Trending Romantic Love Messages for Her or Him

2024 Trending Romantic Love Messages for Her or Him

One of the things love do for us is to render us speechless amidst the passion that we feel.

But, it’s inevitable to think whoever has the key to your heart deserves to hear the sweetest words flowing from the core of your heart.

Or at least, deserves to wear a quality smile when they read your cheesy words to them.

Of course, you do think so! Which brings you to these lovely messages carefully moulded in honour of a paragon of love like your lover.

Now, be the one to make the choice and also, be the one to receive all the accolades, because it is what you truly feel. You’d be glad you did!

Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Lovers

Longer should you harbour that strong feelings alone, you just need to allow your lover get to know how deep you are in love with him or her. The better time to do that is now, and here is the best instrument for that. Cute and romantic love text messages for him or her is the unavoidable tool for unveiling emotions.

1. My world feels brand new each time I see you gazing at me, my love.

2. In my lowest moment, a look at you brings me back up and in my strongest moment, the smile on your face celebrates me better than an award, my heartthrob.

3. Nothing can separate me from you, not even the sky nor the clouds. Nothing more can make me happy than you being mine. For I am yours truly.

4. Prettiest smiles, heartiest laughter and warmest look, all belong to you, my paragon of beauty.

5. Each moment I live with you are the only moments that count in my life, honey.

6. I don’t mind how good you look on beautiful days. I won’t mind how low you fall in trying times, because, for me, I’ll always hold you in high esteem, sweety.

7. Whether life makes or mars us, we will always find ourselves back into each other arms. Love overcomes all tempest.

8. Love took me far, that I found myself in the abode of your heart. I would never want to step out again.

9. When I see the gap between my fingers, I realize how incomplete I am without you by my side. I love you, sweety.

10. I saw something in you that made me whole and that was the last time I was incomplete. The beauty of your heart makes everything right.

11. Your outpour of love made me forget my past and only long for a future with you, sweety.

12. Early in the morning, I’ll say my prayer and burn my incense, so my love can rise up to you wherever you may be, my love.

13. If you were the only one left on earth with me, I tell you, my world is fulfilled already! You’re my all in all.

14. I’ve stopped thinking about you, I want to start living each moment with you, my honey.

15. I can never replace your picture from the wall of my heart, rather I’ll make a stronghold that protects it from the whirlwind of life.

16. I’ll let you sink into my life until our differences are blotted out and we become one.

17. With you, I can never be out of love, because your love for me is unmeasurable.

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18. I’m alive when I see your face. I’m loved when I feel your hug.

19. If you don’t matter to me, then nothing else will. You’re the reason for my living.

20. My heart is unready to love another. You alone give it a reason to love and be loved.

Cute Love Messages for Him or Her

Cute Romantic Love Message for Boyfriend or Girlfriend is you need to keep the river of love flowing in your relationship.

21. Whenever you’re far away, it’s like my heart is filled with dust, but when you’re around, it becomes homely.

22. Love is blind, little wonder, I see no wrong in you. With you, I’ll love to walk blindfolded.

23. I’m trapped beneath your heart. I hope never to be rescued. I want to live my life in your heart.

24. My love for you is in the shape of a circle: it has no end to it. I love you forever.

25. With surprise, you took interest in me, an interest that would soon turn to love. I’m happy your heart found mine at the right time.

26. No matter where life leads me, I’ll always make a turn to you. You’re my starting and ending point, love.

27. I love the way you are. I love the nature of your hair. As soft as your hair also is your heart. You own the softest heart that I know.

28. I wish fate was kind enough to me, I would have met you earlier than I did. Nevertheless, I love each moment with you so far and the ones ahead.

29. You blew my heart away unaware and gave me love intentionally. You’re the best thing I could ever have.

30. My misery took to flight at the arrival of your love. Thank you for saving me, sweety.

31. Seeing you, knowing you and talking to you have been my greatest privilege and opportunity on earth, baby.

32. No one knows the heart of another. However, your heart is transparent to me, because love has no hiding place.

33. When I saw you afar off, I knew you were reachable, cause love is able to search all things and find all things. I’m glad I found you.

