Quotes to Cheer Up Your Best Friend

2024 Best Inspirational Quotes to Cheer Up Your Best Friend

Life in all its ravishing beauty still has its dark shades and unpleasant moments. No matter how good, wealthy, knowledgeable, acquired or well-exposed one might be, there are still down moments one cannot handle all alone.

So, when moments like this come up, how do you handle them? What do you do when you don’t just know what to do? Do you just give up or you simply recede to fate?

How much more when you have a good friend who is going through a lot. How do you help him/her handle his/her situations before things go haywire?

Nothing is more inspiring than helping someone who’s in his/her challenging moments. So, here, you will find the cutest and most adorable 2024 quotes to help cheer up your best friend.

Let’s go there…

Quotes to Cheer Up Your Best Friend

Sweet Quotes to Cheer Up Your Lovely Friend to tell him or her not to give Up Trying.

1. No situation is permanent my dear. You can cushion your present predicament with diligence and persistence. It’s all gonna work out well for you.

2. My friend, stop mourning for the past so you can await a brighter future. Key into the strength that works for each day.

3. Sometimes, you just have to be grateful, for some disappointments are truly a blessing in disguise.

4. There’s still a lot of ‘sense’ in ‘nonsense’. It may seem unthinkable but it sure worths trying.

5. The morning dew is now gathering to soon settle on you, to give freshness and new vigour to your weary heart.

6. My dear, if darkness beclouds you, don’t forget there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

7. Do not give in to every disparaging talk from distractors. Remain undaunted and let God be your focus.

8. Most people are existing, but not living. And you don’t live for now but for the future. I need you to live beyond the ordinary and take full charge of your life.

9. Let no man bring you down with his negativity and pessimism. They can only talk, but you have the power to control. Take charge, friend!

10. Put on a beautiful smile on your lovely face. That’s all you need now to stay happy.

11. The will-power and the physical strength to carry on has been deposited into you. With these, I believe you can surmount any challenge.

12. No matter how much you’ve failed in the past, do not quit yet. Just keep trying. Everything’s going to work out fine someday.

13. Refuse to be confined to the limitations of men. Where others are falling, see yourself rising above them.

14. You only come into this life just once. So I encourage you to live it to the fullest and don’t give up on yourself.

15. Every disappointment most times is a blessing in disguise. See yours as one and don’t dwell too long feeling discouraged.

16. No condition is permanent, but always see every situation as an opportunity to better your lot.

17. Most often, breakthrough usually comes up after every breakdown/breakup. Cheer up and move on.

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18. Do not allow the present situation to define you. You just be patient and develop the right attitude towards life.

19. Do not think you’ve lost it all. You’ve still got something if only you can look more within.

20. Delay is never denial. Today’s deprivation is just an indication of greater manifestation.

21. There are very great opportunities in every difficulty. Just believe and stay strong.

22. If you must know, I have always known you’re brave, smart and intelligent. Just go ignite these strengths the more in you in the light of who you are becoming.

23. You necessarily may not have all your way all of the time, but you can have a way to make things better some of the time.

24. The pain of hard work is unavoidable, but it’s for a while. The gain comes with bountiful result.

25. Smiling doesn’t all mean perfection. Sometimes, it is a necessity to staying happy with a positive outlook

26. Endeavour to put on radiant smiles always while you dissipate every iota of wrinkles off your face.

27. Do not be confined by the walls you built in the past, but rather endeavour to build more bridges this time around, my good friend.

28. You can unveil all your worries of the day by staying strong and refusing to be limited by anything.

29. It takes darkness to fall for light to shine forth. You will soon smile no matter your present dark moments.

30. Enjoy and merry in what life has to offer for today. Allay all fears and worries for tomorrow. The future will take care of itself.

31. Your relevance is never in the cheer or scorn of men, as you have no control over that. But it’s rather in the acceptance of and confidence in self. Stay positive!

32. The real energy you need to enliven yourself right now is to jump, sing, shout and dance to the rhythm of high rise music.

33. Irrespective of the uncertainties of the future, brace up and hold on to each day as it comes with a positive mind that all’s gonna be well.

34. Do not allow your background to put your back on the ground. Break free from every barrier and take full charge of your life.

35. Don’t give up until it is over. It is only over for those who are no more. You still got your life, so let your hope be rekindled.

36. Things might not have gone the way you expect but the experience has taught you bigger and better lessons. So hold on to them and move on.

37. I quite understand the pain in your heart, I feel your tears too. It’s normal to groan over the situation but don’t just hold on too long.

38. You’re of great worth and inestimable value. Do not sulk over the past. Brace up and move on!

39. You may feel the whole world has gone against you, but I still pledge my loyalty to you as a friend to always confide in.

40. When you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to pour your heart to, remember I’m still right here for you, any day any time.

41. I know you will overcome this ordeal. You won’t only survive but you will also come out stronger and better. You’ve got a living spirit in you.

42. Laughter heals a weary soul. Be of good cheer my dearest friend.

43. There are so many opportunities lurking around. Just go for the next one and forget the missed targets.

44. For me, the best motivation now is your dimple smile. Always put on your cheerfulness as it usually brings out the best version of you.

