Best Happy Birthday Status for Myself

Best Birthday Captions for Myself

You’ve always made sure that people are happy on their birthday, by sending out gifts, buying lovely cards, sending of SMS, posting beautiful messages to your partner, family, friends and loved ones via social media statuses, and that, I think it’s cool.

But today, it’s yours and your happiness comes first, how about you celebrate your own birthday without waiting for anyone before wishing yourself a Happy Birthday.

So, why not announce your birthday to the society with a lovely write up, it shows you love and cherish yourself. And as you already know, it’s our pleasure always to help you with beautiful messages, choose out of the numerous messages below to make the world know, it’s your birthday by putting to use the following birthday captions for myself.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Myself

Outstanding Sweet Birthday Wishes for Myself you can use on your Special day.

1. Yippee! What a pleasant day to be alive, I’m grateful and I hope my birthday pleasant surprises, Happy birthday to me.

2. On this day, me, myself and I started existing, and I think I deserve to be celebrated, Happy Birthday to me.

3. Happy birthday to me, anyone ready to spoil me silly today, you all should know today is all about me and me alone, many more to go.

4. Today, I became a year older, a year wiser, a year stronger and a lot better than years before, and I hope to keep getting improving more and more in years to come. Happy birthday to me.

5. This day is such a special day in my life and it’s really personal to me, let me just take myself out, value myself and be a little selfish, cause it’s my birthday.

6. Because each breath count, I am grateful for each and every breath I took in, right from my inception till this moment, I am alive and it’s my birthday today.

7. Since I look younger than my age, that means I am younger than I look but a year plus, come celebrate with me, I’m plus one today.

8. I am constantly growing into an adult with increased wisdom, a matured mind and a healthy body, and I’m wishing myself a memorable birthday.

9. Like the chandelier, the Lord has beautified my life over the years with beauty and understanding, cheers to my special day today, happy birthday to me.

10. It’s the truth, that I was brought into this world exactly on this day some years ago, and here I am still, celebrating another year. To myself, I say happy birthday.

11. Life hasn’t been easy but I’m grateful for everything, even after all that trials life is throwing, I am still here today, happy birthday to me.

12. Here’s to more life of self-love, growth, happiness, progress, and learning, and to many other precious goodies of life, happy birthday to me.

13. Today, I celebrate me but most importantly, I celebrate my parent for always being there, guiding and guarding me to become a beautiful adult, happy birthday to me.

14. This last 365days has been an amazing journey, a rollercoaster ride with beautiful experience, I’m ready to take the ride again, starting from today, Happy birthday to myself.

15. This day is another chance to start again, to start living life, to start laughing more, and to start savouring every moment, happy birthday to me today.

16. I crave sweet things today, like cakes and some more cakes, cause today I’m celebrating me with a lot of sweetness, I’m wishing me an amazing birthday.

17. If there is any regret, it would be not celebrating moments but today, in breaking that jinx, I’m celebrating each and every moment staying from this moment, happy birthday to me.

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18. This next chapter I’m about to start, I can feel it’s going to be fun, full of happy moments and I’m making beautiful memories, happy birthday to myself.

19. I’ve been trying to find words to describe my existence journey so far, I’m lost for words, to myself, I wish a fulfilled birthday.

20. To the most curious soul, the one with a beautiful and warmly smile, the one who’s got happiness scattered all over, happy birthday to me, myself and I.

21. Have I told any of you what’s going down today? In case you didn’t have the privilege to know before now, today it’s made just for me, happy birthday to me.

22. I miss myself, I mean my younger self, I think I have fewer things to worry about and more time to play around, happy birthday to myself.

23. So many beautiful memories twirling around to my head, no matter how old I become, I’ll still be me, happy birthday to me.

24. For a long period of days now, I have lived my life celebrating happiness and beautiful moments with friends and loved ones but today, I celebrate me, just me, wishing me a bliss birthday.

25. I don’t know what to say about myself, today’s really a special day signifying the beginning of my existence, happy birthday to me.

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26. On this day, someone special cried for the very first time before wearing a smile, and then spreading the smile across many faces, today I celebrate the day of my birth, happy birthday to me.

27. To many, this day is like every other day, while to some, it’s just another work day, but to me, this day is everything special because it’s the day I was brought to the world. Happy birthday to me.

28. Though I’m yet to achieve my dreams, I know I’d see the big picture at the right time, for now, I’m thankful for being alive, I’m plus one today, happy birthday to me.

