2024 Trending Cute Paragraphs for Him

So I heard you have someone as cute as the whole adjectives in the dictionary will struggle to describe. Every moment with him draws you closer to the fulfilment of everything that your heart desires. You know he’s got your heart and you don’t mind being tagged a fool to follow him through the course of love.

Love has got you, to be sincere. And for that special boyfriend who is the centre of everything that makes you merry, you need some cute love paragraphs. Here you are?

From Cute good morning paragraphs for him to wake up to, to the romantic ones for a nice sleep… Apology paragraphs, I love you paragraphs and I miss you paragraphs? I’ve got you covered! Enjoy the thrills, lady! It’s your time to shine.

I Miss You Cute Paragraphs for Him

You are lonely and alone because your husband/fiance is miles/oceans away from you. The separation might be hours, days, weeks, months or years, but the intensity of your emotions cannot be pulled under the rug. They are threatening to spill over.

Don’t contain it, give those feelings expressions. The object of your love would be glad they aren’t alone in the missing game. They will be comforted and cheered the feelings are mutual.

It’ll give them strength to hang it there another day. They will have something to look forward to You. They will try their best to be with you as soon as they can.

Love too will blossom. For nothing kills love that’s not nurtured faster than distance, absence and silence. Communicate your deepest feelings, and your love relationship will be alive and vibrant.

Need some help? Take a peek below, you’ll be glad you did.
1. I feel incomplete without you. This is because you’ve captured my heart completely. I miss you so much.

2. When we are together, and it rains, it is a shower of blessings. If it rains when you when you are away, it’s like nature sensed my gloomy mood and cries with me. Right now, I miss you terribly.

3. I’m tired of hugging my pillow to sleep. I need you right beside me every night and every waking moment. I miss you so much, my darling. Come home soon.

4. I don’t know your plans for this weekend. If it doesn’t include me, kindly reschedule. I’ve got to have you to myself, otherwise, I’ll go crazy missing you.

5. I feel like royalty when we are together. When I’m not with you, I feel like a nobody. You are my very substance, my prince. I miss you more than you know.

6. I need you, honey, right now and forever. My coping mechanism finally broke down. One more than without you, and I’d positively fade away. I miss you, darling.

7. Life is so meaningless without you, Honey. I missed you so badly that I got sick. The doctor confirmed what I know already: the only effective pill I need for complete recovery is you.

8. There’s no me without you. I’ve merely been existing while you are away. I come totally alive only when you are with me. I miss you, darling.

9. I miss you terribly. Please, come home soon. Your wifey is pining for you.

10. Life is beautiful only when we are together. Without, it takes a different perspective: dull, boring and lifeless. You are my very life, I miss you, love.

11. I need you as much as I need to breathe. I miss you so much it hurts.

12. I think I’m going crazy. Everyone with your build has me calling out your name in longing. It’s so embarrassing when I have to stammer an explanation. Come home, honey. I miss you.

13. Being so much away from each other is hurting me badly. I’m not functioning well without you. I love my job, but it can’t hold a candle to you. I love you more. I’d rather resign and join you than hold on to the only thing that separates us. I miss you.

14. I miss you my darling. It’s that simple. When are you coming to see me?

15. Hey, sugarpie! Are you planning to see me this weekend? If not, cancel all your other plans and book the next flight home. It’s an emergency. I miss you so much I’m likely to faint.

16. I thought I’d be just fine while you are away. I was wrong. Completely wrong. I miss you more than words can express.

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17. Without you, I’m a complete wreck. When are you coming home? I need you to make a semblance of order in my life. My sanity is at stake.

18. ” Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” The longer you stay away, the more my love for you. My survival kit without you wasn’t built to last the long. Please, come home. I miss you.

19. Just a weekend away, and I’m missing you already. Whatever can I do without you? You are my energizer and inspiration. I need you. I can’t wait to see you.

20. My heart is offbeat, all because I miss you. Come as soon as you possibly can, my darling.

21. When you go on a business trip, I’m only half alive. I blossom only when I’m in your loving arms. I miss you, love.

22. Life without you is unimaginably hard, sweetie pie. I’m counting the days and hours till you return to my waiting arms.

23. Each time you called to inform me you’d be home soon, I always waited with bated breath for your return. I can’t wait to be enfolded in your sweet embrace, inhaling that special cologne of yours.

24. Oh, my darling! I miss your charming smiles, twinkling eyes, passionate kisses, and reassuring hugs. Even your gentle chiding. Long story cut short, I can’t wait to see you.

25. Can you keep a secret? Well, I don’t particularly care if you publicized it to the world. Fact is, I’m not a feminist. I need my man to function properly.

26. You have only been gone a few days, my dear, yet it seems like years. I miss you every second, every minute and every hour of each passing day you have been away.

27. Whenever you are away from home, I try to keep myself busy so as not to miss you too much. The nights are the hardest. They offer no respite, everywhere is silent and lonely without you. I miss your boisterousness, whistling, loud music, funny jokes and merry laughter.

28. All night long, I longed for you. I felt so lonely in our big bed all by myself. Now, I’ve taken to sleeping on the couch in the living room. I drift off to sleep thinking about the love of my life. I miss you so much, my sugar plum.

29. Reality is slowly dawning on me: you are truly gone! Destination: Unknown.
Return date: Uncertain
I feel terrible, honey. I’m trying to hold up and be brave but I’m losing it. I miss you is an understatement. Please, be safe. Come home in one peace.

30. Each time I think about you, my heart flutters and skips a beat. Honestly? I need to see you every day of my life to regulate my heartbeat. Miss you, darling.

31. There’s a gaping hole in my heart that hurts terribly. Only you fit nicely and perfectly. You are my heart’s desire and delight. I feel the void when you are away, for I’m incomplete without you. I miss you. Come back soon.

