How to Reach God

How to Reach God – Effective Ways of Prayer

Throughout the pages of the Bible, you will come across many instances of believers praying. Even Christ, who is the son of God, prayed. Yet, many Christians struggle to pray as they are not aware of the effective ways to pray. Connecting to our Lord is not difficult, and your prayer requests can be simple and easy. Check out the following effective ways to pray.

  1. Pray Over Verses in the Bible 

Do you remember any such occasion where there was a one-sided chat with another person who went on talking continuously without actually giving you a chance to speak? We are sure that the conversation was not quite fruitful. Many believers do the same when they pray to God without going through the Bible. If you read Scripture, you can get closer to our Lord. It will also bring life to your prayers.

So, if you are serious about having a more meaningful conversation with Him, read Scripture. Pray over one of the verses that touch you.

  1. Ensure that Prayer Becomes an Integral Feature of your Day

Try this beautiful experiment as early as possible. Begin and end every day with prayer. Prayers can be short and you may repeat them throughout the day. You can request our Lord to assist you with your to-do list.

Say a quick prayer for your child or spouse as you give them a hug. You can also pray for the person you have been speaking to. Find out those prayer moments, which work for your life.

  1. Pray with Expectation 

Prayer ceases to be a lively and effective exercise when we stop looking for answers. Christ wants us to expect Our Lord to work. When you pray, you communicate with the Almighty. It also means you thank Him, confess to Him after doing something wrong, praise Him, or express a special wish you have. Prayer may also mean simply speaking to Him as one does with their friends.

You may also have an urgent prayer request for the well-being of your loved ones. Learning the correct way to pray is all about entering into a strong bond with Him. Any relationship is created in moments of close connection.

All these moments of connection bring you closer to another individual. Many of these bonds are created on the foundation of communication – the way you say the words and the words you choose. However, how do you do that with our Lord?

Your prayers become more exciting when you are cautious and wait for His answers. There are many answers believers miss when they do not expect Him to respond.

You are never too late. Do not get demotivated if you get distracted like many other people. Simply, try to return on track. Pray and wait for God’s responses, so that you may thank Him. Our Lord may not respond in the same way you expect. Yet, His responses will be always better than your expectations.

  1. Make Your Prayers Multi-Sensory and Active 

God made all of us creative beings. So, why shouldn’t we incorporate creativity also into our prayer lives? For example, even lighting a scented candle can transmit a signal to the brain. Also, listening to music can help to focus on our Lord. Several people enjoy painting, drawing, or doodling while praying.

You should not forget that there is no compulsion to sit quietly for praying. That means you can pray even on a walking trail. When you say your prayer loudly, your mind can remain engaged.

  1. Keep Your Prayers Simple

Many people feel that they have to use persuasive and passionate words for our Lord to hear us. However, the reality is God responds to even our shortest and most simple prayers.

Martin Luther had once said, “The fewer the words, the better the prayer.” Now, that’s an extremely reassuring sentence. The beauty of prayer is that you can communicate to Him in everyday language. You can use the same language that is used to chat with a friend. It means we do not have to say long prayers. Our Lord is happy even with a few simple words.

Prayer is considered to be a supernatural activity. Pause, and contemplate about it for a few minutes. You are conversing with a God, who is different from any other person you could ever converse with.

It is true that he has qualities and a personality you can relate to and understand. However, do not expect to relate to Him in the same way you would do to a family member or close friend.

How Can The Salvation Garden Help You?

Irrespective of what the occasion is, prayer helps you to build a stronger bond with God. We, The Salvation Garden, provide you the opportunity to send your online prayer request for all reasons.

After you have entered your prayer requests online, your next step is to select the Holy Church where you would like us to take your prayers. We can also deliver your prayer request to all five Holy Sites if you wish us to do so. However, you should make it a habit to pray daily from your home even after sending your prayer requests through us.

The best part is we won’t charge you for submitting your prayers online as we do not believe in making money. The Salvation Garden feels privileged to pray at the Holy Land on your behalf. We collect your donations to cover our costs related to travel, print messages, security arrangements, and photography.

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