2024 Good Morning Paragraphs for Him to Wake Up To

It’s another beautiful morning, still, you love him and you want him to know this.

A sweet good morning paragraph or romantic good morning message would sure do that magic.

But the good news is we’ve got your back cause, we know exactly how you feel!

Here are 100 Good Morning Paragraphs for Him to Wake Up To.

Best Paragraphs for Him to Wake Up To

Make his day blissful as he wakes up to these sweet good morning paragraphs. Best paragraphs for him to wake up to are available for you to freely use.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Him to Wake Up to. Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs for Him to Wake Up to.

1. The weather feels so good on my skin this lovely morning, it reminds me of the soothe you give to me in my moment of pain. Good morning, my love. I encourage you to be the best you can be today. Do have a pleasant day!

2. Good morning, my dear angel of love. A cup of tea wouldn’t taste so good cause, I have not your kisses already placed on my lips this early hour. Have a splendid day my love, cause, I hope to have one with your thoughts lingering in my mind.

3. A day can’t get any better than the thought of a loved one in your heart, and the cool breezes of their love landing on your skin. Good morning, sweetness. I hope today gives you so many reasons to be happy.

4. Good morning, my sweetheart. I woke up longing for your kisses and a cuddle with you. All night long, I had you on my mind. You come around my dreams and make me not wanna leave my world of fantasy. I am consoled by the fact that I have you in my life for real. Dear angel of love, do have an enjoyable day.

5. Good morning, sweetheart. I couldn’t sleep at night cause, all I wanted to do was think about you. I’m glad I have the whole day to myself to hear your healing voice and behold your eyes of love. The day is bright and clear, do have a merry day.

6. Good morning, angel. I wanna let you know again that I love you. What I feel for you I have never felt for anyone else before. I hope we both cherish this gift of love. Let the beautiful sun inspire you and our love motivate you to do more. Enjoy your day.

7. Good morning, sweetheart. Today is another reason to be thankful cause, we have love and we have life. It can’t get any better than that, can it? Always remember I’m only a call away. Do have a pleasant day.

8. Good morning, my only one. You are my one and only because only you make my heart beat the way it does. Only you make me smile in the middle of a tear, only you look into my eyes with so much love and care, and it is only you that my soul longs for. Have a good day. I love you.

9. Good morning, darling. The day is so beautiful already with your smiles appearing right in my mirror. I hope today is a reflection of our love, your smile and your heart. Today is for you to enjoy, do not hesitate.

10. Good morning, my love. I have a feeling today will be great cause, the birds sang your praises all through the night. I know for a fact you’d enjoy your day cause, the angel of love is on her way to you. You have every reason to smile around, so wear it around! I love you, boo.

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11. True love is kind, true love is patient, true love is sacrificial, true love is generous and kind, true love is forgiving, true love is pure and honest. Verily, verily I say unto you, true love is YOU. I love you, angel. Good morning, my love.

12. Good morning, my darling. I encourage you to be kind, be forgiving, be honest, be generous, be patient because today is a privilege and a gift from the Father of love to us. I love you with all of my heart. Enjoy your day.

13. Good morning, angel. I looked through the window this morning and I saw the clouds all spread out in her glory across every nation and continent. I recognized that my love for you is as the clouds, ever abiding and spreading her glory all around you, no matter the weather, no matter the offences and grievances. I’ll always be there, my darling. Do have a great day. I love you!

14. Good morning, my love. I woke up feeling so satisfied knowing that you’re enjoying the crow of the cock with me, the gentle breezes of the trees with me, and the beautiful landscape of the city with me. I hope you have a good day filled with laughter and success. I love you!

15. Our drive in life should be about impacting others the most positively. I hope you influence others to be kind, generous and good by your lifestyle, today. Good morning, my angel of love. Do not forget to drink a cup of water before anything else today. I love you.

16. My love for you is unbreakable. I know our love forever causes, I’ve searched you through and through and I discovered that nothing can separate me from your love. My heart belongs to you, my darling and my days are with you forever. Good morning, my love.

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17. Good morning, sweetness. Is there anything you’d like me to tell you this lovely morning? I’m guessing “I love you.” I love you, sweetie. Enjoy your day.

