Ask Before Assuming Quotes

Ask Before Assuming Quotes

One thing that doesn’t always end well is working with assumptions. You think something is the way you see it and go on to act based on that and get results that you don’t like or that are harmful.

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give is to ask questions before assuming. Ask before acting based on your opinions of what a thing is and is not. Ask questions before you define a thing.

This way, you can be sure of what a thing is, and you can make better decisions on what to do about things around you, decisions you can be happy about and proud of.

Here are some quotes about and around asking before assuming. They will cover for you in the instances where you want to advise someone to ask before assuming, want to apologize for assuming before asking, and many other instances.

Jump in and see what I prepared for you. You’ll love these quotes on asking before assuming. If you’re ready to see them now, swipe up.

Ask Before Assuming Quotes

It’s not cool to assume or judge other people without knowing the full story. If you’ve ever heard any of the nasty rumours that have been going around about me, I want you to know they’re not true. You deserve to know the truth, and I hope that next time you hear something about someone, you’ll ask before assuming.

1. Sometimes, you don’t need to be right. Sometimes you just need to listen with an open heart, a pleasant smile and genuine concern. Sometimes you need to know more before assuming, so ask first.

2. Ask before assuming. It’s so easy to assume things just by looking at someone’s actions, but it, a lot of times, comes back to hurt someone. Please start asking and stop making assumptions because they can be so damaging.

3. It’s important everyone knows that they shouldn’t assume things. It can become a dangerous habit. You never know what a person could be going through or if they don’t want your help. You could be making matters worse than better.

4. Don’t always be too quick to make an assumption. Just ask before assuming. Sometimes your assumption is not even close to the truth.

5. Just because something seems obvious doesn’t mean it is. If what you want is the best out of a situation, don’t assume when you can ask. That way, you’ll know for sure!

6. You’re a little too good at assuming. Maybe you should ask me before you assume. I like the idea that you think I’m going to say no, but you really have no way of knowing what’s going on inside my head and in my heart. You may think I’m mad at you because I’m not smiling or talking, but most of the time, I just need some time to myself.

7. Don’t assume. Just ask. You would have known that I was going to be out of the country on vacation if you had bothered to just ask me. And don’t give a gift assuming someone will like it. Ask before assuming. Just because you’re into something doesn’t mean everyone else will enjoy it too.

8. It is a big mistake to assume any relationship to be casual. I was assuming, but I shouldn’t have. I should have asked, and now, I have learnt my lessons.

9. Ask people how they feel. Don’t assume. They are humans and to assume things about them without asking is disheartening, hurtful and disrespectful. If you truly want to know how your loved one feels about you, ask them.

10. You cannot assume that people feel the same way you do. Sometimes, ask if they are interested in doing certain things with you and don’t just assume they are. Also, respect their answers. And never forget to follow your heart.

11. Always respect and love your partner. And always learn to treat assumptions as a backup plan. Ask before assuming.

12. I’m devastated to see you doing so poorly. You assumed we were dating without asking me first just because I said I love you. Assumptions are terrible. Ask before assuming!

13. Whenever you aren’t sure of something, choose to ask before assuming. You’ll get to know things better and make decisions you’ll be proud of.

14. It’s not right to assume without asking. I just want you to know that your friendship means so much to me, and I won’t jeopardize it over a silly assumption. I love you always and forever!

15. You assume we are done. It’s not right to make an assumption without asking that person, especially when it concerns our relationship. If you truly love me and care about my feelings, then you wouldn’t rush to conclusions.

16. You said things about me today that I was very hurt by, but I wanted to let you know they were not true. My feelings were hurt, and it makes me sad that you never asked me first about these things. I hope, in the future, you will ask rather than assume.

17. What you think is right isn’t always right. You can’t assume that I am this way or that way. You don’t know me like you think you do. You’ve made an assumption that is so far from the truth. If you really want to know more about me, ask me instead of assuming things about me.

18. I know you love me, and I appreciate that. My life is very busy, and it can be hard to keep in contact with everyone. I wasn’t avoiding you. I was caught up with work. But you assumed the worst instead of asking me first. Next time and better, ask me first before jumping to conclusions!

19. You know that I love you dearly, and we are closer than close, but I want to know why you assumed my interest in my friend was sexual instead of talking to me. Because the very thought of me being attracted to him makes me step back and question our friendship. If there’s a next time, ask before assuming.

20. I love you, and I cherish every moment with you, but it hurts me when you constantly assume I’m cheating on you. I love our relationship just as much as you do, but you need to ask me before assuming and trust me and not be a control freak.

21. It’s not right to assume without asking. I honestly could have been in a terrible mood. Hope you know that dealing with your assumption could make things worse between us.

22. You are the man of my dreams, my first love, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. But I can’t help but be angry with you for how you assume things about me without asking me about it first. I know things have been very hard for you lately, but this behaviour is unfair to others.

23. Don’t make assumptions about someone. Always ask the person questions before you make a judgment or false assumption. I should have asked you how you felt before I decided without talking it over with you. I’m so sorry.

24. I learned that it’s not best to assume without asking. I assumed you were lonely and were looking for someone to date. I should have talked to you first before plotting something like this. I will make a promise to be more careful in the future.

25. I don’t know you too well, but I remember hearing you complaining about your girlfriend throughout high school. I just wanted to remind you that it’s not right to assume without asking the person. So the next time she makes you mad, ask her why before getting upset and saying mean things.

