2024 Best Thankful Notes to Friends

True friends are rare. Rare friends are to be treasured. If you have been blessed with the gifts of friendship, let them know how much you appreciate them. Here are 150 ways you can say “thank you” to that special friend of yours.
Don’t be shy, just do it.

Sometimes in life, the greatest gift we can give to our friends, old or new, is the gift of genuine appreciation. A simple ” thank you ” can dig a well of goodwill, love and gratification.

We all have an innate need to be loved and appreciated. Friends that have touched our lives in one way or the other, ought to know your beautiful thoughts about them.

Don’t hoard your feelings, no one is a mind reader. Make your friend feel as special as they are in your heart.

Do you have friends who have made huge impact in your life at one time or another? Do you want to make their day without flattering them? You can’t afford to let another day go without reaching out?
Here are 150 ways of showing your dear/precious friends your heartfelt gratitude with thankful notes to him or her.

Notes of Appreciation to Friends

Appreciation keeps friendship going. Generously use these best thankful notes to friends. Appreciate your friends with these notes of appreciation to friends.

1. Words fail me in expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you. Still, without fail, you are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met in my life. I love you. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for always being there.

2. A friend that’s more than a brother/sister, that’s who you are. You are a friend like no other. Special, faithful and reliable. I appreciate your worth.

3. There’s an adage that says “you know your friends in the days of adversity“. You are ‘ all-weather, through thick and thin friend’. Loving you is a no-brainer, you are awesome!

4. You are a great friend! Thanks for always watching my back. I’d trust you with my very life.

5. It’s a fact, no glossing over it: you are an integral part of my success story. Without you, I could have made it, perhaps and perhaps not. It’d have harder, slower, lonelier and absolutely risk-prone. Thanks, pal, for walking through this journey with me.

6. You are the most generous being God ever created. I appreciate you for your constant gifts of love, care, availability, advice and resources. You are my best friend forever.

7. Life is beautiful if viewed through a rose-tinted coloured glasses. My life is beautiful because you are the rose-tinted lens through which I vision life. You have a beautiful soul, my dearest friend. You are extraordinarily special, I adore you!

8. You don’t scare easily, you are a rock! When the going was tough, and the heat became unbearable, you became tougher and steadier, a soothing blanket. Thank you for being “you”.

9. I’m where I am today because you have always believed in me. Thank you for being a rock of encouragement that the storm of doubts couldn’t assail.

10. You are an awesome friend. One of the best gifts you’ve ever given me is the gift of being unapologetically myself. This is a rare gift, you are a rare friend.

11. I have so many friends, but I have only one friend. There’s nothing confusing about this, you are simply the only friend that counts. We have history, depth and such intimacy no one can rival.

12. When I need a friend, you are the only one that comes to mind. No one else even comes close. It’s either you or you.

13. I feel honoured to be called your friend. Special doesn’t even begin to describe you. You are simply amazing!

14. You mean the world to me. You aren’t just my friend, you are my blood!

15. We might be the legendary
“Tom and Jerry”, but I wouldn’t exchange you for any royalty in the world. You are the best, my friend!

16. You are that friend I’m never scared of baring my heart to. You are practical, down to earth and loyal to the boot! This friendship isn’t for sale- caveat emptor!

17. You mean a lot to me, my guardian angel. Thanks for always watching out for me. I know I can always count on you. Believe me, you have my unflinching loyalty.

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18. True friends are scarce, but I got the very best of the dwindling, near extinct population. You are a great friend, and I cherish our friendship.

19. No doubt about this, my life wouldn’t have turn out so well without you. Thanks for holding my hands when I’d have slipped or fallen on my face. Thanks for all the years of support and rock solid care.

20. You are a wonderful friend. You’ve been tested and proved. You are a worthy and faithful pal. I appreciate you.

21. I learnt a lot from you. Fun is great, but loyalty, love and care is the true hallmark of real friendship. You are all these, and more!

22. Friends abound everywhere. Those who’ll take a bullet for you anytime any day deserves to be celebrated. You are more than a million,y friend. Thank you for being in my life.

23. Some friends are for a season, others are for a reason. You, my dearest friend, are for all season and all reason. I appreciate you.