34. Lovers may share wings, but we share a heart. My heart is yours!

35. I need you to follow me, not just for the moment but till eternity comes. I love you forever, my love.

36. My true love, diamond has nothing on you, because you shine brighter than a cluster of diamonds.

37. Time proves all things. My love for you is timeless. Forever will be our starting point.

38. I know you belong to me, cause you make my heart beat to your rhythms even when you’re far away.

39. Love is beautiful, but life isn’t fair. Nevertheless, no matter how cruel the world may get, our love will remain unblemished.

40. I believe heaven exists because I’ve been to your heart and it’s a lot peaceful than the first garden on earth.

Most Touching Love Messages for Her or Him

Love is always reignited whenever you send messages about your love to your lover. Sending him or her love text messages has a way of bringing the heart of your lover to where you start your love from. This Lovely Heart Touching Love Sms for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend will surely amaze you. All you need to do is to send it across to your lover.

41. My heart is heavenwards. I know so because it leads to you. You’re my heaven, my love.

42. You love me even more than I love myself. You forgive me even when I can’t forgive myself. You’re all I need to be saved from eternal condemnation.

43. How beautiful it is to be loved and adored simultaneously. This much I know, because you gift them to me unconditionally and timelessly.

44. Like a romantic candle, you smell nice and burn passionately.

45. I’m not out to impress you. I’m here to love you truly and irrevocably, my love.

46. Give me a list of your worries and watch me make them mine. I’m your knight in shining armour.

47. Love has a special meaning for many. As for me, love means you.

48. Love is all about sacrifice, it’s all about giving. Above all, love is all about you, sweety.

49. I made a list of what I wanted in a lover. I never knew I was describing you, honey.

50. I was on the verge of giving up on love. Unknown to me, you were on the verge of taking over my heart. There’s no other pleasant surprise besides this, my love.

51. I don’t wish to live this life except with you and for you. Make me yours till forevermore, my love.

52. I only have one life to live and for you was this life created. Be my love and love me like no other.

53. You must have been the reason I came into this world because my life is solely centred around you, sweetheart.

54. The more life tries to tear us apart, the more we’ll become closer until there isn’t a space for another. You’re my forever love.

55. There is no fire that burns as the flame of love. This I know, because I never feel cold towards you, my love.

56. Your voice brings me back to life. It is the only sound that harmonizes my heart to your soul.

57. Loving you is so sweet. There is no other flavour that tastes better than the love we share.

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58. My love for you is bigger than the world and larger than life. No wonder, it conquers all.

59. No matter the threat posed against our love, my strength to love you will always be renewed just by thinking about you. I love you truly, baby.

60. Our love shines so brightly, that it is represented in the sky as the biggest star. Together, we’ll shine and dim no more.

Emotional Love Messages for Him or Her

Getting emotional in a relationship will end up making it stronger. This is all you need to do to make your relationship an enviable one around. You can convey you love through these Emotional Love Text Messages for Lovers.

61. Music can fade away, but not the love we share. Flame can turn to ashes, but never will my passion for you. With you, everything is alive.

62. Like a brilliant light, my love for you is sublimely fiery and burns without the desire to be quenched.

63. My heart was recreated when I saw you. Hence, it’s forever yours and belongs to no other.

64. Like a shooting star, I saw something in you that was big enough to catch my attention. You mesmerize me by your very nature, baby.

65. In my world to come, your place is already secured in the safest place of my heart. Never let go, sweety.

66. I thought I had it all until I saw you. And when you became mine, there was no gainsaying that I am indeed complete.

67. Allow me to beautify your life with the most beautiful gift to mankind and that’s the gift of love.

68. With you, the season is always hot like summer. There is no coldness in loving you, my love.

69. The best creation of God was you and you make me the greatest benefit of his creation, all because I have you in my life, sweety.

70. If there was one thing I’ll love to share, that will be my heart. And with you alone can I share this with.

71. I waited this long to have you because you’re worth the waiting for. And now that I have you, I’ll treat you tenderly.

72. You must be the last creation of God, cause the best is always reserved for the last. I love you, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

73. You deliver love flawlessly like the most dexterous lyricist. There will never be another you, my love.

74. I can never take away from you, but it’s my earnest desire to always add to you. You’ll never beat lack when you’re with me, love.

