Autumn Is My Favorite Season Quotes

Autumn Is My Favorite Season Quotes

Autumn, just like other seasons, happens once a year between September and December. This season stands out for many reasons, like for its richness in colour and activities that make the family bond.

Therefore, it’s not hard to fall in love with this season. What better way can you do this than by declaring autumn as your favourite season. When this happens, what you want to do is appreciate the season by speaking highly of it and gladly proclaim autumn as your favourite season.

These are unique, interesting, funny, and lovely, to say the least quotes. In this post, I have written truly beautiful autumn is my favorite season quotes that would help you tell the world of your love for this season.

Autumn Is My Favorite Season Quotes

I’d choose autumn over summer and winter all year round. I love autumn with my whole heart, and that makes it my favourite season of the year. Its brown colour, warm breeze and bond the family feels make me want to live in autumn all life long. Autumn is my favorite season quotes.

1. Who wouldn’t love to watch as the leaves fall and the breeze blows? Autumn is such a delight to witness.

2. My favourite season is autumn because the weather is perfect for me—cheers to autumn.

3. Autumn is my best season of the year because it makes falling in love so easy.

4. Autumn sure comes first as my favourite season. The splendour of watching the trees change their colour into a rainbow colour is something I wouldn’t forfeit.

5. I love autumn because it gives me a break from the coldest weather. I just can be on my shorts and show some skin again.

6. Autumn reminds me of my favourite camping experience. I just can’t get enough of camping once autumn arrives.

7. Autumn gives a beautiful view of my environment that I can’t help but the amazed by. It’s indeed my favourite season.

8. Autumn makes me count my blessings instead of losses. Autumn is my favourite season.

9. The fall season brings my family closer than ever before. I love autumn.

10. I get to be in the warmth of my family when autumn comes. Tell me why it shouldn’t be my favourite season.

11. My family’s round table is full when autumn comes. I’d always love this season.

12. Autumn is my favourite season because it allows me to wear my favourite costume during Halloween.

13. I’d love the autumn season for the rest of my life because it adds more colour to my life.

14. Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year; if you doubt me look at the colour of the trees.

15. Walking in the woods during autumn is so fun as you’d hear the dry leaves breaking beneath your feet.

16. Autumn is my favourite season because it makes me stay grateful in good and bad times.

17. Once autumn arrives, my sadness is gone because my family is here with me.

18. Shopping is more fun during autumn than any other season. Autumn, here I come with my short gown.

19. All I want to do during autumn is fall in love, and that’s why it’s my favourite season.

20. Autumn makes me glow differently from other seasons of the year.

21. If autumn were a girl, I’d love to be with her for the rest of my life.

22. I was born in autumn, and that’s why it is my favourite season of the year.

23. Autumn is the best season of the year because it makes the earth look more beautiful than usual.

24. The mildness of autumn is its beauty. I love autumn more than summer and winter.

25. If autumn were a guy, it would be the most handsome of all men. Autumn is my favourite season.

26. My mum was born in autumn. I guess that’s where she got her beauty from.

27. A toast to autumn for bringing family together than summer does.

28. Autumn makes me love life the more because it’s a season of beautiful rays of colour.

29. A vivifying season as autumn doesn’t exist. Autumn sure brings life to everyone.

30. I love autumn so much that I wish it were the only season in life.

31. Autumn is my favourite season. The cheerfulness in the air makes the season enviable.

32. There’s merriment in the air once autumn arrives. I love autumn cause of its social power.

33. Autumn is the best season because it has the perfect weather for everything.

34. I love autumn more than I love the summer period. No doubt, autumn is my favourite season.

35. Autumn is so special to me because I had my baby during this period.

36. Autumn makes me smile at all times, irrespective of how sad I may be. My favourite season is autumn.

37. I bless God for creating the autumn season. It allows everyone to do what they love to do.

38. My favourite game happens during autumn. I’m so excited to look forward to this game.

39. Autumn has a special scent in the atmosphere. I love the good smell that accompanies the month of autumn.

40. Autumn is the most suitable time to travel. My favourite season is always autumn.

41. Autumn is the richest season, given the gold it possesses. I love this season of wealth.

42. Autumn shines through even the darkest night. It is the season that adds beauty to the sky the most.

43. Fall possesses a special regal beauty that makes another season envious.

44. Leaves may fall during autumn but are the happiest and most beautiful during this season.

45. Autumn remains my favourite season because it is so rich and beautiful. A combination is hard to find in other seasons.