32. I’m like a fish out of water when you are away. Come home soon, my sweetheart. Your love is the ocean in which I swim and thrive. I miss you, sweetie.

33. The distance between us may be far and wide, but you live in my heart. Forever. I miss you. I’m eagerly awaiting your return.

34. I work myself to the point of exhaustion each day, just so I wouldn’t go crazy thinking about how much I missed you. Not so the nights. There’s no escaping the excruciating pain of loneliness. I miss you, my love.

35. On a full moon night like this, I look through the window and gaze at the beauty of nature. Knowing you are there, under the protective arms of God, though far from me, makes me feel less lonely. I miss you, dearie.

36. I’m doing away with the pillows tonight. They are henceforth banished to the guestroom. They are no substitute for your warm, loving embrace. I miss cuddling with you and waking up in your loving arms, with butterfly kisses that makes me hunger for breakfast and much more.

37. How you spoil me, Honey!All those little things you do for me without being nudged are begging for attention. Alas! You are miles away, and I’ve got to do them all by myself. Miss you loads! In more ways than one.

38. Last night, I cried myself to sleep with your pictures held tightly to my chest. How soon will I see you? I miss you desperately, my love.

39. The course is just for a few months, but I’m losing concentration because I miss you so much, my sweetheart. Take a snapshot with that top I love on you, wear that naughty grin of yours, and send it to me. It’ll be my lifeline for now.

40. I thought I was coping nicely with your absence, but a film I watched triggered off emotions I’d bottled up. I’m overwhelmed by feelings of utter loneliness. I need you, honey. I miss you terribly.

41. You just left for work, and I’m missing you already. I’m not to blame, I’m a woman in love with the best man ever. Please, do your job with due diligence, but hurry home soon. Wifey needs you.

42. I missed you so much that I brought out the album flipping through our old pictures. It didn’t help at all. I felt nostalgic and heartsick, instead. I miss you, my darling.

43. I know you miss me, but I miss you more. If missing each other is a competition, I’d win without even trying hard. My wet pillows and lonely heart speak volumes. My precious love, I miss you.

44. I’m having a bad day at work. Everything has gone awry, nothing is helping at all. I wish you were here with me. Your presence alone would cheer me up and give me the succour and strength needed. I miss you, my hero.

45. My world lights up when I hear the honk of your car as you return from work. No matter how great each day turn out for me, being with you is always the top of the icing. I miss you all those hours away from you.

46. The house is empty and bleak without you. The silence and loneliness are unbearable. I tried going out, but it wasn’t the same. I miss you.

47. I’m losing it. I really want to see you, my love. I can’t wait a moment longer. Be expecting me.

48. I wish we were colleagues, then we can work as a team and get to be together at all times. Just as well we aren’t, you’d distract me silly. I miss you every day, my adorable darling.

49. I woke up dreamily today, reaching out to you with my hands, but they came up empty. I woke up fully, to the harsh reality that you are far away from home. These arms are aching for you. I miss you, my darling husband.

50. You mean the world to me, out of sight isn’t out of mind because you live permanently in my heart. No one can take your place. You are my man. I miss you. I can’t wait to be with you.

I’m Sorry Cute Paragraphs for Him

Relationship involves individuals from different backgrounds, with different temperaments, perspectives and personalities.

No matter how compatible a couple is, conflict of interest and clash of personality/ values, are inevitable.

Deliberately or unwittingly, couples hurt one another. Words are powerful weapon of destruction, if so wielded. It can also heal and restore if rightly used.

That lovers’ tiff, and writhe wounds infested, if left unattended or untreated can fester and break an otherwise solid relationship. Don’t be too proud or shy to apologise. Be the first to reach out to show your remorse for being wrong.

“I am sorry”, are three powerful/magical words capable of restoring peace and effecting reconciliation. Want to give it a try? Check these out.

1. Sorry sounds lame for the grievous way I wronged you, but I have no other means of expressing my regrets. I’ve paid dearly for my wrongs- your anger, silence and subsequent separation is more than enough punishment. Please, don’t push me away anymore, I’d rather die. I’m so sorry.

2. I feel bad for my untoward action/ behaviour. I have no plausible explanation to offer in my defence. I’m sorry, honey. Forgive me, will you?

3. I have no excuse, I behaved abominably. Find it in your heart to forgive me. I know you are totally incapable of bearing grudges. I’m sincerely sorry, my love.

4. I took you for granted, without reciprocating. I’m sorry, honey. Your calls, chats, text messages and visits are what I live for. Please, don’t stop. I’ll definitely change.

5. I was shocked, to say the least. I never knew you could be so angry with me that you wouldn’t welcome me with a smile. I got frightened off by your disdain. I feel devastated. Whatever my offence is, I’m terribly sorry.

6. Truth must be said. I was outrightly stupid, I admit. I’m sorry, love. Find it in that tender heart of yours to forgive me, please.

7. I hurt you badly, I know. I also know you love me, and I’m sorry I pushed you too far this time. I can see you are on the verge of breaking up with me, but please forgive me. I’m truly sorry. I promise to change.

8. I lied to you, and I got caught in my own web of deceit. I feel ashamed of myself, please forgive me. I promise to always come clean to you on every issue no matter how knotty it is, henceforth.

9. I deserted you when you needed me the most. I’m without a single excuse. Please forgive me. I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you if you give me a second chance.

10. I’ve always been plagued with a hot temper like a redheaded girl. I thought I’d bridle it until it ruined the most important thing in my life- your love. I’m sorry, my treasure.

11. I’m sorry I overstepped my boundaries. I have no justifiable reason for my actions. Just forgive me. I’ll give you all the space you need from now on.

12. I’m choking you with my overbearing attitude and possessiveness, or so you said. That’s enough for a breakup as you insist. I’m sorry, honey. Please, don’t call it quits with me. I promise to change, just show me how.