Ask Before You Assume Quotes

Never assume that you know what I am thinking, feeling, or anything. Never assume that I don’t love you, that I don’t need you, or that I don’t care about you. I don’t like feeling controlled small. Don’t make me feel that way by assuming things about me. Ask before you assume.

26. We both know there are limits to what partners should do in a relationship. It’s not right to assume things and think we can speak for each other. We may love each other, but that does not grant you the right to act for me. Ask before you assume, darling.

27. You mean so much to me, you’re my best friend in the world, and I’d do anything for you. However, sometimes you make assumptions about me, and this hurts me a lot. If you ever have a problem with something I do, please come talk to me before pulling away. Ask me questions before assuming.

28. I always thought that people that assumed things were at least cute, but now I’m not so sure. The best thing is to talk things out because assumptions will only cause more trouble and problems between us.

29. Sometimes, we make assumptions about other people. I’ve made assumptions about you that weren’t true, so I just wanted to apologize. You are very outgoing and have a lot of friends. I will be careful to not assume things about how you relate with your friends before asking.

30. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you before coming to visit. Your husband said that it was okay, but I should have asked you anyway. I love you and hope you can forgive me, so we can still hang out this weekend.

31. The greatest lesson I ever learned was to ask before assuming. If you presume you know the way they feel, and they’re not as you expect them to be, then it can lead to a lot of tears and expensive therapy sessions. Sometimes it’s just better to ask and find out for sure.

32. You know I love you and will always love you. I trusted you with my feelings, the most honest part of myself. You broke that trust with your actions and assumptions. I don’t know if we can get past this, but if we do, you must always ask before assuming.

33. Never assume things. Never make any sort of judgement without being sure of what you are doing. Remember, next time you find yourself assuming something hateful or mean, ask. Then you will know for sure, and you might just save someone a lot of hurt in the long run.

34. Be considerate of other people’s space, feelings and time. Before you jump to assumptions, ask questions and get facts. Do not judge before asking questions.

35. Because I have never been with a man, have never kissed a man, have never had sex with a man and have no desire to be with a man, you assume that I am gay. It’s not okay to judge someone without knowing them as a person first! Ask before assuming.

36. Things are rarely ever what they seem. Before judging someone for their actions based on your assumptions, make sure you know the whole story. Ask questions. You may learn something new and helpful in the process. Love and friendship can conquer many obstacles, but it is not an excuse to assume before asking.

37. It’s not my fault you assumed something about me. It’s unfortunate for you that we are no longer friends because your assumption was hurtful and not true.

38. You may think you know someone, but you don’t. When we first met, we thought we knew a lot about each other. We were wrong. Now, we’re learning not to judge a book by its cover and to ask questions rather than assume.

39. It’s all about how you treat people. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Don’t jump to conclusions and assumptions. Ask a question or ten before making any unnecessary judgements.

40. There is so much to know about the person you love. There are facts. Before assuming that you know everything about them, take the time to ask and truly understand them. This will build trust between you and your partner and help you build a healthy relationship.

41. Before you assume things about people, make sure you know them by asking questions. Don’t come to quick judgments about people when you don’t know what lead them down that road.

42. Before you assume, ask, listen and try to understand. That’s how you make people feel loved and how you preserve beautiful relationships.

43. If you love her, ask her out. Don’t let assumptions ruin your chances of spending the rest of your life with someone you care about. It’s better.

44. Do not assume that you know me unless you ask. Ask where I come from and what my story is. Too many people jump to conclusions, assuming they know the mind and heart of a person they’ve never really met. Unless you know me personally, don’t presume to know me at all.

45. Before you assume anything about someone else, ask yourself how you’d feel if people made assumptions about you. Anyone who makes an assumption doesn’t know the whole story and has no business judging someone else.

46. You don’t have to assume everything, love. Just ask, and you will receive clarity. Isn’t it crazy? We waste so much time in the deep mystery of assumptions when all along, there was a simple answer right in front of our eyes.

47. I am so confused. I don’t know what to do! I give you all of me, my love and my time. I even share things about myself that I’ve never shared before, yet you assume the worst about me. Before you start assuming, ask first. Don’t just assume.

48. Don’t assume that I don’t love you. Don’t assume I’m not listening to you. Don’t assume I don’t care about your needs and desires. Never make an assumption about the love that I have for you. Don’t do these because you might be making an assumption that could very well break my heart.

49. I don’t care whom you think I am or what you’ve heard about me. Just ask me your questions first. If I don’t want to answer your question, I will tell you, but if you’re nice about it, I might just give you answers. Always ask before assuming.

50. Before you assume that I feel one way or another about an issue, learn to ask me my opinion. Don’t just assume for me based on something I haven’s said. I’m tired of always being treated like this. I deserve better.

51. I could get a fake Facebook account and make this person look like the bad guy. I could post mean things about them. I could talk about their mistakes. But that would be wrong, hurtful and pointless. Before you assume someone is guilty, take the time to be sure. Ask questions.

52. I am so sorry for what I have done. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I should have asked before I assumed I knew what was best. Forgive me, and know that I will always love you and want the best for you.

53. Don’t assume that I don’t care for you because I’m normally very shy. It’s just that I have a hard time expressing my feelings, and my feelings for you are so strong that words seem to escape me. The truth is, though, I love you more than life itself.

54. Before you assume things, take a moment to ask what’s wrong. You’ll be surprised by the answer. Assuming before asking can be destructive, so we should be careful how we assume.

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