24. Friendship means commitment and loyalty. You fit the bill because you are a rare friend, indeed.

25. Someone to lean on, someone to unburden to, catch fun with, share the good and bad time with. You are that person, my friend.

26. You mean so much to mean. I feel lucky to have such a great friend like you. Your impact in my life isn’t quantifiable. You are priceless!

27. Friends are a dime a dozen, but you are special and unique. When I need someone, I think of you. When I need a favour or two, I have absolute confidence in you. I’m not one to take you for granted, I appreciate you more than you know.

28. You are that friend I can confidently share anything and everything with -the good, the bad and the ugly, – without fear of betrayal. I appreciate you beyond words.

29. No matter the passage of time and the gap in between, I know that I can always count on you. All I have to do is to make that call. No preamble. You are always there. You are the true definition of friendship.

30. When the crowd beats a fast retreat, and the drum of party music recedes and fades away, one is often left with only….true friends. True friends stick when the party’s over. You are a great friend, you rock!

31. I can’t ever repay you for all the years of love, sacrifice, loyalty and unflinching support. I can only make you a promise. When you need a friend, give me a call. I’ll be there for you. I cherish our friendship.

32. You are creative, brilliant and fun to be with. I enjoy being your friend.

33. Never a dull moment with you. You are hilarious, fun loving and caring. I love spending time with you.

34. I’m where I am today because I have a great friend like you. You are intelligent, industrious, a deep- thinker and an achiever. Your influence positively rubbed on me, and my youthful exuberance was converted to positive energy in pursuit of excellence.

35. In two words. “Thank you.” Thanks so much for being my friend with all the perks and hassles that go with it. You are a rare gem!

36. You are a legend, hope you know. I become popular and sought after when I tell folks we are friends and share all our pranks, exploits and adventures. Well, I’m a celebrity by association! You are awesome, my friend!

37. The wind blows wherever it wills, while the sun shines on all. Being your friend means the world to me. I treasure our time together and cherish its memories.

38. You are a wonderful friend, blunt, down to earth and dependable. When I need an honest assessment of myself, action or project, I can always count on you. You are no one’s ninny, I love you for that.

39. Thanks for your concern, support and encouragement. I appreciate you. You are the reason I didn’t fall apart when the chips were down. Thanks for holding me up.

40. I can’t help but appreciate you. Thanks for being my friend. For the listening ears, understanding heart and generous hands. You surely made a difference where it matters.

41. When I’m troubled, thoughts of you came to mind and eased my burdens already. I know you are but a phone call away, willing and ready to go all out for me. Thanks for being my friend.

42. Thanks for being a positive influence in my life. I appreciate your intelligence, smartness and level-headed counsels that have saved me from so many unnecessary headaches and heartaches. You rock!

43. Thanks for offering me timely advice and being forceful and insistent. You just saved me from financial ruin. I never knew I was heading for disaster until you rescued me from the bad deal. Thanks to sound mild, but it means it means everything because it’s coming straight from my heart.

44. You are a special friend. Thanks for inspiring me. Thank you for holding my hands and walking me through my difficult times. Believe me, I won’t forget this in a hurry because, without you, I’d have fallen apart.

45. I feel blessed to have you as my friend. You always put a smile on my face. You are kind, loving and supportive. Thanks for everything.

46. Thank you for being a practical friend. You are a person of few words, but your actions speak for you. They are louder and more relevant than any spoken words. In fact, you are the best!

47. When I need your help, I have only to give you a call. You give it to me, unreservedly with no question asked. You are very close to my heart, I appreciate you

48. I feel good: you are why. Behind my special secretive smile is my special friend- You! You are witty, funny and pretty smart. There’s never a dull moment with you, you know what to do precisely to draw me out of my shell, serve depression quit notice and lighten my mood. Thanks for being special that way.

49. I got the gift, it was timely. Thanks so much for getting me out of a dicey, tricky situation. I appreciate you, my dearest friend.

50. Thank you for your awesome gift. I was speechless! You did it! You outdid yourself, I know I can’t ever thank you enough. I have no words for it…but, “thanks, anyway”.

51. Friends for sale? Mine is not available! This is for keeps. Poachers beware!! My friend is an ultra special. Yeah, you mean the world to me.