13. You caught me snooping and I feel like a burglar caught in the act. Your fidelity and integrity are up to par, but my suspicion and insecurity got the better of me. I’m sorry.

14. I overreacted and behaved badly over a trivial matter. My conduct was disgraceful, even. What can I say? I feel broken already, please forgive me.

15. I can’t see beyond my tears, right now. The pain of rejection is real and unimaginable. Please, forgive me and give me another chance.

16. You loved me so selflessly and completely that people called you “woman wrapper”. A fool for love. You are no one’s fool, my Knight. Now, I messed up big time. I’m the real fool here, fast becoming a laughing stock. Can you ever forgive me, my love? I can’t do a second longer without you.

17. To live is to err, to love is to forgive. I’m terribly sorry, my gem. Please, let go of my past wrongdoing and give our live another chance.

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18. I have suffered greatly for my wrongdoings, please forgive me and leave them behind. Let go of your anger. Let’s move on to a stronger and better love relationship devoid of bitterness and regrets.

19. I’m sorry, sugar. Please, forgive me. I love you. You didn’t deserve the rubbish I dished out to you.

20. Totally inconceivable, yet I swallowed it hook, line and sinker. You, a two-timing low life cheat, and I fell for such bullshit? I must have been hypnotised. I’m sorry for ever doubting you, I can trust you with my very life.

21. I have absolutely nothing to say in my defence. Possessiveness, insecurity and jealousy have been my undoing. I behaved callously. Forgive me, will you?

22. My darling, it’s been too long. How much longer will you push me away? We’ve come a long way, we are compatible and we are good together. We also loved each other passionately. Unless your love for me died because of that singular incident, please forgive and forget.

23. I’m sorry for disappointing you, dearie. It wasn’t intentional. I’ve missed you. I long to hear you my name with that special draw of yours. I love the way your eyes light up when you see me.

24. Whatever will it take for you to forgive me? I’m gaming. I’ll walk to the moon and back. I’ll go to CNN to broadcast my unreserved apology, if possible. I’m sorry, honey. Your silence is killing me softly.

25. My goodness, I’ve done it again! My baby, forgive me for shouting at you without provocation. I’m sorry for being irritable. The monthly PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) monster reared its ugly head yet again.

26. I’ve done it again, please don’t sulk. I’m truly sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Snapping your head off wasn’t my wish, it’s the mood swings caused by hormonal change/imbalance. It’s that time of the month.

27. I was totally selfish and unbending. I wanted to have my way at all cost, so I was blind to the effects on you and strain on our relationship. Now, I’ve realised my mistakes. I’m so sorry, my darling. I’ll make amends, I promise.

28. I made spur of the moment decision and it almost tore us apart. I was rash and impatient, forgive me. I was ignorant and naive, but you know I adore the very ground you tread. I’m sorry, honey.

29. There’s no love without forgiveness. I know you love me more than life, but I don’t want to take your forgiveness for granted. You are my precious jewel. I’m sorry.

30. I was way out of line. I’m finally done with lame excuses. I don’t want to justify myself anymore. Please, forgive me.

31. I lied to you, I’m sorry. No relationship can survive on a foundation of duplicity, so I’ll come clean now. I lied, but my heart is true to you, as my love for you is genuine.

32. Life is unpredictable, and so the best of plans go awry. You have every right to be angry with me, but you should have given me the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. A chain of the event completely beyond my control set the event off. I’m sorry. Please, give me a chance to explain.

33. I lied, not because I didn’t respect you or value our relationship, but because I was scared of your reaction if I reveal the truth. I’m sorry, my gem.

34. I know I hurt you badly. I’m sorry. I was just being childish. I’ve learnt my lessons. I’ll make it up to you for the rest of my life.

35. I didn’t mean to be nasty; I’m sorry I came on too strongly. I didn’t know how else to let you know that I can’t really stand your friend. He’s rude and obnoxious.

36. I was short tempered and I took it out on you, my poor baby. You weren’t to blame in any way. I was just so bothered about a cumbersome issue. I should have unburdened to you, anyway. I’m sorry.

37. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying, I was preoccupied with a matter bothering my heart.

38. I went too far, I’m sorry. I was just insecure and jealous of those beautiful and glamorous women that flock around you all the time. You hardly have time for me, so what was I supposed to think?

39. I’m sorry, love of my life. Did I offend you in any way? Then, for please forgive me. I noticed your coolness towards me and I can’t fathom why. Let’s be friends again, okay?

40. It’s devastating enough losing you as the love of my life, but I can’t imagine being totally cut off from you. You were my friend long before we started dating, so can we at least be friends? I’m sorry for hurting you.

41. I’m absolutely sorry, so sorry that my devastated heart is broken into a million pieces. Still, I pick up the courage to say I’m sorry.

41. My heart is irreparably shattered. However, did I get to this point of you shutting me out of your heart/life? Please, let me in, I’m dying slowly. I’m sorry.

42. Tears, pains, insomnia and heartbreak, have been my lot since we broke up. I can’t get over you. You are my life and Joy. Forgive me and let’s make up.

43. I’m sorry for causing you so much pain and grief. My love will be the balm that will heal your heart. Don’t push me away, please. I’m sorry, my love.

44. I’m sorry my husband. I can’t promise I won’t ever offend you again, for I’m human, but I promise to love and cherish you forever.

45. I did the unpardonable: I hurt your ego, I bruised your pride and damaged your esteem. I’m sorry, sincerely sorry.

46. I’m sorry I didn’t pick your calls or reply your messages. I know you must be frantic with worry. The meeting took longer than planned. Phones weren’t allowed, everyone was incommunicado to the outside world to avoid distractions.

