Happy Birthday Wishes for My First Born Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for My First Born Daughter

Is it your firstborn daughter’s birthday and you want to celebrate her with the best wishes ever? I must commend you for that. It simply means you are a parent who knows the worth of a child and the need to make them feel loved.

Just as you may already know, having a daughter you can call your own is one of the greatest gifts in life and the joy it brings cannot be quantified. When it happens to be her special day just like her birthday, there is a need to make it memorable, either with birthday gifts for a daughter, special treats or a birthday bash.

And when she falls in the position of a firstborn daughter, it is only necessary that the day is remarkable for her just as she is special to you. Quite a number of firstborn daughters are awesome, especially with the way they get to be the second mom, manage the home and see after the affairs of their younger ones.

Well, not all firstborn daughters do all of those which could be due to one reason or the other, but whether or not your daughter meets up to expectations, it’s still the responsibility of a parent to show her love, even if for just being your daughter.

So, with no ado, proceed to celebrate your first daughter on her birthday. No matter the plans you have for the day, birthday wishes from the heart will go a long way in making the day memorable and sealing all your plans with love. Below, I have got the best collection of happy birthday wishes for my first born daughter in 2024.

Whether your daughter is the first fruit of your womb or the first female child among other children, this collection is perfect to celebrate her birthday and guess what, they are free!

Happy Birthday Messages for My First Daughter

It’s your big day, the precious fruit of my womb. Having you as my first daughter is one thing I will forever be grateful for. You are loving, compassionate, generous and hardworking and have left a standard for your siblings to follow. You deserve the best and on your special day, I wish you that. Happy birthday, darling. Love you!

1. Happy beautiful birthday to you, my first daughter, the first fruit of my womb. I want you to know today that no matter how old you become, you will always be my baby girl. I love you so much and I wish you the best in all you do. Enjoy your day, munchkin.

2. Celebrating an adorable daughter like you is what I find delight in, and this day, I celebrate you specially as my first daughter and best friend. I wish that you become the greatest of your kind. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

3. My baby girl, confidant and best friend, today is all about you and I feel elated to celebrate you. I want you to know that I will always be there for you like I have been from your childhood. I love you so much and I wish you a wonderful new year.

4. My daughter, you are a treasure to me and your siblings. Not just the fact that you are my first daughter but you are quite a loving daughter, compassionate and positive. I’m proud of you and I wish you many more feats in life. Happy birthday, my love.

5. Happy birthday to the world’s best daughter. You have shown us the strength of a first daughter and I’m so proud of you. On your special day, I wish you more strength for more wins. Happy birthday! Daddy and mummy love you always.

6. My darling daughter, watching you grow has been the best phase of my life. If it’s to be made a movie series, it would be an award-winning series. Even now that you have grown, I can’t have enough of you. I just wish you are happy always. Happy birthday, baby!

7. To my firstborn daughter; you know you are pretty perfect for the position you are in this family. You are strong, beautiful, caring and motherly. I am so glad to have you and I wish you a life filled with pleasant moments. Happy birthday, lovely.

8. Happy 16th birthday to you, my cute first daughter! You’re the most beautiful gift life has given me and I will forever cherish you. This is your blossoming stage and I wish you enjoy every bit of it and grow into a woman of worth. Best of wishes to you!

9. Happy birthday to my royal daughter, my barbie princess with the magic wand. Your presence in my life and this family has been magical and I find relish in living every day with you in it. I love you so much. Have a memorable birthday celebration, dear.

10. Happy birthday to my first daughter. In a little while, you would be a big sister and I’m pretty sure you will be perfect being that. I wish you all-around growth and wisdom. Have a blast, love.

11. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. No matter how far and wide you travel, always remember your love is in our hearts and this day, from the depths of my love for you, I wish you greater feats and success in all you do. Much love!

12. Happy birthday, my baby girl. I can’t wait to watch you grow into a great and responsible woman. I wish you all that you need to grow in all ramifications. Have a swell day, daughter.

