Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter Far Away

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter Far Away

No matter how far we find ourselves, our hearts are still connected to those people we consider special to us. When we celebrate, we naturally look forward to these close ones celebrating with us above all else; we treasure their cheerful messages for occasions in our lives.

So, when you have a daughter who is very far away, she would be expectant of the great birthday messages and wishes of a father or mother which no one else in the world can ever give to her. So, if you have this responsibility to your daughter who is far away, you need these happy birthday wishes for daughter far away to measure up to the expectation.

Having known that messages mean a lot when you are far away, I have carefully written the ones here to express your best wishes to your daughter on her birthday and trust me, she would love them. My advice is that you would send more than five; the more, the merrier.


Birthday Messages to My Daughter Long Distance

Dear daughter, though a very long distance separates us, I know that on your birthday, you are closer to us more than anyone, my messages are numerous but the most important is that you continue to be the best. Happy birthday, my love.

1. My daughter, happy birthday to you. No matter where you are; over the hills and valleys, whenever it is your birthday. The universe must respond. Congratulations.

2. Happy birthday to my fabulous daughter. Even though your birthday comes when you are out of town, we at home will still celebrate. Enjoy your perfect day.

3. Your birthday is my special day, dear daughter. I will never forget how grateful I am to have you. So, whether you are present or away as you are today, happy birthday to you.

4. Dear daughter, the distance between us makes my heart long for your presence. Even though I cannot hold your hand while cutting your cake today, I am wishing you a happy birthday.

5. You are a blessing of my marriage, my lovely daughter. Happy birthday to you. Hope to see you soon.

6. Your birthday came at a time when you cannot taste with us this succulent cake prepared for your birthday. While you are celebrated in absentia, we are here marrying on your behalf. Congratulations, my dear.

7. Dearest daughter, happiest birthday to you as you mark another special BIRTHDAY. I hope my good wishes get to you over there. Happy birthday to you.

8. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. There is no gainsaying that you are the best daughter in the world. I wish you a happy birthday. Substitute this text with a cake since you cannot have a taste from over there.

9. Happy birthday to my diligent daughter. The report I hear about you both home and abroad shows that you are a gem in whom I am pleased.

10. Long distances can sometimes be mistaken for breakage in connection but with you, it means just a little because right now, I know that you are here with us in the spirit as we celebrate your birthday.

11. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. I am sending you pleasant wishes and blessings as you celebrate this special birthday. We miss you a lot.

12. My pumpkin, happy birthday to you. How I wish you were here to see the kind of decoration we made in the house just for your sake. Wishing you a special happy birthday.

13. My darling angel, I didn’t have any inkling that your birthday of this year would be celebrated across a long distance. Wishing you a happy birthday.

14. With you comes happiness and, in your absence, your scent still abounds. Happy birthday to you, my lovely daughter.

15. Dear daughter, how much can I thank God for giving you to me. You are a gift and even though I can’t behold your face to shower you with prayers, I know they will get to you over there.

16. What is a long distance when you are always keeping in touch. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter.

17. My lady, you are just like your mom. I love you, my little angel. I promise to make your cake for you when you come back, but for now, we will celebrate you in your absence. Cheers.

18. My lovely daughter, do you have a glass over there. Join us as we toast to your prosperity and greatness in this new age. Happy birthday to you.

19. My dear daughter. Happy birthday to you. You have been a source of joy to my soul. I wish you a splendid new year and more success in this new age. Enjoy yourself over there.

20. Happy birthday to you, dear lady. I want you to know that it doesn’t matter where you are, you are highly celebrated on this day. Happy birthday to you.

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My lovely daughter, my wishes for you are that you come home from your long distance with great rewards and many more achievements even as you celebrate your birthday today. Happy birthday to you.

21. I have always known that you would be a glorious daughter, so on this day of your birthday, I wish you a higher level of glory. Happy birthday to you. Come back home quick.

22. Dear daughter, God bless the day you came into my life. I can never miss your birthday either you here or there because you are a gem. I wish more glorious years ahead. Happy birthday to you.

23. Daughter, I love and cherish you above any other lady in the world. You are the princess of my dynasty with your mummy as the queen. I wish you all the best as you keep growing. I miss you so much.

