Anti War Quotes and Sayings

Anti War Quotes and Sayings

War is a condition of enmity or rivalry and conflict. War kills, endangers, destroys, and injures. It captures the innocent, corrupts the innocent, and ultimately leaves innocent people dead. It is inhumane, immoral, and unethical.

War is a terrible thing. Not only does it cause massive amounts of death and destruction, it tears apart families, friends, and entire communities. People who were once united in fellowship with each other are separated at war or when they become refugees. This can damage the social fabric that has held these families, friends, and communities together since time immemorial.

However, the need to embrace peace rather than war is a thought that should resonate with many of us. There’s been enough blood spilled, terror spread, and innocent people killed in the name of power tussle. It’s time we stopped fighting each other and focused on helping one another instead. Let us be the change we want to see in this world and let’s find our inner peace together.
Through these anti war quotes and sayings, I hope it will make peace and love more visible than war and hatred.

Anti War Quotes and Sayings

War is a crime against humanity. Let’s all strive to be instruments of peace in our everyday lives, and not let the actions of a few define us as a nation. Stop war. Start peace.

1. We don’t gain anything from war, other than death and destruction. Let’s pray for peace.

2. The only thing that can stop war is you. Because no matter what leaders, politicians or even religious organizations say, violence has never solved anything.

3. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.

4. We see how much better life is when we choose peace over war, trust over fear and engagement over isolation.

5. We need to respect and protect one another. We need to foster cooperation, friendship and understanding. We can’t exist in war and isolation.

6. As more and more people become aware of the irony of war, more and more people are against it.

7. Let’s stop war! A war doesn’t solve anything, it makes the situation worse. Lets spread love instead of hate.

8. To make a more peaceful world, we must be willing to take the first step in imagination. We must be willing to take the first step to make peace with ourselves.’

9. In a world that seems divided, let’s take a step towards peace. Let’s strive to embrace peace rather than war.

10. I love peace because it makes human beings grow and develop. I hate war because it always diminishes human beings.

11. We’ve lived through too much war, and we’re a world that could use a little more peace.

12. War is never “a good thing”. It is a bad thing. It’s something that we do because we are weak, scared, or stupid. Peace is the only “good” war. Stop the war and make peace right now.

13. War never solved anything. Let’s see if we can’t fix the world without it.

14. War is only good for one thing: creating more war. And that doesn’t benefit anyone.

15. The only good use for war that ever was discovered is to preserve peace. Not much of a use, is it?

16. With endless love and support from the world, we can say goodbye to war.

17. We can say goodbye to the pain, suffering and carnage of conflict. We can move on with our lives safe in the knowledge that we’re truly free to pursue our dreams.

18. Let’s take war out of the equation. Together, with love and kindness, let’s help achieve world peace.

19. We believe that to create a world without war, we must band together as one and love each other through support and compassion.

20. Bringing back the words of peace in a time of war. The world needs as much of this as it can get.

21. We have to take steps towards peace. The road will be hard and it won’t happen overnight, but if we work together we can make the world a better place.

22. Making the world a better place means working towards peace every day.

23. When I reflect on my own life, I wonder at the possibilities for the future, War is not inevitable.

24. When we remember, together, that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal then our odds of achieving it will increase dramatically.

25. We need to remind ourselves that the world is bigger than us, and we have the power to end war together.

26. The cycle of violence is a cancer in our society that must be broken to create true peace and freedom from human suffering.

27. Though wars take lives and cause unimaginable suffering, the love for peace is stronger than the madness of war. Let’s work together to end war atrocities and find a more peaceful solution.

28. It’s not just the rich and powerful who benefit when we work together for peace. You benefit too. You see, if we’re able to achieve peace, then we’re able to truly enjoy life without fear. Together, let’s create a better world.

29. It’s time for peace. It’s time to end poverty and genocide. It’s time for people to have more hope for the future.

30. Posterity will never hear a nobler story than that of the long suffering, heroic women and children of Warsaw.

31. War is never an answer for peace. It only creates more violence and destruction. Stop the war!

32. It is important to fight for peace, it is easy to find, but never an answer for war.

33. War is never the answer. War is never the answer, and it always causes pain and suffering. We must build a better future together.

34. Just because war is easy, it doesn’t mean it’s the answer.

35. Let’s stop fighting wars over land and resources and focus on working together for peace.

36. War is never a solution to peace. Instead, it’s filled with violence and destruction. Let’s end the war now and work together to find a peaceful solution.

37. War doesn’t solve anything. It only creates more destruction and death. We need to end war

38. War cannot create peace. It can only create violence and destruction.

39. There is no justification for creating or waging war. War only leads to more violence and destruction. There’s no good reason to support or go to war, it just causes more harm than good.

40. War has never been the only way for us to live in peace. Instead of alleviating violence and destroying it, war increases violence and causes suffering. We need to take action now by ending this war before it gets worse.

41. War is one of the most destructive things on this planet. We cannot continue to support violence and death, which only creates more violence and death.

42. War is our last option. In the past, it has not brought us long-term peace and it will be no different today.

43. Peace starts when you take time to understand one another. War leaves wounds that are bound to destroy our future. So, to have peace, we must first learn about each other.

44. War is expensive and destructive. It can leave generations in poverty or enslaved. Ending the drug war will make it easier for kids to grow up in a safe environment. Let say no to war.

45. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. And so, it is essential to fight for peace, which is easy to find and a total solution to war.

46. Peace is easy to find, but you’ll never win a war with it.

47. Peace is the most important thing in this world. It’s what we find and what we protect, but war is never the answer.

48. The answer to war is peace. When you fight for peace, you find an answer to war.

49. Peace is the right of all people. It’s a gift that, once found, we must fight to protect. War is never the answer

50. War is a destructive force that ravages the world. It is up to us, it is up to each individual, to find the solutions for peace.