18. At a touch of your love trouble evades my mind, cause you bring me peace. Sleep evades my eyes cause you’re all I wanna think about. Impossibilities evade my thoughts cause, with you and for you, I can do anything. Good morning, my love.

19. But for your love I could not be a poet, a champion, a happy go lucky person all at the same. But for your love, I could not be saved. But for your love, I couldn’t have tasted true love. Nobody does it better than you do. Good morning, boo. I love you.

20. If I was asked what I would love to do in the next years to come, I’ll tell them I just wanna love you still. You are my drive, my peace, my happiness and my world. I love you, dear hubby. Yes, I do!

Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

Waking him up with these Good Morning Paragraphs for Boyfriend would make the whole day lovely.

Best words to say Good morning to your boyfriend.

21. I know a husband who loves and adores his wife. I know a father who loves and takes good care of his children. I know a man who is the best of his kind. I know a star who shines brighter than the flawless diamond. That husband, that father, man, and star is YOU. Good morning, my love.

22. Good morning, angel. Ever since I met you, I look forward to every second with you. We have become one cause, you are wrapped in my thoughts and in my heart. I love you, sweetie. Have a splendid day.

23. If there’s a person who inspires me more than the beauty of the sun, then that person is you. If there is a man who gladdens my heart more than my favourite song, then that man is you. Good morning, my love. Enjoy your day!

24. It is you or no one else. I can’t ask for a better man cause, it can’t get any better than this. I am blessed! May the heavens bless our love with forever. I love you, sweetie. Good morning.

25. Good morning, angel. May this day inspire you to do your best and be the best. Do not be afraid to take a step for there’s no harm in trying. Have a pleasant lovely day. I love you!

26. I’ve watched so many telenovelas but none beats the romance of our love. I’ve listened to so many talented artists but none beats the sound of your voice especially when you tell me “I love you.” Good morning, sweetheart. Enjoy your day!

27. I have flown over the seas and the oceans like a bird but never have I fallen into the waters. I have flown over many forests but never have I fallen on the treetops. However, I have walked on the surface of the earth but I have fallen in love with you. Good morning, my heartbeat. I love you.

28. It’s a good morning cause, I’m in love with you. The morning is good because you love me more than I know. It’s a pleasurable morning because I heard your whispers in my dreams. Good morning, my love. Do enjoy your day like I enjoy the sound of your voice.

29. Good morning, my boo. I wish you’d draw nearer to me, to wrap your arms around my shoulder. I long to feel the warmth of your embrace this cold morning. But I’m happy to say that I love you. Have a great day.

30. Good morning, sweet soul. You enchant me with your composure, your smile, your mannerisms and the look of your eyes. I love you for so many reasons. However, more profound is the fact that I love you for being you. I love you, boo.

31. Good morning, my love. Nothing satisfies my hunger than the contentment of seeing your face. Only the melody of your voice quenches my hunger. Nothing makes me feel better than the look in your eyes. I love you, angel. Have a splendid day.

32. I can’t describe how I feel but, I love the way you make me feel. I can’t describe my desire for you but I want you for the rest of my life. You make me happy, and you make me feel really good. Good morning, angel. I hope that you feel so good this morning.

33. Good morning, angel. I look forward to the dark night’s cause, I see your beauty in the stars. I’m eager for the morning cause, your face makes my day. The afternoon is even more beautiful with your feet on the sands. I love you, my love. Have a great day.

34. Good morning, my boo. With you, I’m confident I can face the future. With your smiles, I believe I can face the world. With your tears, I am strengthened to fight the world. Enjoy your morning, afternoon and night, my superman.

35. To my angel of love! Nothing tastes better than the sweetness of your kisses. Nothing works a better magic than hearing you say that “I love you.” Nothing makes the world more beautiful than the countenance of your face. Good morning, my love.

36. I never thought I would love anyone the way that I love you. I never thought a man like you ever existed until you crossed my path. I never knew a happiness as this existed until you touched my heart. I love you so greatly. Good morning, my boo.

37. Every night I stare at a picture of you in amazement cause, you’re a miracle I never thought would happen. You take away my breath when you smile. You keep me awake all night long cause, I love to feel your presence in my heart. Good morning, my only one. Have a great day!

