Good Morning My Love Sms for Her or Him

2024 Good Morning My Love Sms for Her or Him

You want to make your lover feel loved and you want to wish him/her a great day ahead. Here are romantic and sweet messages for your love, so dive right in and pick yours.

How happy your lover will be after seeing this texts, the results you get will really be fantastic. Get one or more out of these 120 Good Morning My Love SMS messages for your sweetheart.

Cute Good Morning Love Sms for Lover

The most beautifully collection of Good Morning My Love Sms for Her or Him. Cutest Good Morning Love Sms for Lover.

1. Waking up to see your lovely face every day can never be tiring, you brought sunshine whenever there is darkness. Good morning love.

2. What else do I want apart me waking up to see your handsome face every day, I love you honey, have a nice day.

3. Baby, your face I see every day is like going to the moon n back. It gives me peace of mind that I go about my day with all joy. Good morning angel.

4. Loving you is not a crime and if it is I will be a criminal for life. Good morning love.

5. You are the kind of woman I’ve always dreamt of, you’ve always blown my heart. Happy Morning darling.

6. You are my muse, what makes my heart Thumps hard all through the night, my strength when the workload is too much. Good morning my dear.

7. Love is sweet because I have a sweetheart who I observe her face before I sleep and when I wake up. Having to sleep beside you every day has been honey filled. Good and happy morning to you.

8. When I’m beside you I always admire you and when I’m out I miss you like crazy. Good morning sweetie.

9. A peaceful day is ahead of you because that’s my heartfelt wish for you this morning. Good morning.

10. Night rest is sweet because I will surely dream of you. Daybreak is lovely because it’s full of your love. Happy gracious morning to the love of my life.

11. This life is full of ups and downs, it is full of challenges here and there but seeing your face every morning gives me assurance that it will get better. Good morning angel.

12. A beautiful face to behold every morning, a beautiful smile to see every moment. You light up my day, good morning to you baby.

13. You are my wife yet my mother because you see mostly what I don’t see with your beautiful eyes. Love you and will continue to. A morning full of goodies to you.

14. The heart wants what it wants and it is you my heart wants, you are a source of help and strength. What a great man I have in my life. Good morning sir.

15. I’m always excited every night because I get to stay beside you and I get to see you first thing In the morning and that’s enough for me. Good morning lovely face.

16. I have always dreamt of holding you and now you are in my arms. Good morning wifey.

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17. They said it is easy for a routine to become as boring as anything but morning SMS to you can never be because I get to be the first to wish a great day ahead.

18. Time time time is some people’s difference between night and day but the difference between my night and my day is your voice. Good morning fanciful.

19. Your lovely face is what I dream of, you are beautiful and you energies me. Thinking of you makes my day go smoothly. Morning love.

20. A man of Honor, a man of worth; what a great man I have in my life. Morning to you.

Good Morning Sweetheart Sms Messages

The best of good morning sms messages to send to your sweetheart. Sweet and romantic good morning sweetheart sms messages for him or her to wake up to.

21. The best decision I made in a long while is proposing to you and the best result I got is yes. Good morning, soon to be wife. lots of love.

22. The best decision of my life is taking you as my husband and I’m reminded of that every morning when I see your face. Good morning hubby.

23. A wonderful woman in a great man’s life is a good combination; I’m wondering because I’ve got a great man in my life. Good morning sweetheart.

24. Good morning my darling, hope you had a wonderful night rest, may the sunshine this early morning shine more brightly for you and fill your heart with a new fragrance of love. Have a nice day ahead.

25. Good morning, I hope you had a good sleep, I had a dream where you are the main man. I wish a happy day ahead.

26. I wish you did be the first person I could see when I wake up, you were in my dream all through the night. I wish a good day ahead with you aware of my love for you. Take good care of your self for me.

27. A good night rest was what I wished for you last night and a dream filled with memories of me and now that it is a new a day, I wish a better day ahead filled with love. Remember I love you so much.

