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2023 Happy 1 Year of Friendship Messages for Special Friends

Good friends are important. Some friends even stick closer than a brother.

They are there to laugh with, to celebrate and rejoice with when good things happen, to cry with when things go sour, and to vent to when life gets frustrating.

This is why it is important not to take them for granted. When people sow goodness into our lives, it is necessary to show appreciation.

Making it a habit this 2023 to send them messages, especially on the anniversary of your friendship, is a good way to let them know you appreciate their friendship.

If you are finding it hard to form the words, we have here for you happy 1 year of friendship messages to special friends that will make your friends feel special.


1st Friendship Anniversary Quotes and Messages

Sweet 1st year of friendship, anniversary quotes and text messages. To celebrate a year of awesome friendship with your most special and best friend, these 1st year of friendship messages, wishes and quotes for him or her would do. Share the friendversary messages, wishes and quotes with your friend indeed and in need.

1. Walking through life with you has been the best experience of my life. Happy 1 year of being great friends.

2. Side by side with you, I still enjoy holding hands with you as friends. Happy 1 year of friendship, dear.

3. You have been a true friend this one year. I appreciate every single thing we have done for each other.

4. Nothing good comes easy, this I know. That’s why it took almost forever coming across you. Cheers to genuine friendship!

5. Thank God I have a great friendship with you. The heart always needs a friend.

6. In my time of adversity, you stood by me like you had no choice. Thank you for being a great friend this past one year.

7. Who would have believed that we could be great friends someday? Love is the only thing that can transform a competitor into a friend.

8. Loyalty is the only language you have communicated to me this past one year, and I understand it so well, my friend.

9. I don’t worry myself knowing that you do still find the real me worth befriending. Cheers to one year, buddy.

10. I have got to a point in my life where I know who really matters and who never did in the first place. Happy one year of true friendship.

11. I know I can never fool you. You see right through my masks and that right there, is what true friendship is about.

12. You know the songs in my heart and you sing it like no one else ever did. Thank you for being a great friend this past one year.

13. You brought out the best in me. Now, I am stuck with you. Thank you for 1 year of knowing the best friendship ever.

14. Your coming my way is one good fortune I will treasure all my life. Cheers to one year, buddy.

15. No one has ever understood my silence as you do, and that’s one true sign of your genuine friendship with me this past one year.

16. There is nothing in this world that is better than a true friend. I have practically lived my best life this past year.

17. Ever since we became friends, my world has known great peace. Thank you for changing my life in just a year.

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18. Whenever I look within me, I see your touch all around. Thank you for being an awesome friend in just a year.

19. Your selflessness is what brought me close to you and I still appreciate that about you every single day.

20. I appreciate how you have gone out of your way to keep us close. Happy 1 year of knowing an awesome person like you.

21. Friendship with you is worth more than precious stones. You have proven yourself countless times.

22. You became family the day you choose to be nosy all about my business. I appreciate you this past one year, pal.

23. Whether I am being good or bad, I know you still stayed. Thank you for being a great friend this past one year, dearie.

24. No matter how rigorous life gets, being friends with you makes it feel like nothing. Cheers to one year of awesomeness!

25. Your personality is more than attractive. I am so going to be stuck with you for life. Cheers to one year of great friendship.

26. Each time I look at my side, I feel like I am flying over the moon just knowing you are there with me. Thank you for the great friendship.

27. What is more having than a great friendship? Happy one year of knowing pure joy.

28. You stayed when everyone else walked right out. Friendship with you is like a glowing star.

29. My life has become meaningful because of you. Friendship with you brings nothing but great increase.

30. I don’t know where I would rather be than being with you for life. Happy 1 year of good friendship.

31. I have not known anything like this all my life. Your friendship is fulfilment itself, buddy.

32. I have always hoped for a great friend. I recognized you are one the moment I saw you.

33. Countlessly you have lifted me up with no single complaint ever. Thank you so much for one whole year of being all up in my business, I love it.

34. I may not be able to stop the rain, but I promise I will always walk by your side through the storm. Happy one year of friendship, dear.

35. You give me so much happiness and I can’t get enough. Thank you for being friends with me this past one year.

36. Should I still call you friend? No, I think we are past being friends. You are family!

37. No one I have come across is as loyal as you have proved to be. Happy 1 year of great friendship.

38. Experiencing pure joy around you is like forever, my sweet friend.

39. I had no idea you would turn out this awesome. I mean, what kept you so long from coming into my life earlier?

40. You will always be close to my heart, come rain or shine. Happy one year of knowing such an awesome person.

41. We are not just friends but partners in crime. Oh yeah! Happy one year of genuine friendship.

42. I have always wished for a great friend, You were nothing short of that when you came.

43. I cherish your being in my life every day. Happy 1 year of friendship to us.

44. I thought you would disappear learning of my dark secrets but you never walked out of that door. Happy one year of great friendship.

