2024 Most Romantic Good Morning Wishes for Him (Your Boyfriend)

How good can the morning be for your man without a “good morning” message from you to him?

It can’t get any better with your sweet words and wishes caressing his heart as soon as the church bell rings!

We know just how dreamy that is! So, we got you 150 good morning messages for your boyfriend to wake up to.

Do well to make your choice!

Good Morning Wishes for Him to Wake Up To

Sweetest Good morning Wishes for Boyfriend from the Heart, you can use to wish your boyfriend Happy New Day.

1. Good morning dearie. As you go out this day, the angels await you to usher you into blessings. Have a pleasant day, my love.

2. Good morning, sweet. My day without you is like the sun without a shine and rain without a drop. You make me whole.

3. Sweet, good morning. I would love to behold your face this morning but before then, let this message prepare my way to you.

4. Good morning, my love. I wish you a prosperous day today, one filled with hope, laughter and good spirit.

5. Good morning, my king. As you go forth today, may you be treated like a King with honour and grace? I love you.

6. Awwn! The mere thought of beholding you face wakes me up each morning. Good morning, my love.

7. Good morning, best boyfriend ever. If you don’t deserve to be called the best, that’s because you’re better than the best. You’re simply second to none.

8. Have a good morning, darling. I wanna see you through the day with this simple text of mine. I hope it means a lot to you. Kisses!

9. Good morning, sweet. If you look around, be sure to behold the faces of angels who would help you out. You’re not alone. Have a super duper, great day.

10. Good morning, my man. If I didn’t fall in love with you, I wouldn’t have a reason to breath in joy and exhale satisfaction. You’re the reason behind my smile.

11. Good morning, sweet. Count it all joy, seeing this message cause, it’s a fact that you’re alive to make this day count. I love you.

12. Good morning, my love. You’re a rainbow of many beautiful colours. A beam of hope and happiness to me. Have yourself a merry day.

13. Good morning, dear sweet. You don’t give me excuses to stay away, you give me every reason to find you irresistible. This day is eager to witness your manifestation.

14. Good morning, my love. Go for the best, be committed to making your life count. I love your zeal and it inspires me a lot.

15. Good morning, my love. Each time I hear your voice, I’m most grateful to God for life. Keep growing and glowing. A Special Good Morning to Someone Special

16. A word from you makes the rest of my day exciting. Good morning, my love. These butterflies in me keep growing with each word you whisper in my ears.

17. Good morning, sweety. You’re a rare diamond and the heart of the friendship we share. Waking up today is like being born into love. Kisses.

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18. Good morning, sweety. Plan your day ahead, and even if surprises come by, it will be in your favour. I love you just the way you are.

19. My love, I can’t leave my bed unless I get a sign that you’re breathing the same air as I am. It’s my pleasure to send you this message. Send me your love as a response. Good morning, my baby.

20. Awwn! The day I saw you marked the beginning of a new dawn to me and ever since it’s being like my life only witness a new dawn. Thank you for making each morning beautiful. Good morning, my love.

21. Good morning, handsome. If I had known, I would have kept my bed at an arm’s length, the distance away from you makes my night longer than a year. I’m glad my nightmare is over and it’s a new dawn. Good morning, sweet.

22. Sweet, I open my eyes each day because, I wanna behold your gentle face, I speak every morning because I wanna inquire of your welfare, I listen each morning, so I can hear your call. My love, you’re the reason I wake up alive each day.

23. Good morning, darling. I’m sure today has a lot in stock for you and one of those beautiful things is your dream. Your dream is about to be realized. Congrats, dearie.

24. Good morning, my only one. Once my heart beats, it beats for you and once I take a step, is to get closer to you. My morning won’t be great without a step to your side.

25. Good morning, my royal diadem. You’re indeed a force to reckon with, little wonder you keep growing each day and glowing with life.

26. After braving several obstacles, you discovered me like a precious diamond. All my life I waited for you. I’m glad I now see every new day with you by my side. Good morning, my true love.

