Trending Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste

2024 Trending Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste

Having a loving and caring friend is nice. But having someone you call a “Best Friend” is even lovelier.

Such that, it feels so sweet to even write a paragraph in order to show how you adore the friendship.

And that’s why I decided to help you with Best Friend Paragraphs that will help you express your feelings in a better way – Best Friend Paragraphs Copy and Paste.

And since you want cute Paragraphs to send to your Best Friend, below is a list of Best Friend Paragraphs you can send to that close friend of yours to make him/her know you appreciate, love and adore them so much for either their Love, Gifts, support, nice attitude, encouragement and sacrifices.

Amazing Friendship Paragraphs for Male(Female) Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed that they say. So, be grateful to God for you have a friend who cherished you so much. Now show your friend that you appreciate you friendship and partnership all along by sending him these Cute Friendship Paragraph, all you need to do is to copy and paste it.

1. They say that a true relationship is more of a song. But then, I see you not just as a mere friend but as a melodious music that soothes my hearty throes. I love you my best friend.

2. My Best Friend, I used to think that friendship can be found anywhere. Until I met you and I realized that yours is just too rare. I love and care about our relationship due to your faithfulness.

3. Life is actually uncertain and precarious. But, the day I met you I stopped being pessimistic about life entirely. Because you gave me hope and inspired me to aspire for greatness. I love you my Best Friend.

4. Despite the bad things and trying moments that I’ve passed through, life has been a fun-filled one for me. Why? It’s because of YOU and YOUR constant support, prayers and encouragement that helped me. I really thank you, my Best Friend.

5. Dear, even if other people choose to stay out of their relationship, we will soar together and make it appreciate in value just like dollar. See, I love you so much that you could ever imagine my Best Friend.

6. Your sincere and consistent words of advice is indeed a great motivation to my growth as a person. I don’t know how useless I would have been without your assistance and help in my life. To be honest, I love you my Best Friend.

7. Possessions, habits, style and other may be tagged as BAD when it’s too much. But no, not your love that is so genuine and hot. I appreciate you my Best Friend.

8. It’s like I’m still close to you even when I’m away from you a thousand miles. I still see you close, with your kind and sincere words being shaped by your lips as you inspire me to diligently chase my dreams. I thank you my Best Friend.

9. You know that I live you right? I mean it. Way more than the most powerful thing than words – actions. See, I car and Love you more than you think. Thank you my Best Friend.

10. When my life bores me, I find you always around me, trying your best to make me smile and enjoy life to its fullest. To be honest, I really care for you my Best Friend.

11. Forget about what others might have done. I will forever remain your lover and a very good and supportive friend despite the ups and downs that life makes us pass through. I love you so much my Best Friend.

12. Our relationship is always strong and I promise to make it stronger. Such that, I will let go of all your wrongdoings against me, just to make us start afresh and be better. I love you very much, my Best Friend.

13. From experience, I’ve learnt that a friend’s help is usually sweet and lovely but, I wonder why you go further anytime you want to help me. Yours tends to outstand so much. And I love you very much my Best Friend.

14. A girl or boyfriend’s love is mostly based on selfish interests and reasons that make it not stand the test of time but wither away in an instant. But as for me, I love you without reservations my Best Friend

15. When I’m in need of help and I’m stranded as to what I need to solve a problem, your support is always there. You’ve never left me to fight all my battles alone, and that’s why I love you to the moon and back my Best Friend.

My Best Friend Paragraph

Lovely Friendship Paragraphs you can send to your friend to strengthens your friendship and to make him realise how dedicated you are to his friendship.

16. I know that you are not just a mere friend that stays close to one so as to cheat or deceive and leave but as a true friend that will always be there for me. And that’s why I cherish and adore you my Best Friend.

17. We have never backbitten or had a fight before. Not because we don’t have issues or misunderstandings. But then, we naturally seem to like each other so much, that people may expect. Dear, I thank you so much my Best Friend.

