Happy Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Beautiful Happy Birthday Quotes for Daughter from Mom or Dad

Need some awesome happy birthday quotes for daughter on her birthday? See the ones below.

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Daughter on Her

Is your daughter’s birthday today, amaze her with these well compiled and birthday quotes and sayings for daughter. The following quotes for my daughter on her birthday is just what you need to celebrate your daughter on her birthday.

1. My day just got brightened with the thought of how you will celebrate your birthday.

2. You are my muse – as long as being happy is concerned. Happy birthday my daughter.

3. You are my princess, even though I have not been crowned a queen. I wish you all the best on your birthday.

Quotes to My Daughter on Her Birthday

4. I hope and crave for another birth celebration next year for you dear.

5. Have an optimistic mindset about the feature dear, you are meant to shine and it’s your day.

6. The sun may smile and gleam in a way that will outshine even the whitest torch.But your glowing smile really makes me wonder if it can’t compete with it. Happy birthday my daughter.

7. Happy birthday to the female friend and sister I have in form of a daughter.

8. When daddy comes back we will try and make you find a cause to smile out your sobs before you rich your birthday again.

9. Just don’t worry about how your day will be, sleep well and relax I know you won’t wake to be dismayed, happy birthday in advance.

10. Happy birthday in arrears, to my 3D photocopy. lol.

Quotes to a Daughter on Her Birthday

Children are good heritage from God almighty. But having a daughter of you own is lovely and fulfilling. Celebrate your baby girl on her birthday with these Lovely Quotes for Birthday to celebrate her day.

11. I don’t wonder if it’s me that was trimmed into a small shaped woman as my daughter because our resemblance is just too much. Happy birthday to you.

12. You are inspiring me almost every day, even more than the word itself, and as you age; may you do more and more of that.

13. I believe that morrow will unearth the treasure you have been hunting for all this while. Happy birthday in advance dear.

Quotes to a Daughter on Her Birthday

14. Today, I don’t have much to say but may you be shielded by God’s grace as you become a year older.

15. Today will mark almost the same time I had to rush into the theatre to deliver you, yes you! The one reading this. Remain blessed.

16. Showers of miracles will even becloud your day pretty soon, I believe.

17. Yesterday was my birthday and now you will be celebrating your birthday too, wow! What a happy tale.

18. The candles that melt will only signify your past and not your future losses.

19. Read this short note before you sleep ;
May you complete the few hours that will make you a year older successfully.

20. To the one that looks too much like me, may you be blessed as you mark your birthday.

21. It still seems to me like it’s just yesterday that you celebrated your birthday, but here you are on another one, enjoy your day my daughter!

22. Your memory will be filled with thoughts of halcyon moments about your upcoming birthday, pretty soon. I believe.

23. They can have all the riches but you, I believe you will not run out of happiness, I believe.

24. My heart is like a canvas where colours of happiness are painted, just because of your birth celebration, happy birthday to you dear.

25. You will live to see another birthday again, so I pray.

26. My little miniature is about to observe her birthday! Yay!

27. Have a splendid and fun-filled birth celebration as you become one year older.

28. I pray that you will be blessed with the infinite wisdom as you become a year older my daughter.

29. May His infinite mercy grant you more and more favours on your birthday, dear.

30. Waking up this morning got me happy and too excited about your upcoming birthday and how you will surely succeed in your endeavours.

31. There could be lack and extreme dearth, but I trust Him, on rewarding you for whatever you work for.

32. Happy birthday to the most special girl in my life.

33. Our family instantly changed from being a broken-hearted one to a home of bliss right from when you were born, may your day be a happy one too.

34. I can’t really keep track of the exact second you were born, but I know that you are a year older by now, ha ha ha!

35. I don’t need to ask you how old are you when I sing the usual birthday song, you know. That one is needless to me, for what I want to see is a reflection inner joy on your cheeks.

36. Your day is the most special celebration I have ever attended this year, may next year’s birthday be more than this one.

37. Our purses may not be buoyant enough to fend for a regal party for you, but I pray for your happiness and nothing but that, dear daughter.

38. As I woke up to hear my alarm prompting me about your day, I simply closed my eyes and prayed that this will not be your last birthday on earth. Happy birthday.

39. Go, girl! It’s your birthday have a blissful moment as you add another year to your age.

40. I remember how you fell ill prior to your last celebration, but I hope that this year’s won’t be a repeated tragedy.

41. Too many words birth less meaning they say right? Ok, let me just say, happy birthday in advance.

42. To the young woman that I gave birth to, may you grow to find your life’s purpose and live a fulfilled life.

43. Today is your day, you have every reason to smile, dance and laugh. Happy birthday to you.

44. My birthday went sideways, but may yours be a reason why I will say, “despite the woes of life, good things happen too”.

45. Do you know that you have been an inspiring young woman to me due to your vigorous lifestyle? I don’t have much to say, but happy birthday.

46. Today marks the day when you first shed tears of joy, ha ha ha, happy birthday girl.

47. You may not be the richest woman in the world but your day, I believe will be a blissful one than the word itself.

48. I believe that today’s birthday will soon be regarded as a former birthday and not the last in your life.

49. The girl that impresses me the most is you, may your elbow be greased with more enthusiasm as your age becomes plus one.

50. Finally! Your anticipated day has come and you are one year older now. I wish you a splendid celebration, my daughter.

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