2023 Best Happy Weekend Quotes

After the storm, comes the sunshine! Then, the rainbow follows closely. Then, all is bright, beautiful and colourful with our world. A crazy marathon work schedule is like a tsunami hit. The weekend offers an irresistible relief package that makes for a beautiful comeback.

As much as people dread the stress of work on weekdays, it actually makes the weekend special as a form of anticlimax. It’s not all boring and unexciting. However, no matter how interesting or stimulating one’s work is, one needs a refreshing break to do better.

That’s why weekends are really special. One gets to chill, relax, have fun, hang out, catch up on important personal things, load up on Netflix, watch late night movies, sleep in…the list is endless and without limit.

Everywhere in the world, people who are frustrated with their jobs, or working in a hostile and disenabling working environment; hardly can wait for the short respite the weekends provide from their daily torture. They anticipate the joy of the weekend chills and relaxation with great eagerness.

At one point or the other, everyone anticipates the pleasure and freedom that the weekend alone provides: students, fulfilled workers, frustrated workers, and businessmen.

It’s 2023 already! The first quarter is notorious for meetings, impossible targets, revamping and lots of engaging activities. Weekends will sure look good on everyone!

Care to remind someone of something great to look forward to, at the weekends, to make the work bearable? Need to encourage yourself of something fantastic that’s worth waiting for, after a busy week?

We have just the very thing! Here are cute Happy weekends Quotes for Facebook, just for you and your pals! Have a go at it!

Best Happy Weekend Quotes for Facebook

Inspirational Weekend Quotes for Social Media Status (Facebook).

1. Finally, it’s here! The much-awaited celebrity! The most cherished guest: it’s my great honour to announce the weekend into our midst. Let the merriment begin. Have a fun filled weekend!

2. It’s a contract: signed and sealed by salary; your weekdays belong to your employers. The weekends absolutely belong to you. It’s yours to do with, as you pleases. Lots of fun loading. Enjoy a blissful weekend!

3. You have been hurt; so allow your heart to bleed without hemorrhaging. Let the pain run its course without it taking over. Then, take charge! The moment of freedom and fun is here; move on already. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend. Have a blast, being happy!

4. Even the workaholics enjoy weekends. They are free to go to work earlier, return later and work their spines off with no distraction from colleagues or anyone.
Hey, buddy! Enjoy a stress-free and work-filled weekend thrill!

5. A mistake or two with its consequences, doesn’t bring life to an abrupt end; if you learn one or two lessons from them, and move on. Move on, wiser, smarter and enjoy your weekend.

6. Weekends are special. You have the opportunity to go over the events of the previous weekdays, learn from errors, improve on strength and plan a hit for the coming week. It’s a relaxing and brainstorming weekend! Enjoy!

7. It’s weekend! The stress and its headaches don’t count anymore. Hang them at the office exit door and put on your carefree garment for a fun-filled splendid weekend.

8. It’s weekend! Your sweet family awaits the pleasure of your presence. Life is definitely boring without your loving presence! Have fun, be part of the family weekend ritual. It’s surely a respite from the weekday’s routine.

9. Peace is a state of mind you get when your frayed nerves are calm, trouble and chaos are kept at bay and all is well with your world, even when everything out there goes nut. Have a lovely weekend!

10. Freedom lies in being bold. Weekend is a gift of freedom, be bold enough to grab and enjoy it!

11. Sometimes, to live fully, you’ve got to take chances. Nothing ventured, nothing gained or lost; same boring tune. Take that chance, have fun, it’s worth it! Have a lovely weekend.

12. Good morning. I wish you a great weekend full of sunshine, laughter, love and lots of fun.

13. Unplug and flush out the clutters and mess of irrelevancy from your life. Live a purposeful and fun filled life; we only live but once. It’s weekend already! Time to grab the essence of good and relevant living.

14. It’s weekend! Don’t waste it on people who barely tolerate you just because you need a false sense of belonging. Spend your time where your worth is valued and appreciated. Have fun!

15. If your friends derive pleasure from poking fun and jeering at you, it’s time to walk away. Party is over! Change of friends and scenery is required. Your self-esteem will take a giant leap forward. Happy weekend!

16. Why the long face? Put on your best smile; workday expired last night. Saturday arrived safe and jolly. Have a fabulous weekend!