47. I’m sorry. I’ve paid for my sins with uncontrollable tears and heartbreak. Your glamorous girl is no more. I’m now haggard and lovesick. I need you.

48. If there’s another word for sorry, I really need to know e has dealt with me mercilessly for my ignorance.
I need a second chance, another opportunity to show my remorse and to make up for my past mistakes. Please, do forgive me.

49. I’m short of words. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just hurled those ugly words at you in retaliation for being nasty to me. I guess I went too far. I’m sorry, my dearest.

50. My heart aches when I realised my mistake. Words are powerful, so I know my words hurt you more than my misdeeds. Please, shut out the awful things I said, and forgive me without holding back. I’m so sorry, my crown.

I Love You Cute Paragraphs for Him

No doubt you love your man. You are sure he knows it, so don’t feel it’s necessary to repeat yourself like a broken record. This notion is totally untrue.

Love is an emotion with burning sensation when newly aroused. So, it bubbles over in words and actions. Settled love is just as potent, but needs to be expressed.

Men are like babies longing for their women’s affection and affirmation. No matter the strength and confidence they exude, they are hungry for love too from the object of their affection. Everyone wants to love and be loved. A natural, inane instinct.

That wonderful man of yours needs your love affirmation to boost their confidence and morale. It’ll give them necessary strength to beat temptations and courage to attain greater heights.

Love expressed is an energy-booster. Need some help? Look no further. Try these pointers:

1. I love you, my husband. I can’t imagine life without you.

2. I didn’t know what LOVE was
until you came into my life. You gave it colours and made it wonderful. Thanks for being a great husband and a world-class father. I love you.

3. My heart is so full that I’d burst if I don’t spill it. Full of love for you, my darling. You are handsome, caring, and charming. I love you.

4. Honey, you are the man of my dreams, my dream come true. You fulfil all my wildest imagination and more. I’m crazy about you.

5. I love you, my husband. You are my best friend, confidant and number one fan. You spur me on to success. I’m a woman of today because you are my very essence. You are the best!

6. I got lucky, I guess. Perhaps, luck has nothing to do with it. I’m certainly blessed beyond measures to have a wonderful man like you as mine. All mine!
I love you, my jewel. You are the reason behind my every smile and achievement.

7. My darling husband, I love you to the moon and back. I’m so proud of you, you are a man in every sense of the word. Thanks for standing by me all those years of childlessness without yielding to the pressure of sending me packing. Now, we are proud parents of wonderful children. You are indeed blessed!

8. Whatever did I do to deserve you, your unending love and unwavering devotion? It beats my imagination. I love you, my sweetheart. You are the reason behind my smiles, the inspiration behind my achievements and the story behind my successes.

9. Many men would have been threatened by their wives success and achievement. Not you, my treasure. You take delight in my many attainments. Every milestone achieved gives you joy. I don’t need a prophet to tell me this, I’m blessed, and I know it. I love you, my forever Crush!

10. Life dealt me a death blow when I discovered I couldn’t conceive after years of trying. My world crashed and I offered to give you an out. You would have none of it. You stood by me through the shame, scorn and resulting depression of childlessness until God rewarded your faithfulness and presented us with a miracle baby. My love for you is eternal, my crown.

11. A man like you is rare and near extinct. Many men would have yielded to the pressure of marrying a second wife or having children out of wedlock, apparently, you are different and unique. You stood by me and chose the high road of adoption rather than betray your love. I’m proud of the man you are. I love you, my darling.

12. I’d have been dead and gone but for your love. You literally snatched me from the jaw of death when I was sick and pronounced hopeless. You willed life back into me and I rallied nicely. I’ll spend the rest of my life in total adoration of you. I love you, my darling.

13. You wrote my success story and made it happen. You inspired me to heights of greatness I hadn’t dare dream of. I dedicate all my awards and achievements to the man of my dreams. You are awesome. I love you so much, it’s scary!

14. Until I met you, I’d always been unlucky in love. I’d been through series of unrequited love, disappointment and betrayal. You changed my story. I feel loved and treasured by a nobleman. I love and cherish you, my gem. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

15. You bring out the best in me. You are the sole custodian of my mum buttons and I love you to distraction. Surely, I’m the most loved woman in the whole world!

16. Loving you is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life. Every day with you is one unending delightful adventure. You are romantic, mischievous and full of surprises. I love you, my dearest. There’s never a dull moment with you.

17. My heart is so full that I’m scared it’ll burst. I love you, so very much. It seems to me your number one goal in life is to make me exceedingly happy. You are the best, my love. I appreciate you.

18. I love you, my darling man. You are so handsome, charming and witty that my heart skips a beat at the sight of you. I enjoy being with you, whether we share deep or funny talks or a companionable silence.

19. I love you, honey. Thanks for always giving me a listening ear when I need to pour out my heart. Thanks for refraining from offering unsolicited advice. Thanks for providing a comforting shoulder to lean on. You are my Rock!

20. Every excellence award and promotion I have today is absolutely dedicated you, my darling. You made them happen. You manned the home front and gave the freedom to pursue my dreams and ambitions. I adore you forever!

21. Wow! I can’t thank you enough, my baby. Thanks for the wonderful surprise party and gifts. You really took me by surprise. You are a man of many talents. I love you, my sweetheart.

22. I had such a wonderful time today, my love. I got all I needed and lots more! Thanks for taking me on a shopping spree. You spoil me so! I love you, darling.

23. You are a man in a million, my sweetheart. A man of integrity and honour. No other man on earth can hold a candle to you. You treasure and care for my family as your very own. I love you.

24. Have I told you of resent how much I loved you? How remiss of me. I love you, honey. I simply adore you. I worship the ground you walk on and I’m glad we are spending the rest of our lives together.

25. I didn’t know the true meaning of love until I met you. You are an amazing man of many talents. Intelligent, creative and a gentleman to the core. I love the way you cherish me, and of course, I love you too!