29. Starting from this midnight, till the sunshine its light in the morning and the moon takes over at night, I’m taking over the whole day to celebrate me for it’s my birthday.

30. For this life that’s given to me, I am more than grateful, to God, to family, and friends who have got my back always, join me and celebrate my new year, happy birthday to myself.

31. Going into a new season, with much lessons and hope that it’s going to bring smiles to my face, happy birthday to me.

32. Today is a perfect day to say Thank You to God, for every breath taken, for every time I have used until now and will still be using for a long time, it’s my birthday.

33. What more can I ask for, what gift can be as precious as life and time, I have a new life to live with time to reflect upon, I wish myself a happy birthday.

34. To the only one who can give life, I say thank You, God, and to the one living the life, I say Happy Birthday to me.

35. May I have your attention from this part of the world, it’s that time of the year again, to celebrate another beautiful life of mine, I wish myself a fabulous birthday.

36. To the person I was, to the one I have grown to be, and to the I’m going to be, I wish myself the best this life could offer, happy birthday to me.

37. This is a new dawn for me, a new chapter in the journey of my existence, I’m wishing me new blessings and grace to live the rest of my life, happy birthday to me.

38. Happy Birthday to the only person I know in and out, the one I trust more than anyone, the one who’s plus one today, I wish me a beautiful birthday.

39. Before I start seeing my face on people’s timeline, before people start sending me wishes, let me wish myself a lovely and Happy Birthday.

40. Today is the beginning of another 365days, and it’s the beginning of the rest of my years, happy birthday to myself.

41. I don’t know exactly when I started existing, but I know how old I am today, happy birthday to me, myself and I.

42. Another trip began today, round the sun, round the moon, and round all the planets, it’s the beginning of the rest of my life, happy birthday to me.

43. To the only person I know every thought in his mind, and who’s just so lovely and deserve to be happy, I’m wishing myself a happy birthday.

44. I pray for best wishes for myself today, long life and satisfaction in every phase I find myself, too many more bliss moments ahead, happy birthday to me.

45. For every second that has made minutes and hours of my years and to the hours that will make up each day in the years of my life, I say thanks to God and Happy Birthday to me.

46. I’m looking forward to adding a few calories after today, cause it’s the day made for just me, it’s my birthday.

47. Let me crave your indulgence, it’s my birthday today but just a day won’t be enough, so I’m celebrating me for a week starting from now, to myself I wish a happy birthday.

48. The wish I’m wishing myself today as I’m celebrating me is that my smile never fades away in whatever circumstances I found myself in life, happy birthday to me.

49. There is only one me, with my own special of DNA, there is no prototype of me and me is wishing me a happy and a special birthday.

50. If every other day has had me feeling worried and down, it’s not today cause it’s my special day today and it’s all about gratitude, happy birthday to myself.

51. Today, I dare myself to make the next 12months happy and wonderful days, starting from today is my birthday, I wish myself a happy birthday.

52. If I have my way today, I’d want to run free like a horse in the wilderness, fly away like a bird in the sky,

53. From today, I look forward to each new day and the limitless possibilities its going to offer, and I wish myself beautiful days ahead and a happy birthday.

54. I dare to love myself and that I’m going to be doing exclusively today, happy birthday to myself.

55. Every day is a special day, but today is even more special, I just want to be happy and be grateful for another year, happy birthday to me.

56. Family and friends all around me will put smiles on my face, joy in my heart, and bliss in my soul than any other gift, it’s my birthday, I wish myself more happiness.

57. I want any gift for my birthday today, no cakes or surprise party, you all should just put me in your prayers and wish me the best, and I would be happy.

58. This day has got me thinking about all the things my heart desires, one of which is to fall in love and the other is just to be happy, I hope my wish come true as I celebrate me today.

59. Out of all the special days to be celebrated, birthdays are very personal because it connects us to our source, happy birthday to myself.

60. I know someone special whose birthday is today, this person is so close to me and deserves more than enough happiness, happy birthday to me.

61. No matter how old I am today or how old I’d still be, my existence started when I left my mama’s belly, and I remember the day today, I wish myself a happy birthday.

62. As I grew older, I want to do more than a dream, I want to live life, simple and happy, and yes, it’s my birthday.

63. It’s another year already, I’m calm but I can’t wait for the sun to come shining, so I can shine just like the sun cause today, it’s a happy birthday to me.

64. A time to celebrate life, a season of new dawn, a fresh start to a better life, cheers to a good life and Happy Birthday to myself.

