Art Makes Me Happy

Art Makes Me Happy Quotes

Art is a form of expression that simplifies life. It relieves one from the complexities of life and allows one to enjoy simple things. It puts one in touch with his inner self, gives us an arena for self-expression, and makes us feel connected with other people.

Carl Jung famously said, “Art enables us to express what we feel but cannot put into words.” Art can touch, move, inspire, bring us comfort, and make us happy. Art exists to be experienced.

Art exists in the present and for everyone, its purpose is insight. Looking for art makes me happy quotes? Find it right here. These art makes me happy quotes will help you find the right words to express how your art makes you feel.

Art Makes Me Happy Quotes

Art makes me happy because it’s an instant mood-lifter. When I look at beautiful work, I see the world differently. And when I create something of my own, it brings me happiness as nothing else can. The creativity involved with art gives me the most joy out of everything.

1. Art makes me happy because it’s self-expression in its purest form. The world would be a boring place without art!

2. Art must be the soul’s music because it makes me happy.

3. Art is the crime of being the meanest little things. It’s the colour of your sky. It’s the scent of a flower.

4. I will paint, and I will draw. When I look at my masterpiece, I see my friends, and we are all together, in the wonders of art.

5. Art makes me happy, sitting in front of the computer, I get up and walk around, and I think about how much I love art.

6. Art makes me happy it gives me a chance to be part of something that everyone can enjoy, and it gives me an outlet for my ideas and a new perspective on life.

7. Art makes me happy, for I see what it’s worth; when I look at it, I see the meaning of life.

8. Art makes me happy. Art is a feeling that lifts me; I’m feeling the heart’s beat, of the smile on every face, here’s to every artist that’s got faith.

9. Art is what I do best, it’s like my second job, and it pays very well. I love to paint, and seeing my artwork always makes me giddy.

10. Art makes me happy. It makes me feel alive, passionate and inspired – like I have something to live for. I look forward to both creating and admiring great artwork every single day.

11. Breaking rules, ignoring advice and following your heart creates art and happiness.

12. Art is my therapy; it helps me get through rough times in life and stay positive about things.

13. Art makes me happy when I’m lost in pictures, pictures of my mind, pictures of my heart.

14. Art makes me happy. I am an artist, a painter, a poet, and a writer, I have seen beauty in a tree, I have seen beauty in flowers and the ocean.

15. Art makes me happy. I like to make art; it’s a way I express emotions. Expressing is a way to connect with others.

16. Art makes me happy, the art of living, the art of dying, playing in the rain, breathing in the night, taking a chance, knowing your mind, the art of being human.

17. Art makes me happy when I’m sad, and if I work on my art today, I’ll be happy.

18. Art is a way to show your soul. It’s an honest reflection of who you are and what you feel, and even when there are no words to describe the moment, art still speaks.

19. Art makes me happy. The colours, lines, shapes, and brush strokes from past artists make me happy.

20. Art makes me happy. It evokes the magic in our lives and gives us a place to understand the isolation we call our lives.

21. I do not have a pencil in my hand, but I have a piece of paper embedded with a poem for me to write or draw.

22. Art makes me happy. I am grateful for the vision, skill and hard work that goes into making art – even as simple as a pencil drawing.

23. Art makes me happy. The more I paint, the happier I become. Each piece I create inspires a little more, and as I paint, I feel the world is at my fingertips.

24. Some people think making art is a luxury. They haven’t met my therapist.

25. I paint a picture and place it on my wall. When I look into it and get lost in its beauty, it makes me happy.

26. Art makes me happy. I paint in colour and colour in my soul. My art makes me happy, and I’d do it repeatedly.

27. Art makes me happy, it makes me smile when I look at it, and it always puts a smile on my face.

28. Art is the human expression of creativity, emotion, and imagination.

29. Art makes me happy. Art makes you happy. Art makes the world a better place.

30. Art makes me happy, it makes me feel like I’m alive.

31. Art makes me happy. It gives me a chance to express myself and that’s why I love it so much.

32. I love to paint my dream and capture my vision in my drawings, but I love to do it for you most of all, and it makes me happy.

33. Art makes me happy with the colours, the lines and the shapes; into the world, I bring beauty and warmth, colour brightens my life,

34. The Art on my wall is more decorative than decoration and brings me more happiness than careful design planning.

35. Art makes me happy; it keeps my mind still, gets me in the mood, and feels all right.

36. Art can be a picture, Art can be a painting, and art can be a canvas on your walls or ceiling. Whenever I remember how my self-expression through my artwork can put a smile on someone’s face, it makes me happy and excited.

37. Art is a form of imagination; it’s a way of expressing ideas, it’s a way that I can express my soul, and it’s a way of making people feel better.

38. Art makes me happy. I believe that if we all could see that art is the one last thing that will make you happy.

39. Art makes me happy. It brings me great joy, giving me something to strive for.

40. Art makes me happy. Art inspires me. Art helps me find my way in the world and helps me appreciate the world around me.

41. Art makes me happy. Painting, writing, listening to music, watching movies, and anything creative can make me feel better. When my creative side consumes me, things around me are not as important, and my mind is clear again.

42. Art has always made me happy, I would sit for hours and listen to sounds, observe things to see what they would say, and I had a lot of fun when art made me happy.

43. Sometimes, I stay up late just for the art I can make from my head and mind because I derive joy from it.

44. Art is the manifestation of my emotions; it’s what makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and it makes me feel like I’m free.

45. Art is the movement of the mind and spirit through the medium of the imagination.

46. Art is a way for me to share with the world; Art is a way for me to share in my life, and it’s a way for me to express myself, to express my feelings and dreams for myself.