13. My darling daughter, you are simply the mini version of me but will become better than I am. That’s the prayer of every good mother and that’s my prayer for you today. Happy birthday!

14. Happy birthday to my strong, endearing, and absolutely amazing first daughter. Wishing you you find the speed to the top for that’s where you belong.

15. Happy birthday to my sweet first baby girl. I see myself as the luckiest dad to have a super amazing daughter like you. I wish that the light in you never goes dim. I love you!

16. Having you as my first daughter was divinely orchestrated. You are so perfect a daughter for me and kind and sweet to your siblings. Thanks for being you and I’m sure you have better days ahead. Happy birthday!

17. Today is a very special day because it is the anniversary of the day when I first held my first daughter in my arms. The joy was and still is indescribable. I just wish that she continues to infect people with joy whenever she goes. Happy birthday to my lively baby girl.

18. Today reminds me of how your beautiful existence began. I never knew you would grow to be this adorable and high-spirited daughter that you are today. I pray that you will never lose your wonder in life. Happy birthday, my baby!

19. Happy birthday my lovely first daughter. Sometimes, I wonder about how understanding and reasonable you are. You behave so maturely for your age. I see a great future ahead of you and I pray for speed for you. I love you.

20. You mean a lot of things to me, my baby girl and as you celebrate a new age today, I wish you all-around success and great achievements. Happy birthday, lovely.

21. Best wishes to the best daughter in the world. May this day be filled with love even as it will be memorable for us. Happy birthday, my cupcake. Dad and mom love you.

22. You are beautiful within and without, awesome in all you do. I can boldly say I have the best first daughter so far. Happy birthday to you, my favourite. Wonderful years ahead, baby girl.

23. Happy birthday my adorable daughter. Out of my many wishes for you is that you fulfil your purpose of existence. May you have a beautiful daughter that will put smiles on your face just as you’ve done mine. I love you.

24. You are a beauty to behold, a rare gem to treasure forever. I feel honoured being your parent and I wish that you be that light set on a hill for the world to see. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

25. I may have told you many times how amazing you are and I have still not gotten tired of saying it. You are my amazing daughter and I wish you many good years to come. Happy birthday, my love.

Wishing My First Born Daughter a Happy Birthday

Here’s wishing you a super happy birthday, my princess. You are a child of great worth and I’m glad you are my firstborn daughter. Every day with you gives me joy just as everything you do makes me proud. It’s my desire that you find success in all your endeavours. I love you so much, dearest. Have a blast!

26. Happy birthday to my special one, my firstborn daughter. I hope you realize how much I value you in my life and this family. I wish you good success in life. Have a memorable birthday celebration.

26. Wawu! My daughter is now a teenager! You don’t know how I have waited to see you hit this phase of your life. It may be new to you but I will always be there for you. Happy 13th birthday to you, my firstborn daughter with the sauce.

27. The songs of the morning are not enough to celebrate you, my daughter. The joy of watching you grow graciously is much more than the joy I felt when I first held you as a baby. Keep growing into that woman of virtue. Happy birthday, munchkin.

28. Happy birthday, baby girl. Go ahead and enjoy your day because it’s all about you. You are greatly loved and valued. Just keep that in mind.

28. Happy birthday, booboo! The table is set as we can’t wait to usher you into a glorious new age. Get set for a blissful new year, daughter!

29. Today is special because a special person made it so. Happy birthday, my special firstborn daughter. May you find many reasons to rejoice now and all the day in your new year.

30. A beautiful soul like you deserves all the love and wishes on her birthday. May you find ease in all you do. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter. I love you so much.

31. My dear daughter, it’s your birthday and I feel like giving you the world. Among all my plans and wishes for you, I wish that you climb the ladder of success and be an impact wherever you find yourself. Happy birthday, baby.

32. Happy birthday daughter. You are far away from me but so close to my heart. How I wish I can make you cut all the cakes in the world this day but I know I would someday. Smiles… Happy birthday, second mom of this home.

