2024 Trending Birthday Prayers for Sister

The day one arrives on earth is usually a significant day. You can leverage on how special a birthday is, to pray for the celebrant.

Here are some trending birthday prayers you can send to your sister on her birthday. Aside from the role these birthday prayers will play, they will put smiles on her face.

Happy Birthday Blessings for Sister

Whether she’s your blood sister or a sister from another mother, these Happy birthday prayers and happy birthday blessings are sure the best for her. Send these to your elder sister or younger sister and make her day special.

1. I have to set alarm to wake up at this time so that I can wish a happy birthday before your anyone else. I thank God for keeping you alive till now. I thank God for keeping you till this morning. May you live long to witness man May you live long to witness many more years in life. May the Lord satisfy you with long life and prosperity as He promised in the Bible. Enjoy today and always. Happy birthday, dear sis.

2. Tell me what can I say but to say that I am proud to have you as a sister? I am proud of you big time. Thank you for giving me your love and care. May the Lord keep watching over you and our family. May His protection over us be new every morning. May he charge his angels over us, in the name of Jesus, amen.

3. I don’t know how I can make your day. I will, however, start celebrating you today with prayers. I have some surprises for you later in the day. You can start anticipating them. To start with, I pray that you will strive every way in whatever you do. I pray that you will always feel loved and you will never lack the warmth of family and friends.

4. Our childhood memories usually come to my mind every time and then. Your birthday gives me the opportunity to recount them, but I will not recount. I will only pray that you will grow to be what the Lord has ordained you to be. May you never forget the lessons life has taught you specially to remember that helping others makes our day. I love you dear sis and I say happy birthday once again.

5. Dear sis, today being a special day in your life, take time to speak with God. I pray that whatever you bind will be bound. Whatever you lose, will be loosed. This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice. I choose to rejoice and be glad. Cheers sis.

6. Oh, sis! I celebrate you today. My birthday prayer for you is that may the Lord continually give you a reason to rejoice. Keep shining, keep winning dearie. You are meant for the top and nothing will ever be able to draw you down. Whoever tries to hurt you will be hurt for your sake. God has got your back! Happy birthday my crownie.

7. On your special day, I pray that you shall do exploits. May you be abundantly blessed, and may you match forward victoriously to possess your possession. I see you marching in a new level in life. I see the glory of God upon you. You are an example of what it means to be favoured of God. You receive unmerited favour now and always. You are favoured this season and beyond.

8. Be expectant of my calls and birthday wishes today but before then, I send these prayers; sounds of joy will never cease from you and your household in Jesus name. You shall always make us happy. May we always have reason to be proud of you. May you not fail God nor man. Happy birthday sweet sister.

9. Happy birthday to my bestie and sister. May you keep flourishing! May you live long and prosper in Jesus mighty name. May all your great dreams come to reality. May haters not be able to harm you. May you be all that the Lord wants you to be. May your coming to the world leave a good indelible mark on earth. Cheers to you.

10. Happy birthday, dear sis. I wish you long life and prosperity in good health and wealth. Sickness and diseases are not permitted in your body. May the divine health from God be yours always. May you never know lack. May you keep increasing on all sides now and always. Happy birthday, dearie. Keep shining. Have the best.

11. May you live long and prosper. May this year be a great year for you and may you never have a better last year. Happy birthday.

12. May the Lord cause you to flourish more and more in all that concerns you. I love and celebrate you, dear sis.

13. Happy birthday to the person who showed me how to pray in a new light (with heart, mind & emotion). May your path shines brighter and brighter year by year. You are blessed indeed, and I’m persuaded of a better tomorrow for you sis.

14. Happy birthday to the only sister who shared and is ever ready to share her time, love and money with me. She can care for Africa. I love you even if I don’t say this to you frequently. May God bless you abundantly far above all you could ever ask.

15. Happy birthday lovely sis. I wish you more years of fruitfulness in His vineyard. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy an increase in God’s grace.

16. Happy birthday to my variegated sister. I wish you a very long life enriched with wealth and great possessions. Happy birthday sweet sister. God bless you for me.