17. Weekends are notably notorious for unlimited choices; all yours! Retreat, partying, hanging out, oversleeping, gardening, shopping…the list is inexhaustible. The fun is the key. Have a jolly weekend.

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18. My weekend’s plan is simple. Sleep in, breakfast in bed, befriend DSTV, make Netflix acquaintance, be generally lazy and indulge myself. Have a fantastic weekend!

19. The week has been so horrible. A day at the beach with friends will fix the tension and stress. Lots of Tender loving care from home will refuel the spark. Have a great weekend!

20. I am going to be extremely busy this weekend: no disturbance is permitted. Busy doing absolutely ‘nothing’. Happy weekend.

21. Weekends are for self, indulgences. You deserve the treat! Enjoy yourself!

22. The shortest days of the week are packaged into the weekends. Always gone too soon, never enough. Still, it’s the weekend: short or not, have a swell time!

23. Nothing beats a weekend full of adventure, relaxation, and fun. Everyone deserves it, after a week of crazy schedule and impossible targets/deadlines.

24. Weekends are lifesavers: without them, there’d be no weekdays. Everyone would have expired from exhaustion. Have an awesome weekend!

25. Man’s best friend is the weekend. It offers a brief respite from the rigours of an hectic week. Have a fantastic weekend!

26. Sleeping in is the most beautiful part of the weekend. Having breakfast in bed is the icing on the cake. Busy doing absolutely nothing; the perfect cure for stress. Enjoy a blissful weekend.

27. Even a machine needs rest, servicing and replacement. Your body parts have no replacement: so, give yourself a well-deserved rest. You earned it! It’s your body’s salary! Have a restful weekend.

28. Earning a living is great. It’s however pointless if your earning stops you from enjoying the simple acts that living entails. Like fun, relaxation, recreation, hobbies, and anything worthwhile that catches your fancy. Earn it, live it, and enjoy it! It’s your life! Happy weekend!

29. A miracle turns up every Saturday: no deadline or power meetings! Just endless stretch of free hours of rest and fun. Have a great weekend!

30. I have recurring selective amnesia on Fridays. The moment I hit the sack, I forget all about work and its demands. I embrace the pure bliss of whatever the weekend offers. Yea, it’s always a jolly weekend!a

31. Whether you go to the beach, party or simply hang out with friends or family; or stay in bed all day; catch up on latest movies; what matters is that you do whatever that makes you feel refreshed and ready for the rigours of a new week. Have a fun-filled weekend.

32. The bliss of waking up on a Saturday to the certainty that has absolutely nothing to do but “eat, sleep, rest and do fun things”. Nothing beats this feeling; not even a Santa Claus on a mission. Have a merry weekend.

33. Solitude is one’s just reward for going through a crazy, refill and be Gladys; it’s weekend already! Have fun!

34. The sound of a free weekend is like music to the ears of an overworked body. Enjoy an uninterrupted weekend of relaxation.

35. A weekend without needed rest produces a weakened, disoriented and unproductive weekday worker. Have a fruitful weekend.

36. Weekends often come in different forms and shapes. Family-focused; partying; hanging out, extra income pursuit,* or plain sleep and relax. Whatever form it takes, it’s definitely different from what you’ve been doing all week.

37. Go and take a selfie; no one is watching over your shoulders. It’s weekend already. Let the fun begins! Enjoy the moment!

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38. Weekends are nature’s gift to man, to rest from all his troubles. Enjoy a trouble-free time, all yours!

39. Making money is cool. Making time to enjoy the fruit of one’s sweat is swell. Have an amazing weekend.

40. Making a living is essential to man’s survival. Real living sometimes entails taking chances: go ahead, be bold. Take those chances, for they are worth their weight in gold. Enjoy an awesome weekend.

41. A vital key to a totally boring existence is refusing to take chances. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Grab your chance at happiness. Life is fleeting, be adventurous! Have a fun-filled weekend.

42. To reach the peak, start from the base. Work your way up, slowly but steadily. The twists, turns and curves are part of the adventure. Don’t ignore the essence of weekends: it’s nature’s escape route from total burnout or free fall. Have a great weekend!

