Always Thinking of You Messages and Quotes 2

2024 Always Thinking of You Messages and Quotes

Sometimes you smile to yourself when thoughts of them cross through your mind. And of course, you will definitely want to share with this special person that you think of them always.

You want to share with them what exactly is going on in your mind, what you think of them.

This is the reason, “I am always thinking” of you quotes is quite necessary

Here is a wide collection of messages and quotes that you can send to that beloved person that you’re always thinking of them in 2024.

I Will Forever Thinking of You Quotes and Sayings

I will forever and always think about you messages. Always thinking of you sayings for loved ones.

1. Let me tell you a secret; more than anything or anyone, you are always on my mind.

2. Sometimes I worry and I am not happy that you are not here with me. I think of you always.

3. You have nothing to fear as you are in the safest place on the planet, my heart.

4. I don’t know what you are doing right now and I am a bit bothered. I hope you’re good?

5. You don’t cross my mind, you are always there.

6. I make it a point of duty to always hold you dear and keep you near. You are always in my mind.

7. I don’t want this to go away, you are in my heart always.

8. It feels odd when you are not here with me, but then the assurance that you are always in my heart is just enough.

9. I have so many tasks to finish at the same time, but the most interesting of it is that I am thinking of you all the time.

10. I don’t know what you did to me but I am thinking of you always.

11. Days, hours and minutes are nothing to me as I am thinking of you always.

12. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you, always.

13. The beginning, the body and end of my thoughts is you and only you.

14. Thoughts of you are enough to boost me for each day.

15. Nothing beats the joy that thinking of you always brings me.

16. You have a special place with me, I think of you every moment of the day.

17. One thing I am sure of is you have become a special part of me as I am always thinking of you.

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18. You are special to me, you are always in my thought.

19. Thanks for coming to my life and being a blessing, you rock my world greatly.

20. I don’t know what you are doing now, but be rest assured that I am thinking of you always.

21. Seasons may come and go but know that you will always be on my mind.

22. My heart beats for you always, nothing is going to change my love for you.

23. You don’t know what you mean to me, you are the second version of me.

24. I will hold you close to my heart as that is what you deserve. I am thinking of you always.

25. My words and thoughts are just for you, you are my life.

26. No matter how busy my days may be, one thing is certain and that is I am thinking of you always.

27. I don’t want to disturb you, I just hope you know my heart thinks for you always.

28. You own my heart forever as you are always in it.

29. You are going nowhere you got this heart thinking of you already.

30. You mean the world to me, you are safe in my heart always.

31. Completely, you own my world, you are my heart desire.

32. Thanks for giving me the gift of your love. You are in mine forever.

33. So many things you are to me, numbers of things I want to say but the most important is you are my foremost thoughts.