75. Your beauty is absolutely jaw-dropping because love is at it finest when it’s found in your heart.

76. I can’t explain it, but I know this feeling I have for you is incapable of running dry. I’ll always heart you forever.

77. From eternity to eternity is my love for you. My love will always find its way into your flourishing bosom alone.

78. My heart took the decision to love you endlessly and to this pledge will I stand by till forevermore, my heartbeat.

79. I know my day will be good once it begins with you and my night, I know will be peaceful once you’re the last thing on my mind.

80. What I feel for you is beyond me, cause I can lay down my life just to let you live, my love.

Beautiful Love Messages for Him or Her

Secure your space in your relationship with this beautiful Love Sms for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

81. You brought peace to my heart because you were the one I’ve been desperate for. Loving you is what my heart needs to breathe again.

82. My eyes are on you. My soul is in you. We were one from the inception of the earth and likewise, till the end of the earth.

83. I know I’m alive when I feel you. And seeing you is akin to seeing beyond the sky. I love you, sweety.

84. What humbles me is loving you and I take pride in you loving me in return.

85. I make this promise of eternal loyalty to you, my love. And trust me, I’ll be true.

86. Forever can only last for eternity, if you will be the one to spend a lifetime with me. You’re my forevermore.

87. I am able to dream again because you’re my inspiration and the fire that quickens my spirit. My love, I’m grateful.

88. I know I’m not perfect but what I feel for you, I must say is the perfect thing I know, my love.

89. Come closer, never let me go. The more you draw nearer to me, the safer I feel. Never let me go, sweety.

90. You mean the world to me and I wouldn’t mind trading the world just to see the end of forever with you, my heartbeat.

91. The only thing I want to declare before the world is my vows to you. In great trials and darkness, I’ll be true to you, baby.

92. You rebuilt my world and made it a nostalgic place to be. Therefore, with you alone will I live this life with.

93. There’s no one like you, likewise, there’s no love that supersedes the one from your heart. I’m a lucky chap to have all of you.

94. Love is nothing new, but finding someone to love is incomparable to anything. I love you, my baby.

95. I fell and you caught me and put me in a sure place, where I can never be down and out. I love you, sweety.

96. Time after time, things between us will only get better, cause, with you, it can only get better.

97. There will be no reason to respect boundaries because, between you and I, there’s no obstacle.

98. I’ll show you how much I love you, cause you deserve to know how much of a queen you are to me, love.

99. You made me see the truth and light, because of this, I know you’re the right one for me, my love.

100. You saw the best in me when I thought the worst of myself. Indeed, I have it all with you in my life.

Amazing Love Messages for Him or Her

Love add sweetness to the life of the both hearts in love. The sweetness in your relationship can be creatively make known to your lover. Here are Amazing Love Text Messages for Lover that will keep your lover so Amazed.

101. I love you far beyond the length and width of the earth. I’ll love to be by your side until my dying day.

102. No matter whose body you reincarnate in, I’ll do well to choose you still because I’ll recognise your heart any day in time.

103. Over and over again, my heart leaps for joy when I see you smile. May this love last forever.

104. There is no future in my world without you. I’d rather cease to breathe now than to not have you in my future.

105. Our lips lock together because we are bonded by the love we feel in our hearts.

106. Even at old age, I’ll take my vows with you again because I’m jealous someone else might want to have you.

107. The feeling of love is without meaning until you crawled into my heart to dwell in there forever. I hope we take it slowly to the end just so we can look into each other’s eyes for the longest time.

108. I don’t mind loving as long as it is your heart. I wouldn’t mind kissing if those lips were yours.

109. When I say that, I love you, I mean I love every part of you including the “ugly.”

110. I’m willing to dive into the oceans just to get you the finest precious stone because your heart is as rare as the eclipse of the sun.

111. The sun is nothing but darkness when you’re by its side as your light overshadows its brightness. You’re brighter than the sun, baby.

112. What is the meaning of love? Love is your heart and the look in your eyes when you say my name.

113. I believe in eternity because I want to behold you forever. I believe in the afterlife because it’s you I want to share my crown with.

114. On the other side of the moon is love; on the other side of the moon is us.

115. Do you see us getting married? I see us reciting our vows to each other for the third time with our shoulders leaning forward.