52. From the depth of my heart, I thank you for your gift. I was overwhelmed, and I felt really loved and special. Thanks so much.

53. Your gift came at the right time. That was thoughtful and kind of you. It also made so much difference that I feel confident I’m but a stone throw from my breakthrough. Thank you very much.

54. God loves me. This I know because He gave me a special friend with a beautiful soul. You are a real darling!

55. I always have a swell time when I’m with you. You are fun to be with. Thanks for going all out for me. I’m looking forward to having you over too. You can count on it…it’s going to be awesome!

56. You believed in me, so I fed on your encouragement until I accomplished my goal. Without you, I’d have called it quits a long time ago. It’s teamwork, we’re unbearable, my friend! Thanks for everything.

57. You are a friend like no other, beautiful within and without. Mischievous, adventurous and fun loving. Kind, faithful and fiercely loyal – this aptly describes you.

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58. How did it happen? Beats me, hands down! I’m so addicted to you. If a day goes without seeing you or talking to you, my best friend, then, the world has come to an end. I can’t do without you.

59. Best friends are forever. Ours is just so special and unique. My childhood friend is my best and forever friend. Thanks for sticking by me through the twists and turns. When I remember our past escapades, I smile and look forward to a beautiful tomorrow.

60. You are such a great pal. Pleasant, easy going, definitely no one’s fool. Smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. I enjoy being your friend. Thanks for the gift of a special friendship.

61. I don’t have a best friend. Only one person has a sole claim to my friendship. You are my only friend, so no competition or comparison there. You are worth more than a trillion friends to me. Others share the unflattering title of acquaintances.

62. You know me so well that I can’t hide from you. With you, the golden fish has no hiding place. Our friendship is my comfort zone. Thanks for being a great buddy.

63. Memories of the past flashed through my mind like lightning. With it was this great discovery: you were a vital part of my past; an integral part of my present and a desirable essential of my future. You are an amazing friend!

64. Over the years we’ve drifted apart, but the chord of love that binds us together via our unique friendship is still as strong as ever. It’s unbreakable, distance, communication gap, and timelapse notwithstanding. We simply pick up where we left off. You are my forever buddy! Thanks for being so special.

65. You are the spice of my life. We are two peas in the same pod. Without you, my life would have long expired from boredom. You are such a pal!

66. It’s easy to take one’s loved ones for granted while even perfect strangers get appreciated. You have been a wonderful friend over the years, I can’t help but appreciate you. You are so sweet!

67. The guy that kept the guys away until the guy came and took his claim, gets all the thanks. Thanks for being my friend over the years, for warding off all unwanted advances and keeping me intact for my man. You are a real hero! I’m glad you also found your happiness.

68. Being my friend isn’t a piece of cake. I know I can be outrightly difficult and impossible. I only want you to know you are very special to my heart. I do appreciate your love and acceptance.

69. I need to tell you this, as often as every day, “You are an awesome friend”. I do appreciate you. You are too kind for words, and a generous soul. You’ve restored my faith in mankind, having been badly burnt in the past. Thanks for being my friend and balm.

70. I can’t thank you enough, you mean the world to me. Thanks for b inspiring and boosting my confidence when I was down my self-esteem took a near-fatal hit. I survived and overcame, only because of you.

71. You are my friend, my companion, my gist partner and partner in misadventure. I can’t possibly imagine life without you. I crave your company like an addict craves his next fix. You are that special!

72. My life is meaningful because you are my friend. Thanks for adding meaning to my life.

73. When I’m confused, I pick your brain. When I’m cool, I seek your company. When I’m down, you brighten me up. We share our happy moments together. You are my all-around friend. Thanks for this beautiful gift of love.

74. Thanks for the helpful brainstorming sessions, insightful input and motivation. Friends like you are rare. You are a national treasure.

75. You are selfless and untiring in your support of others dream. Thanks for the precious gift of yourself and a lovely friendship. I’m privileged.

76. Though life is unpredictable, you are one constant feature in my life. I can trust you with my very life, you’ve proved your priceless love and loyalty. Thanks for being my priceless friend.