33. Happy birthday, my honeybunch. Staring at you this day makes me want to hold and cuddle you as I used to when you were a baby. How time flies and how the young grow! Have a memorable birthday, daughter.

34. You are the first daughter from my womb and no one can take that place. As you celebrate a new age, it’s my wish that your good heart desires are granted. You will find numerous reasons to merry. Happy birthday, bae.

35. Happy birthday, princess. I marvel at how big you have grown. Every inch you add brings joy and fulfilment to us. May you grow to be great. I love you, daughter.

36. How amazing and pleasing it is to see my firstborn daughter become an adult. I wouldn’t deny the fact that I’m proud of your wins and achievements. I pray that God will continually strengthen you. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

37. Happy birthday, beautiful! Thank you for making me the mother of an ambitious daughter. Now I realize how blessed it is to have you as my first female child. You are perfect for it. May God perfect all that concerns you. I love you!

38. It’s a beautiful morning to behold, a bright and auspicious day to merry, the birthday of my firstborn daughter. May this day set in a train of glorious experiences for her. Happy birthday to my munchkin!

39. You are blessed beyond measure, beautiful beyond comparison and responsible beyond expectations. May you never lose your essence in life. Happy birthday, my gallant first daughter.

40. Many things can be left undone but the big day of my darling firstborn daughter cannot be left uncelebrated. Happy 18th birthday to you, my girl. May you find all that you need to be a great lady. Cheers!

41. Most times, I wish I could celebrate you every day and show the world I have got the best daughter ever. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

42. Keep calm and wish my firstborn daughter a super happy 20th birthday. She deserves all the cheers and love for being a darling and loving daughter all the years. Cheers to my birthday girl!

43. Happy birthday to the one who made me the mother of a wonderful daughter. May your path be made straight and may things continue to work together for your good. Mom loves you big!

44. Happy birthday to my indomitable firstborn daughter! I guess that’s because you like indomie noodles so much. Maybe I should just get you noodles for a cake. Smiles… Enjoy your day, baby girl. Momma loves you!

45. It’s a pleasure having you as a first daughter and it’s a blessing watching you grow this graciously. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. Wishing you a year of breakthroughs. Daddy loves you big!

46. A glorious year for you, daughter. May all you need to be happy always be available for you. Happy birthday, my beautiful one. Have a blast!

47 Happy birthday, my adorable firstborn daughter. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. Wishing your every day be grace for grace. We love you now and always. Have fun!

48. A super-duper happy birthday to my one and only daughter with the sauce. I’m always proud to be your parent and I pray that you will make us more proud. Have a memorable birthday, dear.

49. With love and joy in my heart, I wish you a wonderful new year. May the sun and the moon shine to your favour. Happy birthday, my adorable first daughter.

50. Nothing makes me happier than watching my first daughter grow with so much grace and wisdom. The sky is your starting point, my baby girl. Happy birthday to you!

Birthday Greetings to My First Born Daughter

Greetings to you on your big day, my princess. Life has given you another blank note today, remember to fill in success, progress, peace, happiness and perfect health. That’s all that I wish you this year. Happy birthday, my adorable firstborn daughter.

51. Happy birthday, my firstborn daughter, my treasure. You deserve every special treat this day and peaceful moments all the days of your life. Enjoy your day, dear.

52. A beautiful day for a beautiful daughter of mine. I can’t but wish you everything good in life. You deserve even more. Happy birthday to you with love from my heart.

53. Watching you grow makes me feel fulfilled. And today, you have not Only added another new age, but you have also made me proud. Happy birthday to you, my amazing daughter.

54. You are my first daughter and firstborn. So, it is natural that I celebrate you specially and wish you greater heights. Have a memorable day, cupcake. Happy birthday!

55. Happy birthday, cute daughter. May you always find yourself with the best and may all you lay your hands prosper. Do have a blast, mummy’s girl.

56. All I want is to see you happy always. That’s why one of my wishes for you this day is that you find happiness and love. Happy birthday to you, my firstborn daughter.