116. I’ll renounce the world for your sake. I’ll give up my throne just to save you like the Messiah.

117. After falling in love with you, all I think of are our kids and the home we’ll share together someday.

118. The one I’ll love to give our daughter to is a man with your kind of heart; priceless and pure.

119. You must have left the heaven as an angel just to come to make my world a better place. I can see the kindness in your heart, my love.

120. Even though you love the moon and the sun, the old and the young, you still have the generosity to love me even better because you are the one with the largest heart.

I Love You Text Messages for Him or Her

Your voice is my favourite sound, it brings strength to my bones and I will never stop loving you. This is a tip of an iceberg of what Romantic I Love You Messages for Lover can offer you. All you need is to do is to give it a trial, you will love the outcome.

121. Looking into space, thinking about you with a smile, quenches my hunger faster than a bowl of food.

122. If everyone were to love like us, Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t make it into the hall of fame.

123. I am never ready to lose you and that is why, I’ll always treat you right, my love.

124. Your voice is my favourite sound, it brings strength to my bones and speaks life to my spirit.

125. A heavenly reward would be to have you in my heavenly palace seated by my right-hand side. I love you!

126. Let’s take this love to the moon where no man can tint. Let’s take it up to the sky where there are plenty of diamonds for the queen of my heart.

127. You rock my world and you shake my world. However you do it, makes me fall deeply in love with you.

128. I am a prisoner of your love. But it feels a lot better than a grandeur palace.

129. I have placed you far above everything on earth where the law of gravity is proved wrong.

130. Every day I wake up to a new dawn, the thought of you become the air that I breathe.

131. My love for you isn’t a promise to you, it is an inherent nature I cannot do without.

132. There in my heart, I’ve built the family of my dreams. I only hope you make all my dreams come true.

133. If you ever let me go, it’ll break me. However, if it makes you happy, I’ll let go. Because I love you that much that pain has become pleasurable.

134. A life of luxury is simply having your smile around. I hope I never become miserable.

135. I chose happiness because I chose you! I’d grow stronger because your love is my strength every day.

136. Under cold showers, you remain my favourite though. You occupy my mind to the brim I can’t help but stay longer than necessary.

137. Pain is a pleasure as long as I suffer for you. Pleasure is a pain as far as I don’t have you within.

138. You ain’t just the one I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with. You’re the one I’ve chosen to love every day.

139. If love were a bridge, ours would be the strongest and the furthest to the ends of the earth.

140. My heart screams every day of how much I love you. I hope you can hear it even from a planet away.

I Adore You So Much Messages for Him or Her

Even without an earthly possession, I’ve got my life left to offer you my love no matter the challenge we face. For more Love Messages for Your Lover try I Adore You Darling So Much Text Messages for Him or Her.

141. You’re my hope and my peace. The shield against anger and pain. How I reverence you!

142. Do not doubt the love that flows from my heart because it could drown the deepest ocean.

143. Let me love you silly. Let me protect you with my life. All of these, I’ll do because you’re my dearest.

144. Only a life have I got. However, I’ll give it up to you because greater love has no man than this.

145. You’re my dreamland. Let me slumber into your arms every night.

146. Even without an earthly possession, I’ve got my life left to offer you. So, kindly come hook your love with mine.

147. I’ll say that I was made to love you because ever since I set my eyes on you, there was no greater purpose for me than winning your heart. And, I’ll do that every day of our lives.

148. My love will never grow cold because it is new every morning. It’ll never diminish because it is ever abiding by the sky.

149. Let my love be the roses on the bed you lie on. Let it be the soft pillows that enjoy your sleepy head.

150. My only regret truly is not finding you earlier. But all that love is bottled up in my heart to love you to an overflow.

151. Just like diamonds amongst stones, you shine brighter than the rest and you are far more priceless than any other.

152. A little kiss from your lips brings salvation to me. And a hug from you is redemption to my soul.

153. True love is timeless, true love never perishes. True love is what I feel for you.

154. The days you put on black shines the brightest to me because it was the colour I saw you in when you swept me off my feet.