77. Fate brought us together and our worlds clashed. You were my sworn enemies until I discovered the treasure within. Now, I wouldn’t part with you for a billion dollars. You are priceless, my dearest friend

78. Whatever the challenges, however tough it is, I face it headlong, confident you’ve got my back. Thanks for always being there, my precious friend. You rock!

79. You are a true and rare friend. I value your love, I cherish your care and I’m absolutely sold out to your wonderful and bubbly personality. I love you.

80. In a crazy world of betrayal, backstabbing and general distrust, you are totally different, refreshingly honest and reliable. You aren’t just my friend, you are an angel.

81. The notice is out: ‘no more vacancy’. You are more than a million friends to me. Two’s company, three isn’t a crowd, it’s courting disaster. You are an amazing friend, in more ways than one!

82. You aren’t perfect, but you are my perfect friend. You aren’t flawless but you are without a single spot. You are such a good sport, that I’m enjoying my life riding through its maze and mystery with you as my best pal.

83. What a great friend you are! When I’m shaken, you are my rock. When I’m confused, you clear my head. For every state I’ve found myself, in every stage of my life, your friendship is the most beautiful gift that suits me… just so. Thanks for your precious gift of love and friendship.

84. I can’t imagine life without you. It’s unthinkable and unbearable, so I wouldn’t even try. You are an amazing friend, I treasure you.

85. My dreams wouldn’t have become a reality today without your love, encouragement and support. You are a rare gem, my friend. Thanks for everything, my friend.

86. Few friendship survives and thrives like ours. You became a celebrity, everyone was sure we were history. You shocked them all by drawing me into your new circle and doing all you could to lift me up. You are awesome, my dearest friend. Thanks for being yourself, all the way.

87. Friendship dances to the drum of the fickle hands of fate. Ours refused to play the game. We set a new tune, record and determined the beat. We are inseparable, a winning two-man team!

88. You deserved to be celebrated, and I’m highly honoured to be your friend. Thanks for all your wonderful contributions, kindness and untiring love.

89. Whenever I find myself in a tight corner, you always come through for me. Even when I failed to reach out to you, somehow you’d know. You are always there when I need you and I feel overwhelmingly loved. I cherish you, my sweet friend. Uncountably, you are my guardian angel.

90. You know me so well like the palms of my hands. You can predict my actions or reaction to any situation. You use this knowledge to my advantage, I’m more than grateful to you.

91. You are my bestie for life. It’s a badge of honour you’ve earned. You deserved to be decorated like the hero you are.

92. When all around me was dark and gloomy, your love was the only light that shined through. Your solid friendship offered the only beacon of hope. All is well with my world today only because of you. You have my eternal gratitude.

93. If you need a friend, I’m but a phone calls away. No matter the distance, I’ll be there for you. This is my crude way of saying thanks for all the years of selfless love displayed to me.

94. Offend me, excommunicate me, push me to the recess of your heart, it matters very little to me. Once you need me, I’d come flying to you. You have been a worthy and wonderful friend, there’s no way I can ever repay you enough. You are my best friend!

95. Friends are to be treasured and closely guarded when they add priceless value to your life. You made my life richer with your special brand of friendship. I appreciate you so much, but I lack the words to do it perfect justice.

96. From the depth of my heart, I thank you so much for being my friend, in and out of season. You are the bomb!

97. You have been nominated for the Oscar award for your role in the best friend category. Yours is the only nomination, and it’s no movie or drama. This is for real: you are my best friend ever!

98. You are a good friend, no one can ever top that. I love being your friend, and I enjoy being with you. Thanks for taking the baby and giant steps with me. Thanks for demonstrating love in all its practical form.

99. You didn’t understand the dream, but you understood the man that had the dream. That’s all it took. You stood by me, fought for it and pushed it forward until it’s no longer a dream, but a reality. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks a trillion times, for being my friend.

100. Friends come and go. Here today, gone tomorrow. Mostly leaving me drained and dry. You are different, and you made a big difference. You poured love and life into me. Now, I know the difference. They are leeches, you’re a real friend. Thanks for being a true friend.