38. I worry like a mother worries for her sick child when I do not hear from you. Even if I forgot everything, I’ll never forget to say that I love you. If I failed at everything, I wouldn’t fail to make you a happy man cause, you deserve it. Good morning, my love. Have fun!

39. Good morning, my beautiful love. Take my heart and live in it forevermore. Take my hand and hold on to it for a lifetime. You make my dreams come true. I’ll gladly be anything for you, my beautiful love.

40. Good morning, my love. Peace, joy and kindness are my early morning wishes for you today. No matter what you do, do not forget that I love you. No matter where you go, you remain in my heart forever. Have a beautiful day.

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41. May your day be full of kindness just as your heart is. May your day be beautiful just as your smile is. May the earth be generous to you, just as your love is to me. Good morning, my love. Do have a sweet day. I love you!

42. Good morning, my sweet pie. I don’t have a favourite meal, cause you are that to me. I don’t have a favourite song, cause your voice is to me. I don’t have a favourite movie, cause your eyes are to me. I don’t have a favourite love story, cause ours is to me. I love you so much. Enjoy your day!

43. No palace feels more comfortable than the one in your heart. No wall feels safer for me than your arms around my shoulders. No treasures are worth adoring than the treasures of your words. Good morning, my king. I love you more.

44. I’m thankful because with you loving is a hobby. With you, tomorrow is a promise. With you, happiness is an assurance. With you, I am the best I can be. Good morning, my love. Enjoy your day.

45. You are my dream of love. You are my only one. You are my heartbeat. You are the reason behind my smile. You are the reason why I can do anything. You are the reason why I am in love. You are the reason I want to live. You are all that I need, you are all that I want. Good morning, my angel. I love you, more than my words can say. Have a great day!

46. I’m in love with you like in the movies. I’m in love with you but not blind to see that you are the best there is in the world. I wanna have a dance with you for the rest of my life, it’s an honour better than meeting my favourite celebrity. Good morning, my boo. Have a pleasant day.

47. You swept me off my feet with the kindness of your heart. You stole my heart away from the stars in your eyes. You make me shiver with the words of your mouth. I’m in love with you because, of who you are. Good morning, my love. Enjoy your day.

48. They say you reap what you sow. But, I think you are a blessing cause, I’ve never sown a love so pure and true. You are my first love but I hope you’d be my last. You are the captain of my ship but I hope forever is our destination. Good morning, my angel of love. Do have a great day.

49. In my dreams I see you taking a walk with me. In my fantasy, you are the king of my world forever. In reality, I hope all my dreams come true cause, with you is where I’d rather be. Good morning, my boo. Have a lovely day.

50. I adore those legs of yours cause, they walked right into my heart when I never saw it coming. I appreciate your eyes cause, it led your legs straight into my heart on a blessed day. I love your heart cause, it is a place to be forever. Good morning, honey. I hope you enjoy your day!

51. Good morning, love of my life. Stars don’t shine without the darkness of the night, yet you shine brighter in the day. My night was full of dust because you were so far away. I’m glad I can hear the whispers of the morning through your voice, they keep me going throughout the day, I hope by the same token, this message fuels you through the journey of today.

52. Good morning, the only sun amongst the stars. If life speaks ill luck, your presence brings fortune. If life speaks tears, your countenance brings laughter. If life speaks despair, your eyes speak hope. My love, you’re a major strength in the midst of my weakness. You stand tall amongst the towels in life. You’re irreplaceable, simply because you’re the best.

53. This morning is beautiful for me because I woke up in love. My day is made just by having you in my heart and I feel contented with the love you constantly bestow on me. If I could ask for more, I’ll wish things remain this way between us. You simply don’t live rooms for loopholes so, how can I be unsatisfied? Our love is indestructible because our love power is beyond the spells of magic.

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54. Good morning, sweety. Without you in my life, my world would be without a voice akin to a silent night. You gave my world a form, though void, you completed it. Doing life without you is like living without a meaning. You give me reasons to smile just by looking at the stars, you give my heart a reason to tickle merely remembering your gaze. You always leave me dumbfounded. I’m in love and I’m surprised by the way I feel about you.

