Be Happy All the Time Quotes

Be Happy All the Time Quotes

Sometimes life can be overwhelming with too many problems, and you might even feel helpless. These situations can be emotionally and physically draining that you may be tempted to dwell there, but you can learn how to be happy in difficult times.

One key to being happy in difficult times is to be happy with who you are, and how you view the situation or challenges you are passing through. Happiness is a choice. It can not be denied, however that you won’t be faced with life-threatening challenges, but it is left to you what you will make out of it. You can choose to be happy no matter what happens around you.

So, are you going through some tough times? Are you having a hard time and struggling to breathe? Do you feel helpless or overwhelmed with your struggles? Have you forgotten how to smile or be happy? Below are awesome inspirational be happy all the time quotes that will motivate you to live a happier life.

Be Happy in Difficult Times Quotes

Be happy in difficult times. When times are tough and bad, and life seems hard, being able to laugh removes the pain. When everything seems lost, grasp at happiness for all you’re worth. It is not about the challenges; it is about what you see it to be that matters.

1. Tough times make the strongest people who have no other choice. They take hard decisions, and they hold on. They accept defeat and move forward. They laugh through their tears and find happiness.

2. The skies are blue, the day is bright My Lord, you’ve done so much for me. Now please make me strong. Help me through these difficult times. Let me find happiness despite my pains.

3. When tough times come, let nothing steal your joy. Be happy in hard, difficult times. Cry out your pains, but be strong and remain brave.

4. Imagine how happy we would be if life always gave us sunshine that we could hide inside as the storms rage on. Don’t worry, be happy.

5. Be happy in difficult times. Look within and hold on to that which makes you smile. I know you are worried, but cheer up. Your troubles are very small and will soon vanish. Don’t cry, Be happy in difficult times.

6. Champions emerge from facing difficult times without cowering to their overwhelming effects. Be happy; you will triumph.

7. Be happy in difficult times, for when your skies are dark, a bright star will appear in the darkest of the night.

8. There’s a silver lining I’m the darkest sky. Hold on to your peace and joy. Be positive, not be sad, and be happy in difficult times.

9. Be happy in tough times. To be happy is to succeed. So love life and live it well, for you’re not promised tomorrow.

10. Be happy in tough times because each day, we learn something new. The good times always seem short. You’re tougher than your troubles. Stay upbeat.

11. Let nothing take away your tranquillity and happiness. The stormy night, days of struggle and tears, rain and wind, and everything making you cry will cease.

12. No difficulties last forever. Tears will fall, the pain will touch, but the good times are forever. Be happy.

13. Be happy in difficult times. Have faith; it will all come through.

14. Fight the good fight, walk on through the pain, and hold on to hope. This difficulty will pass by quickly. Be of good cheer.

15. Be happy in difficult times. If you’re struggling with stress, remember you’ll be alright no matter what happens. You’ll smile again.

16. Be happy in difficult times. When life gets tough, watch for the rainbows. The bright spots will keep cheering you up.

17. When the clouds lay heavy, and the rains pour down, we get sad and depressed. But, remember, God gives us rain that nourishes the plants and trees. So, don’t cry, be happy in difficult times.

18. Cheer up; you’ll overcome your challenges. Be happy in difficult times. The sun will shine again, and so will you. Remember, God is always by your side.

19. Be happy in difficult times. The day will break, the sun will shine, and the flowers will bloom with colours and fragrances. Believe you’re strong enough to overcome your troubles. Live one day at a time, and look forward to a shining tomorrow.

20. When times are rough, it’s easy to get down. Keep smiling and laughing, no matter what happens.

21. Be happy in difficult times, and embrace what life throws you. Even if you’re sad, don’t ignore your happiness. Happiness will help you to beat the odds. That still lingers, In your heart.

22. Be happy in difficult times. It’s part of God’s plan to groom you for your desired future. So, don’t fret, be happy.

23. What doesn’t break you will build you. Be happy; your travails will soon be over. Happiness is God’s way of staying in touch with you. f

24. Be happy in difficult times. Know that tough times have a way of revealing our true character. They help us to look back and see how far we’ve come.