24. My sweetheart, happy birthday to you. you are more than just a daughter to me. Happy birthday to you. May every good thing of life never elude you and may you come back home better than you left.

25. My dear daughter, as you mark this glorious day of your birth, I wish you goodness all round; mercy shall accompany you and be with you as you keep travelling around the world. Happy birthday to you.

26. Happy birthday to you, daughter. On this beautiful day, I wish you great rewards for each of your efforts. Cheers and congratulations to you. Happy birthday over a distance.

27. Happy birthday to you, dearest daughter. The world may not know how important you are to me, but I cherish and wish you peace that is above human understanding. Where you may be, enjoy your day.

28. Long may you live, may your joy know no bounds. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. You are far physically but I can feel you spiritually.

29. I have always been proud of you and today I can’t be prouder of the type of woman you have turned out to be. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. May all your silent prayers and wishes be answered.

30. Your life is one to be proud of. You are a pearl to my world. You have come to beautiful my life. Happy birthday to you, my lovely daughter. Your cake will be preserved till you are back.

Happy Birthday to My Daughter Far Away Quotes

Love expressed far away is not hindered by the distance in-between. On this day, I wish to flood your timeline with such quotes but I will reserve them till when you are back. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

31. Butterflies are beautiful insects but they don’t know until they are told. You are precious to me. I wish you peace like a river and comfort in your endeavours.

32. Fishes can swim all the way in the ocean but they fill always find their rest. Dear daughter, happy birthday to you. Have a blast.

33. No matter where the eagle goes in search of food, it will always come back to its nest. My dear daughter, happy birthday to you over a long distance.

34. The world is now a global village, so no matter where you are we can still be together. Happy birthday to you, my lovely daughter.

35. You are never too far if we have connectivity that is seamless. My dear daughter, thanks for being a brilliant and intelligent child. Happy birthday to you.

36. No distance can be too long for a heart that reaches out. Happy birthday to you over there, my dear daughter. This is reaching out to you on your special day.

37. No matter where you are, our birthday wishes will get to you. Happy birthday to you, dear daughter.

38. Eagles are not limited by distance. Nothing will limit you and as you celebrate your birthday in a faraway land, you’ll come back bigger and better.

39. Wherever there is a carcass, vultures will locate it. Today, your distance doesn’t matter, you will always be remembered on your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter.

40. A special person does not struggle to be celebrated. Happy birthday to you, my lovely daughter.

Birthday Prayer Wishes for a Daughter Far Away

Dear daughter, I cherish you always and even while you are far away, my prayers will get to you. On this birthday of yours, my best wishes are sent to you. May you live long to have many happy returns of this day. Happy birthday to you.

41. Dear daughter, I celebrate you on this auspicious occasion of your birthday even the distance would not allow you to come home. Happy birthday to you. I wish you a life to be proud of and one that is enviable. Cheers.

42. I wish you all the best as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my daughter in a faraway land.

43. May your life be as sweet as honey and the light shine like the stars. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. Nothing can stop you from bringing great exploits back home.

44. May everything you do prosper and may the joy in your life spread all over your life. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. This long distance has denied you the opportunity of tasting this succulent cake.

45. My beautiful girl, today I look at your picture and wish you were here, but I know that you will be fine on this beautiful day of your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. Enjoy yourself over there.

46. With this long distance, I cannot behold your face but I can make a replica of your portrait and cherish you over and over again. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter.

47. Your life is one that is precious to me because you are more precious to me than diamonds. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. I wish I could walk in time, then I would just appear to you over there just to celebrate you. My best wishes.

48. My traveller daughter, happy birthday to you. I wish you safety and security as you journey along the world. Cheers.

49. With love from me, I wish you a remarkable year and a cheerful day on this day of your birth. To you, my daughter over miles away.

50. I pray that you get to a level of wisdom where everything you do will have a touch of gold. Happy birthday to you, my lovely daughter. Have a fantastic day over there.

No matter how long the distance may be, on your daughter’s birthday, these happy birthday wishes for daughter far away will zero the effect of the distance and make your hearts closer. So, use them in good number for good efficacy. You can also share them with your friends.

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