155. You’re a blessing but not in disguise because yours isn’t so hard to see.

156. I’m a happy man because I know what it means to be loved by you. So, thank you for loving me.

157. Anything in exchange for your love including all of my heart for you.

158. You’re the whirlwind which swept me off my feet and who brought your heart to meet mine.

159. You have stolen my heart but I want yours back in return.

160. Let me bear your burden with pride. Let me carry upon myself your yoke with ease and gladness.

Heartfelt Love Text messages for Him or Her

If you let me into your heart, it’ll ache no more but leap for joy instead. These and more are the words of encouragement you need to make your love keep ringing in the heart of your lover. These are Heart Touching Love Messages for Lovers you can put your trust in to keep your relationship on.

161. Your love has taken me into a new world. A realm of peace and ecstasy.

162. Would you be kind enough to walk this path with me? Would you be selfless enough to give your heart to me?

163. No matter where I go, back into your heart will I haste.

164. Comfort is the feeling I get when I see the light in your face when you smile. Love is the emotion I feel hearing you say that, I love you.

165. You’re amazing far beyond my lips could testify. And that’s why I love you for and ever.

166. If I can’t have you, I’d rather not have anyone else. Only your love will do and only your smiles would strike deeply.

167. It’s amazing how I’ve come to love you. It’s rather unbelievable how I hate the days that I can’t see you.

168. If you let me into your heart, it’ll ache no more but leap for joy instead. Pls, give me a try!

169. There’s no war our heart cannot win with love. And there’s no battle unconquerable with the shield of a hug from you.

170. You were the words in my prayers. And now the answer to my heart cry!

171. Heavens have blessed me with you. Hence, the gate of hell cannot put us asunder.

172. The thoughts of you make me detest my dying day. I’d rather live by your side for eternity.

173. If you’d keep me in your mind, I’ll keep you in my heart and my home forever. Pls, come build a home with me.

174. I’ve loved you so much there’s no space in my heart to love anyone else.

175. Let me breathe in the smell of your body, it brings me back to life. Let me caress your lips with my fingertip, it is what it takes pleasure in.

176. Do not break my heart else, I wouldn’t believe in love ever again. Do not keep me waiting, my heart will love no other.

177. At night, I wake up holding onto my pillow just to smile at your cutest smile.

178. I don’t need a memory if I can’t recall what your laughter seemed like.

179. The life I dream of is only possible with you. The kisses I desire are the sweetest but only on your lips.

180. My greatest achievement is having you give your heart to me. I’m so humbled when you say that you love me.

Best Love Text messages for Him or Her

181. An eternity of sorrow is a world without your love and a place where I do not get to see you ever again.

182. I’ve fallen for you. I only need you to do the same for me.

183. You need not say anything in reply just put a smile on your face when you’re short of words to say to me.

184. I’m amazed by the largess of your heart and I still can’t get over the fact that you love me every day.

185. I won’t get tired of loving you as much as I won’t get weak saying it to you every day of my life.

186. I draw breath from the love that you supply to my heart every second that passes by.

187. A profound knowledge I won’t let go to waste is the love that you’ve taught me. But I need your heart to show you how much I’ve learned.

188. The voices of the host of heavens ain’t as pleasant as the melody in your voice when you say, I love you.

189. No matter what riches I garner, what truly matters to me is winning your heart over and over again.

190. It is my decision to love you and there’s no stopping me till the end. Nothing can separate me from your love.

191. You make my heart skip when you look into my eyes with the gaze of love. You shake my world when you plant a kiss on my lips.

192. Our wedding vow from me to you was written long ago on the day that I first met you.

193. 24 hrs ain’t enough time to love you. 7 days of the week ain’t adequate enough to show you how much I care. But I’m compensated with loving you for eternity.

194. After loving you here on earth, I’ll seek you in the heavens just to feel what it means to be near you again.

195. Occupy my heart forever. It’s you I’ll rather have inside.

196. Let’s share the breakfast of love together every day of our lives. Let’s go to sleep in the same bed of roses. It’ll be my pleasure, baby.

197. Once you tell me those three life-saving words, I feel empowered to do anything for you. I guess you now know the magic words and the key to my heart.

198. My body and soul were made for you and that is why our love will go on beyond our stay on earth.

199. Only your love I’ll take. Because it is the only one that quenches my thirst and increases my chances of survival.

200. Any time and anywhere, I will never be ashamed to tell you that I love you. Because it is what I feel every time of the day.

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