27. My love, good morning. No matter how bad the night was, this morning is a beautiful thing because you’re in it. Have a great day.

28. Good morning, my true love. I fell in love with you, without thinking about its consequences and for that, you’ve made me the bravest lady alive. This is my morning confession.

29. Good morning, my sweet. I just want you to know that if it rains until it’s flooded, I’ll swim to meet you and if coals of fire pour in place of snow, I won’t stop loving you.

30. Good morning, my sweet. I can’t find the right word to call you nor the right crown to bestow upon your head. But one thing is sure you’re my love and you beat the meaning of love to me.

31. Good morning, my everyday crush. With you, I can’t long for more because you surpass everything I dream about. You made my desire more than imaginations. I love you.

32. Good morning, my only one. My love for you does not exist in fantasy nor in imagination, it’s real. That’s why I’ll prove my love to you each day I live.

33. Good morning, my love. I read meaning to life because you read beautiful meaning to my life and existence. I can’t ditch you for anything in life.

34. Good morning, sweet. I’ll be proud today if you do not run away from your fears. I’ll be so glad to my soul if I see you winning. I love you regardless.

35. Good morning, dear. With you, my life is sure of an everlasting bliss even in the darkest hour. Have a splendid day.

36. Good morning, my love. If you win or not I’ll be your cheerleader and if you fall, I’ll be your rising. Take it from me!

37. Good morning, darling. I know it’s morning cause, my heart keeps telling me I’m yet to observe my morning exercise. You’re the reason I keep fit, sending you this message is my daily exercise and it makes me healthier than a fitness trainer.

38. Good morning, sweety. I hear the rhythm of your heart because that’s my abode and I know your worries because you’re my soulmate.

39. Good morning, dearie. I won’t spoil you with love rather, I’ll build you with love. Seeing you grow, makes my heart breath fine. Have a great day.

40. Good morning, my all in one. You gave me more than I wished for. For that, I’ll love you more than the best lovers in the world.

41. Good morning, my love. You make my heart soar. Living life with you makes my existence fulfilling. I’m contented by your side. Have a pleasant day ahead.

42. Good morning, my sweet love. Today is such a beautiful day and for that, goodness will hail you and success will be your reward. I love you insanely.

43. Good morning, dear. My affection for you I refill each day and my desire for you can never be quenched because my love for you is new every morning.

44. Good morning, my heartbeat. I want you to know that your success is unnegotiable and this day, all that belongs to you will find you.

45. Good morning, my world. You are the sun rotating around my life, you illuminate my life with the beauty of your heart. I love you. Do have a pleasant day.

46. Good morning, handsome. Don’t forget to carry with you throughout the day your great personality. I bet, it will charm all the goodness of life to you.

47. Good morning, my love. The day keeps getting better because, you keep growing in wisdom, strength and prosperity. I’m so proud of you, my love.

48. Good morning, darling. I believe in you, in what you can do and for sure you’ll take over the world by surprise when your time comes. Keep your hope alive and water your dream.

49. Good morning, my love. Whatever you do today, let honesty and truth guide you. Stay true to yourself. I love you just the way you are.

50. Good morning, heartthrob. Each morning gets brighter and more hopeful because a beautiful life such as yours still exists. I’m sending all my love to you.

51. It will perpetually be my honour to lead you into a new day, just by sending you few words that speak volume. Good morning, my love.

52. Good morning, my heartbeat. I wish you a great day. The angels surround you in each step you take. I hope that builds confidence and courage in you.

53. Good morning, dear. Today is meant for you to soar higher than the eagles. Keep your eyes focused and you’ll emerge as a winner.

54. Good morning, my love. I wish you wisdom to deal with any issue that may wanna hit you. Learn and unlearn today.

55. Good morning, my darling. I wish you accomplishments today and whatever you set to achieve will you achieve before the end of the day. Bye, my love.

56. Good morning, sweet. As you commence your day, treat every human with importance, by so doing, you’re sowing seeds that will germinate to help you tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.