45. Circumstances may steal your happiness but let the joy of the Lord remain your renewing strength.

46. Many are looking up to be like you, while you are grumpy over your inadequacies. My friend, brace up and don’t be an ingrate.

47. Be alive to the realities of today. You can still be the best you desire.

48. When people throw stones at you, you have the choice to either throw stones back at them or to walk out and move on. But trust me, great maturity lies in the latter.

49. Let no man be in charge of your happiness. Take full charge and constantly remind yourself that all’s gonna be well.

50. Bless God you still got your life. Where there’s a will there will always be a way. Don’t give up!

51. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It is not over until it is declared over.

52. The best awaits you. Don’t lose great opportunities by locking up. Step out in good faith.

53. Cheer up my dearest friend, life is too short to start sulking over split milk.

54. Your perception about life goes a long way to determine how it will work for you. Always see the positive side of life so you can enjoy the best of it.

55. Always put on a smiling face. That’s one of the secrets of good living.

56. Listen, dear friend, allow no one throw a pity party around you. Give no room for miserableness. Brace up and move on!

57. Look beyond now. Picture into the future. Everything’s working together for your good.

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58. I know you’ve got the strong spirit to withstand the trials of the moment. Cheer up!

59. Trade your sorrow for joy and your shame for fame. Everything’s going to be alright.

60. Do not retire with the situations, but rather refire with the remaining zeal in you. I will surely support you.

61. Get up from your boredom, go freshen up so I can take you out on a nice time.

62. Your kindness has touched many in time past. I’m sure you won’t lack one now that you’re in need.

63. Today might have witnessed bitterness, but I know strongly you’re now in for better days.

64. Nothing is unachievable so long you exert the right strategy coupled with your smartness. Yes, take up the challenge!

65. I see you getting there sooner than later. Cheer up, friend!

66. The moon goes up at night while the sun rises as the day breaks. This shows that no condition is permanent.

67. This dark moment is just for a while. You will soon overcome, and testimony will abound.

68. Put on your dancing shoes, I see your mourning turning into morning, and your wailing turning into dancing.

69. Nothing works more than taking up new challenge after every fall. Rise up, friend!

70. You were there for me when I needed help. Know that I will not also leave you at this trying times of yours.

71. A tearless life is a sweetless life. Weeping may come for a moment, but there’s joy ahead for you.

72. Your eyes might have been ladened with tears all through the night, but you’re into your days of laughter.

73. My presence in your life is enough to wave off every form of wrinkles off your face. Stay strong and be blessed!

74. Accept yourself as you are, improve on those things that need be, and be restful about those that can’t be changed.

75. Shelve every weight of burdens that easily besets you. Go in the light of God’s new strength for each day.

76. Whining over split milk will never bring it back to the table. Rather clean up the mess and go for another.

77. Relieve all your pains with a cheer and be of good courage.

78. Mistakes are part of life and a good way to learn. As you erase one, you write another. So, my dear, brace up and go on with the lessons learnt.

79. Nothing calms the nerve as much as a cheerful smile does. Keep smiling.

80. Do not be weary in the face of troubles. The little strength in you can still pull you through. You will surely get there. So I believe.

81. Do not be perturbed when you’re trifled. Just be calm. The best is coming and fortune will soon smile back at you.

82. Weakness embraces failures, strength allays fears. I don’t see you giving up. You’re stronger than you can imagine.

83. Your problem-solving skill should come to play now that you need one. Give no room for the enemy to mock you. Wake up, my friend!

84. I won’t give up on you until I see you come to the fullness of your potential. I owe you my loyalty at this point and promise to always be there.

85. Heartaches, breakups and loss suffered often take time to heal the wound. But bracing up is a step forward towards getting back on track.

86. You may not be able to rewrite the past but you can work towards having a better experience starting from now. So, cheer up!

87. Worry less about your background or your past. What matters now is the future and your vision. You will overcome every hurdle once you can hold on.

88. Where you’re coming from does not matter as much as where you’re going to. Just remain focused and get back on your feet.

89. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and get rid of every disappointment.

90. If all you see appears so cloudy, just go climb the hills and mountains to see the beautiful creatures of God. This I know will calm your nerves.

91. When the journey looks to be taking so long and with no indication of a finishing line, just know there’s someone who cares and sticks closer than a brother.

92. A closed door only paves way for a better one. Hold on, be strong and keep on keeping on.

93. Sweetest friend, if bad be your prospect, don’t sit back and mope. Rather rise up and say ‘it shall be well with me’.

94. Those who deserted you for your hard times will soon hoover around you when fortunes smile at you.

95. Not everyone will give you the utmost support desired, but just be yourself and never be discouraged by negative reactions.

96. Men pleasers always lose their head and hardly go farther in life. Not everyone gets to appreciate some little effort. Rather raise your head high and follow your instincts strictly.

97. Happiness is just the key of the vehicle to your destination, so take it along with you everywhere you go.

98. Nothing is expected to end yet when God has not said it’s all over with you. Stay positive!

99. There’s always a refreshing moment after every hard time. The time has come, take pride in it to the fullest.

100. Don’t just look, see. Picture yourself beyond now in the light of the future.

What do you think about these quotes? I know you’re satisfied with them. Feel free to use, share and help drop your comments. Thanks!

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