2024 Valentine’s Day Wishes for Best Friends

Everyone tends to overlook the fact that Valentine’s day shouldn’t be about lovers only. It is also about celebrating friendship and good friends.

Valentine is the celebration of love and love can be in various forms, friendship love, family love and so on.

Even if it’s obvious that they’ll be spending the day with their better half, it still does not rule out the options of sending our love to these friends especially if they’ve been supportive and loyal always.

Surprise them with these 2024 Valentine’s Day wishes for best friends and you be shocked at what their response will be as they least expect it.

Happy Valentine Wishes for Best Friends

Happy Valentine Wishes and Sayings to Send to Your Best Friend.

1. On this great day, I wish that you enjoy your love life more. Happy Valentine’s Day my best friend.

2. Happy Valentine’s day to my best friend who lives in my heart always.

3. I love you my best friend more than any lover, Happy Valentine’s day.

4. We’ve been together through thick and thin that I cannot imagine life without you in it. Happy birthday to you my world best friend.

5. The bond between us is stronger than that which is between 2 lovers. We’re a match made for each other. Happy Valentine’s day my best friend.

6. I want you to know that I am proud to have you as my best friend. Happy Love’s Day.

7. I hope that your days bring to you what you deserve and more, happy valentine’s day my dearest friend.

8. For being a loyal and faithful friend I appreciate you and I say happy valentine’s day to us.

9. Cheers to the overwhelming joy and fun we’ll get today. Happy valentine’s day to us!

10. To my most loyal and caring friend, happy Valentine’s day celebration.

11. I hope your expectations for today are not dashed, I hope you get more than enough fun because you deserve it as a great friend that you are. Happy Valentine’s day.

12. Good food, good wine and a great friend, now that the perfect combo for a splendid valentine’s day celebration.

13. I hope you know that you’re one of my favourite person, happy Valentine’s day my best friend.

14. Even as boyfriends come and go, only the good friend sticks forever and that is why I say a happy Valentine’s day to us!

15. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Cheers to a friendship that has last longer than any relationship.

16. I’m grateful that I have you with me every day. Thanks for sticking close, happy Valentine’s day my best friend.

17. I wish you will have the best celebration today with your perfect person. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.

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18. Have a superb valentine’s day celebration, even if you aren’t able to spend it with me. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself.

19. Every beautiful moment of love you get today, you really deserve it. Happy Valentine’s day my best friend.

20. I wish today’s celebrations will be memorable to you till the end of life. Happy Valentine’s day friend.

21. You’re my best friend and I love you greatly. Happy Valentine’s day.

22. Hope you get to be spoilt so much today because you deserve it. Happy Love’s Day.

23. And though we are more than happy today, I can’t help but pray that our princes will come someday happy valentine’s day!

24. Happy Valentine’s Day! May your dreams of love come through for you.

25. Let’s raise a toast to a beautiful valentine’s day today!

26. Let’s swap chocolates and laugh over candy hearts today, it’s Valentine’s day!.

27. I hope you get all the love and appreciation you deserve today, bestie. Happy Valentine’s day to us.

28. With you, every day is fun and I’m quite sure today won’t be an exception. Happy Valentine’s Day.

29. Friendship is about a lot of things but the most important is loving unconditionally, happy Valentine’s day to us.

30. I don’t want to ever lose our friendship and that is why I will celebrate you every day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

31. May you have more than enough love-filled moments on this special day of love.

32. May you feel and enjoy love on this special day of love.

33. I can’t describe the wealth of love I feel having you as my friend. Happy Love Day to us.

34. Happy valentine to my best and sweetest friend!

35. Thanks for being my strongest and greatest pillar and strength. Happy Val’s day.

36. I just want you to know that I’ll love you and stay as friends with you always. Happy Love’s day to us.

37. Without a dear and close friend like you, life is just an incomplete circle.

38. Let me send you my warmest greetings on this special day of love.

39. We know girlfriends come and go, but of course, brothers stick together and that’s what we are. Happy Valentine’s day to us.

40. Over and again, thanks for being my friend always. Let’s have an enjoyable valentine’s day again this year.

41. My heart beats for close-as-body friends like you, thanks for walking all the steps with me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

42. Thanks for being overly supportive and caring always. Happy Love Day to us!

43. Every moment we’ve shared together will forever be carefully tucked away in my heart, thanks for being a friend like a brother. Happy Valentine’s Day

44. May we forever stay as friends and our lives get better over time. Happy Love’s day to us.

45. A buddy like my body, that’s what you’ve always been, cheers to the celebration of love day today. May we be together forever.

46. I wish today that we’ll find peace of mind and most importantly love. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy.

47. On the occasion of this Day of Love, may we love and be loved back completely. Happy singles valentine’s day to us man.

48. Having you as a friend all this while have been a great and fun-filled journey. Let’s just enjoy today together and forget about the opposite sex. Cheers to love day man.

49. I am proud to have you in my life as a friend. Have a hearty valentine celebration, I love you!

50. I choose today to appreciate your love and support for me. You’re the best friend anyone can ever have. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Wishes to Your Best Friend

Sweet Valentine Wishes to Your Lovely Friend.