65. Life hasn’t been all that rosy, but luckily, I was brought up never expect life as a bed of roses, so for every moment that I have lived, I wish myself a happy birthday.

66. I have a dream and many other desires, and since it’s my birthday today, here’s to another year of dreams and I wish myself a happy birthday.

67. Today, I say goodbye to the old me and welcome another version of me to a new season of opportunities, happy birthday to me.

68. New life begins for me today, I left my past and I’m taking a journey into a new day, a new month and a new life, Happy Birthday to myself.

69. I’m open to a new season of love, days full of joy, happiness, cheers, and more pleasant surprises, I wish me a fulfilled birthday.

70. I want to go back in time today, so I can wish both my younger self and the older me an awesome birthday and wish myself all the happiness of life.

71. I don’t care what anyone will think or say today, I’m going to eat and be filled, I’m going to drink and be merry because it’s all about me, happy birthday to me.

72. As I look back on my life, I realize that I have every reason to be thankful to God for sustaining me over the years and for gifting me with another life, happy birthday to myself.

73. Life doesn’t stop for anybody, same way time wait for no one, it runs and fly and before we know it, we’re right we are, happy birthday to me.

74. Today, I’m getting all my favourite people together in one space and just have a special moment together, it’s my birthday today and I’m just grateful.

75. I woke up today feeling on top of the world, and I decided to just forget everything that’s not working and just enjoy my day and the moment, happy birthday to me.

76. I’m happy and thankful for all the wonderful people that surround me, it’s the best gift one could get on a beautiful day like this, happy birthday to myself.

77. This day marks the end of a new era, I’m thankful that I’m given something worth celebrating, life. Happy birthday to me.

78. Should I say nature has been deceiving me cause no one believes my actual age, I seem to look younger, meanwhile, it’s my birthday, celebrate with me friends?

79. This moment, it’s worth celebrating, it’s a moment that reminded me of both pleasant and not so good events but for the fact that I’m alive, it’s a blessing, happy birthday to me.

80. Some moments are bliss, while some are just a pretty worse, but today, I have a feeling it’s going to be a special one cause mama told me, it’s my birthday today.

81. Though I know not stay the future hold, neither do I know what the next phase of my life would be like, but for this moment, life is really beautiful, happy beautiful birthday, to me.

82. Life truly is full of mysterious events, there are times you understand and other times, you’re just clueless, today is a big day in my life, celebrate me cause it’s my birthday.

83. What a beautiful miracle I am, thanks to God and thanks to my parents for making me happen years ago. Happy birthday to me.

84. Worry not about my age, just know that I’m a year older and a year better, I pray this day to bring countless happiness and blissful memories, happy birthday to myself.

85. Life does change with time, this time last year, I don’t remember what I did but this year, I want to enjoy and repeat the same next year, happy birthday to me.

86. What I could wish for, I have in friends and family, what more could I ask for, life, yes I have life and I’m happy I’m celebrating it today, happy birthday to myself.

87. From me to myself, on this special day of mine, I hope that this day brings great blessings in the coming days, happy birthday to me.

88. I give thanks to God for a year well spent, it’s another hopeful year, I wish myself the best of it, happy birthday to me.

89. As I embark on another year’s journey of my life, I wish myself peace of mind, sound mind and a good circle of friends to cheer, it’s a happy birthday to me.

90. I can only imagine how fun-filled, and memorial this day is going to be, with amazing friends on standby, I can’t wait, it’s my birthday, people. Happy birthday to myself.

91. If you miss my birthday last year or you are hoping to get me a gift or anything, this day is your chance, it’s my birthday.

92. I am a character in this life, and my role is to be an amazing person who put smiles on faces, today is my birthday, I deserve happiness too, wish me well.

93. Having to inhale a fresh breath of life on this day, it’s a great blessing, I’m not taking this new year of mine for granted, I’m blessed and Happy Birthday to me.

94. I can’t tell how old I’d live too, but for this moment, I’m happy for growth and how far I’ve come, it’s a great day to celebrate me, happy birthday to me.

95. In honour of this special day representing my birthday, I am wishing myself a memorable birthday to be celebrated and be enjoyed.

96. I can’t help but imagine how time has flown, some years ago, I was just a teen but now, I have control of my mind, I’m not an adult, Happy Birthday to me.

97. The fear of crankiness, memory loss, aches and pains that comes with ageing, how I wish I could stay young forever, but that’s the beauty of life, happy birthday to myself.

98. The older I grew, the more I’ve come to see life in a new perspective, life is beautiful and yet complicated but most importantly, I get to celebrate life today, because it’s my birthday.