57. No matter how old you become, you will always be the apple of my eyes, I will always be there to hold your hands when you need me, just as I did when you were much younger. Happy birthday to you, my adorable baby girl.

58. Your birth brought in a kind of joy to this family which no one else can bring. It’s because you are special. This day, as we celebrate your birth anniversary, I wish you a life of purpose and fulfilment. Happy birthday, daughter.

59. The way you are to me and your siblings shows that it was never a mistake having you as our firstborn daughter. Thanks for all you do and may you live long in joy, peace and good health. Happy birthday, darling.

60. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude that you’ve grown into such a smart and responsible young woman. As we rejoice over a new age of your life, I wish that you never lose focus. Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you!

61. Birthday greetings to you, my princess. Among my numerous wishes for you, I wish that you find grace to execute your plans and reach your goals in life. Happy birthday my firstborn daughter. Will always love you.

62. Here’s wishing you a new season of love and the actualisation of dreams. May it be a remarkable one for you and this family. Happy birthday to you, my darling daughter.

63. On your special day, I want you to know how awesome it is to have a gracious child like you as my firstborn daughter. You have a way of making everyone around you happy. May your own joy never be cut short. Happy birthday, my treasure.

63. Happy birthday to you, the first fruit from my womb. I take this avenue to appreciate you for giving me the opportunity to be your parent and I must confess I’m a proud parent because of you. May you never lose your essence, dear. Have a memorable birthday celebration.

64. Birthday greetings to you, my darling daughter. It’s another time to enjoy yourself to the fullest and get set for a prosperous new year. Happy birthday, our baby girl.

65. Happy birthday to you, my rose. I can’t have enough of you in my life and in our family. You are worth more than the world to me and I wish this day that you have a lifetime of love and bliss.

66. The sweet memories of your childhood still linger and I am pretty sure that your adulthood will give me much sweeter memories. Have a memorable new year, dear daughter. Happy birthday!

67. I find delight in celebrating every day of your life, not just for you being my firstborn daughter but for coming into my life. And today, I celebrate you specially for growth. Happy birthday, my baby.

68. I’m sending you my greetings this day, daughter, wishing that you enjoy every moment of the day, bearing in mind that we love you and have plenty in store for you. Happy birthday!

69. Happy birthday, my wonderful daughter. My heart has been in your custody ever since I had you. The only way you can treasure it is for you to become what you ought to be. Hope your new age gives you strength for it. Happy birthday, my love.

70. Happy birthday to you, my firstborn. You are nothing short of the daughter every parent can ask for. I am grateful for you and I wish that you become that woman you are made to be, one of virtue and worth. Have a wonderful birthday celebration ahead, dear.

Best Birthday Wishes for My First Daughter

Happy birthday to you, my adorable first daughter. Every year I watch you celebrate a new age leaves a drop of joy in my heart and today, I’m counting the 18th drop of joy. I wish that you become great and lighten up your world. I love you. Best wishes!

71. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. I wish you a birthday celebration that’s as wonderful as you are to me and our family. Do have a blast!

72. Happy birthday to my womb opener, my little princess. How I wish I could give you all the treasures of the world but I won’t fail in the little I can do which is to celebrate you.

73. Wishing my adorable first daughter a super-duper happy birthday. All the cakes in the world are not enough to show you how special you are. Thank you for being a darling to us. Happy Birthday!

74. Best wishes to you, my stunning daughter. You are 13 already and it’s like yesterday you were born. I am excited and proud of you. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday!

75. The love I have for is beyond what words can convey, but on the occasion of your birthday, I choose to say the little I can in words. You own a special place in my heart and I wish you live long to fill my heart with joy and that of everyone around you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

76. Dear daughter, on your birthday, I wish you more blessings, favour, breakthroughs and love. Happy Birthday and do have a memorable one.

77. Having you as my first daughter is a gift and it gives me numerous reasons to merry every day. May the merriment not be cut short. Happy birthday to you, dearest!

78. Happy birthday to our pure and innocent daughter. Wishing that you have all the good things that you deserve in life. Have a glorious day ahead, dearest.

