Best Gifts to Give to Someone You Love Before Exams

Best Gifts to Give to Someone You Love Before Exams

Exam times are incredibly stressful. You’re stuck inside studying all day, books in front of you all the time, and no break till the last exam of the season. Seeing your loved ones go through this experience can be challenging. You want to be able to take some of the stress away and help them. They, however, would enjoy being left in peace to study! So, what do you do in these stressful situations?

There are many things you can gift to your loved ones before their exams. Small gifts and acts of kindness can go a long way in relieving some of the stress and giving them a chance to relax. Here’s how you can show your love to that someone special right before their exams.

Diaries, Notebooks, Planners

Writing essays, answers and notes are a big part of exam prep. While typing these out is an option, nothing beats the feel of a good old pen and paper. Writing things down commits them to memory and goes a long way to ensure you are ready to be tested. This is why diaries, notebooks, and planners are a great gift to someone who’s preparing for an exam. Journals can help keep a record of the day’s thoughts and spend some time in self-care. Notebooks are always necessary, and gifting them ensures your boyfriend never runs out. Planners are excellent gifts for students because many plan out their weekly study schedules beforehand. When you give gifts like this that can be used immediately, it shows you’ve put thought into it.

Homework Helpers

When you’re studying for your exams, homework is the last thing you want to think about. Unfortunately, homework tends to pile up when you shift your focus to prepping. This can lead to the unfortunate situation where your exams are just around the corner, and instead of studying, you’re finishing last month’s assignment. To take this stress away, you can get your loved one homework helping services for all types of homework categories. Whether your girlfriend or boyfriend needs help with projects, essays, or assignments, there are multiple options you can gift your partner. You can also enlist your friends or family to help take the load off of your loved one. This is a great way to show support for your partner and will remind them about all the people who are wishing for their success.

Audio Gifts

Noise is a big distraction when it comes to studying. With the lockdown keeping everyone inside, families can often make a big racket and disturb study times. This is entirely unacceptable when preparing for exams. To help your loved one with this, you can gift them white noise machines that will drown out other sounds. White noise machines have the added advantage of ensuring better sleep, which is essential for memory retention and concentration. If your partner is in a situation where loud sound machines are not an option, you can also look at noise-canceling headphones. Headphones are one of the most common things people buy, and they usually go for inexpensive ones. You can splurge for a good pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones that will last for many years of exams.

Study Aids

If you are the craft type and like making handmade gifts, you can ask your partner if you can help them make study aids. Study aids like mind maps, flashcards, and other visual aids are excellent learning tools for different types of learners. They help with memorization, information recall, and test preparation. Unfortunately, they are time-consuming to make. When prepping for an exam, the limited time is often better spent reading and making a dent on the syllabus rather than study aids. If you take over the responsibility of making these study aids, your partner can be focused on using them and studying instead. With gifts like this, you even get to spend precious time with your partner while you plan what they need.

Whatever gift you choose to give, make sure it is something your partner can use to help themselves. Giving a thoughtful gift goes a long way in showing how much you care for someone and want to cater to their needs. Receiving unexpected gifts is a great surprise for anyone, and the happiness doubles when it comes during extra stressful periods. With these gift ideas, your loved one is sure to be on track to acing exams in no time!

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