26. I love you, my hero. Why won’t I? You are in a class of your own. Not easily swayed, resolute and determined. You wanted me and you stopped at nothing to win me over. All my defences are completely broken down. I’m yours forever.

27. We fell in love, but I wouldn’t give that love a chance even though it hurt badly. You were leagues above me in status, family background, connection and social standing. I felt it wouldn’t work. You were relentless in proving me wrong. Love won over all the barriers and so we rock! Love you loads!

28. The day we met was the best day in my life. It’s a turning point. A day I took a walk into my destiny, a journey of pure bliss and indescribable happiness. I love you, my adorable darling. You are my destiny!

29. I’ve always known we are meant to be together. Life with you is an unending chapter filled with joy, love and peace. Life’s challenges only made us stronger and wiser as our love thrives. I love you, my sweetie pie.

30. I love everything about you, sugar plum. Your charming smile, your trim beard, handsome face and broad shoulder. I adore your sense of humour, intelligence and integrity. You are a man of admirable character, I’m proud of you.

31. I love you so much my sugar pie. You are such a baby in your naughty way. You have a large heart, you are generous to a fault, compassionate and kind. You are a devoted husband and a doting father to our adorable children.

32. I celebrate you today, my Angel. You are a rare icon and a gem. Life with you is an unending delightful experience of joy, blessings and fulfilment. I love you, honey.

33. I love you, my sunshine. You are my best friend, confidant and gist partner. The best moments in my life are the ones I spent with you. I love being enfolded in your loving arms while gazing into your loving eyes like a love-struck puppy.

34. I wish to make a special announcement to the world. I’m in love! With you! You are the sole object of my affection. Loving you inspires me to be the best I can ever be in every area of life.

35. My life is incomplete without you, honey. I’m singularly created to function with you by my side. You are my very life, I love you.

36. You are a wonderful lover, a great husband, dependable friend and loving father. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made. Looking back, I have no single regret, you are awesome. I love you.

37. Behind my smiles is a man of valour. Being a successful career woman, a great mother and an excellent homemaker is all, your doing. You made it happen, my champion. I’m glad you are mine. I love you!

38. You made it happen. The woman I am today was a result of your sweats and toils. I’m proud to be called your wife. You deserve the accolades and applause. I love you, my superhero. Thank you for giving me the strength to go on when I’d have given up. You rock, big time!

39. Thank you for being my eyes when I couldn’t see past my tears. Thanks for holding my hands when they were limp with weariness. Thanks for standing with me, cheering me on, when I was shaken to the root. The joy of success today is nothing compared to your love for me. Love you loads, my champion.

40. I love you, my husband. Forever with you is sweet music to my ears. You are caring, hardworking and responsible. I’m your number one priority, and I adore you. If there’s an Oscar award for the best husband, you deserve it.

Good Morning Cute Paragraphs for Him

Mornings usher in a new day bright with hope and happiness. It’s full of promises, surprises and happiness.

How your beloved start his day will set the tone for the rest of the day.

Your words of hope, love and cheerfulness will surely make a difference. A gloomy day will suddenly become bright with hope because you care.

You can do it. Right now. Say the word and set the tune. Need some pointers? Here we go:
1. Good morning, love. It’s a beautiful day. May the peace and favour of God surround you today. Have a great day.

2. Hey, wake up, sleeping, giant! It’s a beautiful morning, bright and wonderful. It promises to be a great day.

3. Good morning, love. Hope you slept soundly. I couldn’t sleep a wink though I was tired. I can’t wait to become your wife today. It’s really a memorable day.

4. Today is a brand new day. It comes with the gift of a fresh start, a new beginning. Good morning, my love. Today shall be favourable to you.

5. Time to wake up, my love. With a grateful heart, open your mind to worlds of fresh possibilities. The past has gone with the night, it’s a new dawn. Good morning.

6. Mornings are my favourite part of the day. I get to wake up in the loving arms of my darling and enjoy the sweetness of your embrace. Good morning, dearest.

7. Mornings give me the most delicious feelings ever. A heart if gratitude for being alive, well and loved by a precious soul. Indeed, I’m highly privileged. Good morning, my love.

8. What a lovely day! I can see the sun peeking through the cloud already, erasing the dark and the gloom with its brightness. Good morning, sweetie. Have a beautiful day.

9. Good morning darling. I know you have worked hard on this business proposal, surely fortune shall smile on you this beautiful morning with a contract! Have a fruitful day!

10. Hey, sweetheart! Don’t be nervous. You’ve rehearsed beautifully for your presentation. Be confident, your sales pitch shall wow them. Good morning, have a successful outing.

11. Good morning, my love. I wish you journey mercy on your business trip. May you succeed in all your endeavours.

12. Good morning, my love. Very soon, my dream will come true and I’ll be waking you up with lots of kisses. Have a splendid day.

13. Good morning, my dearest. This is a wake-up call. I know you didn’t set the alarm. So, get up and get ready for work. Beat the traffic and have a head start on yesterday’s unfinished business. Hurry, please!

14. Good morning, my baby. It’s going to be a splendid day. Your boss shall be favourably disposed to you today. Have a pleasant day.

15. Hi cute guy! A wonderful morning to you. I may be a thousand miles away this gorgeous day, my heart is very much with you each waking moment. Just feel my arms around you and enjoy your day.

16. Hey Gorgeous, a beautiful morning to you! I’m looking forward to our date tonight. I can’t wait to see your handsome face. Be on time for our rendezvous. See you later!

17. I’d give everything I own for a good morning kiss right now. Even my green card! Good morning, darling husband. My mornings are pretty dull without you.