101. The naysayers almost killed my dreams, and the Yes men nearly misdirected and ruined me…but for you. Calm, focused, intuitive and assertive, nothing swayed you until you got through to me. The part of me that never really lost its grip on its senses. Thanks for being a lifesaving friend. You deserve an award, I’d recommend you for a Noble Peace award if I could.

102. You aren’t just a friend, you are my friend indeed. You are a friend turned sibling. You can do no wrong in my eyes. We’ve got each other’s backs. I sleep easy because you are my friend. Thanks for loving me just the way I am, pranks and all.

103. You are my best friend, I wouldn’t trade you for all the diamonds in the world. I won’t even be tempted, I promise. Cross my heart, you are my jewel of inestimable value.

104. You are my friend for life. We grow old together, as naughty as mischievous as ever. Our spouses can chill or join the gang. It promises to be fun. Thanks to my friend. You rock!

105. It isn’t a new year, so it isn’t a new resolution. Call it whatever you like, it doesn’t matter. Life is fleeting, moves like the breeze. Lost moments never to be captured.
Here we go: if you love someone, flaunt it…..don’t hoard or hide it. You are my very good friend, I love you to distraction. Thank you for being an indispensable friend.

106. Thank you for being my adorable friend. You are absolutely unbelievable! You are the only one who understands me perfectly and tolerates my idiosyncrasies. I appreciate you more than you ever because I’m always at peace with you.

107. Whatever the circumstances, you bring peace to my world, calm my frayed nerves and generally focus my energy on positive things. Thanks for bringing out the best in me, my dearest friend.

108. I’ve always been shy, so I’ve never had friends. Most people assume I’m a snob, so I’m left mostly alone. I’m comfortable with my own company, but I yearned for companionship. You broke through the barrier because you care. I’ve been having the time of my life since you became my friend- you have a wonderful personality. Thanks for taking the trouble. You are a great pal.

109. If you are all the friends I have, I’m so cool with it. My life is more meaningful and worthwhile because of you. Thanks for adding value to me.

110. I’ve learnt so much from you, that my life has been positively transformed. Everyone noticed and I’m happy with myself. Thanks for being a great friend and a change agent.

111. I wasn’t a pleasant teenager until we started hanging out. I was horrid to my parents and siblings, I wasn’t too happy with myself either. You changed all that without even trying. Your personality just rubbed off on me. What I am today, I owe to you and God. Thanks for being a positive influence, my friend.

112. I was going down the fast lane on a free fall, heading for a crash. Things were bad, but I couldn’t help myself. No one offered to help me until you stepped in with your tough love. Everything changed because you cared. Thanks for being a friend that truly cares.

113. Until you became my friend, I hated myself. I hated my life as I knew it. Bullied here and there, misunderstood and unloved, thoughts of suicide was never far from my mind. You turned my life upside down when you chose to become my friend and showered me with love. You are the most wonderful person in this world. You saved me literally saved my life, thanks a bunch.

114. I’ve been hurt and burnt in the past, so I’m wary of close relationships. Being aloof suited me just fine until you’d have none of it. You wouldn’t let go until you broke down all my barriers and worn out all my excuses. You crawled your way into my heart and established a permanent residence as a special/ amazing friend. Thanks for being my good friend.

115. I learnt a great lesson and I realised how vital it is. Reaching for the moon isn’t as important as reaching for one’s special friends. You are my special friend, I adore you. We can reach for the moon together, holding each other’s hands or watching each other’s backs. I treasure you.

116. You are very important to me and I treasure our friendship. Thanks for always looking out for me.

117. With you, darling friend, I have nothing to hide. I reveal my fears and share my doubts knowing you’ll comfort or cheer me up or on. Thanks for being my number one cheerleader.

118. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson. Now, I’ve learnt to run my race in my space. Whether I crawl, trot, run or fly- the choice is mine and the success is measured and celebrated by me. You are such a smart friend! Thanks.

119. I know I can always count on you when all I need is a shoulder to cry on, a tight hug and tender loving care. Thanks for being my safe haven. You are a great friend.

120. Thanks for holding out your arms wide to enfold me in your loving arms, each time I crumble. Without you, I’d have been shattered into a million pieces!

121. I’m a painfully shy person, so I’ve always been shy and lonely. You changed all that when you reached out to me. Thanks for holding my hands through life’s treacherous water.

