you!

47. As you go for this examination, may you be blessed with wisdom and a retentive memory to answer all questions correctly. Success all the way.

48. At the end of this examination, good grades shall be recorded for you. Remain focused, dear friend.

49. Hello friend, go into that exam hall like the champion you are and come out victoriously. The Lord is your strength.

50. Confidently go into this examination, take away fear and deal with every question confidently. May your results be outstanding.

51. May the grace of God be sufficient for you in making you succeed in all your papers. Happy writing, friend.

52. May everything within and around you be at peace to make you sound in mind and able to answer all questions correctly. Best of luck!

53. Hello friend, this examination is just another opportunity to go higher in your pursuit in life. Wishing the very best of wishes.

54. May the grace of God come upon you to bring out the genius in you even to come out in flying colours in this examination.

55. May your answers to every question not be found incorrect or inadequate but you shall pen down all answers to the astonishing of your examiners. Your papers shall find favour.

56. Your success in this examination shall be remarkable all through. Write well, friend.

57. May you be graced to pen down the right words and solutions to every question that will be given in this examination. All your papers shall be favoured.

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58. Your pen, pencils and every other writing materials shall not give you any form of problem. All shall work for your good.

59. Time shall be on your side. Ensure to be more careful and well prepared, friend. I wish you a profound Success!

60. All questions asked in this exam shall be as simple and easy as the counting of numbers. May you not underwrite or overwrite. Excellence is yours.

61. You shall be granted the grace to write the exact answer as it is meant to be written. May all your efforts be crowned with excellence.

62. May you be endowed with the wisdom to tackle every question correctly. The Lord shall grant you success all through.

63. Hello lovely friend, I am wishing you a very good and outstanding performance in your examination. Read well!

64. My dearest friend, as you go for this exam, the Lord goes with you. May you come out more successful than your contemporaries. Study hard! I love you so much.

65. I pray that the hand of the Lord shall guide your hand in writing down the right answers needed for this examination. Favour shall find your papers.

66. May you dispense the correct answers for distinction all through in this examination. More success to you.

67. There shall be no form of hindrances that will stop the flow of your understanding of each question and the right dispensing of answers expected. I wish you success and excellence all the way.

68. May all what you have read be all that is expected to be written down. Success shall be a surety for you.

69. In this examination, dear friend, I am certain that no stone shall be left unturned. Wishing you success all the way. Go with this assurance!

70. May the spirit of excellence come upon you for this examination to perform excellently well. Best of luck, friend.

71. May you graciously blessed to give your examiners a reason to be in search of the owner of your scripts. For your results shall be beyond the roof. Success all the way!

72. Hello friend, may every form of fear and curiosity be taken away from you, may you receive the courage, health and wisdom to write your exams well and come out successful.

72. I wish you success and favour in your exams. You shall be no reason to gnash your teeth or be weighed down at the sight of your results. Remain blessed, dear friend.

73. Dearest friend, I wish for you in this examination, that you shall not forget all what you have read and all that is needed to be pen down. May your paper find favour everywhere it passes through. God be with you!

74. The eagles soar high in the sky. May you soar higher and higher in all your endeavours even as you write this examination. Go, lovely friend, the Lord is with you.

75. It is my prayer for you this day, that as you are about starting your exams, you shall be in good health and have a sound mind even to do well.

76. Never feel low of yourself or any less inferior as you go for this interview. Awaken that courage in you and overcome every obstacle set before you.

77. Hey best friend, I wish you an outstanding success in your forthcoming examination. Study hard and relax well.

78. We shall have enough reason to celebrate at the end of your papers friend. I love you so dearly.

79. Hello friend, ensure to do your part by studying very hard and praying and I believe the mercy of God shall fulfill their part in bringing you a remarkable success. Put this in mind!

80. May the grace and mercy of God follow you and bring you a good success as you go for your examination. Failure shall not find expression in you.

81. It is of a low standard if I wish you 80 or 90% for I believe the grace of God shall be abundant upon you to make you score 100%. This is my confession of faith on your behalf, claim it, friend. Ensure to study very hard.

82. May the peace from God fill your heart as you go for this examination. You shall not be overwhelmed with any form of disturbances that can hinder your easy flow. Excellent grades are yours!

83. Hey, my brilliant friend, I place you before God this day that as you go for your examination, you shall not experience any form of setbacks and disturbances. May you be completely free to perform exceedingly great. Go and do exploits!

84. Dear friend, as you go for this examination, peace shall fill your heart and you shall write out all answers correctly as required. May you be favoured and successful.

85. Excellent grades and unquestionable success shall your portion in this examination. Remain focused, dear friend.

86. Be positive and calm. This exam is done and dusted.

87. The determination and strength to perform distinctively well shall be bestowed upon you. Go and do exploits.

88. Your future and the next level of your life shall be determined by this examination. Study very hard, relax your mind and do all your best.

89. May you set all the blocks of answers in this examination rightly, may you be granted mercy to build a beautiful and remarkable result.

90. Study very hard and put on the right attitude to answer all questions correctly.

91. May God shall bless you with an outstanding result at the end of this examination. Make sure you study hard.

92. May you be granted the wisdom to comprehend every question and give the correct answers to them. Excellence all the way.

93. Retentive memory and a sharp mind to perform exceedingly outstanding in this examination for you. Your success is guaranteed.

94. Don’t fret or panic. This exam shall be as A, B, C to you. And your victory shall be certain.

95. Don’t try to prove anything. Go, give your best and conquer. Excellence is your watchword.

96. Maintain your precision and keep to time. This exam is already done and dusted.

97. Make sure you abide by all the rules and regulations of this examination. Success is guaranteed for you.

98. Cute friend, go out there and do us proud, success awaits you.

99. Take out tension and fidgeting. I believe you are ready. Go out there and do us proud.

100. Ensure to have adequate readiness for this exam for a well deserved and wonderful result is waiting ahead of you.

101. Use your time wisely, study rightly and you shall come out victoriously.

102. I’m sure you are well prepared. Do ensure to make us proud.

103. Go into the exam hall, defeat those questions for victory is certain for you.

104. I admire your brilliancy. This gives me the assurance that this exam is done and dusted. Wishing you the very best.

105. Hey friend, I want you to know that behind every examination is a remarkable success. Wishing you all the best.

106. May you see all questions as a cheap and easy to answer. Your success shall not be disputed.

107. May your intelligence not fail you. The grace of God shall bring you success all through.

108. One of the best things to do in this examination period is to take off every bordering issue on your heart. Success all the way!

109. In this exam, take away fear, dissolve anxiety and embrace excellence and be of top notch.

110. Read well, revise vividly and success shall be guaranteed.

111. All your efforts shall be decorated with unquestionable success as you write this examination. Failure is not an option for you.

112. May you read in accordance with every question set. Ensure to interpret all questions well.

113. May you be blessed with a remarkably distinctive result in this examination.

114. I pray that the mercy of God would make you of outstanding excellence in the outcome of your result.

115. Hello friend, I wish for you a more remarkable success in this examination. Better than the previous ones.

116. May all your hard work and diligence for this examination be rewarded with success. More progress!

117. The sky shall be your beginning, not your limit. Soar higher dear friend.

118. May you surpass every expected answer and come out superbly outstanding.

119. May the peace from God flood your heart, may all your lingering issues be resolved and may you perform exceedingly great in this examination.

120. Exams are to test our abilities and capabilities and this one is no difference. Therefore be positive and stay calm. I wish you success all the way.

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