Motunrayo Oguntoyinbo

Oguntoyinbo Motunrayo is a writer and a counselor. She graduated from Adekunle Ajasin University where she studied guidance and counseling. She currently works as a social media strategist and a writer.

Outer Appearance Quotes

Have you ever thought about what is more important, the inside or the outside? Most people would not choose the inside. It is just not as visible as our outward appearance. Some people do not even care what their inside looks like. They only care about the outside. The outer appearance is a part of

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Tired but Grateful Quotes

Sometimes it’s hard to be tired and grateful at the same time. The tired part makes it hard to be grateful and the grateful part makes it hard to be tired. There are many reasons why you might be tired and not feel so inclined to give thanks but the key to happiness is gratitude. 

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Broken Down and Tired Quotes

Let’s face it. There are times when you just feel broken down and tired of your life and most people have been there: the crushing, overwhelming despair completely overwhelmed you which may be as a result of bad stuff that happened or a really bad day. But before you give up though, do not lose

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