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18. To be honest, life sulks so much. But still, I find me always smiling and happy about it. It wouldn’t have been like that without your love, care and affection. That’s why I thank you so much my Best Friend.

19. To be honest dear, you are indeed, making me live not just a good but sweet life and I will never regret meeting you, ever. Because you are amazing, supportive, encouraging, motivating and hard-working too. I really thank and appreciate you for being my Best Friend.

20. Life isn’t always sweet as it seems, but as we get to meet daily, my life finds rhythm and everything tend to fall in place… And you You know that I adore you my Best Friend, right?

21. Life is not really fair and it seems. But, being with you makes it beautiful, blissful and pretty sweet and lovely. Hey! I love you so much, my Best Friend.

22. When everybody disliked and even dejected me you were still there for me, way more than I expected from anyone. I love you without any condition my Best Friend.

23. You’re always there, inspiring and motivating me to do more and reap goodies out of life. I really thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Being your friend is indeed a plus to anyone who wants to be a super-achiever. I love you more than actions can explain, my Best Friend.

24. You are not just a friend only. I see you as a brother whose affection and concern is not facial but sincere. Indeed, being your friend is a big blessing to my life. Thank you for always being there for me my Best Friend.

25. It does not really matter if we don’t get to see each other constantly. I still feel your impact even after you leave me for a dozen days or weeks. I love and adore you so much my Best Friend.

26. Whatever the bad condition I find myself in or the hard situation my life turns out to fall into. I have but just one mortal friend I lean on for help or any assistance. Because I love you my Best Friend and your support has been more than I can ever imagine.

27. Come what may, I know that I have someone whose companionship is not a facial one. But, a sort of friendship that is built on sincerity and selflessness. See, I love you so much my cute Best Friend.

28. I must say this to you in this Paragraph my Best Friend, I adore and will love to continue experiencing the same companionship you’ve shown me since the time we first met. I love you so much my Best Friend.

29. I feel so happy to write you another a
Paragraph my Best Friend, just to let you know how much I care for you and appreciate our relationship. I love you more than words can ever make it look like my Best Friend.

30. Our friendship comes in two phases, a big blessing and an unexpected sort of love. And to be honest, without reserving my affection. I must say that I love you so much my Best Friend.

Long Paragraph for Best Friend

Sweet and Promising Long Paragraph for My Most Friend is the most trending sms you can send to a supportive friend of yours to thank him for everything he had put into the friendship.

31. Whenever I’m down, weak or broken. The first pill I take is the thought of you or your picture. To be sincere, thinking about you alone is enough to make me feel okay. Because, you are the very reason why I’m happy about life, my Best Friend.

32. Whenever I’m feeling lazy and weak or not willing to do anything, I will never forget her the way you instantly make me get up and get things done without hesitating anymore. Indeed, I miss your words of encouragement so much, my Best Friend.

33. Life has proved to me that some people only come into your life just to meet or achieve their selfish aim. But, the real ones will come, and always be there for you to make you feel happy. I really appreciate you for being a Best Friend.

34. Even though I don’t get to see and hug you daily, I still feel like you are here with me. Because your love deeds always leave a footprint on my mind that never fades in a hurry. You are truly, the only Best Friend I’ve ever had.

35. Sometimes, I wonder if your love is not the mixture of both my friends, neighbour and relatives. Because you make me feel so over-pampered. I wouldn’t have been where I am today without your help, my Best Friend.

36. You tend to understand my needs whenever I’m in need of your help. I can remember when all I needed was someone’s to lean on and then, you hugged and consoled me to dry my tears. I’m indeed, happy to be yours by being called and treated as your Best Friend dear.

37. I would’ve been the most miserable person around. Until you came and bring about a least unexpected joy in my life. See, you are indeed, the cause of my joy and happiness my Best Friend.

38. I personally know that I’ve been too selfish and self-centred. But today, despite my tight schedule, I’ve decided to write you this paragraph to make you know that I really love you, unlike it may seem otherwise. I can’t appreciate you enough, you’re the Best Friend I’ve ever had.