79. Daddy and mummy love you to the moon and back, beloved daughter. You are special and will forever be. Do have a year filled with successes and wins. Happy birthday, dear.

80. I don’t mind throwing parties and celebrating you every day as long as I keep seeing you grow. The joy of every parent is to see their child grow graciously. May you continue to grow in all ramifications. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

81. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter. Beyond the cakes and fun of the day, I wish you wisdom and understanding to journey successfully into greatness.

82. Happy birthday to my endearing daughter. From the first time I held you in my hands, I knew I was going to love you forever. Continue to grow graciously, dearest.

83. Here’s wishing you a birthday filled with joy and love. May you never find any reason to sorrow. It’s a wonderful new season for, my dear first daughter. Merry in it!

84. Happy birthday to you, my precious daughter. As you grow into adulthood, may you find yourself with the right company. Your good manners will not be corrupted. Go and be great!

85. Happy birthday to our precious first daughter. May you be kept safe and pure in the next year of your life. We love you and wish you the best.

Birthday Quotes for Your First Born Daughter

It is said that one good turn deserves another. Dear daughter, you have given me many reasons to smile and I promise never to allow smiles to fade from your face. Having you as a firstborn is a blessing. May you be blessed beyond measure. Happy birthday to you, my treasure.

86. A child who honours their parent will live long. As you have never bought shame upon us in this family, may you live long and be fruitful. You will rise above your challenges and reach the top. Happy birthday, beloved daughter.

87. The joy of every parent is to have a child who doesn’t bring sorrow to their heart. You have a way of reaching my heart with your love and fondness. Happy birthday, my baby girl. May you find happiness in all aspects of life.

88. Happy birthday to our pretty, loving, enthralling, smart, lively and innocent daughter. We love you and wish you every good and thing. Enjoy your day!

89. Today, I celebrate an angel in human form, so compassionate and lovely. I still have not fathomed how I managed to be your mother. I love you, my angelic first daughter, and wish you well. Happy Birthday!

90. Happy birthday, my dear daughter. What you need to succeed is not far from you, just believe in yourself and go for what you deserve. I love you and will always be here for you.

91. Being a mother is a beautiful thing but being the mother of a wonderful daughter is the most beautiful thing. I’m glad I’m your mother and I wish you a happy birthday today, with love.

92. Happy birthday to my oldest daughter my life, my one in a million! You are turning 10 today and I can’t believe how time flies you have changed so much in so many ways. I hope you have a great day today, daddy loves you.

93. A great and obedient child deserves the best in life. Go ahead and have the best, my precious daughter. Happy birthday to you!

94. The joy the birth of a child brings cannot be quantifiable. I remember how it was holding you for the first time and I want to assure you that I won’t stop holding you in my prayers. Happy birthday, my first daughter.

95. A good daughter is like a snug bed. Perhaps the reason I find cosiness in you. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy birthday, my confidante.

96. Happy birthday to my best friend and confidant, my first daughter. May you live all your days on earth in peace, love and happiness. I love you big!

97. You make every day worth living for me and your siblings. May you have all the joy in the world. Happy birthday to you, dear daughter.

98. A considerate, understanding and ambitious daughter is a great gift. I am grateful I have one and she is my first daughter. Happy birthday to you, my priceless gift.

99. Happy birthday to my darling daughter. Thank you for the smiles you put on my face daily. I will always love you and wish you well. Have a great year!

100. Dear daughter, here’s is a proud father wishing you a happy birthday on this special day. I hope you have a child like that will always make you proud. Daddy loves you, dear.

It’s great to see that you have gone through the beautiful collection of happy birthday wishes for my firstborn daughter above.

What’s next to do? Copy and send to your first daughter and make her birthday memorable for her. It’s a good way to express your love and also teach her to love. Remember, most children do what they watch their parents do.

So, go ahead and make good use of the free birthday wishes here. If you have comments or reservations, kindly let me know in the comment section.

And one more thing, some parents out there may also need this collection, do well to share. Thanks.

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