55. Good morning, my man. If the people say love isn’t enough, I beg to differ because I have no other reason to wake up except for you, I see no reason to conquer the world except with you and I have the guts to turn my back against the world all for you. With you, love is more than enough. This morning gives me another opportunity to dwell in love and feel at peace in your arms. Loving you is super enough, my love.

56. Good morning, my heartbeat. I’m so in love with you, I look at the time and my heart is instantly drawn to you, I behold a shirt and my thoughts becomes centred on you, I imagine how you would look in it. Because I love you, my thoughts are no longer empty, my heart does not beat to stay alive alone, it breathes just for you. Loving you makes me add an importance to everything I do and you’re the reason.

57. Good morning, my love. You make my bells jingle for joy, my heart skips because of you. Loneliness is far from me because you’re close to me. Happiness has become so easy and within my reach, all thanks to you. This world may be full of evil, but you’re the reason I’ll love to dwell in it forever. Circumstances they say make people who they are, I’ll rather say love made me who I am.

58. Good morning, my one and only. I look forward to the morning not because I have planned my day perfectly well, but the desire to feel the beat of your heart each morning alarms me to wake up. It’s so much fun to ride each day with you. The joy that lingers in my heart is nothing compared to what used to be there. The air I breathe in and out is love, cause love is the reason I’m alive.

59. Good morning, boo. My wish is fulfilled today having felt you in my heart. True joy is experienced at the sight of one’s lover, thanks to you I know how that feels. Love is the best thing that ever existed in life, finding love in you and you, in me is the best thing that ever happened to us. It’s more than electrifying when we hold our hands together, I simply love this energy we share.

60. Good morning, my king. You’re the one for me, to stop loving you is being foolish, nurturing what we have is wisdom. Love is the only feeling deep enough to expose us to the kind of emotions we never knew existed, I’m glad it has exposed me to untold joy and happiness, deep sense of worth and the essence of my life is crystal clear to me. You’re the face of my love.

Good Morning Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

Good Morning Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend to make him feel loved.

Romantic Good Morning Paragraphs to Your Boyfriend.

61.Good morning, darling. I’ll shake in the fire just to rescue you, I’ll face the chariots of men just to win your battle, with you I have the strength for everything.
Giving you a part of me is a decision I’ll never regret, you’re worth it and so much more. You’ve treated me like a queen, I feel dignified in your presence. I may not know it all, but this much is true, I love you.

62. Good morning, my heartbeat. Love was like tales by the moonlight but you made it real for me. When I look at you, I see so many things in you that gives me every reason to smile, hence, sadness is so far from me. How you make me feel cannot be quantified, it surpasses all measures. I’ll dance in the rain because it feels good to be wrapped in your arms. With you, I’ve come to win in this life. My love, have a blissful day.

63. Good morning, my heartthrob. I know my heart is secured with you reason being, aside from bliss, I feel an indescribable peace in my heart. My Love for you is beyond my words, it speaks through my actions and loving you is a duty that I will never abandon. I’ll look you straight in the eyes and make you promise that I intend to keep, no matter the rain and stormy weather. You’re the only one that makes me smile, I’ll not just sing your praises to the world, I’ll make sure your name is not forgotten.

64. Good morning, sweety. You turned out to be the most valuable treasure in my life. Seeing you ignite an orgasmic experience akin to beholding a paradise. You came to win my heart and you did that excellently well, for that you’ll always sit on the throne of my life. I love you in the dawn of the morning to the fall of the night, little wonder, I wake up with an inexplicable joy. My silent wish is to see us together conquering the trials of life and running a blissful home.

65. Good morning, sweety. There is joy in your presence, peace in your voice and sorrow in your absence. Kindly, make each of my days beautiful with your presence, living in your absence is like hugging sadness. Every morning, your face is all I see, I imagine you looking at me in everything I do. Each time we make an eye contact, I fail to count the numbers of butterflies in my tummy.

66. Good morning, my boo. If I live in a home and you’re not in it then, it’s hell for me. Heaven means having you by my side. You’re the most expensive thing in my life, I’ll do life with you and make it worthwhile. No matter how far the journey may be, riding with you all along will make time pass by swiftly. I love you all day long, I love you all weeks. You’re my life support.