17. You are such an exceptional personality, jovial and special. I’m blessed to share parents with you. May this year be the best for you. God will perfect all that concerns you. Happy birthday to you.

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18. It is nice growing up with you sis. I pray that God will perfect all that concerns you and satisfy you with long life and prosperity. Happy birthday.

19. To my cherished sister, God bless you real good, and may you have a wonderful year. , it’s a blessed year for you in Jesus name. Happy birthday dearie

20. I can only send you these prayers since distance will not allow me to be with you today. Dear heavenly father, I pray that you care for my sister. Lead her to a place of fulfilment. Guide her with your grace and mercy.

21. This morning, Lord I pray for my sister that You place her in a place of safety. I pray that she finds your light, and may she hold it firmly in her heart. These and many more I pray.

22. Today being my sister’s birthday, I pray that she is blessed with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and innovation. I pray that she gets multi-million worth ideas and that she excels in all she dies. Amen.

23. This day I pay that may my sister’s zeal to follow God be increased and
may she become a woman who will be pleasing to the sight of God.

24. Oh Lord, give my sister the patience to deal with the difficulties of different situations of life, most of all, give her a special blessing as her birthday gift from you. Happy birthday, sis.

25. Dear sis, your birthday gives me the opportunity to appreciate your care as you care so lovingly me. I pay that you will never lack care and love all the days of your life.

26. It’s your birthday. It’s a special day. I pray for a special touch from the Lord for you today and every other day of your new year.

27. May each day in this your new year be filled with a special blessing and may all the work of your hands not be forgotten in Jesus name. May you eat the fruits of your labour.

28. My lovely sis. You have been a model to me. Your example to me has been a guiding force in my life. May you not change for evil. May you not backslide into perdition. A happier birthday dearest.

29. Happy birthday, sister like no other. May you live long to enjoy the fruits of the seeds you have planted in me and our younger siblings. You have trained with the wisdom the Lord has bestowed on you. I pray may the wisdom be passed down to your children too. Much love from here.

30. Congratulations to you, my dear sister, as you add another to your years the Lord bless you beyond your imagination and may He uplifts you to a high position where you will not only stand before kings but will sit with them. In fact, you will one of the kings diligent people will stand before.

31. Happy birthday my dear sis. I hope that you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with many wonderful surprises. I wish that your new year gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in the days ahead. Happy Birthday, deary.

32. I send you my birthday wishes. People usually talk about how wonderful their sisters are; I am not wishing you well just to join the trend, I believe I have the best of sisters. May the Lord bless you and may He cause His face to shines on you.

33. My older sister is a year older today. You look good for your age dearest, although you will always look good to me. May your strength be renewed day by day. Enjoy today.

34. When I look in the mirror, I see you in me. We so much look alike that even our close friends still take us for each other. I know the mirror doesn’t lie, if it does, I know that all our friends won’t be lying. As we look alike, I pray that you have all that I wish myself. Happy birthday, sis.

35. Hi dear twin sister. I know that it is my birthday too, but I will wish you a happy birthday. You are aging like me. May our new year be great, and may we be blessed all round.

36. I say this blessing and prayer to my sister. You are blessed beyond measures. Blessed are you among women. You a kind, caring and loving sister. May you be guided of the Lord always.

37. That you’re getting to be an old lady already, but you still look young. I pray that your life will advance as you advance in age. I pray that seeing you will always bring smiles to my face. I love big time. You are plus one today. Happy birthday, dear.

38. You are an inspiration to me. The Lord must have sent you to bless the family. My kid sis, may you grow up in the favour of God and man. May men always seek to bless you. You are blessed beyond measures.

39. O my sister, bless God for how far He has brought you. I bless Him on your behalf because I know where you have started and how far His grace has brought you. May you keep abiding in Him as He takes you to a greater height, amen.

40. Happy birthday sweet sister. Today being your day, don’t forget to thank God for every single blessing. I join my heart of appreciation with yours. Glory to Him in the highest.

