I Am Authentic Quotes

I Am Authentic Quotes

To be authentic is to be genuine, honest and sincere. Authenticity helps you feel safe and comfortable in your relationships because you can trust that what you say is who you are and matches what they think or feel about you.

In a world full of hoaxes or deception, being authentic can be hard. People tend to trick friends and even family members around them into believing or accepting as genuine who they are not. This sometimes makes anyone feel inferior and less important when it looks like your friend has become all that you aspire to be and you are not looking like something close to it.

Hence, it is necessary to encourage your authenticity by reminding yourself of the beauty of being authentic and the reasons you must be true to yourself. There’s beauty and joy in being the original, and these powerful quotes are about to open your eyes to the beauty.

Here are I am authentic quotes that would make you enjoy your genuineness even if others are not in support of who you are or what you do.

I Am Authentic Quotes

I may not be anything, but I am authentic. It took me several lessons and years to arrive here, but I am glad I made it. Authenticity is the best gift I gave myself when I sort for freedom. I am glad I no longer hide behind anyone or anything.

1. I am authentic. I like what I like, and I’m not afraid to be different or take a stand. I have figured out what I want from life.

2. I am authentic because I need not tell a lie to look good before anyone. I stay true to myself.

3. My authenticity has to do with accepting myself for myself and choosing to say sorry when I am wrong.

4. I am authentic because I choose to be me and not a smaller version of anyone else.

5. The more I let myself show myself, the more authentic I am to myself.

6. I choose to be authentic with my gifts, and that’s why I don’t let anyone else influence me.

7. I don’t have to be you to be accepted. I only have to be me because being me is enough to shine.

8. I am authentic, and that is why I confess my inadequacies and strengths without feeling less about it.

9. I don’t have to claim to be a superhero when I am only me. Even though there is more to me than meets the eyes.

10. Being authentic means being able to humble yourself and not portray yourself as bigger than you are.

11. The more authentic I am to myself, the less apology I owe anyone.

12. I will never trade my authenticity for acceptance. I prefer to be denied for me than be welcomed for being someone else.

13. Being authentic is so easy because I am myself so effortlessly.

14. For me, the greatest honour I can bestow on myself is by being authentic and not creating a facade about myself.

15. I truly understand that life is in stages, and that is why I am so authentic with myself. I believe I’d be greater than this by tomorrow.

16. Every day, I ensure my value and virtues speak because that makes me authentic.

17. I may get heartbroken by others for being authentic, but I’d never disappoint myself for being real.

18. If I love you, I’d be authentic with you. So when I show you my authenticity, appreciate it.

19. I love myself wholly, and that’s why I am authentic even when others frown at it.

20. For others, it takes courage to be authentic, but for me, it takes nothing. I love authenticity.

21. I am authentic because I don’t hide my feelings. I fall in love in love and show it without holding back.

22. I love the beauty of authenticity. It makes one special person want to fall in love with you.

23. When you are authentic, you keep fewer friends. I am authentic, so I am happy alone and with my few friends.

24. I am authentic even when everyone else has altered their ego. I remain my true self because life is about living and not lying.

25. I am authentic with my beliefs. That’s why I prove it all the time.

26. I love being authentic; it makes me never regret anything.

27. If you want to have a peaceful conscience, be authentic with yourself.

28. You owe yourself some authenticity. So think of yourself more than others when you want to deny yourself of your originality.

29. It may not come easy for you to be authentic but never stop practising. With time, you’d be the most authentic person you have ever met.

30. I love being authentic; it makes me have no fear of being revealed or found out. The life of an authentic person is about confidence.

31. I am authentic because I have embraced myself completely, having no shame about myself.

32. I don’t need reasons to be authentic. Every day, I have resolved never to trade myself for a few seconds.

33. I am authentic because I am not judgemental about anyone or anything.

34. I am authentic because I am not scared to be the queer fish in the group.

35. No matter how unwelcoming the society may be to authentic people, I shall remain authentic at all times.

36. It costs me nothing to be authentic, but it will cost me my values to be inauthentic.

37. I am the happiest person alive because I am the most authentic person I know.

38. If you know yourself, you’d be authentic about yourself. Go figure yourself out.

39. I make bold to say I am authentic. Being me is the only way to be happy with myself.

40. My contentment stems from my authenticity about myself—cheers to my authentic spirit.

41. I am the most authentic person I know. I am never ashamed to stay true to myself.

42. Being authentic is the best thing I do daily. I no longer struggle with whom I am expected to be. I am now me.

43. I don’t have to see reasons for being authentic before I embrace my authenticity.

44. Life is more beautiful and fulfilling when I am authentic. I know so because I experience or daily.

45. Here’s a toast to being authentic all day long, all night long, and never hiding.

46. I am authentic because I don’t want to die without the world knowing who I truly am.

47. Being authentic makes you fall in love less often than most people.

48. The more authentic you are, the less you connect with others. I am authentic.

49. I am authentic because I love everything about myself and do not hate myself.

50. A person buries himself alive when he hides his authenticity. At the same time, a person lives and does not merely exist when he is authentic.

