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120 Good Friendship Messages for Special Friends in 2024

There are friends, close ones, childhood friends or acquaintances and most times, we feel it as a point of duty to remind these people how much they mean to us.

These friends inspire us, motivate us, love us and even admire us. How do we acknowledge their presence? Good friendship messages will touch all forms of elements that strengthen and make friendship worthwhile enough to be a good one.

Good Friendship Texts for My Friend

Best friendship Text Messages you can send to both your male and female friend.

1. I am definitely one of the luckiest people to have found you as a friend in this world. You inspire me a lot.

2. I have no reason to find sadness you say, and when such memories pop into my mind. You inspire joy and happiness

3. Whenever I feel so low, I think of those times you have always been a shoulder for me to lean on. Thanks for being my friend.

4. Whenever I see the sun and how it inspires the day. I think of you and how you make my life beautiful

5. If I had an award to give to the friend who inspires me a lot. It would be you.

6. If the opportunity comes again to choose a friend. It is always going to be you. You inspire me a lot

7. You are like the sunshine in my life, you are stars shining in my night. You are a dear friend

8. In my darkest moments, your words of encouragement always find me to uplift me. I pray for you

9. Don’t ever doubt the fact you are a friend I would engrave his name on time because you inspire me.

10. If the skies would allow me to engrave a name that inspires me in this world. I would boldly write yours as a true friend.

11. You are such a kind spirit sent to watch and guide me on the path where I fail. Thank you for becoming my friend.

12. If I am to list the one who shines the brightest amongst my friends I will write your name.

13. You are like a diamond in my life. Glittering and strong, fierce and soft. I forever cherish you.

14. You are a strength I look up to, I want you to succeed in life for all you have done for me.

15. Anytime I dwell on the fears, past and failures, you guide me to face the wind of the future. You are a dear friend. Sweet Message for Best Friend

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16. You are like the aeroplane that takes me against the wind of sadness into the clouds of joy. Thanks for being my friend.

17. You have always taught me not to give up on the things I want, that is why I’m not giving up on being your friend so long you inspire me daily.

18. Your courage is inspiring
Your laughter is inspiring
Your words of wisdom are encouraging
I cherish you.

19. I will never ever imagine the world without a friend like you.

20. You have always made me see the possibility of happiness and laughter. I pray you laugh always.

21. I cannot give myself reasons to have grown without you.

22. You are the reason I always want to live and do things right. May you have a bright future ahead of you

23. You are the big thing that occurred in my life, a beautiful rainbow guiding me. I adore you as you inspire me

24. You have always shown me how I can find doors through this life, may you never stop inspiring.

25. My memories always hold stories of us but more of you inspiring me.

26. Worries shall not hover over me as you are a bright halo of encouragement always.

27. I was desperate for life but it presented you as a gift to inspire me an guide me on living and enjoying life.

28. You are like the sun, you are like the moon, you are like the rainbow, you are like the rain, you are an inspiration and a friend to live forever with.

29. I want to always remind you how I have become a better person by becoming your friend.

30. I pray you never stop showing me ways on how to live, love, smile and be a good friend as you always have.

31. Good morning to you my dearest friend, the one that gives me the strength to be like the sun. You mean much to me.

32. You are such a blessing on this day, may my smile never fade on such a morning. Good morning friend

33. To the one reading this morning message. May the sun see you through to all you do today and shine your path

34. I know I have prayed for the morning to find the roof of a friend who is all I have. I know you are reading this.

35. Morning comes with a splendid feeling of friendship. I wish for ours to never die. Nice Thoughts About Friendship and Life

36. Of all the prayers I made this morning, your well being was my first because you are a friend who deserves more.

37. I pray for a morning where you will always inspire me like the sun does to flowers because you are one.

38. As the flowers blossom with colourful petals, so shall your path be blessed with our friendship.

39. I see you like a seed who has found the sun to grow and the ground to live happily, good morning my friend.

40. You are such a sunshine in my life on such mornings.

41. May there be sunrise in our friendship as we wake this morning to begin today’s activities.

42. I sought the day for you because you are a great friend who shines more than the sun at noon.

43. Rains may fall but it won’t wash away the friendship we have built for ages. Good morning

44. The sky holds memories of wars, years, time and friendship and ours is a bond so true. Good morning friend

45. I am delighted to wish my friend a good morning

Good Friend Messages

46. No dark cloud shall hover overboard our skies especially with this morning over the friend who cares

47. When your morning comes, I cannot present any promise but a heart of a good friend. Good morning buddy

48. Here is a warm message that will remain in your inbox as a soul food for a true friend indeed. Good morning

49. Only true friendship like ours can compete with the first ray of the sun.

50. May your day start as incredible and end as awesome. This is good morning to a friend.

Good Friend Messages from the Heart

Cute Friendship Messages and Quotes you can send to your friend that show how important your friendship is to you.