18. Good morning, Sunshine! As the sun rises today, may your star shine brightly now and forever. Have a great day!

19. Good morning, my love. I slept like a baby and woke refreshed. Apparently, there’s no better sleeping pill like sleeping in the crook of your arms. I feel good, darling, have a glorious day!

20. I’m always on cloud nine when I wake up snuggled up to you, fitting nicely in your arms. What a delightful experience! Good morning, my heart delight. Have an awesome day!

21. Wake up, Angel! A little bird just told me you are still fast asleep. It’s time to set out, it’s going to be a long day. Good morning, my Gem. May you receive strength to tackle today’s challenges.

22. Good morning, my champion! Are you on your way already? It’s a beautiful morning, full of sunshine, promises and happiness. Today’s your lucky day, be expectant!

23. Yesterday is gone with the wind. Blown away by it, is the trouble that came with it. Today’s a brand new day, new hope, with new heights on the horizon. Let go of yesterday, and grab the joy of the new day! Good morning, my precious love. Have an exciting day!

24. What a glorious morning with nothing to do but fun things. You deserve it, my treasure. You’ve earned this vacation. Enjoy yourself and have fun. Good morning.

25. I wish you a glorious morning filled with goodies: blessings, favour and lots of good things. Good morning, have an exciting day!

26. Good morning, my handsome dude! Though we are miles apart, my waking thoughts are always of you. Love you loads!

27. Good morning, my sweet darling! I rushed off the house this morning without my good luck charm – a smashing kiss from my love. Blow some to me right now and I’ll catch them.

28. Good morning, hubby. I wish you a glorious day filled with everything your heart desires. Have a lovely day!

29. Good morning, my dearest. I love that huge morning smile of yours. It is brighter than the morning sun. It chases away the lingering shadows of the night and fills my day with so much joy and happiness. Enjoy your day!

30. You always look great in the morning, with your huge and irresistible smile. It sets my heart on fire, lights up my world and keep me alive for the rest of the day. Good morning, my man. Keep smiling!

31. The night was long and terrible, but it has expired! Today is God’s precious gift to you to start afresh on a new note. Good morning, handsome. Confidently enjoy the blessings of today!

32. Good morning, wonderful husband. Thanks so much for letting me sleep in, by taking care of the house and getting the kids ready for school. May your day be filled with favour and refreshing surprises. You rock!

33. Good morning, my love. It’s a beautiful morning, the last of its kind that will usher in glorious mornings. Today is my last day of loneliness. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up in your loving embrace – it’s our wedding day! See you in church, handsome!

34. Weekend mornings are my best times of the week. I get treated royally with a wake-up kiss and breakfast in bed. Good morning, my sweetie. You are truly the best!

35. Good morning, my charming gentleman. Today’s kind of special because I get to spend the whole day with you. I’m excited and looking forward to being with you. Catch you soon, my love.

36. Good morning, love. I’m not mad at you anymore. You are totally forgiven. You bet there’s a small price to pay: my favourite chocolate and ice cream will do the trick. Have a lovely day.

37. Good morning, my Angel. Looking forward to our weekend getaway? I’m more excited than you. I’ll be home in a jiffy. Everything is packed and set. See you in a moment, my Prince.

38. A beautiful morning to you, dearest husband. Did you take a second peek at our bundle of joy? It’s no dream, it’s official. You are now a daddy. Hurry up, I’m expecting you. Let’s share the joy of the moment together.

39. Good morning, honey. Are you enjoying your vacation? I learnt the weather is superb. Enjoy yourself. Don’t worry your handsome head about me, I’ll be fine, I promise. Have fun, lots of it!

40. Good morning, Honey. Good news: all your anxieties and worries expired last night. The morning arrived with good tidings. It’s going to be a fantastic day.

Good Night Cute Paragraphs for Him

The darkest hour is before the dawn. The day might be good or terrible. Mostly, we have no control of the events of the day after they have occurred.

You are about to sleep, it’s time to share your thoughts with your man, your very heart’s delight.

It’s time to appreciate your love or simply bid them goodnight. Night times are moments of divulging secrets or thoughts hitherto hidden in the heart’s recess.

Melancholic or cheery, you really want to wish your man good night? Here you go:

1. Finally, the day has ended. Its been a hectic day. I got home completely exhausted, every bone in my body screaming for relief. I showered and changed into something comfortable and thankfully laid down to sleep. Yet, sleep wouldn’t come. It completely eluded me. My thoughts were fixated on you. I wish you were here with me, to massage my aching bones and rock me to sleep. Good night, my love. Sweet dreams – of me!

2. My thoughts are in riot, wandering here and there, in no particular order with one theme in common. You. My nights are lonely without you. I long to be with you, having a nightcap, gusting, playing games, snuggled up to each other doing whatever catches our fancy. Being with you would make the night as bright as day. Good night love, dream of me.

3. Right now, I’m lying on the bed and trying my best not to cry because you aren’t here with me. Instead, I look through the window and look forlornly at the moonless sky. The dark night itself reflects my gloomy mood. My Sunshine, hurry home, your baby girl needs you. Good night.

4. I was so depressed today that I curled up in bed thinking about you. Thoughts of you wouldn’t cheer me up, because it’s your presence I craved keeping me wide awake. I ache for you, my husband. I’m terribly lonely. Finally, nature wins, and I drift off to sleep with thoughts of you. I’m holding you tightly in my arms. Good night, honey.

5. Before we met, I was a hard but to crack. A pessimist and an unapologetic men-hater, a feminist. A staunch advocate of “all men are liars and cheats”. Lying cheats if you like. You changed my outlook totally. You showered me with love and I opened up to you albeit reluctantly. Thanks for showing me the true colour of love. You are amazingly different. Good night, my champion!