28. A cup filled with milk and coffee and a plate filled with lovely delicacy is what I wish I can give you this morning. Good morning sweetheart.

29. I ended yesterday with a thought of you, I started today with the thoughts of you and I felt it so strongly in the heart to check up and ask if your night was great. Good morning my dear and how was your night.

30. Good morning baby, I believe your night rest was great, and I wish you a great day ahead full of cute moments and love. Remember my love is great.

31. I’m sure an amazing day awaits you today, begin your day with a smile. Enjoy your day with the people around there and always look towards your phone because you will always see a part of me. I love you so much, dear.

32. Every morning I wish I could wake up to see your beautiful face and for that to give me the necessary energy needed for the day, good morning my love and do have a smooth day ahead.

33. Your morning talks and chats with me are what I wake up to see and hear, they are already a part of me. Good morning love and I still await the sweet nothings.

34. My drive early mornings has been your laughs and face, I wish a happy day ahead sweetheart. Good morning love.

35. There are many reasons why I don’t like this distance relationship, I don’t get to see your face all the time but it is making me stronger and it is making you my first priority in the morning. Good morning wifey.

36. Sometimes I try my best to put into words how I feel about you when I wake up, but my words can’t comprehend it all but babes you sure know that knowing you are mine makes my day go well. Good morning love and how was your night.

37. My last thought when I go to sleep is that you have a sound rest and the first petition of mine when I wake is that you have a blessed day. Good morning sweet.

38. Darling, have a better day at work today knowing you are on my mind, good morning dear.

39. My wish came true because I have you, you are there whenever I need a helping hand, you direct me when I need direction and you walk the path with me. Good morning king.

40. When I went to sleep last night, your words were like the stance of the moon in the sky, thanks for giving me a good night rest. Good morning dear.

Morning Sms for My Love

The best of sweet and romantic good morning sms for my love to wake up to.

41. You stand as a master, that who knows about everything so I could talk to you about anything, so I could come to you for help. I love you baby, good morning and have a blessed day.

42. You are the reason why I understand that night will always be cool because I have someone I love and the day will be lovely because someone loves me. Good morning my love.

43. Knowing that you dreamt about me is giving me Goosebumps already, knowing that you will tell me about the dream is making me giddy. I await your call sweetheart, can’t wait to hear from my handsome. Good morning dear.

44. Good morning lion, I wish that your first thought today will be me, have a nice day today in school, live today with the hope of love.

45. Knowing some of your awkward moment make me have an edge over other people in your life cos I have clues about you that they don’t know. Good morning dear and have a magical day.

46. When you wake up baby, I want to be the one who gives you butterflies in your stomach, because that’s how you make me feel when I wake up. Good morning angel.

47. Every day when I wake up you inspire and light up in me the rays of hope, that my day might go smooth. You make me think about the amazing things that can be done in a day. Good morning love.

48. Sometimes I feel lost in love and sometimes I feel like I’m at the top. It is all your job and I love you so much, honey. Have a lovely day.

49. The dreams I have of you every night has to help me excruciate the deepest fear of darkness because once its night I get to dream of you, good morning my knight in shining armour.

50. A gracious morning is what I wish you as you wake this morning. I hope you had a wonderful night rest. good morning handsome.

51. When I wake I think f each of your workings concerning me, I will turn out to be the best you want me to be. Good morning dearie.

52. Our first meeting is still fresh in my mind and that was my dream, for being a great woman in my life I wish you all the best today. Love you princess.

53. Indeed the saying that love is rare is true until I met my one true love, good morning the love of my life and hope you had a great night.

54. You make me feel loved and desirable and peaceful every day, good morning darling have, dreamy morning. Lots of love.

55. This morning, your coffee, bread is beside the bed and kisses I couldn’t give you because you were sleeping. Good morning wifey, have a fun-filled day.