51. A beautiful morning as such needs friends like you.

52. To wake spending an amazing day with you means a lot to me.

53. Such morning has to come complete knowing our friendship will be the sun.

54. I thought of beginning this day by wishing you a good morning.

55. I cannot imagine waking up to spend the day without my most trustworthy friend. Good morning buddy

56. May your morning always be awesome and beautiful.

57. As you begin another day, may memories of our bond always remind you I am happy to be your friend.

58. Good morning to the best friend in the world. Have a great day ahead.

59. Wake and enjoy the day, feel the air and the sun. It’s like our friendship

60. Friendship is what makes life worth living for. Good morning.

61. On such a night you make a perfect memory as a good friend.

62. A good night is only for people with big hearts such as yours.

63. You make friendship worthwhile enough to make me have a good night rest.

64. You are a sparkling star at night and in my life. Thanks for being my friend.

65. To a friend who makes our friendship as beautiful as a rainbow. Have a good night.

66. You are a sprinkle of a morning dew at night. A good friend who is beautiful.

67. You have embedded memories I cannot write. It is as beautiful as a night. May you have good dreams.

68. When you lay to close your eyes tonight, think of stars as you sparkling into the night to shine. You are great.

69. I feel our friendship is real as the cloud and the moon, sitting together gives a perfect night.

70. You strike me as a friend who shines the night like the moon. Thinking of you inspires me to hold you closer.

71. When the night carries troubles and leaves me to it. You show up like a twinkling star to take it away. May you have a good night.

72. Draw close your eyes for tonight, rest your thoughts like a soft cloud. Good night my friend.

73. Whenever I have dark lonely nights, memories of us wave it away for your friendship and mine. You’re a great piece of light.

74. Wave at the night like I was in the light. Say goodnight my friend for you are my thoughts.

75. Let us close our eyes and synchronize in dreams for our friendship is so strong. Good night friend.

76.Twinkle, twinkle friend of life
you’re so sweet, like a bee in a hive. Sleep sweetly, my friend. Good night.

77. May the calm wind of the night be soft on your roof my friend. Rest well.

78. May the night quickly bring the morning so we bond more in friendship. Good night.

79. Our friendship has imprinted itself on the cloud of time. May we grow old being friends. Goodnight.

80. Here I am, lying down thinking of the greatest treasure I have found as you.

81. May the night carry wishes of our bond into dreams of blessings. Good night buddy.

82. Hold closely your phone as though I am talking to you because I want to say Goodnight dear friend.

83. You take over the stage of my world every night to shine as a true friend indeed.

84. If you were a music, I would sing you every day at night before I sleep.

85. We have been woven into the fabric of friendship not for this night alone but forever. Good night.

86. You’re like the night, pure and real to my fears. I find more comfort in you like tonight. Thanks for being a friend.

87. Knowing you are my friend makes me feel like the luckiest person alive to find sleep tonight.

88. Friends are like sunshine, but you are both the moon and sun shining in my life. Good night.

89. I have a message from my heart to a dear friend, it reads ‘thanks for being a friend ‘. Good night.

90. I cannot weigh your friendship tonight as it is every tale I will ever say. May your night be rosy. Good night.

91. To the friend who has shown me what love truly is. I love you

92. You are such a definition of a friend with all sense of love.

93. I love what our friendship has become. It defines love, smile and us.

94. You are like the ocean flowing with love. I cherish our friendship a lot.

95. Keep open your heart like there’s a cloud ready to pour a rain of love. Thanks for being my friend.

96. I love the way you smile, a friend who smiles like you make the world go round

97. The moments I have experienced with you involves love and laughter.

98. Shall the stories of best friends ever carry love? It will be a tale of me and you.

99. Show your heart to me in its truest form of love. Let it flutter with the friendship we bear.

100. I know a tale of two lovebirds they started as friends and became best of it. I know love tales and it’s just like us.

101. If I was to tell the world of beauty and friendship and love. It will be a story of us.

102. Our story is a beautiful one that gets me emotional if I think of our friendship or love.

103. If I was to define out friendship by colour, we would be rainbow filled with love.

104. Friends like you make me believe in the word love.

105. Hold me close as a dear friend who love has scheduled to ache the heart so I believe.

106. I wish you will always see through my heart to know how much of a friend you are to me with love.

107. Love has defined us as friends with paths laid with love.

108. If I am to describe who you are to me. I’d say a friend who has helped me see what love is.

109. You are like a rocking boat in the water of love. A friend with a heart of gold.

110. Your shoulders are for me to lean on, your back to carry me, your heart to love me and our friendship to be forever.

111. I feel like a twinkling of a star when I think of us and how far friendship has brought us.

112. Let me see the flow of your beating heart when love echoes our friendship

113. When I met you as a friend, I didn’t think we will write such stories of love.

114. You are a rare piece of the star I think of, for the love and friendship we have.

115. I know how you feel about me is more than just friendship. It’s love.

116. I have a fear, that I would lose the pages of our friendship and left with love. Will you write it with me still?

117. Show the world what we have become, friends who love each other deeply and are proud of it.

118. You have my heart tied to this friendship. Love has pulled us together and bounded us to eternity.

119. It’s true about how I feel about you. I love you, I love our friendship, I love what we have become.

120. I and you weld a sky exploding with stars, sun’s and moon because our friendship makes a good story of love.


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