45. In my next life, I would still want to meet someone as awesome as you are, my friend.

46. You have allowed me grow side by side with you this one year, and the outcome has been tremendous.

47. If being friends with you is a crime, I am ready to go to jail. Happy 1 year of sweet friendship.

48. I don’t ever want to wake up one day and you are gone. We are friends for life.

49. Flowers wither and die, the sun eventually sets. But you my friend, I will not forget. Happy one year of friendship to us.

50. Don’t ever look away from making us better. I value you more than anything, my friend. Happy one year of being great friends.

51. It’s one year already since we became friends. I guess I am keeping you for life.

52. You make friendship so easy and sweet. Everything you know about me, you have successfully learnt by yourself. This past one year has been the most awesome.

53. I have always worried about explaining myself to people, but with you, I don’t have to do that at all. Thank you for sticking so close.

54. My best memories of us are the pictures in my heart. Every single day, I think of how great you are and smile to myself.

55. Your friendship is worth more than the world to me. Happy 1 year of enjoying so great a privilege.

56. There is no chapter of my life this past one year that has no picture of you in it.

57. Asides my cell phone, my friendship with you is next. I love to carry you everywhere I go. Happy one year of friendship to us.

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58. Once upon a time, I met this fair lady who touched my life in a thousand ways. Cheers to a great friend!

59. No one has ever believed in me as you do. You make me want to be so much better.

60. I am grateful you came my way. I want to tell the world how much of an incredible human being you are.

61. Your friendship gave me so much protection from the rest of the world. I am so glad I met you. Happy one year anniversary to us.

62. Being friends with you is like flying on eagle’s wings. Happy one year of knowing you.

63. You see right through me even without me saying anything. You are everything I wanted in a friend and more.

64. Every single fibre of my being longs for your presence anytime we are not together. Thank you for being such a lovely person.

65. I have laughed so much this past one year because of you. Thank you!

66. I kept a really nice space in my heart for you. Just so you will know how special you have become this past one year.

67. You make my face glow every day with laughter. Happy one year of friendship to us.

68. I treasure every moment with you, my friend. I never want to end being this close to you.

69. I have been your exact replica ever since I started going out more with you. You always find a way to make me better.

70. You make me smile even when everyone else has given up trying.

71. Thank you for loving me unconditionally as a friend. This one year has been just the best.

72. I can’t recall any time we have had misunderstandings that we have not settled immediately. Being friends with you is so heavenly.

73. If laughter could crack ribs, mine should have cracked long time ago, because you make me laugh so hard, my friend.

74. I never knew I laugh this loud until you came into my life. Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend.

75. You and I against the world. I am very sure of victory.

76. You mean so much to me. I don’t know if you know that already, my friend.

77. Heart to heart talks with you are always a delight. Happy one year of meeting such a lovely human like you.

78. Spending time with you always have a way of healing my heart, buddy.

79. No matter how dreadful life becomes, I would never fear because you are my cheerleader.

80. Every single success I have achieved today is because I have a great friend, who is always there for me.

81. The times I have known you are about just the best times of my life. Happy one year of knowing someone so special.

82. Throughout the times of my distress, you stayed up for me. What can I ever do without you? Happy first year of our forever friendship.

83. Thinking of you brings joy to my heart, my friend. Sometimes I wonder if you do magic.

84. Having just you as my friend is more than enough for me. Thank you for a whole year of being so incredible.

85. I wonder what life without you this past one year could have been. However, I am happy you came just right in time.

86. The way you listen to me makes me want to say out everything that bothers me. Thank you for being a great listener, my friend.

87. No matter how angry you make me, I can’t stay away for a day. Friendship with you is life.

89. Sometimes when I talk, I wonder if you will ever tell me to shut up, but you would always look at me with a smile and keep listening.

90. You correct and reprove me as if you were my mother, but that’s just why I love you. Happy 1 year of sweet friendship.

91. It’s one year already, but I’m pretty sure of a lifetime of friendship with you.

92. No one has ever sacrificed so much for me within just a year. I am so happy having you in my life.

93. Don’t you ever leave me. It’s pretty much a warning, my friend. Happy 1 year of friendship.

94. Your sense of purpose sets me on the right track every time. Thank you for being in my life.

95. And suddenly, I just want to get all things right and perfect, all because of you, my friend. I adore our friendship.

96. I want to grow old and still be friends with you. Happy 1 year of sweet friendship.

97. I count myself so lucky to have crossed your path. You are such a great friend. Cheers to one year of friendship.

98. I have developed so much confidence in myself, in just a year of being friends with you. Thank you so much.

99. You have always been honest with me, and I appreciate it more than anything. Thank you.

100. The way you defend me makes me want to stay forever friends with you. Thank you so much, for letting no one break us apart. Happy 1 year of friendship to us.



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