39. Whenever I take time to think of what we’ve been passing through together, despite the way things tend to go sour. I still don’t give up. Why? You’ve always been there for me and I love you so much for that my Best Friend.

40. I don’t know how to write a Cute Paragraph For you my Best Friend, just to make you know how I feel for you. Today, I’ve decided to make an attempt. I adore and appreciate your constant support and concern dear. I appreciate you so much.

41. My Best Friend, you are indeed God-Sent and different, I’ve never had the opportunity to have a special person like you who is so caring, cute and lovely. Honestly, being your friend is a big-time blessing for me.

42. If I had the ability, I will prompt each and every poet to write you a cute poem or even recite a lovely poem for you to hear and have a glimpse of how I feel about you. See, I love you my Best Friend.

43. You are God-sent indeed. Since the day I met you, you’ve always been trying your best to be that I get the best out of life. To be honest, you are a rare kind of a friend. I appreciate your presence in my life my Best Friend.

44. Shout out to my amazing friend, whose sort of friendship is sincere, rare and pretty hard to come by. My Best Friend, I don’t even know what to tell you in this Paragraph again. So let me simply say; I love you my Cute Best Friend.

45. I will never forget you in a hurry, my dear. You are distinct and different from other friends I’ve ever come in contact with. I love you my Best Friend.

Paragraphs for Your Best Friend

Here are Beautiful Friendship Paragraphs you can send to your friend to bless him for his commitments to the friendship so far.

46. Even though we fight, argue and disagree a lot, I still see you as my Best Friend. I don’t see why I should choose not do my best to make you feel happy. I love you my Best Friend.

47. Thank God for being around a special kind of person like you. I’ve always wished to be like you when I grow up due to your resilience and die-hard spirit. See, You are my inspiration and I will never let you down my Best Friend.

48. Honestly, I just don’t know how best to repay back all the good things you’ve been doing to me all this while. I really appreciate your support and motivational words that you give me my Best Friend.

49. Dear Best Friend, a Paragraph is not enough to appreciate your presence in my life as one will really want to. I adore every bit of support you’ve been giving me all this while. Thank you for always being there for me.

50. Wise people say; if you want your life to change. Then, change your friends and mindset too. But then, I never did. Until I met you, and ever since then, my story has changed for good. I really appreciate you my Best Friend.

51. I appreciate your essence in my life. See, your presence smells nice than the most beautiful and comely flower that I’ve ever seen in my life. My Best Friend, I love you deeply.

52. Even if I make the attempt at merging all my childhood gifts to compare it with yours. I never tried though, but I’m sure that it will outstand theirs. Because you’ve been amazing and giving out things I never expect from you. Thank you so much my Best Friend.

53. One of the biggest and unexpected gifts I’ve received is YOU. Yes, you have been more like a backbone to my life and a constant supporter of my aspirations. Dear, I thank you so much my Best Friend.

54. It’s hard finding true friends these days. But, I’ve found you when I thought that everybody will reject me and at a time that I least expect that a person like you will take good care of me. Thank you for being my Best Friend.

55. If being a fool will make you feel happy and also enjoy been in a relationship with me, then I will not mind acting stupid just to please you as we tread this path of love together. I mean it and I also Thank you for being my Best Friend.

56. I actually have a bunch of friends who do me good things than I deserve. But then, when compared to yours, I really don’t know what to say because you outshine them all. And that’s why I see you more than a Best Friend alone.

57. I will not mind going through both thick and thin just for you for being my friend. I will do my best to make you happy to the best I can as long as I breathe on this mortal earth. Thank you for being my Best Friend.

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58. It’s indeed amazing and entertaining to have you here as my friend. Before, life was full of boredom and misery when I was alone sometimes back. Until I met you and things turn out for good. Thank you for always being there my Best Friend.

59. Our relationship will likely be a model for others to follow, I see the sincerity of your words and how faithful and committed you’ve been to our relationship. Thank you for being my Best Friend dear.