56. Whenever I’m with you I feel at home, you are my rest honey. Good morning dear, how was your night.

57. I believe your night rest was peaceful and full of dreams about you, good morning baby.

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58. Thank god for a new day cos I got to give a morning message full of my love and care. Good morning darling and I love you till the end.

59. I love daylight so much because I got to speak to you again, yesternight, we had to go to bed. Good morning love, and hope you had a fantastic night cos I do.

60. A good night was what I wished you last night and I’m wishing you a happy and great day this morning. Love you, babe.

61. When all I could think of this morning is you, I have no choice than to chat you up and tell you how much you mean to me. Good and gracious morning to you.

62. Love is when someone wakes and thinks of his partner first and that is what I’m feeling and what I’m doing this morning. Good morning dear, I have your best at heart.

63. Having this great man beside every day makes me the luckiest woman on earth, you are handsome in and out, and I love you so much. Good morning king.

64. Finding out every day, that you are by my side feels like a dream, so I wake up to check if you are there. Good morning love, have a magical day.

65. When you told me I love you last night, it might be common among folks but when it comes from you it took me to heaven and brought me back. Good morning honey and have a wonderful day.

66. Your salutations worth so much I always await night and daybreak, it gives me joy and I’m saying a blessed morning is for you today. I love you so much.

67. You know your messages light up my mood, and I know my message light up your face and it makes your day. good morning beautiful angel.

68. Routine gets boring but early morning messages between us are something we will always wait for, for me, I’m not planning on stopping this routine cos it is an avenue for me to tell you how much you mean to me.

69. Most times I feel sad that I’m not beside you, that I’m lonely likewise you, can’t wait for this conference to end so I can be by your side again. I love you so much, queen. Good morning.

71. Your late night text made my night rest wonderful and I wanna tell you that I love you so much this morning, remember this babe that loves you as you go on about your day. Have a fun-filled day.

72. Your soothing words this morning gave me a sense of support that no one has given, it made me want the best from myself. Good morning love and thanks for always being there.

73. When I wake up in the morning, I wait eagerly for that one love-filled message or that one melodious call of yours, this is to tell you that you are my first want in the morning. Good morning handsome.

74. What I wake up to do is to check for your text and send you a soothing and good message full of love from me. Good morning love, how was your night?

75. An endearment, that’s what you are to me, a treasure is what I see in you, you make my day full of surprises cos of your actions and deeds. Good morning my dear.

76. Every of my message or call to you every morning is to bring a smile to your lips and to make your day great and to make you know that I think of you when I wake up. Good morning finest.

77. Each time I wake, I see another opportunity to make you happy and make your day memorable, today on my to-do list, I wanna make you feel like a princess and to make you feel loved. Have a blessed day.

78. Last night was wonderful I’m sure and I know your today will be better, wake up and feel the light of the day. Good morning handsome.

79. Knowingly, you have become a great part of my everyday routine and I cant change that, my wish for you today is that you feel loved as you spend your day and that you have that which you wish for today. Good morning love.

80. The reason I believed in a happy ending is you, my love. Good morning hubby, have a magical day.

81. The reason it was easy for me to believe in fairytale was your entrance into my life, where I could see that indeed dreams come true, you are one of those dreams. Good morning love and I love you so much.

82. Happy daybreak to you honey, I wish you a fun-filled, stressless, fantastic, aspiring day and always remember that your wife loves you so much.

83. Last night when I told you to sleep tight, you still crept into dreamland so you can see me, good morning love and hope your night was great.

84. Your smile is like sunshine rays. When I checked your face this morning, you were with the most beautiful smile I could ever get and that I believe will make my day wonderful. Good morning sweetie.

85. Waking up with the assurance that a call or message from my love awaits me, it usually brings a smile to my face. Good morning love.

86. How I wish there’s no limit to talking to you but there is because you must go to bed, not it’s time to rise because I can’t wait to hear from you. Good morning love.

