Baptism Quotes for Godson

Baptism Quotes for Godson

The love of parents for their children knows no bounds, and sometimes, by virtue of other relationships with a child, we get to experience a fraction of this love and affection for the kids in our lives. I, for one, consider my nephews and nieces as my kids, and I know how satisfyingly happy that makes me feel.

Receiving a child in baptism is such a special feeling, and thankfully, I have a first-hand experience of this beautiful blessing. I can’t imagine how happy you feel to have a godson! Either way, it is a beautiful and godly challenge that can be carried out by the grace of God.

For the baptism of your godson, you can use any of the quotes in this collection to express your joy, pray for your godson and commit this tasking yet beautiful journey into the hands of God.

For you to be here, I can already tell that you will be an amazing godparent to your godson. Go ahead and select some of your favourite baptism quotes for godson, but honestly, they’re all pretty great.

Baptism Quotes for Godson

This is Christ’s spiritual blessing for you, my godson, happy baptism. It is a great joy to call you my godson, and I will forever cherish this moment of your baptism in my heart all the days of my life.

1. My darling godson, you have been adopted into God’s family today through baptism. The blessings of God will never depart from you all the days of your life.

2. To my precious godson, praying that your baptism will usher you into the wonderful life you deserve to live on this earth.

3. Blessed to be a godparent to such a wonderful godson. My darling, I will be here for you from this day of your baptism and for the rest of my life.

4. Nothing compares to receiving the adoption of Christ in baptism. Today I am thankful for my godson receiving his baptism.

5. To a God who is worthy of all praise, thank you for receiving my godson in the sacrament of holy baptism. I hope that I am able to carry out my duties to my godson.

6. I consider myself blessed to be your parent in baptism. My dear godson, I will love and take care of you in all the ways I can.

7. Today, I add a godson into my life by baptism. God has given me this most remarkable calling, and by the grace of God, I will carry out all my duties to my dear godson.

8. I have been considered worthy to receive a godson in baptism; by the grace of God, I will stand by my little boy at all times.

9. God blessed me with the most precious baby boy as a godson through baptism. This means a lot to me, and I’ll do all I can to get it right.

10. It’s all about my godson’s baptism today. The Lord has done it for his beautiful family and me, and God’s love and blessings will continue to lead him through.

11. I cherish the baptism of my godson today, and this moment will no doubt be a big part of my life. I love you, my darling godson.

12. The Lord has indeed blessed me with a godson in this beautiful moment of baptism. I intend to be an active godparent and play a big role in his life.

13. There’s so much joy in my heart today as I celebrate the baptism of my sweet godson. This is a moment for the history books.

14. Today goes down in history as the day I birth a baby in baptism. I now have a godson, and I feel incredibly blessed and happy.

15. A day to rejoice and be thankful for my new godson. I already feel like a parent, and I’m praying for his baptism to have a life-changing impact on him forever.

16. All praise be to God for this wonderful baptism of my dear godson. I have a job to do, and by the grace of God, I will do it well.

17. I am committed to being the best parent I can be to my godson. This special occasion of his baptism marks the beginning of my parenthood, and I hope to do a great job.

18. Congratulations to my godson on his baptism, and even though he won’t remember this moment, I will remember it for both of us.

19. My world has become better and brighter! I now have a godson given to me by God through his baptism. Words cannot express how I feel right now.

20. Nothing compares to the feeling of having my own godson. Thank God for my little boy and his baptism.

21. I can’t wait for my godson and me to go on this life journey. Praying for the strength to be the absolute best parent to my godson.

22. The feeling of having a godson is unbelievable. I cannot believe that God blessed me with the perfect little boy in this holy sacrament of baptism.

23. My darling godson is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to be a huge part of his beautiful life. Happy baptism to my little one.

24. My sweet godson, today, you have become mine in baptism. I have no doubt that this little guy and I would have the best time ever.

25. Grateful to have a beautiful godson, and today being his baptism, I pray for my baby boy to grow gracefully in God’s best and choicest blessings.

Godson Quotes for Baptism

My dear godson, today, you have been adopted into the body of Christ by baptism. I can’t explain what it feels like to become your godparent. I pray for the grace to carry out my duties to you in all the ways I can.

26. The best part of my life is here! I am excited to have a godson in baptism; the Lord will guide me on this journey.

27. My dear godson, on your baptism, shine like the bright star you are. You are amazing, and I’ll love you always.

28. I can’t wait to hold the sweetest godson in my heart for the rest of my life. Happy baptism day to my angel baby.

29. I have a son thanks to the beautiful occasion of baptism. By the grace of God, I will cherish my godson forever.

30. It’s a blessing to have a godson, and performing this duty of a parent in baptism will be my absolute honour.

31. I can’t wait to have the most beautiful time with my godson. As long as the Lord lives, the grace of this baptism will remain with my baby boy.

32. From this day of baptism onward, I entrust my journey with my godson into the hands of God, nay all be well with him now and always.

33. The Lord will make his face shine on my godson from this day of his baptism and as he continues to grow up in the love of God.

34. My world has become a little brighter and better. Happy baptism day to my sweet godson, and cheers to what will be a fruitful and beautiful life for him.

35. To the glory of God, I have a godson given to me in baptism. I have every intention to be a part of my godson’s life.

36. The beautiful sacrament of baptism has gifted me a godson. I am beyond grateful to share in the joy of raising this baby boy. By God’s grace, I will do my part right.

37. It’s a life-changing experience to have a godson in baptism. The Lord will guide my path as I do my best to be the best parent to my lovely godson.

38. I have every reason to be grateful for my godson. The Lord has indeed blessed me with this opportunity to help raise a beautiful baby boy.

39. I have received the wonderful gift of a godson by virtue of baptism, my life will never be the same, and I mean that in the best way possible.

40. My world is better with my godson in it; may the blessing of baptism never depart from you, my baby boy.

41. My godson is one of the best parts of my life. Nothing will take the grace of baptism away from him, and God will be with him always.

42. Through the gift of baptism, I get to be a part of the life of the sweetest boy I know. My dear godson, you are loved and cherished.

43. I want nothing but to be the best parent to my godson. I will continue to pray for my baby boy to grow into the most amazing human.

44. My dear godson, God will bless you abundantly. There will always be room in my heart for you today and always.

45. Holding my godson as he got baptized is hands down one of the best feelings of my life. With God on my side, I will always do right by my godson.

46. My godson is the perfect bundle of joy and hope for his family and my life. His baptism has opened doors of God’s guidance and protection over his life forever.

47. Gaining a godson through baptism is one of the top best things about my life right now. God willing, I will be an amazing parent to my godson.

48. I cherish having a godson, and I pray to have the grace and strength to contribute positively to his life in all the ways I should.

49. Today, I held my godson during his baptism, and I couldn’t help but be full of gratitude and joy. This is a moment that will always matter to me and this gem of mine.

50. Happy baptism day to the most precious little boy in the world. My favourite thing going forward will be to take care of my godson while basking in the love of God.

Once again, I can’t imagine how thrilling and happy you must feel to have a godson. This collection of baptism quotes for godson is a beautiful token of gratitude for your little bundle of happiness, and I have a feeling that you found the perfect quotes for your godson’s baptism. I wish you the best time with your godson as you carry out your exciting duties to him.

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