41. This is my birthday prayer for you. May the Lord heals you from all that needs healing. May He prevent you from all forms of diseases. May He redeem you from evil. May He save your life. Enjoy your day deary.

42. In your new year, may the Lord crowns you with favour and grace. May He wrap you in beauty. May He renew your youth always. May you never depart from God’s presence, amen. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

43. A happy birthday to my ever-cheerful sis. Today, may God bless you more than ever before. May He bless whatever you lay your hands on. I send smiles and big hugs to you.

44. I am sending this specially to say happy birthday to you. I love you and pray you will enjoy today and have a great day!

45. Happy birthday to you dear sis. May your new year bring fresh air to your soul as you breathe in God’s life anew. May things start working out more than ever before. May this be your best year ever.

46. May a sunrise of great testimonies dawn across your mind with dreams that come true. May this birthday be a significant one for good. May you be happy today and always.

47. Thank You, Lord, for giving me sister as lovely as the one I have the opportunity to have. Thanks for her life and her health.

48. I worship You and give You all the glory Lord for adding a year to the life of my sister. May she grow to be greater than her expectation. Thank you because You shall answer my prayer, Lord. Happy birthday, sis.

49. It’s my sister’s birthday. Oh Lord, let the purposes for which You sent my sister to the world be established, in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, sis.

50. What can I give you on your birthday? Let me call on the Supreme being to bless you beyond your imagination. May the love of your heavenly Father blow off your cares and worries off like wind blows off things. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

51. It is a good thing to celebrate the day one is born into the earth. I specially celebrate with you in your new year, I pray that the favour and the mercy of God will lift you high in life. Happy birthday, sister like no other.

52. I command the gates of this day to open up and send you divine favour and mercy from above on your birthday. Happy birthday my lovely and caring sis.

53. Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but I remember that the Lord is our God. May He keep being your source and your strength always. Happy birthday, sweetie.

54. Early, will I send my wishes to you, the best sister in the world. May you found God as you seek always. May you never depart from the presence of God. Happy birthday, dearest.

55. Father God, I commit my sister’s ways into Your hands today. Today being her birthday, Father God, I ask for wisdom for today and understanding in all she does now and always.

56. It’s your birthday. My God. Please keep a watch over my sister today and every day. Keep a watch over her and all that pertains to her. Happy birthday my sis.

57. Love flows directly from my heart to you on your birthday. You are so loved and cherished. May the grass be soft beneath your feet. And streams of favour flow to you.s

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58. Today, I will speak goodly words to you even if we usually have reasons to argue. Father God, with the fruit of my lips, I pray that you make my sister rich and wealthy. Happy birthday, sis. Don’t think we I will not argue with you after today. That is a norm.

59. Welcome to your new year dear sis. In this your new year, people shall give you good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

60. Happy birthday to you my sister and bestie. I call for abundant harvest from the north, from the south, from the east, and from the west, to flow to you. Every man and every woman release blessings to you today and always.

61. As you celebrate your birthday, God makes you a blessing in Jesus’ name. I speak to the gates of this day, Lift up your heads, and pave way for blessings to locate my sister.

62. On your birthday, may sights of beauty fill your soul. May the warmth of goodness fill you. May you be held secure in God’s peace and favour. Happy birthday my first love.

63. My priceless jewel, you have been the one who stands by me when everyone left. As you celebrate your birthday, may the Lord always stand by you and may He never leave you. You are precious to me.

64. My sweet sis. I don’t actually know how to wish you well enough to show how special you are to me. I love you beyond measures and I pray that our love will not wax cold.

65. This morning, I place you in the Father’s hand. May you never hit your leg against the stones of the evils in this world. Happy birthday the best sister in the world.

66. I use your birthday to ask for protection from the evil one. May God protect you always. Happy birthday, sis.

67. Although we hear of evil every now and then about people losing their loved ones images on television, the internet, books and newspapers, Lord keep my only sibling in your perfect protection. Dear sis, I love you and will not lose you in Jesus name. Happy birthday

68. I ask that the Lord surround you with His divine hedge of protection not only today her birthday but all the time. Happy birthday sweet sis.