6. Without you, I’m like a frightened baby. Afraid of the dark, scared of what the nights hold. When I sleep off, I jerk awake because of the nightmarish dreams. Anytime you are away, the night is but a monster, scaring me out of my wits. The walls of our room close in on me and the pillows are hard and unyielding. Love makes the difference, your radiating presence awakens the beauty in me and around me. I wish you were here, I’d sleep like a baby. For now, I’m comforted by the thought of seeing you soon. Sweet dreams, love. The day will break soon enough.

7. When you are away, my favourite pastime is reminiscing about you. I take delight in remembering all the good times we’ve had together. It helps in banishing loneliness and sorrow. I miss you, of course, but I choose to dwell on the positive side. Our time apart would only make our reunion sweeter. You are a special breed, my love. Good night, and sweet dreams!

8. It’s a bright full moon night. Sky dotted with shining stars, a beautiful night. I feel nostalgic because it reminded me of our last night together before you travelled. We went for a long stroll, hand in hand, talking and baring our souls. Long story short, my nights are totally boring without you, my gist partner, lover, and friend. Good night, my love. Plan on coming home soon.

9. Each night, I reach out to you, but you are thousands of miles away. My body is here, but my heart is with you. The nights are constant reminders of this fact. The things we enjoy doing together like movies and reading late into the night are now completely unappealing. All the nights you are away are one big night. The day will break the day you return and the sun will shine brightly again. Good night, my gem.

10. Hey, handsome! Hope you had a great day? Mine was stressful but it ended well. I’m just not looking forward to going home yet, knowing you’ll be away tonight. Can you beat that? Absent just a night and I’m reluctant to go to an empty house. How about you? Are you through with your programme? Should I expect you tomorrow? Questions and more questions? Don’t blame me, honey. The night looks unfriendly and the house, uninviting. Well, off I go. Good night, miss me as much as I’ll miss you.

11. I’m home alone for a few days and I’m glad. The house is empty and lonely without you but I have the rare opportunity of having the whole place to myself and give it a good spring cleaning: exactly the way you like it! Alone on our huge bed tonight, I shall plan a mouthwatering menu of your favourite meal when you return. So, goodnight, my love. Sleep well and come back to an inviting home and dish!

12. Tonight is a special night. It’s the anniversary of the day you proposed and I accepted. You were so romantic that I fell head over heels in love with you all over again. How could I have said no or rejected your advances? No way! You had me bowled over, and so tonight is as special as our wedding anniversary. I have a nice surprise waiting for you. Can you hazard a guess? I think not. Good night, Honey. Pleasant dreams.

13. Life is beautiful with you. I enjoyed every second of our time together today. A dream date. Great food, great music, great dance partner you turned out to be, and a great companion and conversationalist you were! And a great wine packaged with my favourite white chocolate for a solo night cap. This is the boring part, it’ll keep till we can share it together. Good night, my Prince charming. Sleep with this assurance that your princess was really charmed.

14. I had a wonderful time with you today. I enjoyed the food and the scenery but what I loved most was spending time with you. I could have gazed into your lovely eyes, and handsome face all day and I’d have been satisfied. Our talk varied and was intellectual and stimulating. I’m looking forward to our next date, already! Good night, my love.

15. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with our rendezvous tonight. The situation at work was completely beyond me and I lost track of time trying to fix the problem that I missed my date with my dream man. I couldn’t even pick your calls, to my consternation. It’s on silent mode in my bag. Thankfully, the situation is now under control. I promise to make it up to you tomorrow. Trust me. A treat awaits you. Forgive me, will you? Good night, my darling.

16. Knowing I’m out of town on business, I dispatched an angel to watch over you and keep you safe till my return. Time away from you is expensive but essential. I hope the arrangements I made for your comfort is to your liking? I’ll be back before you realise it. Good night, darling. Sleep well.

17. I love the nights because no matter how dark and seemingly long it is, it always expires. When it ends, it gives birth to a brand new day. Fresh and untried. All the troubles and challenges you are facing right now will surely expire in due season and give rise to a new dawn. Filled with hope, blessings and breakthrough. Fill your heart with this lovely thought and sleep like a baby without a care in the without a care in the world. Goodnight, sweet dreams!

18. My eyelids are heavy with sleep and I’m slowly yielding to the strong arms of deep slumber. Before sleep captures me completely, I need to reveal my heart to you so as to chase the shadows of lingering doubts away and sleep soundly. I love you. You mean the world to me and I love being with you day or night.
Good night, my adorable darling.

19. I have a confession. I’m plagued by insomnia and it’s causing my health to fail. The doctor has prescribed a drug, to be taken twice daily. He said it’s potent and effective. You are the remedy/pill/drug. We’ve got to be together forever so as to deal with insomnia permanently. Apparently, my sleeplessness is as a result of missing you at night. Ponder on this. Good night, honey.

20. I love the nights best of all. It’s the only time we can do video or voice call, chat or text for hours on end without interruption. When we are together, the day speeds away and ends quickly. When we are apart, the day is always slow and the hours drag. I anticipate each night with so much excitement, that I keep my phone fully charged and my power bank handy. The only nights I hate are when the network fails, like tonight. Not to worry, we need the rest. Pleasant sleep, my love.

21. Nights are meant for rest – to get refreshed; and dreams – to reveal one’s innermost secrets or subconscious thoughts; or visions – to take a glimpse at the future. I’m restless without you, but the memory of our love refreshes me. When I sleep, I’ll dream about you for I think about you all the time. Of course, I’d be ecstatic to peek into our glorious future. Good night, my sugar pie. Sweet dreams.

22. Your arms are specially made for me. To cuddle me to sleep. To protect me. To chase away the shadows and nightmares. The irony of this is that your absence is my worst nightmare. I live for the moment we’ll be together, catching up on lost time, being in a world of our own. Good night, my dearest. You rock my world!