46. I love autumn wholeheartedly; that’s why September and November are my favourite time of the year.

47. Autumn makes up for every other season, and that’s why it’s the perfect time of the year.

48. Autumn gives a bountiful harvest because it is the most blessed season of the year.

49. Autumn is my favourite season, and there’s no room for others to take its place because autumn is in a league of its own.

50. If no other season matters, autumn matters, are given its beauty and warmth.

51. Autumn is not harsh nor cold, and that makes it the perfect season of the year. Autumn is my favourite season.

52. The best time to relax is during autumn because it makes you see beauty on a deeper level.

53. Autumn helps us appreciate life more because it adds colour to everything more than usual.

54. Nature is at its finest during autumn. It’s no surprise why I love this season the most—cheers to autumn.

55. I’d welcome autumn with a high heel than a high boot. Autumn is a conflate of fashion and fun.

56. I love autumn more than I love summer. I believe there are a million others like me out there too.

57. Autumn is sure the best time to fall in love with another, just as the leaves fall in love with the ground.

58. I love autumn more than I love summer because autumn embraces me better than summer.

59. I wish I were born in autumn. It suits my personality the most. Here I am, waiting for autumn as though I was waiting for the moon.

60. Autumn sends strong messages across. Teaching us that there’s time for everyone to shine.

61. I love autumn the most because the air is most beautiful during this time.

62. Autumn ignites my desire to stay in the woods and camp at night than the summer wants me to.

63. Autumn is my favourite season. I can’t love any season more than I do autumn.

64. I’m all for autumn winning the best season of the year award. All hail autumn.

65. I wish autumn occurs twice a year. It brings both happiness and sadness to teach humans a lesson about life.

66. If autumn were human, it would be my true friend. Autumn is my favourite season.

67. Comes what may, autumn remains a cherished season of the year.

68. My favourite soups are made during autumn. I can never love any other season more than I do autumn.

69. Pumpkins smile the most during autumn. I love to have all the pumpkins during autumn.

70. Autumn is a blessing; even its heat makes the fruit ripe.

71. Autumn is such a giver and less of a receiver, and that’s why it is my favourite season.

72. Autumn is a conflate of many beautiful things and life lessons. Learn to hear the voices of wisdom in the breezes of autumn.

73. Autumn gives me a listening ear and whispers hope into my heart with every breeze it makes.

74. Autumn is my favourite season because of its richness in peach.

75. Autumn increases my urge to have cinnamon and never fails to add other spices to my life. I love autumn.

76. There’s time for everything. Time to blossom and time to dry out. Listen to the life lessons autumn teaches.

77. I love autumn because it dishes more wisdom than summer, spring, and winter put together.

78. Autumn is my favourite season. It makes my soul long for it year after year.

79. I would appreciate the autumn season for as long as I live.

80. Autumn is a splendour of love and light. I want more autumn and less summer.

81. Summer makes me appreciate the sun. Autumn makes me appreciate the beauty of life.

82. Autumn gives breath with each breeze it blows. I’d always love this season for the rest of my life.

83. Autumn is gentle and patient. I wish all humans could learn from autumn, my favourite season.

84. If autumn were a long-lasting season, life would be more beautiful for me. I love autumn.

85. Autumn has a graceful presence any other season cannot attain. I relish autumn for its richness.

86. The harvest is beautiful during autumn, making the heart merrier than any other season of the year.

87. Autumn makes its leaves fly into the air. I love to watch them leave their trees.

88. Autumn gives the warmest smile and hug. I have the best time of the year during autumn.

89. If autumn were human, it would be nice and gracious. There’s no year without autumn to make it beautiful.

90. My favourite season is autumn because autumn is all about making me smile and happy.

91. I’d appreciate autumn for the rest of my life because it brings colour to my life.

92. Autumn is more gorgeous than summer, even with its hotness. I love autumn.

93. Autumn stands tall in October. I love that about autumn.

94. Autumn makes the earth look brown and never fails to add its warm sunshine to it.

95. If autumn could come twice a year, I would appreciate that miracle.

96. I love autumn for everything about it, even for making leaves lose their vigour.

97. If leaves could speak, they may hate autumn for making it fall. But I’d never hate autumn for any reason.

98. Autumn is my favourite season. I am glad there is this time of the year.

99. Autumn overtakes summer because it is better than the latter. I love autumn for not holding back.

100. Autumn is here to stay, though briefly but more beautifully. I love autumn forever.

You made the post to this point, indeed, autumn is your favorite season quotes! So, take your time to read each of the quotes again. You can share them with your friends and family during autumn as a sweet message too. Thank you. Enjoy your autumn season.

Kindly drop a comment in the box below to share your thoughts with me about autumn and do well to share it with your friends on social media.


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