69. On your birthday, may God encompass us round about with strength and might. May HE also encompass you with favour and wealth. Happy birthday, sweetie.

70. I pray for divine joy that knows no sadness for you. You deserve to be happy. Happy birthday great sister.

71. It is a day of joy. It is a day of celebration. May you always have reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday, sis.

72. God, because I and my sister take refuge in You, let us be ever happy. Let us ever sing for joy. And may You shelter us, that those who love Your name may exult in You. Happy birthday great sister.

73. A happier birthday sweetie. May God surround you with favour and blessings as with a shield. Eat a lot because it is your day.

74. As the day breaks forth to reveal your birthday, may you break forth on every side and may your glory be revealed to the world.

75. Happy birthday sweetest sister ever living. I pray that you have all that you wish. Have a lovely birthday celebration.

76. I can only pray for life and peace as you celebrate your birthday. Cheers to a great year ahead.

77. May God set your mind on great ideas that will bring you zillions in your lifetime. Happy birthday my creative and innovative sister.

78. I pray that you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind always. Happy birthday, dear.

79. I pray for more money to your account. May you have many sources of income. Happy birthday, sister like no other.

80. God’s will is that which is good and acceptable and perfect. May His will be done in your life now and in future.

81. By the power in the Holy Spirit of God, you are unstoppable. Straight into success. Welcome to your new year.

82. It is only whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is joyful that will happen to you. Negativity is not permitted in your life. Happy birthday.

83. An angel was born on a day like this several years ago. May the angel be satisfied with long life. Happy birthday, sister.

84. I wish you many years on earth filled with wealth form God. Happy birthday.

85. May your new year be better than all your previous years on earth put together. Happy birthday, dear.

86. You are lovely and caring. You are a good lady with a good repute. May you never fall in wrong hands. Happy birthday my sister.

87. If there is anyone I will attribute my excellence to apart from God, it is you. You taught me many things. May the excellency of God be seen in you always.

88. You are a sister like a mother. You are always there you guide me always. You are always on my mind. May God bless you for me.

89. You are worthy of my appreciation. You a bunch of virtue. I pray that you will never regret being a good woman. Happy birthday to you my lovely sister.

90. On your birthday, let your minds dwell on those things that the Lord has done for you in the past and praise him always. Happy birthday my best sister.

91. Lord, I pray for Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection over my sister as she goes about her party with her friends for her birthday. Happy birthday, sweety. Enjoy your day.

92. It’s a bright new day. The sun has risen to beautify the sky because of your birthday. May the Lord bless you according to His riches in glory which is far beyond your imagination. Happy birthday, dear.

93. As my kid sister and her friends will be going out to catch some fun for the celebration, keep evil far from them, and help them to trust You as their refuge and strength. I pray You will guard their minds from harmful instruction. Happy birthday my sister and closest friend.

94. On your birthday, I wish that you have the love life you have always dream. May God bring you your charming prince who will love no matter what. Who will be by you in all circumstances and who will stick with you till your old age. Happy birthday my beautiful sister.

95. Happy birthday, sister. May you be as beautiful as you wish. May you be as rich as you want, and may you be loved as much as you desire.

96. Oh Lord, I pray that You will make my sister strong and courageous. Help her to find rest in Your shadow, as she lives in the spiritual shelter You provide for her.

97. My dear inestimable jewel, you shall always dwell in the shadow of God in every hour and place. I pray that you shall witness many more birthdays on earth. Happy birthday my honey pie.

98. My invaluable one and dearest sister, you are one person I cherish a lot. I pray that your great dreams shall come to reality. Enjoy today.

99. May the almighty God provide for all that you will ever need. May you live in the divine provision of God. Have a joyful birthday celebration.

100. Glory be to God in the highest for counting you among the living today to celebrate another birthday. May you blessed on earth and may you be able to make heaven after this life. Happy birthday sweet sis.

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