23. Have I told you lately? That you are the most amazing man I’ve ever met and had the good fortune to love and be loved right back? You are certainly extra special. Go to bed with a smile of contentment, this big fish adores her man. Sweet dreams, my sweetheart.

24. The day is spent, the night is here. Dreamland beckons to me, so I’ve got to hasten to sleep. Just as well my dreams always come true, for my dream and desire right now, is to spend the rest of my life with you. Good night, sweetie. May our dreams come to pass, as yours echoes mine.

25. Tonight is a full moon night, so I stay wide awake to make a wish. My dearest wish and desire is to share all my nights and waking moments with you. Tell you what, my love? I’ve never loved or longed for anyone like this in my life. Sometimes, the intensity of my feelings frightens me. I know I have this great capacity to love, and it’s been awoken just for you. Well, I’m off to bed. Good night. See you in the morning.

26. I got home safe and sound. I had a marvellous time with you today. You are such a clever witty fellow! How you keep a straight face when you made rib-cracking jokes beats me hands down. I laughed so much my sides and jaws are aching. Suddenly, the day was over. Night crept in, and it’s time to say good night. Well, I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, have a great night.

27. Oh dear! I have a serious problem with the pillows, and I’ve decided to do away with it. The silly thing isn’t as comfortable or warm as your loving arms. Well, the night is bound to be long and boring because someone close to my heart is conspicuously absent. Valiant knight, your girl misses you. Heed her call and come home soon. Good night.

28. I know you had a horrible time at work today, I’m so sorry you feel frustrated. But, they hold it right there! Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Go to bed and sleep on that decision. You might change your mind in the morning and regret taking a rash decision in the heat of the moment. A decision that might be binding and irrevocable. The night has an amazing capacity of healing the pain of the day or taking the edge off it. So, go to bed and sleep without a care. If you don’t change your mind in the morning, so be it. Good night, my Angel.

29. The night is dark and stiflingly. I’d have borne the heat and discomfort without a word of complaint if you were here with me. Alas, you are there, hundreds of miles away, watching film or getting ready to sleep, while I’m here fighting off invading mosquitoes that somehow evaded our mosquito nets and defied the sprayed insecticide. Thoughts of you pervaded my heart. It’s going to be a long night. Enjoy yourself, dearie, the mosquitoes will keep me company. Good night.

30. I waited for you all day, but you didn’t show up. So, I convinced myself you’d check on me tonight. I was wrong. I was alternately scared and fuming. Scared you might be hurt, fuming that I got stood up. Disappointed I didn’t get to see you again have missed you so much. Finally, I checked my WhatsApp message. I read the message you sent to sleep and I came straight to bed, limped with relief and feeling very foolish. Well, loving you made me silly, good night.

31. I love the nights the most. I get to set my worries aside, safely tucked away in the darkness of the night. Sometimes, the problems get lost forever – just fine by me. Unfortunately, one problem refused to be tucked away. In fact, the nights intensify the magnitude of it. My longing for you. My heart’s unappeasable yearnings for you. My desire to be with you is more than my capacity to cope. Good night, my runaway love.

32. It’s way past my bedtime, but no way will I go to bed without wishing you a most wonderful night. Before that, how was your day? Hope it’s as wonderful as you are. Did you miss me a teeny weeny bit at all? Or was your schedule so crazy you spared no thought for me? Hey, either way, I’m not bothered. I know you love me and I’m crazy about you too. Good night, my very heart delight. Sweet dreams.

33. A good night sleep is a nice way of ending a tiring day. A good night sleep in the arms of one’s beloved will bring about a refreshing rest. I’m so dog tired right now that I’ll settle for the sleep without refreshment as you are away from home. Note that I looked haggard when you return, it’s because you as my refreshing agent weren’t available. Good night love, you are my elixir.

34. I love it when you travel for a few days. It gives me the opportunity to change my look and give you the shock of your life. I always enjoy your look of admiration and excitement when you see the changes in hairdo, makeup and apparels. Time and money spent in the salon, spa and massage parlour, are well invested. The surprises are worth a few days of lonely nights. Good night, darling. This time, I’m one step ahead. You can’t second guess me.

35. Good night, my love. Don’t be so bothered about being out of work or broke. I know you aren’t a lazy man, and you are obviously doing your best to find gainfully employed. This is good enough for me. You are a great husband and wonderful father, don’t allow being broke convince you otherwise. This is the night season. One day, your day will break with songs of restoration and breakthrough. Love you loads, my pride.

36. No matter what season of life we are, I’m always grateful for the fact that you are hale and hearty, safe and sound, each night. No matter what we are going through, your love and strength give me joy. You are more than enough for me. I love you, more than life itself. This storm will surely end. Sleep well, honey.

37. Life dealt me a crippling, fatal blow that should have been the end of me, but isn’t. God showered His mercy and grace upon me by bringing you into my life to wipe the sorrow of the nighttime from my heart. Don’t think so little of yourself, my Knight in shining armour. You are my miracle, and I adore you. Good night, love.

38. Today has finally ended with its tale of woes and trouble. The turbulence of today’s trouble was such that I felt overwhelmed. Now, there’s so much joy in my heart because your presence is like a magic wand that made all my troubles disappear. You are a true blessing from God. It’s confirmed. May your night be as beautiful as you’ve made mine. Good night.

39. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. I’m glad God gave me a fun loving guy to love and cherish. My days are dreamy, while my nights are filled with fairytale adventures. Good night, my love. I’m sure glad I didn’t settle for anything less. You are just perfect for me. Sweet dreams, honey.

40. Today was such a blissful day. Thanks for giving me a swell time. You are an adorable darling! Simply wonderful. My heart is full and threatening to overflow with my love for you. The night is not so dark anymore, it’s bright and shining. You are my silver lining in every dark cloud. Good night, my angel. Sweet dreams.


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