Battling Your Own Thoughts Quotes

Battling Your Own Thoughts Quotes

Do you ever feel like you’re in the middle of a battle but can’t tell who your enemy is? It’s not easy being human! We’re constantly confronted with a barrage of thoughts, emotions and impulses that attempt to get us off track and distract us from our purpose.

When you’re battling thoughts, you feel like your mind is going to explode. It’s like fighting an invisible enemy that never sleeps. You’re constantly on the lookout for things to worry about, even though plenty of other things in the world need your attention.

When battling thoughts, it can be hard to know what to do. Sometimes the best thing is simply to acknowledge the thought and then let it go. Let these battling your own thoughts quotes show you how to do just that.

Battling Your Own Thoughts Quotes

Battling with your own thoughts can be hard, especially when you have to sit down and come up with something to say or do against the barrage of negative thoughts. So don’t think negative thoughts, and don’t be afraid to have great ideas—the more good ones you have, the more chances for them to happen.

1. We’re battling our thoughts, so let’s keep fighting!

2. It’s not easy to outsmart yourself. But you’re stronger than those thoughts that wander through your mind, giving them a voice.

3. You can’t outrun your thoughts. You’ll never win if you don’t even try!

4. I will not be a victim of my thoughts. I have power over what happens in my life.

5. The hardest thing to do is stand up and fight your thoughts. The most beautiful thing is to rise above the fear, doubt, and temptation holding you down.

6. Your battle with your thoughts is like a battle with a very persistent mosquito. It may feel like the end of the world, but the truth is that it won’t be until you fight back.

7. We all fight our thoughts but don’t have to beat them.

8. Don’t let your thoughts defeat you. Instead, think about them, focus on them and then outsmart them.

9. The only thing that keeps me grounded is the voice in my head telling me to fight against my thoughts.

10. Every day is an opportunity to fight against your thoughts, and you have to do it every day.

11. Thoughts are the most dangerous things you can give yourself. Don’t be afraid to fight them.

12. Don’t let your thoughts beat you up. They don’t deserve a place in your head. Battle your thoughts.

13. When you battle your thoughts, they will lose their power to keep you down and make you feel bad.

14. When battling your thoughts, stay positive and know you can do it. You’re strong enough to fight through this!

15. The hardest job we have is fighting our thoughts.

16. The secret to conquering your thoughts? Don’t think about them. Just get on with it!

17. Don’t let your thoughts run you. Fight for yourself and win.

18. When your mind starts thinking, when you start doubting yourself—that’s when you need to fight back with all the power you have.

19. If you’re not taking action, you’re surrendering. Stop giving your life up to your thoughts. Take back control of your life by putting them in their place

20. Sometimes, you must fight yourself to keep from fighting someone else.

21. The battle isn’t always won in battle. It’s won by staying focused on the character you want to be and overcoming the negative internal voice in your head.

22. I fight my thoughts every day, but today I got a battle plan!

23. You can’t win a battle with your thoughts, so you might as well join them.

24. The only way to combat your thoughts is to be aware of them. To fight them, you must first observe them.

25. You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are not you. Conquer them, and you will find the power that is you.

26. You can’t outrun your thoughts. You can only hope to embrace them and chase after them, even when you’re tired and running on empty.

27. You are the only person in your life who can change your thoughts.

29. Fight your thought. If you want to win, don’t fight other people. Fight your thoughts!

30. In a battle with my thoughts, I always come out on top.

31. The battlefield is always in your mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have fought and lost battles against myself.

32. The only way to defeat negative and self-defeating thoughts is through a process of replacing them with positive, empowering thoughts. Remind yourself that the negative comments aren’t about you. They’re just the “voice” of your mind telling you what it thinks you should or shouldn’t do or say.

33. You’ll always have your thoughts and feelings, but don’t let them hold you back. Be brave, be strong, and make your dreams come true!

34. The truth is: These are your thoughts; there’s nothing wrong with them.

35. No matter who or what is trying to pick a fight with you, you have the power to choose to be strong.

36. When you fight a battle in your mind, you are fighting yourself. And when you go in there with the right attitude and confident mindset, it will not even be a battle anymore.

37. It’s not easy to fight your thoughts. But if you do, they will lose.

38. It’s not the thoughts holding you back; it’s the stories you tell yourself about them.

39. You know you’re winning when no one can tell what side you’re on.

40. Be sure to always remind yourself of your worth. You are a beautiful and worthy person.

41. Life is a series of choices. And the choices you make will either be your happiness or your unhappiness.

42. No one can take your happiness from you but yourself.

43. To be yourself in a world constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

44. You cannot change the past. You cannot control the future, but you can always control the present. Battle your thoughts.

45. When we fight against our thoughts, they win. Learn how to tame your mind and start thinking positive again.

46. There is no battle so great as the battle between your thoughts and your true nature.

47. The person who wins the battle with their mind is the one who conquers all.

48. You win the battle but lose the war if you don’t change your thinking.

49. Thoughts are like passing clouds, we can’t control them, but we can push them around.

50. How to beat your thoughts? You have to realize that your thoughts can be as powerful as you are. Don’t let them beat you down!