51. I am authentic with my words and opinion. I never hide the truth. I always expose the lies.

52. Being authentic is such a freedom to be yourself. Gift yourself the gift of authenticity, and you start enjoying your freedom.

53. Peace comes with authenticity. I am authentic, so I enjoy peace on a daily—cheers to living a peaceful life.

54. I put a crown and value on myself because I am authentic at all times. You can never meet me wearing a mask.

55. To not be authentic means to kill yourself from the inside. Learn to live by being authentic.

56. I am authentic, and thus, I feel so good about myself. Cheers to never living a deceitful life.

57. The more authentic you are, the fewer lies you tell. I am authentic. I promise never to change this for anything.

58. Life is all about authenticity. If you love yourself so much, you will not hesitate to show the world who you truly are.

59. I am authentic, and that is why I am compassionate. Authenticity comes with kindness, compassion, and meekness.

60. I am authentic so I am not more important than another person. Being authentic brings equality.

61. I am authentic, so I do not wait on others to tell me the truth about myself.

62. Because I am authentic, I do not fight the truth, no matter how harsh it may be. I brace up to embrace it.

63. The more authentic you are, the stronger your legacy. I am authentic with myself.

64. In good and bad times, I’d be authentic. Even when gold and silver are tied to inauthenticity, I’d never go for it.

65. I am authentic, and I have no shame in letting the world know that about me. If you need an authentic friend, you can count on me.

66. An authentic person is a force to reckon with. When others are scared of the truth, she speaks up without holding back.

67. I am authentic, so I can never fade away. An authentic person never vanishes.

68. It may cost me a lot to be authentic, but it is never as much as being inauthentic.

69. An inauthentic person does a disservice to themself. I am authentic. You can count on me never to tell a lie to look good before you.

70. The more I tell the truth, the more authentic I become. An authentic person is like a bar of gold that has gone through a fire.

71. I am a valuable treasure because I am the most authentic person you’d ever meet.

72. I am authentic because it makes me feel comfortable about myself.

73. I don’t give rooms to tell lies about myself or others, and that is because I am authentic.

74. I am authentic because I only desire the truth about everything. I never want to be fed with lies.

75. I am authentic, and it has not been hard because I just need to be me and nobody else.

76. I am special because I am authentic. I don’t ever want to trade myself for anyone else.

77. I am authentic doesn’t mean I have to offend others knowingly. Being considerate is also authenticity.

78. I am authentic, and that is why I don’t seek validation. I am confident in who I am and what I believe in.

79. I am authentic even when it isn’t rewarding but dangerous for me. That makes me a hero of myself.

80. I am authentic not for the sake of anyone but for my sake. Hence, the more authentic you are, the fewer chances you have to have regrets about your life.

81. I am authentic, so I will die a fulfilled man. Knowing this makes me want to never give up on my authenticity.

82. The more I do what I love to do, the more authentic I am. Hence, I am committed to doing what I know how to do best and enjoy simultaneously.

83. I am authentic because I never hide my feelings from those I love. It is so empowering to be true to yourself and the people that matter.

84. Each day, I enjoy inner bliss because I am authentic. I become less wrong because I stick to my authenticity.

85. Being authentic may be hard to do, but it gladdens and sweetens the soul. I know so because I am authentic.

86. I want to share my authenticity with the world because the world needs more genuine people.

87. I hope by being authentic, I am teaching someone else to be true to themselves.

88. I am authentic because I owe myself to live my life truthfully. Doing otherwise means forsaking my true self.

89. I love the beauty of my authenticity. It is captivating and overwhelming.

90. The more authentic I am, the more I pursue authenticity. This is what I love most about being me.

91. I love how being authentic makes me less fearful and bolder to stand up for the truth.

92. I am authentic because by doing so, I’d have no reason to be afraid.

93. I do not have to have reasons to be authentic. There’s beauty in being authentic, which is even a reason for me.

94. I am authentic because I am responsible for my life’s decisions and do not need others to think for me.

95. It is right to be authentic and wrong to be anything less than authentic. I declare that I am authentic.

96. I am authentic because it matters to me for the world to see me for who I truly am. This way, I will not be mistaken for someone else.

97. I have been able to be vulnerable, which is why I am authentic. Despite how hard it is, you can do it.

98. I am authentic because I pursue transparency and not hoaxes. Being authentic can never be replaced by anything else.

99. The more authentic I am, the more happiness I experience. I can never be someone else other than being me.

100. I am authentic because I am born to represent myself and show myself to the world that I exist.

I want to believe you now have numerous quotes to celebrate your authenticity and would never stop becoming the better version of you. And show the world you have no regrets about being you.

If these I am authentic quotes tick your box, kindly drop a comment as feedback. Please, don’t forget to share this post with the rest of the world.

Thank you.

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