67. Good morning honey. I know a place I can always run to, to get the warmest kisses and tightest guys and the love I never knew existed. There’s no river as calming as the rivers in your heart. Swimming in love with you is the most beautiful race in life. Let’s take it slow, I don’t wanna leave your presence, I don’t wanna see our end. Let’s make it to eternity, then we can say we won in love.

68. Good morning, darling. You’re a symbol of love, joy and peace. You show me undiluted compassion, you’re what explains the true meaning of passion. As you care for me, I see the honesty in your eyes. As each morning comes, I’ll make hay to you. At the sight of you, I’ll run into your warm embrace like a happy puppy. Joy may come in the morning, but my heart knows joy each moment I think about you.

69. Good morning, my love. For your goodness, I’ll miss you each day of my life. For loving me, I’ll love you more. Love isn’t the only thing I feel for you, I also feel forevermore for you. What takes me to heaven and back is my love for you. Let’s swing together to the sky and down to the earth, that would be so much fun by your side. The surest thing I know is my love for you, I feel it in my dream, I live it in my life and I can’t stop living it with you. I love you.

70. Good morning, sweety. You’re the sun I behold in the morning, the red moon I see in the dust. You’re everything to me. The embodiment of grace, loyalty, honesty, peace and love is you. You’re the strongest man I know, not just about your physical strength but for the most part of it your heart is the most powerful and strongest that ever existed, only a strong and mighty heart loves the way you do. Kisses, sweetheart!

71. Good morning, my honey bunny. Can you hear my whispers? Can you hear the echoes of my heart? They say nothing other than “I dedicate my morning to you, my night is to think about you until I fall asleep in your thoughts”. My love, this isn’t a mere adulation, and it’s bigger than a fulsome accolade, this is the true state of my heart for you. Rainbow is not a beauty to be compared to how good looking we are as a couple. I love your smile.

72. Good morning, my heartbeat. I love how you surround me with your presence, it makes me breath better than a healthy baby. Make your smile bigger for me, make your laughter louder for me, it enlarges my heart seeing the joy in your eyes. Your happiness is the source of my joy. Living this life without you is like living in the wilderness. I adore the man that you are and you’ll be. You’re the only one capable of making me see a future in the midst of chaos.

73. Good morning, my sweetheart. You’re impeachable even in your imperfections. You’re a diamond in disguise with a flesh. You’re an angel even in human skin. Your blood is made of love, your steps are full of grace. Your life is an amazing story of love. Taking you as my life partner is the best decision I ever made, ever since, you made things so easy for me. My life is surreal because happiness like this is only found in the movies.

74. Good morning, handsome. Thanks to you I found a reason to love and to live. My life is connected to yours, reason being you stole my heart away. I grant you my lifetime permission to keep it in the custody of your heart, cause there I will worry no more about its safety. Whenever you see the night coming, know for sure I’m already dreaming about you and when you see the sunshine be at rest that I’m walking to meet you. My love, have a great day.

75. Good morning, my king. I won the contest and you made me the queen truly because I won your heart and favour. I’ll love to be wherever you are. Your interests will be my interests, Your goals will be my goals, your burdens my burdens and together happiness will be our great reward. Let the wind take a message to you “I’ve found a man I’ll nurture till the end, I’ll found a reason to live life with joy and to share everything I own”. I hope you get my message, yours forever in love.

76. Good morning, sweetheart. I wanna wish you a very accomplished day. I want you to retire to your bed tonight and feel fulfilled, with utmost gratitude in your heart. I simply can’t stop gushing whenever I see you blush because of me. Every day, I pray and every night, I wish never to see another man’s face loving me than yours. You’re simply the gift of God to me. I love you from day to days, week to weeks and all year round. Take it from me, you’re simply the best.

77. Good morning, boo boo. I’ll carry you in my heart wherever I may go. I’ll never forsake you in the midst of the wilderness of life. Early in the morning, I’m full of ecstasy, simply because you alone hold the power to make me feel that way. You’re my joy and my life is constantly charged up with positive energies in that, you’re my source. You’re sweeter than the sweetest fruits and you taste better than an old wine.

