Best Happy Birthday Status for Myself

At every point in our lives, we deserve to be celebrated. You don’t necessarily have to come riding on the back of a stallion with a bloodied sword to become a hero and be celebrated. No. The beauty of celebrating humans lie in every little step we take towards becoming better individuals. And now, it boils down to you. Yes. You.

You deserve to be celebrated, to be loved, to be noticed, especially on YOUR BIRTHDAY. And you don’t have to wait for anyone to do that for you. Celebrate yourself! Doesn’t matter where the celebration comes from. Did you know that announcing your birthday by yourself will draw people out to celebrate with you? Yea. Right.

I have made this list of very special It’s My Birthday Status (happy birthday status for myself) which you can post on your social media handles, or just anywhere to announce your celebration and celebrate yourself on your birthday. So, run along and choose one or more of them for your day. Happy birthday to you!

Heartfelt It’s My Birthday Status

As people are celebrating you today, you can also celebrate yourself with Heart Touching It’s My Birthday Status that will make your birthday celebrating trend.

1. Yayyy! It’s my birthday again. I wish myself every good thing and I hope all my wishes come true. Happy birthday to me.

2. Hollup! I’m a year older today. This is to more beauty, fabulousness and awesomeness. Happy birthday to me.

3. Happy birthday to myself. I’m all shades of adorable. Yes, I know.

4. It’s this amazing girl’s day. She’s fun to be with, very beautiful, exceptionally skilled and intellectually sound. The best part? She knows every bit of all this. Haha! Happy birthday to me.

5. I know this my birthday will be just a sweet icing on the cake for me. Happy birthday to me.

6. It is another year to achieve and explore. It is many happy returns on this my birthday

7. It is yet another year of overflowing awesomeness for me. I wish myself a happy birthday.

8. I’m special and fabulous, and I know it. Happy birthday to me.

9. Mama and Papa said I was born today. Yaaas! Happy birthday to me.

10. A lot has happened in the past year to make me stronger and better. I wish myself a happy birthday.

11. Over the years, I have grown to be a better version of myself. With joy in my heart, it’s happy birthday to myself.

12. I look forward to what this year has in store for me. It better be good. Happy birthday baby girl.

13. I was born on this day, many years ago. I can’t wait for the new year to unfold. Happy birthday to me.

14. All I do is work towards becoming a better version of me. And I’m glad it’s paying off. Happy birthday to me.

15. The universe is in awe of this day. Know why? It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me.

16. I am beautiful, gifted and intelligent. I deserve nothing but the best on this my day. Happy birthday to my awesome self.

17. Let the gifts pour in. It’s my birthday!

18. Let’s clink glasses to the most beautiful year yet of my life. It is a happy birthday to me.

19. I’ll break the rules today and nothing will happen. You know why? I was born today!

20. Dear self, you will have no care in the world today. It’s your birthday, be free as air. Happy birthday, beautiful.

Its My Birthday Status

21. Where are the bottles of champagne to be popped? Hurry up! I have to enjoy today. It’s my birthday!

22. A heart so tender, a soul so pure and a life so beautiful. That’s who you are. Happy birthday!

23. Most of the times, I envy you, dear Self. You are all shades of lovely. Happy birthday!

24. I love you so much, and I wish only the best for you. Happy birthday, dear self.

25. Today and always, I hope and pray that all your wishes come true. Have a happy birthday, beautiful self.

26. You are so special. Yea, I get envious of you and I love that you are me. Happy birthday to me!

27. It’s another year to right wrongs and be fruitful. Happy birthday to myself.

28. The future is so bright that I need shades to view. Happy birthday to my amazing self.

29. This new year is going to be good. I can feel it. Happy birthday to me.

30. May the universe conspire to bring every good thing my way. It’s my birthday and I’m going to enjoy every bit of it.

31. I am unique. I am blessed. I am loved. Happy birthday to me.

32. I have been enabled to age like fine wine. Many more happy years to myself.

33. I shall flourish and never wither. God’s blessings shall never depart from me. Happy birthday to me.

34. I didn’t come to weather the storm. I am the storm. Happy birthday to me.

35. I am proud of the girl I was and the lady I am becoming. Happy birthday to my adorable self.

36. All my years of self-denial and sacrifice are paying off. I can’t wait for the full materialization. Happy birthday to myself.

37. Dear self, I am proud of all that you’ve achieved so far. Greater heights, girl! Happy birthday.

38. From this day henceforth, I accept nothing but success. Happy birthday to me.

39. It’s that time of the year when I get to count my blessings, and there’s so much to be thankful for. Happy birthday to me.

40. I am thankful for another life cycle. This time around, it’ll be way better than the previous ones. Happy birthday to my humble self.