99. Birthdays for some usually come with the fear of looking older but for me, I only care about how to enjoy the cakes and the fun that comes with it, happy birthday to me.

100. This day is going to be so memorable, and I can tell you for free, this memory is going to last for a really long time, I wish me a lovely birthday today.

101. I woke up this morning and remember I need to celebrate someone so special today, my wish today is that this day brings good cheer and lots of happiness to my face. Yes, it’s my birthday.

102. I’ve heard it countless times, that the older the wine, the better the taste, I guess I can say the same about me as I’m getting older, happy birthday to me.

103. Time just flies without notice, 9 months went by just like that, that was when I was in my first earthly home and now, time is still flying cause I’m way older and today I’m celebrating me again, happy birthday to me.

104. Before I leave my bed, let me say Thank You to God for another year of life, happy birthday to me and I wish myself more of life’s goodness.

105. I am not the most fun loving person alive, I’m not also the best but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve best wishes or a fun-filled birthday, I wish myself the best and a birthday full of fun.

106. Today, I’m craving for some cakes, and luckily I don’t need to ask for it cause some people already promised to get for me on my birthday, and today is the day, happy birthday to myself.

107. It takes the grace of God and favours to be here today, I’m happy and grateful for me, happy birthday to myself.

108. I feel it within me to celebrate this day, it’s the beginning of another day and year in this life of mine, so I’m wishing me the blessings coming with it and a happy birthday.

109. Maybe people send me wishes or not, maybe I get gifts or not, maybe I receive cakes or not, I don’t care, today will still be my special day, happy birthday to myself.

110. Happy Birthday to me as I clock plus one today, it’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to hit the dance floor and be happy all through.

111. Birthdays don’t just come by mere accident, it’s a series of memories, different days of challenges to wake up to and many nights of tiredness, it’s good to be here, Happy Birthday to me.

112. It took me a long time to get here yet in a swiftly period of time, lots of sunshine and sunset and I am just here feeling amazing because I’m alive, happy birthday to myself.

113. Today, I’m looking back on the many nights and days that got me here, seeing how far I’ve come, makes me feel gratitude, it’s my birthday, wishing myself more happiness.

114. Growing into my amazing self, with lovely physical and mental stamina, it’s been God all the way and it cost for celebrations, as today is my birthday.

115. I’m on a quest to making memories, on a journey to fill hearts with happiness, today’s one of those days cause so many people are happy with me, happy birthday to my amazing self.

116. Today is another day, and it’s a new day, and I hope it would be full of fun and it’s definitely going to be a good day, Happy Birthday to me.

117. I’m grateful for this new day and year, offering a chance to be different, a chance to be better than I was last year, happy birthday to myself.

118. Every birthday comes with a gift, and many blessings, I wish this one will bring more than a gift but beautiful memories, happy birthday to me.

119. Billions of people in the world, being one of them isn’t coincidental, it takes grace to be alive, to another year, I wish myself a happy birthday and a beautiful celebration.

120. Happiness isn’t only eating one’s favourite food, waking up hale and hearty on your birthday is bliss, happy birthday to me.

121. I am thankful every day, for the journey that has brought me this far, another one begins today, it’s my happy new day and I wish myself a happy birthday.

122. Because I truly wish me the best, may this new dawn of my life be loaded with breakthrough all round the year, happy birthday to me.

123. There is so much that can happen in no time, just as a year can change a lot in someone’s life, I pray this birthday brings me positive changes for me.

124. No age is too old to set new goals and dreams, here’s me wishing myself another wonderful birthday and massive success ahead.

125. Just thought I should let you know, today’s my birthday and my wish for me is that all my stars never fade but continually shines, happy birthday to me.

126. Life does not look back but moves ahead because the only way to live, is to keep growing, happy birthday to me today.

127. Today being my birthday, I don’t want any gift, I just want the presence of my family, friends and loved ones, I wish me a beautiful birthday.

128. With this fresh breath to begin a new phase of life, I’m wishing myself the best to come in each phase of the 365 days.

129. Since happiness is a form of action, I’ve decided to donate every gift I’ll be getting today to those who are in need, happy birthday to myself.

130. Birthdays are special days, when we are allowed to do reunion and enjoy lots of goodies the doctors warned us against, happy birthday to me.

131. Today is a new year beginning for me, being my birthday, it’s the first day of another trip into the remaining days of my years, I wish myself a happy birthday.