51. Peace is not ideal, but a necessary reality that comes with compromise. It’s what makes being alive worth it in the first place.

52. People are more driven by emotion than reason. We need to fight for peace not just for the sake of our pride, but for the future of the world.

53. If war was the answer to peace, we would already have peace in the world today. Let’s all spread the message of peace and stop a war.

54. You can’t fix peace with war, Now more than ever we need to find ways to spread this message of peace and end the suffering.

55. If we don’t work towards peace, we will never achieve it. Let’s be part of the solution and work together to achieve peace for all.

56. In a world where violence and hatred are commonplace, peace is more important than ever before. We need to promote tolerance and respect for everyone.

57. Peace is the way to a more fulfilling life. It’s an act of love to promote harmony and understanding in your community.

58. Imagine a world where everyone can walk down the street without fear.

59. Imagine a world free of war and prejudice. Let’s work together to make this a reality!

60. No amount of bloodshed will bring peace. It’s time for us to raise our voices and end this needless conflict.

61. No more bloodshed. It’s time for us to raise our voices and end this needless conflict.

62. No amount of bloodshed will bring peace. We need to make our voices heard and put an end to this pointless violence.

63. It’s time to end the senseless conflict. Together, we can create a lasting peace agreement and bring our troops home.

64. Choose peace over war and raise your voice for a better tomorrow.

65. Peace can only be achieved when we stand up and speak our minds. We are not powerless. We have the power to end this conflict once and for all.

66. Stand for peace and be the voice for those who cannot speak, You can only end this conflict. We are not powerless. We can end this conflict once and for all.

67. You have the power to end this conflict once and for all. Together, we can restore peace.

68. Let’s stand up and speak our minds. Let’s all be free of conflict, if we unite and claim peace.

69. War is not the answer. Together, we can find a peaceful solution that will make this world a better place for our children and our grandchildren to come.

70. War isn’t the answer. Reaching across the aisle, we can find a peaceful solution that will make this world a better place for our children and their children to come.

71. War is not the answer. In order to make this world better, we must find a peaceful solution. If we do not, we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

72. We must seek peace through dialogue, not through war. Together, we can solve this problem and make this world a better place to live.

73. We must seek peace through dialogue, not war. We can solve this problem if we all work together.

74. Dialogue must be used to achieve peace and eliminate war. By working together, we can achieve true change and make this world a better place to live.

75. We must put an end to war and violence within our society. Without peace, we will never be able to achieve our true potential. We must work together to solve this problem and make our world a better place to live.

76. To maintain peace, we must find a solution by talking to one another rather than resorting to war. We can make this world a better place if we work together.

77. The only way to solve our world’s problems is through cooperation, not war. Together, we can make the world a better place.

78. If we work together, we can create a world where peace and harmony are the norm.

79. We all have a right to live in peace. The time is now to end the violence and put an end to unjust wars. Let’s open our hearts and minds and work together to create a peaceful future.

80. It’s time to work together. Let’s put an end to the violence. We have a right to live in peace and we must continue to fight for our children’s future and create a world where they can be safe.

81. With the end of wars and violence, there will be a safer and brighter future for us all. Let’s work together to create a more harmonious world.

82. The wars must stop. The people deserve peace. It’s time for us to come together as one to end the senseless violence and build a world of peace for ourselves and our children.

83. As human beings, we are inherently flawed. But we need to conquer our fears and work towards changing the world so that everyone can live a peaceful life. Together, we can make this happen by creating laws that protect all people.

84. All violence is a dead end. While the road to peace is often difficult and painful, it is far better than the destination of war.

85. The human spirit has no limits. When we embrace the attitude of peace, we can accomplish anything.

86. If you can’t be a peacemaker, at least be a peace-loving person, don’t seek for war.

87. Peace is not a product of charity. It’s a product of justice. seek for peace rather than war.

88. War isn’t the answer. It’s a symptom of an outdated way of thinking. We should stand in solidarity with our fighting men and women as we work together to find a peaceful solution.

89. War is neither a solution to the problems of this world nor a symptom of an outdated way of thinking. It’s a product of hatred and greed, It’s time we stopped hating those who hate us, and instead stand together in solidarity against them.

90. We all share a burden of responsibility for the wars that plague our world.

91. We must be united as we work together to find a humanitarian solution.

92. The only way to end war is by ending the hate. We’re all equal. We all want to live in peace. So instead of fighting, we find a common ground that allows us to live together in peace and harmony.

93. War is the result of our inability to empathize. If every person on this planet could truly understand that I am you, and you are me, there would be no war.

94. It is not enough to be against war. It is necessary to be for something that is not war.

95. What if the world was peaceful? What if we could learn to live in peace with ourselves first? The answer is simple – we would be able to better enjoy the world around us.

96. It’s time to live in a world where people don’t resort to war as an answer. It’s time for peace.

97. All things can be accomplished through nonviolence.

98. Hate only gives birth to more hate, Violence only creates more violence. So let’s choose peace instead, We are better than that.

99. We can do better than this. A war can’t solve all of our problems. Let’s teach peace and practice it, too.

100. It is not enough to say we must not wage war. It is necessary to love peace and sacrifice for it.

We live in a world that is often violent and angry, a world full of conflicts and wars. We have to keep our faith in humanity and embrace peace rather than war if we want to make sense of this cruel world and maintain hope for the future of mankind. I’m sure you enjoy and you have picked your choice from these anti war quotes and sayings.

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