Bartender Quotes and Sayings

Bartender Quotes and Sayings

Bartenders are some of the most well-known and well-liked people in the service industry. Their job puts them in contact with all kinds of characters, so they have a lot of inspiring stories to share. These guys are the ones you should mix your drinks with.

They are the people who will serve you a drink, listen to your problems and make sure you have a good time. I don’t know if they can solve your problems but they can certainly help you forget them for a while. Bartenders are creative people, who can create a lot of fun.

Many times we think that bartenders are just mixing drinks, but it is not like that. Bartenders are like artists, who can make your day with their creativity and sense of humour. These bartender quotes and sayings below help you see bartenders again in a different light.

Bartender Quotes and Sayings

Bartenders are a special breed. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave. They are responsible for making sure everyone else is taken care of, from the guy at the end of the bar to the guy who drinks his first drink at noon.

1. I’m a bartender. I’m not just a bartender; An honest bartender never preaches, but a wise bartender never preaches to the point!

2. Bartending is a tough and demanding job. You have to deal with tons of people every day, and most of them are drunk or high, so it’s not always easy to find the patience required for this job.

3. A bartender’s job is not over until everyone has their drink in hand. There is no such thing as a “good” night or a “bad” night. People are just having different types of nights.

4. Bartenders are some of the most beloved members of society. They’re like therapists, but with more booze (and you don’t have to pay them).

5. Bartenders make people feel welcome, comforted, and at home. They listen to your stories, give you advice on what to do with your life and always make sure you have a drink in your hand.

6. Bartenders are somewhat like therapists: we listen to people talk about themselves all day long, but we’re not supposed to say anything back.

7. Bartending is like any other job: if you’re good at it, you’ll get recognised; if not, then not so much.

8. Sometimes I wish I could be like a bartender… Just make people happy but not get involved.

9. I wouldn’t say I like the idea that a bartender is a good mixer. He should be able to mix a drink, but he should be an artist with his speciality.

10. Bartenders are the life of the party. They are there to make sure you get drunk and have a good time. They are not there to judge you, but they can be your friend if you want them to be.

11. The bartender is a very interesting role to play in a bar setting. They’re the party’s life and the voice of reason: the customer whisperer and the truth speaker.

12. Bartenders are resilient, always keep their chin up, share a laugh with their co-workers and become better at relating with their clients.

13. A good bartender is a great psychologist. He can read you like an open book, and he will be able to understand what exactly you need.

14. Bartenders are often seen as the wise and seasoned professionals of a bar. We are like a trusted advisor to our friends, offering sage advice on everything from their love life and career to how much they had to drink last night.

15. Bartenders are the only men who can look comfortable smoking one cigarette while holding another in their hands.

16. Bartenders are always there when you need them, but never when you want them.

17. Bartenders have seen it all, from crying babies to drunk people who fall off their chairs. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t cry or get angry sometimes – they’re human after all!

18. Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is a great bartender.

19. Bartenders must deal with all kinds of people, from good customers to drunks and rude people.

20. Being a bartender requires lots of patience, as well as a knack for dealing with all sorts of people at work or home.

21. People often get angry when drunk or just having a bad night, so you must learn not to let them get under your skin if they’re being rude or obnoxious towards you or anyone else in the bar.

22. The bartenders are there to ensure no one gets out of hand.

23. A bartender is just someone who pours out his heart until he finds someone who will catch it.

24. If you want to be good at anything, practice it every day. That’s what bartending is, repetition and consistency.

25. The bartender is the most important person in the bar. He sets the mood.

26. You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline – it helps if you have some football team or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least, you need a beer and a bartender.

27. The bartender is the soul of the party. They are the glue that holds everything together and keeps it going smoothly. Without them, there would be chaos!

28. A bartender is just a pharmacist with eight sticks of dynamite instead of pills in his case.

29. Every bartender in the world has a million stories. You just have to ask them the right questions.

30. Bartender has to be ready for anything — from regulars who come in every night to the occasional tourist looking for directions.