51. I’m not going to let my thoughts be the enemy. I will fight them, question their motives and expose their weaknesses.

52. We are the total of our thoughts. Guard what you think; by thinking, you set your mind in motion towards action.

53. You can’t control everything, and sometimes you have to accept that your thoughts are just that: thoughts.

54. Don’t let the voices in your head control you.

55. My thoughts are my worst enemy. Fighting them takes more energy than anything else.

56. Your thoughts are the key to the lock of your mind, so keep them positive and positive.

57. To be successful, you have to first believe in yourself. Then you have to believe that you are the best. Then it would help if you believed that other people would notice your hard work and talent. And finally, you have to believe that people want what’s best for you.

58. Thoughts can be your worst enemy. Keep them guarded, but don’t let them be your master.

59. Sometimes, we feel our thoughts are war and don’t know who wins. But in reality, it’s the battle that we lose. So be strong and fight your thoughts.

60. Don’t let your thoughts beat you.

61. You can’t outrun your thoughts, so you might as well fight them.

62. Nobody can fight your way out of your mind.

63. You can’t live in fear of your thoughts. The more you focus on the things you don’t want, the more time and energy you have to survive.

64. Don’t let your thoughts control you. The only thing they can take is your energy.

65. When you realize you’re bigger than your thoughts, you can start taking action.

66. The louder the thoughts in my head, the stronger I am. And sometimes, that strength is enough to defeat them.

67. You’re not going to change your thoughts. You can’t. But you are changing how you react to them.

68. The only way to win is by not letting the voices in your head get out of control.

69. Thoughts are like clouds; they come and go. Let them pass.

70. Let’s take back our minds. Let’s turn off the thoughts that tell us we’re not good enough, smart enough, or wealthy enough. We are more than enough!

71. Thoughts are like clouds; sometimes they have rain, and other times they have sunshine.

72. In a world constantly telling you what to believe, who to love, and how to live your life, it’s easy to follow the crowd. But if you don’t fight what other people want for you, then there’s no point in fighting them.

73. If you have enough strength of mind to face it, no battle you can’t win.

74. Fighting your thoughts and feelings is like fighting a war. You can win some, but if you let them win the battle, they will win the war.

75. Always remember that if your thoughts are positive and uplifting, they will create a positive world around you.

76. When you must fight your thoughts, you should never lose.

77. you may have to fight your thoughts, but you don’t have to win.

78. The only way to beat your thoughts is by giving them space to live and then choosing not to feed them.

79. This is why I’m going to fight my thoughts. Because they’re mean and nasty, and they’re lying to me that I’m not good enough.

80. You are the only one who can defeat your thoughts. You are a fighter and always have been.

81. It’s hard to beat your thoughts.

82. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think. They determine your life experience; therefore, you will fight against negative thoughts as a part of your personal development.

83. We can fight the world, but to win, we must first learn to fight ourselves.

84. You cannot control the voice in your head. The only person you can control is yourself. If you listen to your negative thoughts, you’ll believe them over time.

85. I’m going to take a moment to think about this and use that time to do better. The only person I should be trying to impress is myself, and the only thing I can control is how I respond to my thoughts.

86. Don’t let your thoughts be bigger than you can handle.

87. Your words can either make you or break you. Speak them with a clear mind, and watch the sparks fly.

88. Fight the battle of your thoughts. No matter how hard they try, you can’t let them win.

89. When you fight your thoughts, you are fighting an enemy. Fight the enemy and don’t just think negatively — let it go and live in the moment.

90. Hi. I’m not great at this. I’m talking to myself about battling my thoughts, and the fight isn’t going well for me.

91. You are fighting your thoughts, not the other person. Remember: nobody can make you feel bad or guilty if you don’t let them. You control your mind – don’t let anyone else do it for you!

92. When negative thoughts consume your mind, they can feel like a war zone. But that’s no reason to surrender! Fight the good fight—your mental health will thank you for it.

93. You can’t outrun your thoughts, but you can out-think them.

94. When your thoughts tell you to give up, to be ashamed and afraid, I challenge you to fight back.

95. Don’t give in to negative thoughts; fight them.

96. Sometimes, it’s not about winning and losing. It’s about knowing when to fight and when to walk away.

97. Our minds are powerful; they can lead us to believe in all kinds of weird and mysterious things. But we have to be careful with what they tell us—because we’re the ones who control them. If you want to be happy, stop listening to your mind and start listening to your heart.

98. I will not go down without a fight, but I’m not going to let the voices in my head win.

99. The battle between your thoughts and actions is never easy. But know this: you will prevail, with the help of God, if only you make Him your priority.

100. I have to remind myself not to listen to those thoughts. They came from the darkness, where they needed to go back.

I hope these battling your own thoughts quotes are the exact words you need to hear this season. Feel free to comment below and share the quotes with your loved ones.

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