57. Good morning, honey. Like a father Christmas, decide to play the role of an angel to as many as possible today. Then, watch how you’ll expand and increase on every side.

58. Good morning, my heartbeat. I don’t know how many times you’ve tried but don’t give up. Life tests us to see whether we are worthy, keep working hard that alone is enough to justify you. Success is just around the corner.

59. Good morning, my love. Don’t be too ashamed, weak or discouraged to try something new cause, sometimes the new thing we dread so much might just be the one that brings in the miracle we’ve been waiting for. Explore like never before today.

60. Honey, good morning. As you take your bath, let the soft touch of the water that flows from your head to your toes wash away all the pain and struggles of yesterday. Have a victorious day.

61. My darling, good morning. Start afresh, don’t entertain your past. The past cannot birth the future we desire but the present can create a better future. Sweety, move on from the past.

62. Good morning, my soulmate. In the heat of the moment, never do anything stupid, always have a second thought. I love you, sweet.

63. Good morning, darling. Anger is a trap, don’t fall into it. Don’t let your emotions trick you, for an angry man do not make the best decision. Be calm before taking a step or a decision. I love you.

64. Good morning, perfect boyfriend. The love I have for you has taken away every fear from me. All I feel within me is a courage to face the world.

65. Good morning, my partner in love. Let’s fly together and accomplish our dreams together. So that at the end your dream becomes my dream and my victory becomes your victory.

66. Top of the morning to you, darling. Today again, I bless the day we met. May nothing on earth and beyond separate these hearts of love. Have a beautiful day, sweetie.

67. Good morning, the angel of my life. I count today as a blessing cause, I still have you by my side and in my heart forever. Do not forget to smile, it makes the world even more beautiful.

68. Nothing beats a day like this cause, I know that my love awaits my morning text just as I await his good morning kisses. I love you, darling. Have a prosperous day! Good morning.

69. Like the day I fell in love with you, today is a jolly good day. Good morning, sweetie. Do not forget to be kind and sweet!

70. Good morning, my love. I couldn’t wait to tell you just how much I love you cause, your thoughts lingered on in my heart all through the night. Now that is dawn, I want to say “my heart is forever yours.” Love you always.

71. Good morning, boo. Even if I did nothing right, I know loving you is the right thing to do always and being with you is the right place to be always. Have a pleasant day, honey.

72. Good morning, my love. Slow and steady wins the race. With patience and determination, success is yours today. Have a blast!

73. Good morning, my heartbeat. Let every step you take remind you of my love. Let every breath you take assure you of my desire to spend eternity with you. Enjoy your day, angel.

74. Good morning, my one and only. Woke up to let you know that my love for you is new every morning, patient as the hours, and calm as a summer sea. Love you forevermore.

75. It’s always a happy day feeling my heart beat for you. Good morning, my love. This heart of mine will grow gold in your arms. Enjoy the rest of today.

76. Good morning my sweetest love. The day is just as bright as the light you shine into my world. Wishing you a jolly good day.

77. The gift of life has been delivered to you today, on a platter of gold. I wish you the determination to make it great.

78. May today not disappoint you, may kings come to the brightness of your light. Good morning, my love.

79. Good morning, sweet angel of love. I want you to know that I wish you nothing but joy and peace.

80. I woke up with my heart beating so fast for your kisses. Wish you’d place some on my lips today. Good morning, my darling. Wishing you favour and success.

81. My good morning wishes to you are peace, joy, health, kindness and goodness. Good morning, sweetness.

82. Good morning, my angel of light. You light up my world with great joy and happiness. I pray for light upon the path you have chosen. Have a lovely day.

83. Good morning, sweetest boyfriend. You know you deserve all the happiness in the world for making a girl like me wake up so happy and strong. I wish you so much happy times today. I love you.

84. Good morning, darling. I wish you a remarkable day of positivity.

85. Today has so much potential for success and growth in store for you. I wish you the grace to harness them. Good morning, my love. Good Morning Prayer for My Love

86. Good morning, sweetheart. It’s such a pleasure to be woken up by the jingles of your melody ringing in my heart. I wish you a very sweet day.