31. A good bartender is a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a priest, a friend and a philosopher.

32. A lot of bartenders are ex-models. They have a good sense of style and humour.

33. Always remember to tip your bartenders. Tip them well because they’re making sure you get home safely after drinking all night long with your friends at their bar!

34. I love being a bartender because I meet people from all walks of life. I’ve met actors, musicians and even a couple of famous athletes. I like to think it’s my job to ensure everyone has a good time.

35. If you’re a bartender and you’re not drinking with your customers, then what are you doing.

36. If you want to be the best [bartender] in the world, you have to learn everything about making drinks.

37. The best bartenders are like magicians, who disappear into the background while making things happen.

38. If you can’t commit to the things that matter most in life, how can you expect others to commit?

39. A good bartender can make any drink taste good: a great bartender can make anything taste good!

40. The bartender is the most interesting person in the world. It’s not just a job; it’s an adventure.

41. A bartender isn’t just someone who serves alcohol; they also listen to people’s problems, give advice and comfort them when they’re down.

42. A bartender is only as good as his or her last drink served. Bartenders are always right; customers are always wrong!

43. You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. The bartender makes the drinks, but the bartender is not responsible for what happens to you after you leave the bar.

44. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job as a bartender. It’s just that sometimes I wish my boss would travel out and leave me the bar so I could run it my way.

45. We need more bartenders like we need more lawyers: They are Hard to find and expensive when you do.

46. I’m not a bartender, I’m an artist.

47. Bartenders have become more than just people who serve drinks; they are also considered good listeners and counsellors. In addition to mixing cocktails, bartenders are trained to provide professional advice on all aspects of life.

48. A good bartender can mix any drink if he has everything ready except the alcohol. A great bartender can make a guest feel he’s the only customer in the world. A bad bartender can make you want to empty his shelves into his glass and throw it down his throat!

49. Being a bartender is like being married; sometimes you get lucky, sometimes it’s not your day!

50. Bartenders are like strippers: We’re always right and have no friends. There are no strangers at the bar, just friends you haven’t met yet.

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A bartender makes you feel like a million dollars, whether you can afford it. Being a bartender is like being a psychologist: You listen to people’s problems all night long, make them feel good about themselves, and then take them home with you.

51. A bartender is like a priest. He listens to people’s problems and gives them advice, but he doesn’t have to live with them the next morning.

52. Bartenders are always in the spotlight. They’re at the centre of attention, and everyone wants to be around them. Bartenders are also very popular because they have a great memory for faces and names.

53. There’s a reason why bartenders make the best husbands – they hear everything and repeat nothing.

54. The bartender is society’s reminder that we do not live alone. Bartenders are some of the most generous people I’ve ever met.

55. A bartender is someone who knows how to make the drinks you like, and a great bartender is someone who knows how to make you like the drinks they make.

56. I love being a bartender because no matter what you do for a living, behind every great person, there’s a great bartender.

57. I’m not a bartender. I don’t make the drinks. I just pour them and try to keep people from crying when they see how much they’ve had to drink.

58. Bartending is not only about mixing drinks, but also about mixing people.

59. A bartender is like a doctor; people tell them everything but don’t want to know what they think about it.

60. A good bartender never lets you see him sweat. He may be coming apart at the seams, but he stays cool as long as his customers are happy with their drinks and conversation.

61. Serving drinks to people is like serving their souls. You must have a good memory because you never know who will appear next.

62. A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory. A bartender is someone who serves alcohol to drunk people.

63. Bartenders are like magicians and musicians; they’re the ones who get to do all the fun stuff that you wish you could do but can’t due to lack of skill or talent.

64. The difference between a bartender and a philosopher is that one looks at the bottom of a glass and sees what he should avoid, while the other looks at the top and sees how he can avoid it.

65. Bartenders know how to make a drink, but they also know how to make a connection with their customers. They’re some of the most charismatic people you’ll ever meet, and they’re often able to read people on a very deep level.

66. If you can’t get a bartender to love you, it will be a long night.

67. If a bartender tells me he’s “crowded,” I’m out of there. If the bar is crowded, then he’s busy and making money. That’s the way it should be.

68. The worst kind of bar is where all the bartenders look like they hate their jobs.

69. You don’t need a college degree to be a good bartender. It would help if you had common sense and a little bit of experience.