43. Rainbows are for lovers: weekends are for workers. A worker that is in love deserves a most colourful weekend ever.

44. Do the world huge favour: make the most of yourself and of your weekends. It’s a win-win path to greatness. Have a great weekend.

45. Life isn’t always measured about your net worth in gold, but what you do with your time when you take a break from the high powered deals…at the weekends. Relationship is the key! Have a beautiful weekend!

46. Weekends give you unlimited licence to loads and lots of fun. Offer of fun valid while stocks (weekend) last!

47. Yippie, weekend is here at last! It’s time to flex my fun muscles to the limit. Guys, have an amazing weekend!

48. Weekdays are like a visit to the dentist for extraction. Weekends are like making candies, chocolates and ice cream, accessible to someone with a sweet tooth. Out of the world experience! Have a delightful weekend!

49. When your energy is depleted, then lethargy sets in. Your body is screaming for relief and your brain went for unplanned vacation…it’s time to enjoy the pleasure of a weekend break or getaway. Have a refreshing weekend!

50. The point of a meaningful weekend is to be engaged in something totally pointless…
for a change. Enjoy yourself!

51. Boredom is doing the same thing, the same way, all the time. Weekend offers the best antidote; take a break from your routine, do the unusual and bounce back to work…inspired, renewed and fresh. Have a jolly weekend.

52. All work, no play makes Jack a pretty dull guy. Relaxation, rest and fun is an essential part of life. Even God rested on the sixth day of creation. Have a wonderful weekend.

53. A weekend retreat or getaway sounds great after a neck breaking, busy as bee week of impossible workload. Indulge yourself this weekend, you sure deserve it. Have an awesome weekend.

54. A solitary weekend away from the noise, hustle and bustle of the crowd, is just the very thing required to save one from sheer exhaustion. Self-indulgence here sounds cool. Have a lovely weekend.

55. When the noise of the crowd distracts and beclouds your judgement, it’s time to retreat for fresh insight and inspiration. Enjoy an inspiring weekend.

56. The irony of life is that the very break you shy away from or shun is the very thing needed for a breakthrough idea to gain audience in your subconscious. It’s the weekend already, enjoy its hidden blessings. Have an exciting weekend!

57. Doing the same thing the same way brings the same result, all things being equal. If you desire a different result, get a fresh perspective. A weekend of fun and brainstorming with your genius pals might be it. Have a great weekend!

58. The reality of life is that many business empires are established, run, and floated in a social setting than in the office building. Networking is the key! The weekends’ social power deals determine the weekdays’ activities. Have a powerful weekend!

59. Huge deals are often settled and sealed over a drink or game of golf/chess/tennis while details are fine-tuned in the conference/board room. Power brokers do have fun while making their millions at the weekend. Enjoy a powerful weekend.

60. Love has its place when accorded it’s accorded its due. A weekend doing what you love, with those you love; leaves you inspired, invigorated and ready. Have a lovely weekend.

61. To live well is to rid yourself of stress when necessary. What you do this weekend is absolutely your choice. Have a cool weekend!

62. This is wishing you a weekend full of adventure, love, cuddling, laughter and fun! Enjoy yourself to the full!

63. Music is the food of the soul. Are you spent, weary, depressed or confused? It’s time for a total brain workout. Get your favourite upbeat music ready for a weekend of calm, mental alertness, improve mood and sleep quality. Have an awesome weekend!

64. Your excellent spirit should go on vacation on weekends. Having put them to work for business on weekdays, employ them for an optimal weekend of fun and enjoyment at the weekend. Have a fantastic weekend!

65. My favourite pastime at the weekend is to get busy doing nothing. This is the whole essence of weekend bliss.

66. Weekend is exclusively reserved for catching up: sleep, gym, gossip, family, friends, chats, hobby… everything you had no time for, during the week. Have a beautiful weekend!

67. Without the weekends, there’d be no weekdays! The fun, serenity and recuperating relaxation of the weekends give one the strength to cope with the weekday stress. Enjoy a lovely weekend!

68. Weekends are for unwinding and refueling. Rest, bond, party… whatever catches your fancy, without causing burnout. Have a refreshing weekend!

69. Playing a soft background music, cuddling on the sofa while enjoying a best selling paperback, is my ideal way of an exotic weekend.

70. I have hope: the weekend just arrived!

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