132. Yesterday is gone, and today is a special day signifying my birth, on this day, I wish for good fortune in my life and a never-ending happiness, happy birthday to me.

133. Happy Birthday to my amazing self, my heartfelt wishes to myself to have a more peaceful day ahead with family, friends and loved ones to share with.

134. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the special day of mine to bless me with lovely birthday wishes.

135. On this day of every year, I celebrate me, this day I’m doing it differently, I’m celebrating my mom for being a good caretaker while growing up, it’s a happy birthday to me.

136. From me to myself, I wish me a very pleasant birthday and many more blissful moments.

137. A birthday means addition, an addition to life, an addition of beautiful days and also an addition of great gifts, it’s a happy birthday to me.

138. If you see me feeling awesome and treating myself especially today, let me officially tell you, it’s my birthday friends.

139. Today, I’m feeling really elated, I am happy to be alive, surrounded by my lovely family, happy friends and beautiful gifts, happy birthday to myself.

140. Today serves as the beginning of another day of making memories, creating moments and learning from different day to day experiences, happy birthday to me.

141. If only I could buy a gift to thank God for another hopeful year gifted to me, but even if I own all the money in every bank in this world, it won’t change anything, I can only thank God for this life, happy birthday to me.

142. I’m celebrating my big day today, it might be an ordinary day to people out there, but to me, it’s a significant day for my existence, I wish myself a happy birthday.

143. This day is full of memories, first to my mom, who had the first-hand encounter and to my very self who heard the story as I grow up, happy birthday to me.

144. It’s once in a year event, so I’m willing to enjoy it and make it a memorable day that will last for a long time, after all, it’s my birthday.

145. Can anyone suggest a really nice place to have fun, I’m not ready to just sit home and be feeling bored today, it’s my birthday and I’m ready for some fun.

146. If I could make a wish, I’d ask that I have this moment for life, savouring each version of happiness at this moment, thank God for life and a wonderful birthday.

147. Today, I’m wishing myself and every other person all over the world celebrating their birthday with me, an amazing birthday.

148. Though birthdays aren’t the only special days in our lives every birthday deserves to be celebrated because birthdays are unique, happy birthday to me.

149. This day, I’m wishing myself a profitable week, a bountiful month, a wonderful year and a blessed birthday to me.

150. Waking up this morning, I thank God that I’m alive to see my birthday this year again, it’s only by God’s favour and I’m happy and grateful, happy bliss birthday to myself.

151. My last birthday was awesome, the days were filled with pleasant and unpleasant memories, I hope this new birthday replace the unpleasantness with pleasant moments.

152. On this special day, celebrating myself is the only special thought that has been on my mind today, and I hope to have a special fun as the day goes by, happy birthday to me.

153. Today is a me day, all the wishes would be for me, the prayers to be made are going to be for me, even the gifts are going to be mine, the conversation, plan and all, for me, so it’s happy birthday to me.

154. I thank God for the growth in my life, for the amazing person I’ve grown to be, I am incredibly happy today and I wish me a fantastic birthday today.

155. Today is a unique day, this day comes only once in a year, and so, it’s worth every attention doted on it cause it is strictly a day for me.

156. The years seem to be flying by, it’s my birthday again, too many more years of goals, dreams, adventures, fun, and love. Happy special birthday to me.

157. Whenever another year is added to my life, by default, you know it’s time for my birthday, here’s my wish for more success, and good health. Happy birthday to myself.

158. My wish for me on this day, may this new year bring with it a joy-filled life, and a recovery of loss of the year before, happy birthday to me.

159. Because this past year has been a little crazy and challenging, may this new year of mine be more beautiful than the past ones. Happy birthday to me today.

160. I wish me a very happy and blissful
birthday! This is not only a wish, it’s a prediction of how wonderful today would be, happy birthday to me.

161. Maybe I celebrate this day in a special way or not, it won’t change the fact that today, some years ago, I was born and today is my birthday, happy birthday to me.

162. Happiness is having to celebrate another birthday with loved ones, I hope life keeps getting better this way, with loved ones around, happy birthday to myself.

163. I’m so blessed for another year of life, what a beautiful day, I wish myself Happy Birthday and many lovely ones to come!

164. I’ve always heard you can’t eat your cake and have it, I’m sorry to disappoint that quote because today, I’ll be eating my cakes and have some in the freezer for keeps, happy birthday to me.

165. It’s another special day, and on this day special day, I want to wish myself another beautiful birthday of laughter and smiles.