87. Good morning, my love. May today be the best day of your life so far, may it open great doors of opportunities to you. I love you!

88. Today will be marvellous in your sight, melodious in your ears and peaceful in your heart. I love you, darling. Good morning.

89. Good morning, angel. I hope your desires and expectations be met today. Be free to dream and live.

90. Good morning, my love. If you have any doubts confront it with faith, if you have fears, look them in the eyes. I’m only a call away if you need me. Wishing you joy and happiness.

91. Good morning, sweetie. I pray this morning brings out the best in you. May the world realise the beauty inside of you. Enjoy your day.

92. Good morning, sweetie. May your efforts distinguish you amongst the rest. Know that I believe in you. I love you, darling!

93. For the joy you gave to me, I pray the earth yields her increase to you in overflowing abundance. Good morning, sugar. Have a blast!

94. Good morning, my love. May sadness and mourning depart from you. May joy resides in you. Today is a good day. Enjoy it!

95. Take a look at the sky, it’s so bright and wide. May your day be as bright and opportunities are as wide for you. Have a prosperous day. With love from your girl.

96. Don’t ever doubt that, you are a blessing to the world. Wishing you the courage to be yourself today so comfortably. Good morning, sweetheart.

97. So many reasons to be thankful for this morning. One, you are alive. Two, today is an opportunity. Wishing you the joy and fulfilment of the day. Good morning, cutie.

98. My love, I wish you 24 hrs of happiness and laughter. Do have a splendid day. Good morning, angel.

99. Do not be discouraged by set back and disappointment. I pray the sky motivates you and the sun inspires you. Good morning angel. Have a good day.

100. Smile to light up your world, as you did mine. Good morning, chocolate. May you look back and bless this day!

101. Good morning, honey. I heard the birds singing a song of your praise. I pray today be as melodious as the song I heard them sing. Enjoy your day.

102. Because my boyfriend is the best in the world. May the best things in life be given to you today. I love you greatly.

103. You got a peculiar smell I love to breathe in when you are around, seems like I’m missing you this early. Good morning, my favourite person in the world. Praying you have a great day, stay happy.

104. Do not hesitate to call me when you need a thing. I’m always thinking about you. Good morning, my heartthrob. Wishing that the heavens direct your step to greatness today.

105. Top of the morning to you, the one with the lovely eyes. May the angel of good tidings deliver such happy news to you before noon. I love you.

106. You are alive to fulfil a purpose. May you live to fulfil them today. Good morning, my bestie and my lover all wrapped in you.

107. Good morning, sweetie. I pray you run into men and women who will graciously favour you. Do not doubt it, you’re so charming, my love.

108. Good morning, my darling. Today isn’t your birthday but know for sure that today is your day, cause I’ve prayed goodness and mercy on your path.

109. Good morning, my love. I wish you an exception day, with colours as the peacock’s, hopeful as a rainbow and bright as the sun. I love you.

110. May all your mistakes lead you on the right path, may the odds be in your favour. Have a magnificent day!

111. Good morning, darling. I pray the angels compass you about and protect you from the destruction of the day. Have a great day.

112. A day as soothing as the morning dew is all that I wish for you. Good morning, my perfect gentleman.

113. Do not be afraid to stand out. The world awaits your impact! Good morning, angel. Wishing you great success.

114. Good morning, the one my heart beats for. I pray you enjoy today like the pleasure I derive from the sound of your voice. I love you, my darling.

115. Good morning, sweetness. May all your dreams come true today just as certain as the rising of the morning sun. I love you, ever and ever.

116. Good morning, my love. May the four corners of the earth bring you good news and favour. May the wind of joy blow right on you. Enjoy your day.

117. May your face not be ashamed but lifted up in glory, may your crown flourish right on you today. Good morning, my King. I love you truly.