60. I sometimes think that I don’t really deserve the good things you do to me, such that I’m taken aback by the gifts you bring me. See, I really thank you for taking me as a Best Friend.

Long Paragraph to Send to Your Best Friend

Best Long Paragraphs a True Friend can send to a friend of his, to take their friendship to another level.

61. As my Best Friend, it’s not just an option to make you feel happy or support your aspirations. No, I see it as a must to make you become the person of your dreams. I wish you Good Luck dear.

62. As you continue to live day by day and do more positive things to bring you closer to your dreams. I pray that may God grant you success and reward all your efforts as you push through. See, I got your back my Best Friend.

63. Till forever, I will continue to create a space for you in my heart. I know that times are hard, actually but will continually make you feel happy dear and loved. Thank you my Best Friend.

64. Your presence has created a lacuna in my heart that makes me feel like a loser the moment I think of your absence. I need you every moment to fill that vacuum that only you can fill. I thank you for being my Best Friend.

65. The instant excitement of making you my friend is nice, actually. But then, the sort of love, concern, sympathy and encouragement you give me always leaves a permanent mark on my heart. Thank you for being my Best Friend.

66. No matter how much I have, I will still stay with you. No matter what we pass through despite the hurdles we need to scale, I will stand by you. And not mind passing through the pain of holding you by hand to see that we soar together. For being my Best Friend.

67. This short paragraph is for you my Best Friend. It’s meant to show my appreciation for the kindness, forgiveness, love and empathy you show me constantly. I really thank you for being my Best Friend.

68. I always get support from people, of which I appreciate and I’m happy for. I also get helped by people when I least expect. But then, yours always stands out than others, and I just don’t know why. Thank you my Best Friend.

69. For being my Best Friend, I don’t know how to write you a cute paragraph to show my appreciation and happiness. But, with this short paragraph, I hope that you understand that I do. Thank you my Best Friend.

70. I adore you for always being there, for your cute smiles, lovely dimples, shaky gaits, caring heart and timeless gifts that you always bring for me, even when I least expect such from you. I really adore you my Best Friend.

71. I appreciate your generosity and also thank you so much for your concern, sympathy, love, kindness and genuine affection that makes me wonder if you are really not an angel who chose to stay on earth. Thank you my Best Friend.

72. I am so happy that I have such a generous person like you as my chum. Thank you for all that you’ve been doing to me, even when I don’t ask you for help. Thank you once again, for being my Best Friend.

73. My life would have just been a miserable one if not for your love, support, sincere advice, affection and efforts to make me feel loved. I appreciate being your Best Friend dear.

74. I just learnt I have tons of people in my life. But, you are the only one who really loves, cares, and has time for me, such that she will not mind making sacrifices to make me happy. I Thank you again for your thoughtful efforts.

75. If there was a word that is way better than THANK YOU for being my Best Friend. Then, why won’t I use it, Just to see that I appreciate your efforts and sacrifices?

I Love You Best Friend Paragraphs

For friendship to grow, there are a lot of sacrifices and commitments in play. I think is time for you appreciated your friend for his or her lovely commitments to the friendship with these I Love You Paragraphs for Friend.

76. I just want to use this paragraph to make you know that I’m grateful for your support and sincere advise that you are always trying your best to give me so as to help me in my life issues. Thank you for always being there, my Best Friend.

77. I live you for always encouraging me to read and study hard in school. It’s also your kind words and constant advice that are inspiring me to strive hard in order to crush my goals without hesitation or procrastination. Thank you my Best Friend.

78. Thank you so much, I love your lifestyle. It’s one that is always trying to please those around. I don’t know what to tell you in this paragraph, other than “I thank you my Best Friend”.

79. I need you to know with this paragraph, as my Best Friend that I love you so much that my diction store cannot even paint or explain how much my love is for you. I will never regret the day that I met you.