87. Knowing I have someone who brings me peace and joy makes my night short, I’m always eager to see you and hold your hands. Good morning my dear and have a wonderful day.

88. I dreamt about you last night and I am already thinking about you now, that’s to tell you how much you mean to me. Good morning darling.

89. In the brightness of the day, I picture you having a great and wonderful day. Indeed I love you.

90. Resting is necessary for the body, which is why I wished you a good night rest and I’m here again to say good morning and have a blessed day.

91. Good morning, I’m awake but choose to stay sleepy cos I wanna hear from you first. Can you rise and give me a call. Love you.

92. Love is a drive not by coincidence but on instinct, it drives even to wake up and think of you, you fill my thoughts all through the night and now you are in my mind. Good and hearty morning to you angel.

93. My knight in shining armour, how was your night? hope you dreamt about your lovely princess. Cheerful morning to you hon.

94. The sparkles I’m feeling now can only be because of you, knowing that a beautiful soul is mine and will soon wake up makes me feel good. How was your night darling?

95. The only reason I believe in love is that I met you, the reason why marriage is sweet is that you are my wife, and the proof is the fact that you are a perfect woman. Good morning honey.

96. There are many beautiful ladies but you are different, your eyes, the way you look at me, the way you smile is just the best. I bless the day you entered my life. Good morning baby and how was your night.

97. When I arise every day, I don’t need any other reason to be happy because I have you. Good morning my love.
I am sure I want you as my hubby because when I wake up I think of you as my crown, good morning handsome.

98. You are like my home, the place I wanna return to, In the morning I don’t feel like leaving home and in the evening, I can’t wait to come back home. Good morning my home.

99. You are the reason I’m always excited to sleep and wake early because I got to see you first. Good morning love.

100. Good morning honey, my wish is that I will always be able to send you sweet messages that will blow your mind. Have a nice day.

101. I kinda hate day break because I have to stop dreaming about and nightfall because I have to stop talking to you. Good morning sweetie.

102. Every moment in the morning remind me of you, the breeze, the sun, the sound of birds chirping- they all remind me of what you are. I love you, honey.

103. Hello dear, I am sure you had a good night rest and I’m sending you my morning picture so you can see your baby girl and it should light up your day. Good morning handsome.

104. My love, it’s morning already… wakey it’s time to talk to me. Good morning.

105. I am a type of person who loves to sleep for a very long time, but your entrance gave me a reason to wake early so I can talk to you. Morning dear.

106. My wish is that my face will be the first you see, my voice will be the first you hear. Good morning and remember I love you so much.

107. Whenever I’m with you, I have rest and peace of mind. Good morning my wonderful husband.

108. I spent the whole night dreaming of you and I woke to start thinking of you again. Babes I love you so much, wonderful morning to you.

109. My dream which came through is seeing you before I sleep and when I wake up. Good morning darling.

110. Peradventure you are stressed, remember my smile and it will do you good. Happy morning to my baby girl.

111. I love different weathers but there is nothing I love more than you. Good morning my graced woman.

112. Morning marks the beginning of the day and the beginning of my thoughts of you. Good morning Angel.

113. Life’s challenges are hard but knowing you are there for me and with me gives me strength. Good morning darling.

114. Seriously I think it’s high time we move in together so that I can see you per time and can hold you every night. Good morning my wife to be.

115. The warmth of the day reminds me of your warmth and affection, I wish you a fantastic day. Good morning.

116. The reason I call myself the luckiest girl is because my dream is to get together with a handsome Man and it came through because indeed you are handsome. Good morning my knight in shining armour.

117. Even if my day is dull, hearing from you brightens my day. Good morning baby.

118. My wishes are that all your wishes today come true. Be positive my dear, your day will be great. Fantastic morning to you.

119. My morning is not complete without hearing from you, I await your voice and text every morning. Good morning sweetheart.

120. Each morning with you is great and fantastic because it starts with your affection, love, grace and these will always stay with me. Thanks to my sweet.

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