78. Good morning, my everyday crush. You’re capable of changing me. Over the years, I’ve seen myself metamorphosed by your side from small to grand, negative to positive. You’re my covering, your beauty has covered my flaws, your sweetness has taken away my sourness and your laughter simply reminds me of what my goal should be and that is happiness. You’re the reason I want to run in life, so I’ll run to you. I love you.

79. Good morning, my world. Each time I behold another morning light, that’s a sign of victory, that’s another opportunity to confess my love to you and tell you how I truly feel. Together, we will trample on the villains of our love. Let’s dive right into the pool of passion, so we would never let go each other. You look perfect each time you lock your eyes into mine. When you see the sign of the twilight, kindly hold me tight, don’t let me go. I love you more.

80. Good morning, baby boo. I love it when I’m between your arms and I love it more, when I lie next to you, no other time do we look perfect as that. The day I found love in you was the day I found peace in my heart. I never knew you were the man I always wanted to hold my hands. Baby, I can’t stop rejoicing each time the morning comes, that’s because the morning draws me closer to you. You gave my heart the grace to fall in love and that love gave me the strength to fight to keep what we have. I simply love you.

Long Good Morning Love Paragraphs for Him from the Heart

The very best of sweet romantic long good morning love paragraphs for him from the heart. Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs for your Boyfriend to wake up to.

81. Good morning, honey bunny. You look beautiful whenever you adorn yourself with love just like a bride adorns herself with pretty white beads. I love to see your face as you sleep, it takes me back, remembering all the beautiful and heartwarming things you’ve done for me. I can never give you up not even for the world and its fullness. The dreams we share are the most beautiful future I’ve ever envisioned. Baby, you’re impeccable the way you are.

82. Good morning, my hunky. You’re a heart keeper, you kept my heart in the most secure place and that’s at the forefront of your chest. I’m waiting on you each night so we can cuddle like inseparable couples. No day goes by, without putting you in my diary, you make each day complete. I love you so much I can’t begin to say. My life is a reflection of how I feel within me, no wonder I look more beautiful each passing day. Your love is the reason I stand out like red roses in the midst of herbs.

83. Good morning, handsome. A kingdom was created in my life cause, you were meant to rule my world. You remind me of a thing and that’s the life of a warrior. Every day I see more reasons to love you and come the day I have no reason to love you more, I’ll choose to love you for all you’ve been to me. When I say I love you, it means I’ll never hurt your feelings and neither will I let you go. I feel blessed in the midst of the world whenever I see the man who owns my heart.

84. Do not pay attention to any rumour about us, unless it says that I love you. Do not believe any news on TV, unless it says that true love exists. Do not think any of these is a lie because indeed I love you. Good morning, my love. Enjoy your day!

85. I wanna make my feelings to you crystal clear but words can’t describe it so, I hope my actions does it better. That is why I’ll give the world to you, I’ll give my heart to you just to let you live reason being, I love you more than my life. Good morning, my angel of love. Have a great day!

86. Good morning, my love. Our path crossed so that we may love each other till the end. You took away my fear and replaced it with the confidence that comes from being loved. You’re my hero and the only hero that I know. I can stand everything in life but I can’t stand losing you, you’re my sunshine and my nightfall. Love is my best song, you’re the reason for that. You gave me a push to my goodness and today I’m an accomplished dream. I love you!

87. Good morning, sweety. You’re the angel of my life, you gave me wings to fly so high, for that I’m eternally grateful. You brought me from a mighty long way by bestowing on me an untold love. I just wanna tell you how much you mean to me, you mean the world to me. You’re the reason I’m alive, the reason I take each day at a time. I love you with every fibre of my being. I’ll rock with you for the rest of my life.

88. Good morning, my darling. When you hear the birds singing, know for a fact that they are singing of my love to you. When you feel the cool breezes of the sea, know for real it’s a witness of my love to you. When you feel the sun shining in the morning, it’s an assurance of my love for you. Have a pleasant day, my darling.