80. Thank you for always remembering me in all that you do. Especially by calling me on phone, texting me, and making sure you are checking on me when we don’t get to chat for a while. Thank you for being my Best Friend.

81. I know that using a single Paragraph to appreciate you for being my Best Friend is not enough. I am grateful for the very first minute that you accepted to be my close friend. I care for you dear.

82. It was from him, that we morphed into more pleasantries, more visits, more hugs, more hearty smiles and sharing of memorable moments. I really appreciate your presence in my life my Best Friend.

83. Thank you my Best Friend, I appreciate all the gifts you’ve been sending to me. I don’t even know how best to start saying thank you for such kind gestures. You are indeed, heaven-sent. I adore you from the depth of my heart.

84. Your generosity and kindness are just out of this world. I don’t know what really makes me take you for granted, sometimes. I must admit that I’m not always doing what you deserve from me for being my Best Friend.

85. You instantly brought joy into my life, at a time that I least expect and everybody seems to avoid me deliberately. You are indeed, heaven-sent; an angel whose impact is life-changing. I mean my words, Best Friend.

86. You have truly enriched my life by your kind advice, words of encouragement, wisdom quotes, financial support and I’m kind too. I’m really grateful for having you as my Best Friend.

87. I would like to thank my Best Friend, YOU. For all that you’ve been doing just to see that I make the best out of my life and that things work out for me with ease. I appreciate you, dear.

88. It has been an awesome experience to be with an amazing person like you. I Thank you for your the good advice, honest suggestions, your lovely gifts and for being close to me when I crave for your presence. It makes me have a taste of his heaven feels like.

89. My Best Friend, if I’m telling you the goodies you make me get in my life, it really makes me wonder what I’ve actually done to deserve such things. I appreciate your sincere affection and commitment to our friendship.

90. Thank you so much for the gifts I always receive from you for just being your Best Friend. It makes me feel like we are in a parasitic relationship with you, such that I’m the parasite and you, the host. Due to the many things you give me at your own expense.

Paragraphs for Your Girl Best Friend

Your friend is so lovely and caring despite the facts that she is female. Why not encourage her, to do more with these well composed Paragraphs for Female Friend?

91. I now have no doubts about the saying that dreams come true. Guess why? Because you’ve changed my thinking about the perception, about that believe which I used to have. I really thank you my Best Friend.

92. As your Best Friend, a Paragraph is not enough to appreciate your concern, affection, support, care and sacrifice which you make just to give me joy. Thank you, my love.

93. I adore every single thing about you… Your smile, gaits, angelic voice, tenderness and kind heart. I must say that you are indeed a big blessing to someone like me. I’m grateful for having a Best Friend – YOU.

94. Being around alone is on its own a big blessing, and winning a trustable friend like you is an accomplishment on its own. Thank you for being my Best Friend dear.

95. To be frank, your generosity is out of this world. I just can’t imagine how a total stranger like you will choose to start giving me gifts, making sacrifices and commitments that one least expects. Thank you again for your kind words and sincere advice dear.

96. Your courage, determination and hard-working spirit are always inspiring and motivating. Such that, it makes me go a step further to crush my goals, always. I really appreciate being your Best Friend.

97. Even if I don’t get to achieve my goals due to misfortune, I will have a cause to be happy still. Why? Because you’ve inspired me to be a better person and I will follow your honest advice. Thank you for being there for me, my Best Friend.

98. Dear Best Friend, your love, care, concern and affection reminds me of my motherly love whose intensity is just out of this world, way more than one can ever imagine.

99. Thank you, my Best Friend, you mean so much to me for being a supportive person and chum whom I trust so much. Thank you, my sweet friend.

100. Thank you so much my Best Friend, for creating time despite your tight schedule to see that you send me Cute and Lovely Paragraphs to cheer me up, motivate me, and make me feel happy.

101. Thank you so much for the tons of generous gifts, cards and souvenirs you’ve been sending for me. I appreciate every bit of presents you do send for me. I really don’t even know how to appreciate your love using a Paragraph my Best Friend.