51. Friends are life trust me, and you, my buddy you’re the best. Happy Valentine’s Day.

52. In all honesty, you’ve been a great friend, my best buddy, my partner in everything. Happy Valentine’s Day to us man.

53. I hope to enjoy this friendship till forever. Happy Valentine’s Day bestie.

54. It’s Valentine’s day again and I’ll make sure you are my best friend in everything.

55. Thanks for making this friendship special. You are my best friend and I can’t love you less. Happy Love’s day to us.

56. I’d have sent you a bouquet of flowers but then I’m sure you don’t even have time to smell them, lol. Have wonderful Valentine’s Day, my dear friend.

57. I hope you’ve gotten your Valentine gift from that person you love? If you haven’t, no worries, I’m sending you a big laugh from here. Happy Valentine’s day to us my dear.

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58. Every moment we’ve had together is in my memory and I can’t ever forget it. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

59. Who would have thought we’ll stay as friends despite the ups and downs we’ve had together? But then happy Valentine’s Day to us still.

60. Thanks for being there and helping me out whenever I need it most. Happy Love and Friendship day to us.

61. You are one friend that I love dearly and I’m glad we will forever be friends. Happy Valentine’s day.

62. I don’t even want to celebrate this day of love with anyone apart from you. You are my best friend and favourite person. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.

63. I’ll always choose the true friendship which we share over a romantic relationship anytime and any day. Happy Val, my best friend.

64. You’re that friend that can follow one into the darkness bearing the torch. Thanks for being you to me, happy val’s day.

65. Be sure that I’m never trading this friendship for anything in the whole world,you’re my special half. Happy Valentine’s day to us, my dear friend.

66. Our friendship is beautiful than anything, let’s toast to a great tomorrow on this special day of love.

67. A true friend, as close as a brother, that’s who you are. Happy Love’s day to us.

68. You light brought me illumination when I needed it most, thanks for sticking with me always. Cheers to Valentine’s day.

69. Today, I pray that you find lasting and fulfilling love, you deserve it as you’re my greatest friend, happy Love’s day.

70. I raise a toast to us, to our friendship, to today and forever, happy Valentine’s day.

71. I am lucky to have you as a friend. On this occasion of celebrating love, I wish you a happy valentine’s day.

72. Close your eyes and make a love wish. I’m confident it will be granted. Happy Love’s day today.

73. True friends stick together, even when there’s no partner. Enjoy today’s Valentine.

74. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day my best friend!

75. Love is simple, our love and friendship is stronger than anything in the world. May we always stay as friends together.

76. You’re that friend that is closer than family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

77. Wishing that your day be cozy as you spend it with the one you love. Happy Love’s day.

78. No one is as amazing as you , my friend and that is why I am wishing you an amazing valentine’s day!

79. I wish you a day of complete happiness cos you deserve it. Happy Valentine’s Day my bestie!

80. Happy Valentine’s Day to the only one that can deal with my crazy acts!

81. I’ll miss going out with you today, but then enjoy yourself my dear and make sure he spoils you silly. Happy Valentine’s Day

82. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most adorable friend I’ve got in the world!

83. Happy Love’s Day to you my sweetest friend. Have fun today.

84. It’s exciting to have you as a friend. Have a beautiful valentine’s day today.

85. You made our friendship rich with your caring heart. I wish you the best always. Happy Valentine’s Day

86. On this day of love, I just want to wish that you find perfect love. Happy Valentine’s Day my bestie.

87. I love and appreciate our friendship always and forever. Today, make sure you have enough fun, happy Valentine’s day.

88. To the one who has made friendship beautiful, I raise my glass to say: cheers to a beautiful valentine’s day.

89. Here’s a bar of sweet chocolate to you my sweet friend today, Love’s day. Happy Valentine.

90. Life with you in it as being colourful so far. I love you my friend, happy Valentine’s day to us.

91. Enjoy chocolates and Ice-cream today, happy Valentine’s day my best friend!

92. Thanks for showing me what real friendship is, I can’t love you less. Happy Valentine’s Day

93. You make friendship so sweet, I’m proud to have you as a friend. Happy Valentine’s Day

94. You deserve beautiful moments today, have fun and enjoy your Valentine’s day.

95. In all honesty, I can say you’re a great friend I love you like that. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.

96. To my best friend and partner in crime, happy Valentine’s Day.

97. You have taught me that love and friendship go hand in hand. you’ve stood by me stronger than a lover. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

98. No one made the rule that Valentine’s day is only for lovers, therefore, I will appreciate you my friend today. Happy val’s day.

99. No one can take your place as my best friend. Thanks for filling my life’s gap. Happy Valentine’s Day.

100. You’ve proved to me over and again that you’re the best friend in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.

101. Before anyone, you’re my best friend. And that’s why I’m wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s day.

102. Building our friendship wasn’t easy but of course, it was worth every step. Happy Love’s Day to us!

103. May we continue to experience divine friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day my good friend.

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