25. Life is not perfect, but when difficulties come, we must be strong in the face of adversity. Don’t be afraid, be happy always.

Be Happy Every Time Quotes

Life does not usually go on a smooth plane for most people, but In life’s darkest hours, there’s one thing you must always remember, you’ve got a lot of time ahead waiting for you and that you are unhappy today wouldn’t change those dark hours. So be happy every time.

These soul- lifting be happy in hard times quotes will help you:

26. Be happy every time. Take life as it comes, and be kind to yourself and others. Above all, be happy.

27. Be happy every time. when the bills are due, when errors occur, and money seems scarce. Be happy; the troubles of today will soon pass.

28. Don’t be hard on yourself when things are hard. Sometimes, life seems bleak, full of suffering, tears and pain. Then things seem to turn around, and you find the sun again.

29. Life is full of challenges, don’t panic or make them personal. Be happy every time. It’s our choice.

30. Be happy every time. Don’t use this time to complain. Use this time to be of good cheer and help others.

31. Be happy every time, smile through your tears, and give the gloomy clouds a dazzling smile. Don’t cry because it rains because the rain is a blessing in disguise.

32. Be happy every time. When life becomes hard, leave your worries behind. Life will always be a game of seasons, but happiness is always your choice.

33. When the times are hard, your attitude determines your altitude. Choose to be happy despite your pains.

34. When things get rough, stay positive. Don’t give up. You don’t always win, but you’re sure to win some.

35. Be happy in hard times. Life can be difficult, but things are only what they are. Don’t lose hope, be happy.

36. Be happy every time. Moments we design can change our lives forever.

37. Life is hard, I know. Be happy about the small things. Take a deep breath and let go of your doubts and pains.

38. Be happy in hard times because you don’t know what the future holds. Everything will be alright. It’s a matter of time.

39. Happiness is loving yourself despite your challenges. Loving life, despite life’s challenges.

40. When you’re going through tough patches, it can be a long and rough road, but always remember to find happiness. Your happiness is the key to your survival and breakthrough.

41. When life becomes hard, how you react is up to you. Choose to be calm and happy. Don’t worry about what others say or think, be happy every time.

42. Be happy every time. When you feel down, do something you love, something you’ve dreamed of. When you feel alone, do something for others. When you feel scared, Do something brave.

43. Be happy, loved one. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you trouble, find a friend in need. When life gives you heartache, dream of better days.

44. Happiness is something you can’t buy, earn, fake, hide or steal. Be happy, no matter hard life becomes.

45. When life gets rough, happiness will flow. Relax and laugh. Be happy.

46. Be happy in tough times. Smile, be strong, have a little faith, and keep on living. Don’t give up. Be happy and gracious.

47. Happiness is a state of mind. It’s the choice you alone can make. Always be happy because life is too short. Be happy with what you have, whether it’s enough or not. Have no regrets.

48. Life is tough, but everybody has their way of dealing with life; however, we never know when we’ll experience hardships, and one way to keep yourself happy and comfortable, is to keep in mind the quotes of Be Happy in difficult times.

49. Always be happy because life is too short. Be happy with what you have, whether it’s enough or not. Live without regrets.

50. The world is full of troubles, but in your heart, always make room for happiness. Be happy, no matter what. Remember, life is a beautiful, precious gift.

51. Be happy in tough times. That you are alive and in good health is enough to be happy, what’s important in hard times.

52. Be happy in hard times. The passing of a loved one is not the end of life but the beginning of a new one.

53. Be happy when things are going wrong. Have faith in friends and that God is on your side.
What seems so scary will, in the end, end well. All will be well.

54. Be happy in tough times. Smile even when it hurts, don’t sit and cry, be brave, and don’t give up. All your worries will pass, and good always comes back around.

55. In good and in bad times, always be happy. No matter what, always be happy.

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