2023 Best Inspirational Quotes to Make You Happy

There are countless quotes out there for people you care about and few for you. So I thought crating these inspirational quotes to make you happy will be worth it.

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1. I’m silly, I’m stupid, I’m dumb, I’m numb, I’m weird, I’m crazy. Who cares? All those are actually my buddies that makes me happy.

2. If they don’t want you, just walk a distance more, you’ll see a crowd waiting endlessly to accept and receive you.

3. Don’t be late, listen to their say, take your time to make things snappy. But remember not to drop behind what makes you happy!

4. You can change the world without touching its walls.

5. Don’t worry; be happy. It’s your task and not others.

6. My sadness is caused by others but my happiness is caused by me!

7. Yes an empty vessel makes the loudest noise. But the vessel only emptied his pains, sorrow and sadness to stay light with just happiness!

8. Whatever makes you sad switch it off. Whatever makes you happy switch it on!

9. Happiness is not given, bought or brought. It is simply an attitude. Be happy!

10. Always remember the same thing that makes us happy is the same thing that makes us sad.

11. When you use a key to unlock your happiness, you’ll one day lose it. But when you leave it ever open, people will someday make it their heaven!

12. Over the last few years I’ve lived, I’ve come to realise that; life is meaningless without money, life is meaningless without fame, life is meaningless without love. But the most important thing amongst all; Life is meaningless without happiness!

13. A misty morning doesn’t determine a cloudy day. Stony steps doesn’t determine a bumpy way! Be positive.

14. To live happy, stay positive!

15. No one can make us sad, no one can make us happy. That is the mistake we usually make thinking our happiness depends on others.

16. No one stole your joy, you ignorantly sold it to the devil!

17. Seal my lips, cuff my hands, incapacitate my body. I don’t need all that to be happy ‘cos happiness is a thing of the mind! Can you jail my mind?

18. Happiness is both positive and negative. Whatever define yours, go for it!

19. You can be too bust to laugh, but you can never be too busy to be happy.

20. We are sad because we are not happy. We are happy because we are not sad. It is totally our choice!

21. Success didn’t bring happiness, rather happiness brings success!

22. You cannot be sad be successful, you cannot be happy and be a failure!

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23. To be happy for an hour take a glass of beer.
To be happy for a day go to the cinema.
To be happy for a week go for a picnic.
To be happy for a month, go on a tour.
To be happy for a year, go for a vacation.
To be happy for a lifetime, give all of the above!

24. It is very simple, if you’re happy with life, life will be happy with you. You can’t get what you can’t give.

25. Do whatever it takes to drive away your pains and sorrow before you go to bed. I can’t guarantee you a nightmare-free night if they hangs on in your head to bed!

26. Even if you have no personal reason to be happy, just remember there is someone out there falling in love with your smiles. Just don’t let them down!

27. The very day you discovered to be your real-self and not to be your perfect-self, us your moment of sheer happiness. Eureka!

28. We’re pain and boredom are abound; happiness will never be around!

29. If you are feeling sad, just remember there is an idiot out there who saw “ZEBRA-CROSSING” and is waiting for hours to see the zebra cross!

30. Happiness can never be outdated.

31. When you walk over what usually make you trip, you’ll live happy!

32. Never use one day of sadness to judge a lifetime of unhappiness!

33. You cannot be happy and be frowning. But you can be sad and still be smiling.

34. Your heart is a truck filled with love, care and of course happiness. So you’re taking a blind rusk when you give it out!

35. You don’t give your heart in your relationship you give your LOVE!

36. When you add SHEP – Smiles Humor Energy and Prayer, to PAINS. You get HAPPINESS!

37. Pretend you’re happy even when you’re not. And everyday ‘acting’ eventually becomes an attitude!

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38. If they don’t want you HERE, they sure want you THERE. The ‘T’ is your TIME of walking away from where and who is not adding value to your life. You deserve to be happy!

39. A drunkard is happy once he’s having his glass of beer. A talkative is happy once you give her a topic. And you are happy once you ____? Just do whatever that makes you happy!

40. Run! But don’t run away from what makes you happy!

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