122. You are my friend for life, we’ve come a long way. Thanks for negotiating all the turns and bends with me without cutting corners. You are an incredible friend, I appreciate you.

123. Thanking you every day won’t do, how about thrice a day? Perhaps then, you’d understand fully how special you are to me.

124. I like you exactly the way you are. Since change is inevitable, go ahead and change some. You are going to be awesomely amazing. You are that special friend that only changes for the better. Love you loads!

125. I’ve shared every important moment in my life with you because you are special. We’ve cried, laughed, worked and played together. I appreciate the friendship, the past memories and I look forward to a beautiful future as best friends forever.

126. I love you, my dearest friend, you are an absolute darling. Thanks for always putting me through, standing by me and watching my back, where and when necessary. You rock!

127. Thanks for being an awesome friend. You helped me to tame and conquer the monster in me while awakening the giant within. I wouldn’t have a success story without your help.

128. I know I don’t deserve you, but I’m glad to have you as a very good friend. Thank you for giving me a break when no one would.

129. You are so real and down to earth that I never failed to marvel at your boldness and bluntness. It’s refreshing and rubbing off on me. Thanks for being a role model.

130. My future looks bright because you are part of the journey. Thanks for being my friend. You are so cool!

131. I was once a grouch, but now I smile a lot. Thanks for making me smile, my fun-loving friend.

132. You have been extremely kind. I’m short of words…thank you! I’m glad you’re my friend.

133. Your friendship was a lifesaver. I wouldn’t have survived without you. Thanks so much, for everything.

134. When I glimpsed life through the coloured lens of your love and friendship, I realised that life is truly beautiful. I caught the essence of its beauty because of you. Thanks for the beauty of your friendship.

135. We may not be closed today, but you are very dear and close to my heart. You mean an awful lot to me. I treasure our friendship. Thank you.

136. Years have gone by, memory of you refused to fade. New friends, I have acquired, but none can claim your place in my heart. You are part of my history that’s essentially a feature of my present, paving way for my tomorrow. For this unforgettable role and experience, I thank you… from the bottom of my heart.

137. You are loving, caring and kind to me. Patience is your calling card, I know because I’ve tried your patience to the extreme. Thank you for loving me in spite of myself.

138. Thanks for being an awesome friend. I appreciate all the little things that are actually the big deal. You made all the difference.

139. You are a precious friend. A rare gift, indeed! Thanks for never trying to fix me. I appreciate your unconditional love, friendship and acceptance.

140. You are an ordinary friend with extraordinary heart. That makes you extraordinarily special. I appreciate you for all the ordinary things you never failed to do for me.

141. You are a blessing in disguise. I thought you were my friend, I didn’t know you were my angel. Thank you for being my angelic friend.

142. A trillion dollars can’t be compared to a friend that makes me laugh when I wanted to cry, holds me up when stumbled and relentlessly keeps me going when I wanted to quit. Thank you for being so special!

143. When the bottom falls off my world and it comes crashing on me, my feelings of woe and abandonment flee when I remember I have you as my friend. The problems would expire. Thanks for being my rock and succour.

144. You are witty, charming and fun to be with. I was once a dull fellow until you enlivened and brightened my world. You are a star, my friend. Keep shining, I adore you!

145. You are all shades of love packaged into one. Tender, tough, and in between… whatever it takes. I love and appreciate you like that. You are a darling, my awesome friend!

146. There’s no other way to appreciate you except to do it outright. Thank you for being my friend. I love you. Your friendship is God’s best gift to me.

147. Sometimes, all I needed is somebody who’ll listen without interruption and without passing judgement. Throw in a hug and unconditional love, then I’m a sucker for it. You are that special friend that never ceased to give me such succour. Thanks a bunch.

148. I filled my tax form with due diligence. I declared you as my only asset. You are the only valuable I can’t risk losing. Properties are nothing: you are everything to me, my friend.

149. People wonder why we still stick together after all these years. They won’t understand since we have no explanation. Friendship means everything. You mean a great deal to me. You are the best!

150. Thank you for being my pillar of strength when all around me fell apart. I’m standing today because you stood with me, then. You rock, my friend. I appreciate you.


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