47. Art makes me happy; it’s the quietest way to enjoy life. It’s the way I can escape the endless world around me.

48. Many love Art, Art as in painting, drawing and sculpture, and many love music and poetry, music in all its forms, but art takes my breath away and makes me smile.

49. I feel the colours of the night and day, the colours of life, and the art.

50. Art makes me happy; Art makes me feel better, a treat for the soul and its worth.

51. Art makes me happy I can appreciate the beauty in what I do. I can feel the warmth in the colours that I can make.

52. Art makes me happy. The art I make makes me happy. It’s simple, and it’s beautiful.

53. Art makes me happy. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up, the last thing I see when I go to bed. Art makes me happy.

54. Art makes me happy when I see a painting that makes my heart sing, of butterflies, birds, clouds, and things I can only dream of.

55. Art is nothing but the expression of the idea of perfection.

56. Art inspires me to be more creative and innovative. And that makes me happy.

57. I think the world of art makes me so very happy. I would die if I had to live without art.

58. Art makes me happy, it’s a way for me to get away, a way to express my creativity, it’s a way for me to be free.

59. Art makes me happy. It’s the best thing since the dawn of creation, and it’s the only thing that keeps me sane. No one notices, but I do, and everyone else wants to do.

60. Art is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else, and it’s the one thing that I can make my own. I never had to ask how to make it or what it is or what it means, and I just followed my heart.

61. Art makes me happy, I love to draw and paint on my own, so I make art, and it’s a creative thing to do.

62. Art is a form of expression and a way to show the beauty of nature, people and life.

63. Art makes me happy. Art reminds me there are ideas beyond the natural world we live in—something bigger out there, something grander and richer than just what surrounds us here on this earth.

64. Art makes me happy. Art is a manifestation of our human experience – it allows us to express ourselves in ways beyond words, allowing us to reflect and understand ourselves better.

65. Art makes me happy. It’s a gift that I can share; to see others touched by it, it’s a thing that makes me happy.

66. Art makes me happy because it’s a way to express myself and interpret the world around me.

67. Art makes me happy. Art makes me happy. I love the way I paint, I love the way I write, I love the way I sing, and I love how I dance.

68. Art makes me happy, I love creating, making the ideal real, and making the imaginary real.

69. Art is where I go when looking for joy, love, and enthusiasm.

70. Art makes me feel good about myself because I know that I can create something so beautiful out of nothing at all.

71. I’ll never stop making art. It’s my passion. And my passion brings me happiness and fulfilment each day.

72. Art makes me happy. I love the art of you, and I love the art of me.

73. Art makes me happy, art makes me glad and thankful, and art makes me happy when I feel blue.

74. Art gives me a means, a way to display my overflows, to make sure the world is aware of what it’s given.

75. Art makes me happy. I may not need to eat and sleep or do anything. I draw and paint and express my soul.

76. Art makes me happy. It gives me a reason to be alive. It brings me out of the dark, to feel the colours of life

77. Art makes me happy. What I do, is art, and the things I do, I make all my own. I never know what to expect from my art. Art is all I know.

78. Art makes me happy. I begin each day with a smile. I play music, so I’ll be the person I want to be, for art makes me happy.

79. We live in a world filled with passion, and in my world, it’s art. I found myself in the world of art.

80. Art is my escape from reality. It lets me live in another world for a little bit.

81. Art is so diverse and hard to define—it’s not just a paintbrush or a pencil. It’s an emotion. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.

82. Art makes me happy, every time I come to my studio, I’m filled with peace and contentment, and I don’t have to explain.

83. Art makes me happy, and I can see why others may find that strange, but I can see the value in what I do, and I’m happy that I can satisfy that need.

84. Art is my soul. It makes me happy and sad. It makes my eyes smile and shed tears and every emotion from the start.

85. Art makes me happy – I’m not sure if it’s the paint I love, the canvas on which I mix it up, or the idea of taking it beyond. I know that I’ll be happy again.

86. Art might not make me a millionaire, but it does make me happy.

87. Art makes me happy. My art, my dreams, and my life make me happy.

88. Art makes me happy, my favourite emotion. It’s a passion I need.

89. Art is a conversation between the artist and the viewer. It becomes a monologue if you’re not listening or have nothing to add.

90. Art is an important part of our lives helpful for many of our tasks beautiful and clever, it’s a help if only we appreciated it more.

91. Art makes me happy because it reminds me that I’m a part of something bigger than myself.

92. Do you know what I enjoy? To make art, to create something new. I find it paints my soul blue and allows me to see the best of who I am.

93. Art makes me happy; I am not a person who gets sad, but I like it when my art makes others happy too, so I do my part, and I am happy.

94. Creating is my passion, and it makes me feel alive. Art lives and breathes within me, it’s a part of me, and I will always express myself through art.

95. Art makes me happy. I love paintings and sculptures – they inspire me, and they inspire me to create

96. Art makes me happy because I can see the beauty in everything.

97. Art saves lives, heals hearts, and it is a universal language to connect with the world in ways no other words can.

98. Art makes me happy, oh, the many art forms. For it gives me a source of joy.

99. Art makes me happy, and so does my painting and travel.
I love to get out there!

99. Art makes me happy. I love the beauty of art. I look at art with awe.

100. Art is a gift given to me to make me happy.

Art is a mirror that reflects the soul, and though it is abstract, there’s something real, it transcends the senses and touches the soul, and the soul is what makes the artist happy.

Art evokes happiness and spreads joy. I hope these art makes me happy quotes were good enough to express your passion and love for anything art.

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