89. Good morning, honey. We’ll be together at the end of the day and night. Yes I know, you’re my heartbeat and my strength. Something so divine and eternal is what we share and no one can get in the way of this special bond between us. I came to win in this world with you by my side. I love it when you cheer me on and give me your approval, it’s the best encouragement I desire.

90. Good morning, my heartthrob. The day you first beckoned on me, it was like a blink of light in the midst of a daring darkness in my life, in essence, you’re my shining armour. If things ever fall apart, our love will bind us together better than anything else. I’ll love you the right way, I’ll treat you the best way there is. Whenever you see the stars in the sky, be assured that you’re the largest amongst them and when you see the rainbow, be assured you’re the brightest colour amongst all. I love you, my sweetheart.

Best Good Morning Paragraph to Boyfriend.

91. Good morning, darling. You’ve always been a fascinating fixation for me, I can’t take my eyes off you. Beholding your image is akin to seeing an angel, you’re an embodiment of love and kindness. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of love. The first day I had an encounter with an angel was the day I met you and hence, I started dwelling with one forever. If everything seems so hard for me to keep, it will never be a burden for me to keep my promises to you cause I love you by all means.

92. Good morning, sweetheart. I’m naturally endeared to you, for that I can say it was predestined that we found love together in the same place. You’ve never been a smattering lover to me but rather a full embodiment of love. I wish I would dwell in your arms forever whether it’s cold or warm, I just wanna be wrapped by you. I love you and it puzzles me that I don’t know why? Can you tell me why?

93. Good morning, dearie. Our love triangle is made of you and me with love itself, completing our love triangle. You’re my legendary love and hero and till eternity you shall be known to me as a super confident lover, who loves fearlessly. When you say my name, I feel like a graceful queen, when you call for me I hesitate not, for it’s my utmost joy to be in your presence. I’ve mastered the art of loving you little wonder I do it flawlessly.

94. Good morning, boo boo. You’re the bravest knight I know, you rescued me from the claws of loneliness and emptiness. You’re the son of royals and you’re dignified with grace and undisputed class. Your aura brings peace and as you walk around like a king around his kingdom, you leave the traces of a man who knows nothing but love. I love how you took the risk of loving me that indeed, proved to me that I matter to you. I love you from kingdom come!

95. Good morning, hunky. The night must have been beautiful as I can feel it straight in my heart the joy that beats within you right about now. I can confidently say that how we feel about each other transcends the love stories of all ages and is unmatched by the future that is yet to come. Loving you has changed the meaning of my existence and know I’ve found purpose in loving someone in an indescribable manner.

96. Good morning, darling. Loving you has enlightened my whole life. You’re the most exquisite man I ever laid my eyes on, the evidence is in my heart and eyes as I speak to you. I love the look in your eyes whenever you look at me, it speaks adoration and contentment. If life happens again, I’ll choose you all over and over. I feel your finest strength as you walk through life with pious. I love you for being you, you’re the greatest creation.

97. Never knew love would find me as early as in the morning. Good morning, my angel of love. Nothing gladdens my heart than seeing you so happy. I hope the heavens rain her blessings on you today, in the manner that you shower me with your love, and the earth yields her increase unto you like the generosity of your lips. Have a sweet day, my darling. I love you.

98. A good morning, to the most handsome lover in the world. How did you sleep? Did you see me kiss you in your sleep cause, I sent a lot of them to you? Did you hear my whispers in your dreams cause, I said that I love you to the sky? It’s morning already, I hope you enjoy your day! I love you my heartbeat.

99. Good morning, sweety. The best love songs I ever heard were made of your words to me. I love how your words caress my soul and make me feel like a divine being all at once. You deserve it all, the finest things of life are meant to be laid at your feet. I don’t know what the future owes but as you stay by my side everything will be alright. Each time I see the passion in your eyes when you speak to me, the more I’m confident of what we have.

100. Good morning, sweety. Our love cannot be blown away by the winds, it cannot be over-flooded by the tsunami, it cannot be overpowered by the villains of love. Love has given us the strength to fight for each other. When darkness fills the earth and the night comes, I go from reality to a land of fantasy where I can find you and never stop loving you. My joy comes when the morning comes, it’s a daylight to love and be loved again. I love you for an even more.


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