70. A good bartender never lets you see him sweat. Or cry or laugh or fart or belch or scratch his crotch or pee in the sink or anything like that. He’s got all of his emotions tightly under control at all times. It’s what makes him such a good bartender in the first place.

71. A good bartender has mastered control over every aspect of himself. If he didn’t have this discipline and self-control, he wouldn’t be able to pour his drinks so precisely or remember all those complicated drink orders from customers who come in every night and ask for things like “a whiskey sour” or “a gin fizz”.

72. A great bartender knows exactly how much ice goes into each drink, how much alcohol goes into each drink, and how much water goes into each.

73. Bartenders are good at making people feel better.

74. Bartenders are storytellers and therapists for the masses. We listen to people’s woes, pour them drinks and give them advice when needed. We know what to say to make you feel better about yourself, even if we don’t know you personally.

75. The bartender is the first person you meet when you enter the bar and the last person to see before you leave.

76. There’s nothing better than feeling the sun on your face and a cool breeze in your hair as you sip a refreshing, crisp cocktail at the end of a long day with a bartender as your accompanies. I am no longer a bartender. I am now a drink mixologist!

77. A good bartender is like a good mechanic: he makes miracles happen regularly!

78. As long as you’re at the bar, don’t be afraid to order something else if you change your mind about what you want to drink. Bartenders understand that people change their minds all the time!

79. The bartender is one of the most important people in the world. He serves humanity by helping them forget their troubles and by easing the pain of living.

80. Bartenders are the last resort of men who have lost everything else: their money, their reputation, their principles, even their minds.

81. I’d rather be a bartender than a millionaire because you can always find a millionaire, but it may take years to find another bartender like me!

82. Bartenders are an important part of our economy. They keep the drinks flowing, mix expertly crafted cocktails, and cheerfully take care of their customers at all-night hours.

83. When you’re a bartender, it’s not just about making drinks. You have to listen to people’s problems. You become their therapist, their friend and sometimes even their mother.

84. The bartender understands that we are all lonely, strange and even desperate creatures. He is sympathetic, but he cannot help us. That’s why he is called a bartender – not a counsellor.

85. You can learn a lot about someone just by listening to them order a drink at the bar because a bartender is just like a doctor, only cheaper.

86. A bartender is an honest man. He serves the rich and poor alike. He takes no money from either one of them. It’s the politician who steals from both rich and poor alike.

87. Bartenders make better lovers because they know what women want: men with money.

88. Bartending is like being a psychologist or a marriage counselor or someone who takes care of people who come in crying and leaves them laughing.

89. Bartenders are the only people who can be rude and get away with it.

90. A bartender serves you drinks. A good bartender can also make you laugh, cry, sing songs and tell jokes that make no sense.

91. Being a bartender is like being a therapist; only you get drunk. A bartender is someone who serves you a drink and makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world.

92. Bartenders are the first resort of men with nothing left but money. Their pride demands that they spend it on something alcoholic and socially useless before admitting to being defeated by life’s vicissitudes.

93. There are two ways to be successful in bartending. One is by giving people what they ask for; the other is by giving them what they didn’t know they wanted.

94. Bartenders make the best therapists because they’re always listening and drinking.

95. Most people think that bartenders serve drinks. But it’s not just about pouring a glass of beer or setting up shots on ice; it’s about building relationships with people.

96. The best way to learn how to make good drinks is from other bartenders — preferably old ones.” –

97. I love making drinks, but more than that, I love hearing stories from my customers. I hear about their lives and talk about things other than work or family. As a bartender, you learn a lot of life lessons from your customers.

98. The difference between a good and a great bartender is their attention to detail.

99. Bartending is like having a second job that pays you to do what you love.

100. You know you’ve found a great bartender when you see one that goes the extra mile for their drinks and one that gives you that personal touch.

It’s funny how little attention bartenders get. Bartenders are arguably the most important people in the hospitality industry, yet they’re hardly ever mentioned. These bartenders’ quotes and sayings illustrate that even the coolest bartender can still be a humble bartender.

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