102. Thank you so much for the promises that look untrue that you still fulfil. I love you not because you’ve made me your Best Friend. But, your love and affection had crossed the limit I thought it will stop. I appreciate you, dear.

103. The moment I opened the parcel that you gave me, I was astounded. I never knew that a someone will ever give such a thing for being retarded as a Best Friend. I really don’t even know how best to show my appreciation dear. Thank you for always being there.

104. Your sort of genuine life is heart-touching. It is amazing and jaw-dropping. I will never regret the day that u met you, dear. Thank you for being my Best Friend.

105. Thank you for your heartfelt sacrifice and gifts. My life has indeed, changed way beyond what I ever thought it will ever look like just because of you, my Best Friend. I adore you, dear.

Cute Paragraphs for Friends

Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend

106. To be honest, if I’m to even use a Paragraph to express my appreciation for your genuine friendship my Best Friend. To be honest, my words will be insufficient and not enough to even explain how happy I feel. I care for you dear.

107. Thank you for your sympathy and genuine assistance that you do show whenever I’m in trouble. I really don’t even know how to use a Paragraph to explain how happy I am for being your Best Friend.

108. I am really proud of your kind words, advise and encouragement. It gives me joy and motivates me to do more in my life. I appreciate you and I Thank you so much.

109. Thank you for your touch of empathy and care. It has really made me change my perception about the way I used to regard a “Best Friend”. Now, I see you more than that, even.

110. The sympathetic words that you do send me when I’m down are encouraging. It gives me the strength and hopes that tomorrow, things will turn out for good. Thank you my Best Friend.

111. I appreciate your friendship not because you’ve been my “Best Friend” like most are. I adore your presence in my life because you are always caring and sharing in my bitter moments dear. I love you.

112. Thank you my Best Friend, for the words of sympathy that you send me during the times of bitterness and sadness that enveloped me a few months ago when I lost my dad. I love you, dear.

113. Thank you for being so helpful to me. I’m yet to see any friend of mine that can do such a thing. It even makes me wonder what to do in order to repay you. I appreciate you my Best Friend.

114. Thank you so much for taking time to over to my house to check on me after we lost contact of each other, for some years now. See, I really appreciate you, dear. You are Amazing my Best Friend.

115. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I appreciate your honesty when it comes to making someone strive to crush his goals. Thank you my Best Friend.

116. On behalf of everyone in our family. I want to use this Paragraph as your Best Friend to show my heartfelt appreciation for your condolence visit and the compassion you showed us when we lost a beloved member.

117. The love, support, concern and care shown to us during the moment of grief when we lost one of us is really out of this world. I really appreciate your genuine love and empathy my Best Friend.

118. I really don’t know the right word to use and express my sincere happiness over the compassionate act you’ve shown to us in our family. Your kind is undeniably rare. I must admit that I am indebted to you my Best Friend dear.

119. Thank you for your support during these difficult times. I sincerely appreciate it.

120. Thank you for being my Best Friend, I see myself as one of the happiest people on earth. Life has been too boring for me until I met you, dear. You are so amazing that one could ever think of.

My Best Friend Paragraph in English

121. Thank you, my Best Friend, it has shown me what true love really is. Thank you for everything that you sacrifice yourself to do for me. I’m sincerely grateful for that.

122. Your recent visit to me is indeed a great reminder that your friendship with me didn’t end when we parted sometimes back. It has made me want to be with you the more my Best Friend.

123. My sincere appreciation goes to you my Best Friend, for all that you’ve been doing to me. For the care, concern, condolences and prayers over the things, I’ve been facing in my life.

124. I specifically want to thank you, my Best Friend for the unexpected goodie you’ve done and have been doing to me in cash and I’m kind. It takes only a true friend to do that. I love you, dear.

125. To you my Best Friend, your presence in my life is a life-changing. It has inspired me to strive and achieve my goals and dreams in my life. Being with someone like you is just too beneficial and helpful.