166. So far so good, I’m alive to see this day, what a joy it is, happy birthday to myself and I wish myself loads of love and fun.

167. The big day I’ve been waiting for is finally here, it’s good to be here and in good health, I wish me the best of the years to come. Happy Birthday to my humble self.

168. I’m more than grateful today, for the gift of life, for all the blessings of the previous years and I await more in the years to come, happy birthday to me.

169. Happy birthday to the one who motivates me always, who speaks words of achievement to me and inspire me from the inside, in order words, happy birthday to me inside of me.

170. No wise man ever wished to be younger, that’s how the word goes, to another year added to my life, I’m getting wiser and I wish myself a happy birthday.

171. Life is too beautiful not to admire the beauty of it, here’s to wishing me an adventurous and fun-filled birthday.

172. I pray this day will be the beginning of another greatest, most wonderful and amazing year ever, happy birthday to me.

173. Every of my birthday has brought so much happiness to my life, one way or another, today begin another journey into the next happiness, happy birthday to myself.

174. Today, I’m leaving the younger me and stepping into the journey of adulthood, happy birthday to the older me.

175. It’s a new dawn into another year of my life, I’m wishing me a favourable journey into a beautiful year of mine, happy birthday to myself.

176. Today is a happy day, I celebrate my happy day and I celebrate me being happy on this special day, happy birthday to me.

177. This day is one of those days that always bring a sweet smile to my face, because of all the beautiful memories that usually comes with it. Happy Birthday to my happy self.

178. Birthdays are days that helps me navigate the way I would like to run the remaining days in this new 365 days, happy birthday to myself.

179. My routine today, is that, from the moment I open my eyes in the morning until they will be close in the night, there will be a non-stop fun, because it’s my birthday.

180. Today, I wish to thank my Dad for being the compass that guides my path, and my Mom for being a caregiver, who nurtures me till this moment, happy birthday to me.

181. Life is full of a diverse range of people, but I’m thankful that it gifted me with lovely family and friends that have influenced me to be who I am today, wishing me an amazing birthday.

182. To all the years and ages that I can’t get back, I’m happy and to the new years ahead of me, I’m wishing myself the best of myself and all that life’s got to offer, happy birthday to me.

183. I’m using this opportunity of a new rising sun to wish myself a fun-filled, happy, favourable, healthy birthday now and always.

184. Against all odds of life, here I am still, and on such a wonderful day as this, I am full of gratitude today and I wish myself more of life’s blessings. Happy Birthday to me.

185. Cakes and sweet goodies make birthday merry, while friends make it fun and cheerful, I’m grateful I have got them all today, happy birthday to me.

186. To everyone that I’ve enjoyed cakes and drinks on their birthday, today I’m inviting you all to join me, it’s my turn to feed you cakes and all the things on menu, happy birthday to myself.

187. As this day come forth, my wish is to have more dreams, make more friends than acquaintances and have more opportunities in life, and I wish me a wonderful birthday.

188. Today is the end of another phase of my life and the start of a new one, and to this, I wish me a beautiful birthday.

189. When we celebrate life, it gives back to us abundant things to celebrate, today I’m celebrating me and I hope life gives me more beautiful things to celebrate, happy birthday to myself.

190. Happy thoughts make happy moments, and happy moments create happy feelings, I pray this day gives happy thoughts which will, in turn, give others, happy birthday to me.

191. Today, I’m celebrating my birthday in an imaginative way, I’ll be riding the clouds to feel on top of the world, I wish myself a wow birthday.

192. Happiness starts from within and you alone can truly make yourself happy, whether I receive gifts today or get birthday wishes, I’ll make myself happy, happy birthday to my beautiful self.

193. Happy birthday to me today, I hope this wonderful day will fill up my heart with joy and fill every other day of my years with blessings.

194. I have never been old before but today is the first and the oldest I’ve been, happy birthday to myself.

195. It’s an honour to know that my mind is the best tool that my parents had given to me, thanks to God and my parents and happy birthday to me.

196. For every one of you out there that are craving sweet things like cake, today is your lucky day, because it’s my birthday today.

197. I plan on being here for a long time, thanks to God who’s kept me this far already, happy birthday to me.

198. I’m proud to say I have the best parent because they’ve created the best version of me and today, I wish me the best birthday.

199. Not everybody got better or wiser with age, but it’s a known fact that everyone gets older with age, I wish myself a better, wiser birthday as I get older. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

200. On the many days that I will journey through as I get older, I pray each day’s journey takes me closer to my dreams and may this birthday brings me the best of my desires.

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