34. I want you. I need you most importantly, you are always in my mind.

35. Have you noticed your heart skips atimes? That’s when you miss a step in my mind.

36. You don’t have to worry about a thing anymore, my heart has got you in it always.

37. You are stuck in my thoughts forever.

38. My mind has a space of its own, and you are the only occupant.

39. Even if you are not here physically, you are always in my mind.

40. My heart, body and soul are sold out to you alone. I think of you always.

41. I am happy to share my heart with you, I love that I can think of you always.

42. Nothing will change my love for you, my heart beats for you always.

43. I don’t want to miss you too much, the more reason I keep you in my heart so that I can think of you always.

44. Can you hear the silent waiting from my heart? That’s me thinking of you always.

45. You are stuck in my heart always, that’s why I can think of you all I want.

46. I know you are so much that my heart automatically thinks of you always.

47. No matter the distance thoughts of you always brings you closer to me.

48. You put smiles on my face that thoughts of you are the only thing in my heart.

49. I give my all to you, I can’t stop thinking about you.

50. I miss that you are not here, the only comfort I have is that you are in my thoughts.

51. I can’t stop thinking about you, never.

52. Thanks for giving me the amazing feeling that you are always in my thoughts.

53. Our love is beyond comprehension, you are clear in my thoughts as I can see you.

54. Thanks for completing me, thoughts of you gives me the strength that I need.

55. You are my dearest love, the one that envelopes my thoughts.

56. As much as my hand cannot reach you, my heart held tightly to the thoughts of you.

57. You in my thoughts affirms that you are mine.

58. Your name and smiles are engraved in my thoughts forever.

59. Your love has taken over me that my thoughts are just that of you.

60. Just the way I dreamed and wanted it, my heart holds you very close.

61. I want to spend every moment with you, this is why I will keep you in my heart every moment.

62. You are the only one that I love, the only yearnings of my heart.

63. Till the beats of my heart cease, I will always think of you.

64. Even when there is nothing to think about, you are always in my thoughts.

65. You have touched my heart that my thoughts are no longer mine but yours.

66. There is no way I can not think of you, you are my life.

67. Thoughts of you have made nothing else to really matter.

68. I think of you, even when I am asleep.

69. Don’t you feel light atimes? That’s because thoughts of you weigh in my heart.

70. Nothing else matters than the fact that I think of you always.

71. You complete me, I can’t help but think of you always.

72. I love that you are in my thoughts, it gives me strength always.

73. Thoughts of you are enough to keep me awake even at night.

74. Even if you are not here with me, the thoughts of you in my mind keeps me warm.

75. Thinking of you is not as hard as I thought it would be, you are a treasure.

76. I am rich in my thoughts as you are always inside it.

77. I think of you always, this is a sole reason I smile always.

78. No matter what, just remember that I am always thinking of you.

79. Thinking of you has become a part of me that I see you in everything around me.

80. I can not just stop thinking of you, you are all I want and love.

81. We are what we are thinking of. Is it safe to say I am You?

82. Thoughts of you bring you closer to me, more than you can ever imagine.

83. The distance between us does not matter, you are in my thought always.

84. My days are short, I don’t get enough time to think of you as I want.

85. Thinking of you and loving you is my pastime.

86. You can be rest assured that no one thinks of you as much as I do.

87. I think of you today, always and forever.

88. Thoughts of you are the source of constant happiness.

89. Loving you is not hard at all, the thoughts are just enough for me.

90. I want you to know that I miss you so much as I think of you.

91. Thinking of you is my relaxation.

92. Even if we are far apart, I see you every day in my thoughts.

93. You are my beloved, you are my sweetest thoughts.

94. I hope you know that I have held and hug you in my thoughts.

95. Thinking of you is what I enjoy the most.

96. I smile a lot as I always think of you.

97. Thanks for making your home in my thoughts.

98. Thoughts of you keep me alive.

99. I am not alone here, thoughts of you are my constant companions.

100. Your eyes, lips and smile are entrenched in my memory, I see them in my thoughts always.

101. You get a mansion in my thoughts.

102. My hobby is thinking of you always.

103. You have fully occupied my mind that I have no time of thinking about anything else other than you.

104. Loving and thinking of you are the best thing I do.

105. You are the only direction that my thoughts take.

106. You are always in my head and thoughts.

107. I am alone here, thoughts of you is enough company.

108. The only constant thing about me is the thoughts of you.

109. Thoughts of you keep me awake all night, but then I really don’t care.

110. I can’t sleep at nights, it makes me aware that I am awake in your dreams.

111. Thoughts of you is enough to moisten my heart.

112. I don’t even want to think of how to stop thinking about you.

113. You are in the most wonderful place in the world: My thoughts.

114. You are right. I am definitely thinking about you right now.

115. Thinking of you day and night has become a perfect habit for me.

116. My happiness lies having you in my thoughts always.

117. Thoughts of you make me smile.

118. The first when I wake up in the morning and the last of my thoughts at night that’s what you are.

119. Thanks for occupying my thoughts always.

120. Thinking of you is my addiction.

121. I can’t do without thinking of you.

122. There is nothing else you can do other than to occupy my heart and let me think of you always.

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