126. I am so happy to have made the decision to be your Best Friend. Life had been horrifying and miserable when I was yet to meet you. I adore you so much, dear.

127. I must say that I am so blessed to be your friend. Life has now turned into a sweet story for me ever since I came in contact with you. I adore you, dear.

128. I will like to use this Paragraph to admit my gratitude to you, over my happiness for the goodies you’ve been giving to me, most times. I adore you so much.

129. My Best Friend, I will like to use this Paragraph to express how lovely it feels to have a friend like you. You’ve changed my story such that it had moved from GRASS TO GRACE.

130. I will live to celebrate the day that I chose to be your Best Friend. Life is now a sweet and lovely journey for me. I wonder how boring it would have been if I didn’t meet you.

Best Paragraph for Best Friend

131. My Best Friend, with a sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you my chum, I want to use this Paragraph to admit how sweet your love has been to me. I appreciate every single moment I spend with you.

132. I am sincerely grateful for your genuine love, advice, honesty and generosity has been given me consistent support and help. I thank God for having you as my Best Friend.

133. I thank God for having a trustable person like you as a Best Friend. I will never live to regret meeting you in my life. You have been a big blessing to my life. I appreciate you, dear.

134. Thank you for sharing your bitter, sweet, lovely and romantic moments with me. Your presence in my life is more like a butter is to bread. So sweet, lovely and romantic. That’s why I like you my Cute and Lovely Best Friend.

135. I thank God because my life has been rhythmic due to my parents, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncle’s especially YOU. My closest, cutest and Best Friend. I know that I don’t get to reciprocate your sacrifices, but I write this Paragraph to appreciate your efforts.

136. If I were asked in an examination to show my appreciation to the most important people in my life, using a Paragraph. I will name you as my Best Friend. Why? Because you’ve been a special sort of person to me for ages.

137. It’s indeed an honour to regard you as my Best Friend for bringing out the genius in me, through motivation, advice, unexpected help, sacrifices and genuine respect. I adore you for that.

138. To be honest, my present status wouldn’t have been achieved if not for your sincere, genuine and constant support, I love your selflessness. It’s indeed, one of a kind. I appreciate you, dear.

139. I sometimes wonder why you do so many things to me that I least expect. I’m amazed that you still let go of my wrongs when I piss you off. See, I appreciate you for so many reasons my Best Friend.

Short Paragraph on My Best Friend

140. Right now, for the good things you do to me. My family members have become so much fond of you. I must say thank you for being a cute and lovely Friend.

141. Thank you for your companionship, and the lovely things you do unto me. I can’t just imagine how on earth a person like you will choose to please me when I least expect. I appreciate you, dear.

142. Thank you for being kind-hearted and caring all this while as my Best Friend. I really enjoy being with you every single second we together. You are. Indeed an angel from above.

143. Thank you, your love. I appreciate your constant support and affection. I love you for everything you’ve been doing in my life. You are heaven-sent and I adore you so much.

144. Thank you so much because your affection that has been so exceptional and out of this world. I love you for being my favourite and Best Friend dear.

145. The biggest thing I’m happy about is not just being your close friend. But, being your Best Friend. I love you for the good things you’ve been doing in my life.

146. You are without any iota of doubt an amazing angel and lover. I love you for always been there for me when I’m down and not strong. Thank you for being my Best Friend dear.

147. I want to thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. Why? Because you’re not just been my Best Friend. But a close chum whose love is genuine and lovely.

148. I’m so thankful that you are my Best Friend. Your inspirational words, talks, advises, gifts, presents and assistance is simply out of this world. To be honest.

149. If it were not for your friendship, I wouldn’t have been this happy. Having an amazing and awesome person like you as a Best Friend is a timeless opportunity that hardly comes by.

150. It is an honour to be regarded as your Best Friend. I really wonder what life would have been without meeting an amazing person like you. I adore you, dear.

  • Written By Wakchin Nengak.

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