Spice Up Romance in Your Bedroom

6 Cute Ways to Spice Up Romance in Your Bedroom

I know you desire more in your bedroom! Almost everyone has gotten to that point where they want to spice up things a little more.

You might have been through life and events that have made your romantic life simmer down like a jug of hot coffee left in the snow. Perhaps the same person you fell in love with and made you melt at first glance might have become so busy that those bedroom skills have begun to wane.

But that’s alright. It is not too late to ignite the fire of fantasy again.

Of course, the bedroom isn’t meant for sleeping and dressing up alone. There are so much more adventures and escapades to be explored in there by couples like you.

Are you ready and eager to learn the tips and tricks that will make your heart race faster in your bedroom? If yes, this piece was specially written with you in mind. Yes, you!

By the time you are done reading this article, you will likely put a call through your significant other and give him or her a hint of what is about to happen in a few hours from now – an electrifying romance that will make your skin pores release some juicy sweats. Let’s go!

1. Renew Your Foreplay With Oil

Yes, I know you’ve been worried about what else to add to your foreplay time, especially if you’ve both known your erotic zones already and you think there’s nothing more to know. Let me shock you – there’s always something more to know and that extra thing to know can come alive when you use something slippery like oil. Have you tried to explore each other’s bodies with the aid of that nice-smelling oil that will keep you both locked into each other’s arms for several minutes? Essential oils like Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose and Jasmine oil can really get you both in the mood. Foreplay isn’t something to ignore in your bedroom because it gets your body and mind thrilled and ready to enjoy with your lover.

2. Try New Positions

I bet you, there are tens of positions you haven’t even tried yet. There are over 60 explosive sex positions but I guess you have not explored a significant number of them because you think one or two positions work perfectly for you. Hey, don’t stop. It’s time to do something different and make your hormones scream for joy! You could send a few pictures to your lover to let him or her know you really want to try a particular position you just found out. I am damn sure your request would receive a positive reply.

3. Use Sex Toys

From vibrators, dildos, penis toys, to strap-ons, there are limitless options for your sex life. You might want to test a variety of them to know the perfect choice for you and your lover. Seen these ones on Bedbible? With the aid of its special features, Vibrators for instance – as a newbie – can make you vibrate with ecstasy and get you really aroused while your clitoris is being stimulated by your lover boy. As a lady, you can also use a pocket pussy on his penis while he moans for more as you gently stroke it.

4. Use Another Bedroom

Chores, bills, activities and family events can really take a huge chunk of your time and make you lose interest in your bedroom activities totally. However, when you change your environment by making your body move out of your routines, you will likely respond in an amazing way you have never felt in a long time. Skip your routines once in a while and make your romantic life as sweet as you have always desired it to be. You could also introduce a bit of roughness since you are no longer at home where the kids might think you are having a fight or wondering why the house is scattered. However, whether you choose to take control, pull hair, hold her down, spank or pull quickly, ensure you have got the consent ahead of time to be rough so that it is not going to be an assault.

5. Talk Dirty

Yeah, words are so powerful and have the ability to turn on even the most boring bedroom stunts. You could start by reminding your lover how you first started the journey of your love and how you were flirty with each other. Then, go deeper and spice up things by saying words like “I want to make you scream for more”, “I want to feel you deep inside of me” and other erotic words that would do the trick. The most important thing is to ensure you are both emotionally connected to each other and you speak those words from the depth of your heart. At this point, you could also communicate your preferences and get to know how you both feel physically before you really get down into the game.

6. Introduce Foods

Licking the icecream on her nipples or exchanging sweets in each other’s mouths could make you both spend more time moaning and groaning for pleasure. Honey and other sweet liquids can be rubbed on each other’s bodies to make the seemingly tasteless parts of your body become as sweet as the foods you are introducing. You could make this choice together or make it a surprise for him or her. Smear it on your partner’s body and watch him or her take deep breath of titillating pleasure.


From kisses to quickies, you can not ignore some romantic gestures that has always been in existence. However, to make it a little more interesting and memorable, you could try any of the tips listed above in your bedroom. Do not limit yourselves to what you are already accustomed to, as there are a thousand and one ways to bring that spark into your life. A happy you is a happy bedroom and by extension, a happy home. So, make good use of these romantic gestures and lighten up the atmosphere of your bedroom. While you are at it, remember that a breathtaking romance is a perfect combination of mental and physical activities.

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