41. I am privileged to have another chance to live. I’ll ensure that I make the best of it. Happy birthday to me.

42. Happy birthday to the fingers behind this keypad. I love me.

43. Have time for a party? I’m organizing one. Plan to attend, because it’s my birthday.

44. Today and forever, my life shall be made more beautiful than the colours of the rainbow.

45. May heavens always speak in my favour. I was born today.

46. Dear shining self, your light shall never be extinguished. Happy birthday!

47. All the good that I desire and need shall come to me. I’ll have the best of birthdays today.

48. A princess was born today. Guess who… ME.

49. Keep calm. It’s my birthday.

50. Hey! Thread carefully around me today because it’s my birthday.

51. Keep calm and watch me today because it’s my birthday.

52. I’m a year older, stronger and better today. Happy birthday to me!

53. Guess what friends? It’s my birthday today!

54. You don’t need to tell me. I know I’m gorgeous and it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

55. Mama and Papa said I came into the world today. Happy birthday to me!

56. I’m wishing myself tons of awesomeness on this event of my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

57. My paths are graced and favoured because I was born today.

58. I have the right to demand anything from the universe today, because it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

59. I’m a year wiser and more beautiful today. Happy birthday to me.

60. I deserve and will get the best today because it’s my birthday.

61. Dear me, you are the strongest woman on earth. Keep being strong. Happy birthday!

62. Dear self, you’ve conquered seemingly unsurmountable circumstances. Keep conquering. Happy birthday!

63. As I celebrate today, the world will make ways for me. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

64. My voice will be heard over and above continents. Happy birthday to me.

65. I shall soar and rise above my equals. I’m unstoppable. Happy birthday to me.

66. My star will never dim because I was born today. Happy birthday to my awesome self.

67. Kings shall come to my rising. It’s my birthday and I’m entitled to every good thing. Happy birthday to me.

68. I’m special. Heavens have said so. Happy birth anniversary to me.

69. I’m original. I’m not a duplicate. Therefore, all the good that will come to me will be original. Happy birthday to me.

70. I am a blessing, not a curse. It shall remain so because it’s my birthday.

71. I’m an achiever and a doer. I wish myself all the beat things of life. Happy birthday to my humble self.

72. I shall never lack. I carry in me the riches of the kingdom. Happy birthday to me.

73. No evil shall come near me. I am divinely protected on this day of my birth and forever. Happy birthday to me!

74. I’m stronger than I know. I shall grow in strength and wisdom. It’s my birthday!

75. I’m unique and I’m excited to witness another birth anniversary. Happy birthday to me!

76. Woohoo! I can smell the fabulousness of this new year of my life. Happy birthday to me!

77. It’s a new year in my life. I hope it turns out good.

78. The fires may scorch me but I can’t be burnt. Happy birthday to me!

79. My prayers for myself today and always are long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to me.

80. Dear self, you’re absolutely amazing! Happy birthday to you!

81. I am a one-of-a-kind woman. I do my things in a special kind of way. And it’s my birthday today!

82. Fall on your knees people, a goddess was born today. Happy birthday to me!

83. My kind is rare and I’m fully aware. Happy birthday to my special self.

84. I’m a phenomenal woman. I’m aware of the power I wield. Happy birthday to myself.

85. The turnup gonn’ be hot today. Yea, it’s my birthday!

86. If I’m talking to you, I bet you know what today is. Yea, it’s my birthday!

87. Yassss! This blessed child came forth today. Send in your wishes fam!

88. Hollup! Why is the room dry? Don’t y’all know it’s my birthday?

89. I’m dripping cuteness on those pictures, right? I know. Today is my birthday.

90. Well, I was born today many years ago. Let the wishes roll in.

91. Just look at me aging like fine wine. I can’t get enough of myself. Happy birthday to me.

92. Allow me to gush some more about myself. It’s my birthday today.

93. My life is a product of grace. God’s grace. Happy birthday to me.

94. Showers of blessings, please rain on me today because it’s my birthday.

95. Today better be stress free. Of all days, I shouldn’t stress on my birthday.

96. Watch out for me. I’ll hit the world like a tornado this year. By the way, today is my birthday.

97. Free giveaways, anyone? It’s my birthday today.

98. Damn! Heaven sure lost a gem when I was released years ago. Happy birthday to me!

99. Dear self, just know that the older you grow, the better. Happy birthday to you.

100. More than ever, I plan on treating myself like royalty today because it’s my birthday.

101. Here’s to a better year and a better version of myself. Happy birthday to me.

102. Every good thing about me shall be doubled this year. Happy birthday to me.

103. This woman drips awesomeness from her pores, and she’s aware. Happy birth anniversary, dear self.

104. This superwoman was born today. Yes, ME! Happy birthday to myself.

105. This my day of birth marks the beginning of everything beautiful in my life. Happy birthday to me.

106. This year, I’ll achieve more than I ever have. So help me God. Happy birthday to me.

107. Another new year is here. I wish myself all things beautiful. Happy birthday to me.

108. I am unique and gorgeous, and I’ll have a fantastic birthday today.

109. Last year has been good. This year should be twice as good. Happy birthday to me.

110. This new year will be working with a better and stronger version of me. Happy birthday to me.

111. I am so glad today. It’s my birthday!

112. Dear new year, you better be good. Happy birthday to this girl right here.

113. Hmmm. The new year smells rich already. Can’t wait to dig in. Happy birthday to me.

114. Finally, all my hard work is paying off. I’m actually better than I was last year. Happy birthday to me.

115. Everybody keep calm, it’s my birthday.

116. Today is very special. I was born today.

117. Where are my gifts, people? Today is my birthday.

118. Hope Y’all gonna be at my party today. My birthday party!

119. I sure will get away with anything I do today. It’s my birthday.

120. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I’m grateful for that. Happy birthday to me.

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