118. Good morning, sweetie. May the roads be accident-free for your sake. Be confident to have a good day. I love you.

119. Good morning, my one and only. I wish you the desires of your heart. I hope you have a day as beautiful as your heart. I love you.

120. May the showers of prosperity fall on you so heavily, the soil cannot drain it. Good morning, darling. Enjoy your day.

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121. Good morning, my heartbeat. Wishing you the approval of your project and proposals today. I love you, my darling.

122. Good morning angel. One piece of advice to you, “do not give up on what you believe in.” My wishes for you are strength, determination and success for the day.

123. Good morning, my love. May the goodness of your heart open closed doors of success onto you today. Enjoy your day greatly.

124. Good morning, angel. I pray the heavens work in favour of their own today. You’ll have a great day, I know it!

125. If you are afraid to take a step, know that for a fact, there’s a person who believes in you so greatly. You are enough so, just do it. Good morning, angel. Wishing you an accelerated speed of success today.

126. Today is already a better day than yesterday was, I know it because, I asked that the angels deliver to you the packages of favour, happiness and success. Good morning, darling. Enjoy your day.

127. Good morning, sweetie. May you witness today, the success you’ve long been waiting for. Have a great day!

128. Good morning, sweetie. May the peace that passes all understanding dwell in your heart. Enjoy your day.

129. Good morning, my love. I wish that the glory and praises due you, do not elude you for many reasons. I love you, darling. It is your time and it is your season.

130. Good morning, sweetie. May the angels appoint you for joy, honour and happiness. I love you.

131. Good morning, darling. Wishing you the success of your dreams and the fulfilment of your desires. Have a great day!

132. Good morning, sweetie. May the angels reward all the good you’ve sown in the world today. Have a peaceful day.

133. May your smiles part the red seas for you. May you walk gallantly into the land of your dreams today. Good morning, my love.

134. Good morning sweetie. May your name fall into the good books of prosperity and favour. Enjoy your day.

135. It’s a new day, my darling. I pray men and women look at you with the eyes of favour and bestow upon you the riches of the land. Have a great day.

136. Good morning angel. May your efforts never go to waste. May your baskets be full of your harvest. Have a splendid day.

137. Good morning, honey. May every second of today be better than the one before it. I love you, dearie. Have a good day.

138. I pray the heavens give you reasons to dance and rejoice before all men. Good morning, darling. I love you!

139. Good morning, boo. Just wanna remind you just how wonderful you are. You are courageous and kind, humble and sweet and above all, you are my love. I cherish you, sweetie. Enjoy your day.

140. Good morning, dearest. I wish you an open heaven with the downpour of happiness and blessings all over you. Have a great day, my darling.

141. Good morning, my love. You make me look forward to a new day with you. Every second, I know I want to spend with you. Have a pleasant and satisfactory day. I love you!

142. Good morning, boo. May kings come together to favour you, may your days be sweet as you have made mine. Enjoy your day, honey.

143. Good morning, my love. May sorrow and depression be far away from you. Enjoy your day, sweetie.

144. May your eyes behold goodness, may your ears hear good news, may your hands welcome in favour. Have an exceptional day, darling. I love you.

145. Good morning, angel! May the heavens supply all your needs daily. Have a pleasant day decorated with gorgeous smiles and melodious laughter.

146. I hope your day be stress-free, worry-free and painless. May today be hopeful, beautiful and joyful for you. Good morning, angel. I love you.

147. Good morning, boo. I wish you kindness from heavens, favour from men and peace from angels. Have a pleasant day, sweetie.

148. Good morning, love of my life. I hope you slept like a baby! I’m wishing you all the goodness preserved in today. Go get it! I love you!

149. Good morning, darling. I had a great night cause, I had you in my heart. I hope you have a great day cause, you have such a beautiful heart. God bless your day.

150. Good morning, love of my life. The way you make me feel is how I wanna feel for the rest of my life. My wishes for you today are blessings from every corner of the world, heavenly shield against all evils in the world. I love you, sweetie.

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